Trip to Haridwar By Car from Delhi

Hello Ghumakkar friends. Vacations started and all family members are ready to explore new travel destination. Due to busy schedule we planned to explore nearby areas where we can easily reach without any rail/air reservation and kids enjoy short vacation tour. Due to hot weather we decided to go for Haridwar which is 200 KM from Delhi and four to five hour drive time. We started from Gurgaon and then via New Delhi, Ghaziabad, MuradNagar, Modi Nagar, Merrut, Roorkie, we reached Haridwar. If we have more time then we plan to go further in hills. Before starting the travel journey small information about Haridwar is as follows:

HARIDWAR – Dwar of Hari or Gateway to Lord Vishnu, is a holy city situated at the base of Shivalik ranges of high Himalayas as well as on the flow path of revered River Ganga and a part of Uttarakhand State. It is widely believed that by taking a dip in this holy river, one is cleared of all his past sins. Lakhs of devotees from all over India visit Haridwar every year to take a dip in the holy River Ganga.

Way to Haridwar – Near Haridwar city

In second week of June we planned to start the journey at 5:00 AM in the morning and reach Haridwar around 10 AM, but in the morning kids take time to wake up and we are almost one hour late. After filling the car tank we started the journey at 6:00 AM from Gurgaon to Haridwar. With the help of google map route was chalked out. Route is Gurgaon MG Road – Akshardham temple – after crossing three bridges take a left turn towards vaishali – muradnagar, modinagar, merut, roorkie and then Haridwar.

Roads are very narrow and crowded from Vaishali till Merrut and average speed is 40 – 60 KMPH and after crossing Merrut road is smooth and traffic is moving fast. Murad Nagar is very crowded area. We stopped at Jain Shikanjiwala as he was a very popular in this area. Many people stopped there even early hours of the morning. We ordered Special Masala Shikanji and again start travelling on road.

On the bye pass of Merrut we stopped at Moolchand restaurant and taken some light refreshment there. After crossing Merrut road is little good vehicles are travelling little fast here. Both side lot of mango orchids are there and people stopped there and buy the mangoes from the farmers. We crossed the Crystal World Water park and Patanjali – Baba Ramdev Ashram and decided to visit later on. While crossing Roorkie frequent traffic jams are there which are irritating. Weather is also not good as temperature start rising and humidity is also there. Thanks that Car AC helped us from swatting.

After spending good 90 minutes on jam we reached Haridwaar and all we excited to see River Ganga. We move towards Bhupatwala where many Ashrams are made by different community persons. My friend helped me in Gurgaon to book one such Ashraam for us. We reached that Ashram and it was situated in Main Bhupatwala road. Ashraam was very clean and atmosphere was very devotional that we all thanks our god for selecting it. We got one deluxe room fitted with AC. Its 12:00 clock now and we all are tired and decided to take a nap and then plan for rest of day.

At 2:30 pm my father waked us. We all decided that first we visit Ganga ji and then go for lunch. It’s hardly five minutes journey for near by ghats which is named as Phulpati Ghat and Tekuram ji Ghat. For our delight only three or four families are there. Ghat was cleaned as compare to Har ki Pauri. We all go slowing in ganga ji and for our surprised water was very cold and refreshing. Water was very less and only waist deep near Ghat and inside only knee deep.

Enjoying River Ganga

We all slowly went inside the river and enjoyed the cold water. Now no one is complaining about heat or lunch. Everyone is enjoying a lot. Me and my daughter crossed the river and then move back towards our end for photo clicking. We again move in the center of the river where water level is even less then our knee level. We sat there and enjoyed the nature. After few minutes some local kids came there with their invented swimming gears. They have one thermocol platform and one truck tyre tube which they used in the river. Other families and we borrowed there swimming gear and enjoyed with it.

Water level is very low at this point of river

Then we go for the lunch. There are many small but good restaurants are there. We decided one Punjabi Restaurant in front of Jai Gurudev Ashram and enjoyed our meal there. In the evening we went towards local temple and visit Chandi Devi Mandir. We hire Auto which is famous with the name Vikram, as the Auto is from Vikram company. We have to change the second auto from the main raod intersection towards Chandi Devi.

Cable ride for Chandi Devi temple

View from cable car

Their we have to pay the entrance fee and Cable Car fee. We rach at the Mandir premises from where we have to stand in the line to board the cable car as the Mandir is situated at the top of hill. It was a breath stiopping moment at the top of hill. Akmost the whole Haridwar city and river ganga basin is visible from there. We participated in the evening puja there and fed some chanas to monkey. Here monkeys are very naughty, they snatch the eatable items from the visitors.

Nearby Chandi Devi Mandir

After darshan we returned back to Har Ki Pauri and attended Evening Pooja there. Har ki Pauri was very crowded and it was very risky with kids to go near the ghats. So we decided to view the prayer from the foot over bridge and after prayer plan to visit the Ganga river from the close. Evening prayer and the environment were very devotional. Many persons on the foot over bridge start chanting Gangaji Aarti. After end of the prayer much priest start moving towards crowd with Aarti Jyot and every one get a chance to take the arti darshan from the close.

Gangaji Evening Arti crowd

Evening Puja at Har ki Paudi

Within half an hour whole area was free from the crowd then we enjoyed the har ki pauri and ganga temple. We prayed to ganga ji and floated candles, flowers and other arti items in the dona (made of tree leaves). We visited the near by market and by some games for my younger kid. We visited Choti Wala restaurant for dinner as it was very famous in Haridwar and Rishikesh for its food. Food was good and every one enjoyed it. We returned back to Ashram by foot and enjoyed the street and temples on the way.

