Niagra - From US side to Candian Side

Visiting “The Niagara Falls” after 39 years


I had last visited Niagara Falls in 1973 and whilst on a recent trip i.e May – Jul 2011 to USA and Canada, it was only natural that me and my wife visit this place. So we boarded a train from New York for Niagara ( Canadian side) and reached there after a nine & a half hour picturesque journey on an Amtrak Train ( Approx USD 60 per ticket). The Canadian Customs took about 2 hours plus to clear the complete train load. They were nice but could not resist asking about the food stuff we might be carrying i.e. “ Sir, Any Khakras; Any Theplas; How much Currency on your person”. When told that Khakras and Theplas were the staples of Gujaratis and not ours, she just smiled and dismissed us.

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