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Trip to Haridwar By Car from Delhi


There are many small but good restaurants are there. We decided one Punjabi Restaurant in front of Jai Gurudev Ashram and enjoyed our meal there. In the evening we went towards local temple and visit Chandi Devi Mandir. We hire Auto which is famous with the name Vikram, as the Auto is from Vikram company. We have to change the second auto from the main raod intersection towards Chandi Devi. Their we have to pay the entrance fee and Cable Car fee. We rach at the Mandir premises from where we have to stand in the line to board the cable car as the Mandir is situated at the top of hill. It was a breath stiopping moment at the top of hill. Akmost the whole Haridwar city and river ganga basin is visible from there. We participated in the evening puja there and fed some chanas to monkey. Here monkeys are very naughty, they snatch the eatable items from the visitors.

After darshan we returned back to Har Ki Pauri and attended Evening Pooja there. Har ki Pauri was very crowded and it was very risky with kids to go near the ghats. So we decided to view the prayer from the foot over bridge and after prayer plan to visit the Ganga river from the close. Evening prayer and the environment were very devotional. Many persons on the foot over bridge start chanting Gangaji Aarti. After end of the prayer much priest start moving towards crowd with Aarti Jyot and every one get a chance to take the arti darshan from the close.

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