Corbett Village, Kaladhungi, Uttaranchal, India

Myself, my wife and Sister-in-law also visited the Corbett Home in Kaladhungi on 14 Sep 2007. Small, Old British Colonial Touch- We found it beautiful because we were just looking for the Beautiful part in it. Most of us look at the negativities and then just say that it was OK, it was passable, It was nothing much etc, etc. For the likes of the latter, please do not go there. You do not need Parking Attendants in Kaladhungi . People are Honest enough. Delhi/ NCR wallahs – let us not think that the World is the same as Delhi every- where.

1. Souvenir/ Local Produce Shop Very nice Souvenir/ Local Produce Shop . Local Village Cooperative produce barring the Corbett Caps, Hats and T Shirts. The Lady manning the Shop impressed us the Most. She knew her Beans.

2. The Local Tea Shop Interaction Spent a good 1hour in a Tea- Shop early in the morning. Great insight about locals I got. After initial reservations, they got on to discussing the India – Pakistan T20 Match which was a Tie and had taken place the previous night. Since I had no idea about it as we were traveling, there were enough volunteers to read the Local Hindi Paper to me so that I could explain the “Tie and the Bowl Out” to them. They asked about my views about the Rama Setu. One of them wanted to know about the Nuclear Agreement . Great awareness.

3. My queries related to the following – n Sale of their Land – Why were so many of them selling their land – Most of them were of the opinion that it was for the Higher Education of their next generation. Children must be educated well for them to prosper. n Girls’ Dress Code – We had noticed that girls were in Trousers/ Jeans and sensible T Shirts even in remotest of villages. Also, lots of Ladies Beauty Parlours, Girls looking after the sales in Shops. The Men folk were of the opinion that they did not mind at all since they would have to accept changes for a better tomorrow. n Politics/ Politicians – All of them hated the Political Class with all their heart.

4. Places nearby –

(a) Corbett Waterfall : 20 – 30 Feet Waterfall. You would like it in case you come prepared to spend 2- 3 hours there and are ready to dip yourself / your feet in the water. Look for the Birds. They are amazingly beautiful. Never thought such beautiful ones existed in our Country also.

(b) Must visit Punians – Corbett Fall Hotel and Restaurant – 05947-287139 (Office) 287210 (Res), 9319-366-777, 9837-077-210 Opposite the Corbett Waterfall. Great Lawns, Ducks, Water Bodies, Landscaping. Double Room ( Non AC) – Rs 600.00 per night throughout the year. AC – Rs 1000.00.per day. Lovely Vegetarian food. Approx cost for Basic food Rs 60.00 per head. Can be less also. Great Staff. We had lunch there and went at night again at 10 p.m. They had closed down. Two Honks from the Car and the Staff was there smiling. ” Khana Millega” ( Can we get food ?) was our question. “Sir, kya baat kar rahe ho. Hum yahan apke liye to hain. ( Sir, we are here for you people only)” After 15 minutes we were stuffing ourselves.

(c) Kumaon Vikas Mandal Guest House, Kaladhungi (05942 – 242124) 100 Meters from Corbett House. Rs 300.00 per double bed. Rs 400.00 per night for 4 Bedder huge room. Attached Western / Indian Style Combo Toilet Seat. Geyser. Do not expect anything great- Just pure basics. Staff – Typically Govt Servant Attitude. Gas Stove is there but there are no Pans. They however allowed us to chill Beer in their Fridge. It can be an option when you have nothing else. No Kitchen, Tea Shops outside are OK.

(d) Kotagarh DriveJust about a KM short of Kaladhungi (Coming from Moradabad side) is a road going to the left to Kotagarh. It has a Forest Deptt Barrier. Go on this road for 10 KMs or so. It is one of the most beautiful drives. It then opens on to a valley. Down the road is a village which has a Petrol Pump on the right, the first on this road. Turn left on the Tarmac road just ahead of this Petrol Pump. It will take you on top of the Ridge on the left. It has lots of Farms/ Cultivated Fields, Spring Water running along the road. It overlooks the Valley on the left – it is so very Beautiful. The road will go and meet the road back to Kaladhungi.

(e) Sweets / Savories Lovers Must stop at Joshi Mishthan Bhandar at Bazpur which is in-between Moradabad and Kaladhungi .It is on the Main Road and in the Centre of the Market. Best Rasmalai I have to date. Without any exaggeration, it leaves the Haldiram Rasmalai way-way behind. Out of this World Samosas with Sweet Chutney / Channas ( Rs 4.00 per piece), Tasty, Oily Channa – Bhaturas. Malai Laddus, Kalakand ( Rs 120.00 per Kg), Gulab Jamuns etc, etc – Top Quality by any Standards.

Our Breakfast For 3 Very Hungry Adults – 2 Plates Samosas ( 2 Pcs per plate), 2 Plates Channa – Bhaturas ( 2 Bhaturas per plate), 3 Pieces Rasmalai, 1 Tea – Bill Rs 60.00. Yes Sir Rs Sixty only. Tip you must. Enjoy Uttarkhand.

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