Haridwar at Night calm and beautiful

Next day we planned to visit Crystal Park which is few kilometers (almost 10 KM) from the Haridwar. Entrance ticket charges are very nominal Rs. 300/- for adults, Rs. 200/- for kids and Sr. Citizen. We stay there from morning 10.00 AM to Afternoon 2:00 PM. We enjoyed rides, water pool and slides.

Crystal World

Rides at Crystal World

We turned back to Haridwar and planned to visit Patanjali Ashram as it was on the way. Ashram is situated in very big area. Entrance fee is Rs. 10/- per visit for vehicle. Ashram is surrounded with lush green garden. Main entrance building have reception and registration counter for patients. Adjacent building have cafeteria. We decided to enjou our afternoon meal here.

Baba Ramdev Ashram

The cost of food and refreshment are very nominal. Many persons those are regular in this route stopped here from meal as food quality was good and amount was very nominal. Here you can get South Indian, North Indian food and other chatpate snacks also. We enjoyed our stayed here and in the evening we move back towards Haridwar.

In the evening we enjoyed the river ganga in Phulpati ghat and planned to go to our next destination that is Rishikesh, Uttarkashi, Gangotri. The details are follows in next story.


  • parveen says:

    nice travel story. need to know road conditions between delhi and haridwar as going on November 7.
    is ashram acco available for everyone ?

    • Sahil Sethi says:

      Parveen, Roads are overall good till Haridwar.

      1. Delhi – Meerut – Very Good
      2. Meerut Bypass – Khatauli Bypass – Muzaffarnagar Bypass – Excellent
      3. Muzaffarnagar – Roorkee – Average – Road is single but not smooth with potholes in thee middle. Drive carefully.
      4. Roorkee – Haridwar – Good.

      Drive Safe,
      Cheers !!!!

    • Kailash Mehta says:

      Hello Praveen

      Thnks for comment. As Sahil is replied road conditions are good only you got slow traffic before merut as it was surrounded with crowded area and near roorkie to haridwar. Otherwise you enjoyed the driving in this stretch. There are lot of ashrams in Bhupatwala. You can find easily room there in any of the accommodation. Normally they charge between 500/- to 700/- for day basis or for two to three days stay.

      Enjoy trip and drive safely. Share your experience.

    • Saniya Binal says:

      Road condition Between Delhi to Haridwar is over all good.
      For more you can check at :

  • Amitava Chatterjee says:

    Hi Kailash,

    One of my favourite destination…nice post and photographs…Tx.
    Look forward to your next part,

  • D.L.Narayan says:

    Hi Kailash,

    Nice post. However, you should have included more details. For example, you say that you hired an auto for visiting the Chandi Devi temple. Why did you not go by car? Were the roads too narrow or congested?

    I also wish that you wrote more about the Patanjali Ashram since probably this is the first time anyone is writing about it on ghumakkar. BTW, you said that the charges at Crystal Park were nominal. I think Rs.300 per adult is quite steep. A typical family comprising a couple and two kids will have to shell out Rs.1,000 per visit. I wonder if the facilities there are worth that kind of money.

    • Dear DL,

      Yes, Rs. 300/- per adult is quite costly but if one is coming with a wallet having sufficient number of Gandhiji wali currency plus Debit / Credit cards, one should certainly visit the place as it has a lot of attractions for kids (and even for adults), provided you have at least 3-4 hours spare to thoroughly enjoy yourself there.

      By the way, my two posts are in the queue – one about Hardwar – Chandidevi Darshan and one would cover Patanjali and Crystal Park ! So, I am coming to torment you further ! :D

      • Kailash Mehta says:

        Hello Sushant

        I agreed with you that Gandhi ji blessing is required and whenever we planned for vacations we have to take care of kids entertainment also. The kids those height are less then 3ft are free.

        Waiting for your post.

        Driver Safe and enjoy your vacation.

    • Kailash Mehta says:

      Hello Narayan

      I accepted your suggestions and next time try to give more details about the trip.

      We can go to chandi devi by our car also, but some locals suggest that its good to go by vikram (auto) as you did not face jam and parking problem there. Road are ok but congested and most of the time main road was jammed with incoming and outgoing visitors. The fare of Auto is Rs. 10/- per person upto Har Ki Pauri Main Chowk and another Rs. 10/- upto chandi devi temple.

      I have visited Patanjali Ashram only for curiosity, as many time in news i have heared abou this ashram. I have less detail about the Ashram. Ashram provide daily OPD to visitors for various problems. They also provide various yoga session and other you treatments. Sorry for less detail.
      Crystal park is worth full if you reach at 10:00 AM and leave around 4:00 PM or late in the evening. We enjoyed lot there as lot of rides and water slides are there for kids as well as for elders. As compare to delhi or gurgaon amusement parks or compare with movie tickets it was almost the same. Resturant was good there and it was only my views that we can spend one day there and patanjali if we have spare time in Haridwar trip.

      Thnks for suugestions. I will take care of it.

  • Dear Kailash,

    Your story and photographs were good. Please keep writing about more places. You may even opt to write in Hindi if this facility is available on your PC. Even arranging this facility, if not already there, is hardly 5 minutes’ job. You would enjoy story-telling much more if u write in Hindi.

    Sushant Singhal

    • parveen says:

      sir please tell me how can i write in hindi ?


      • Dear Parveen,

        I had installed Baraha 7.0 version which used to be free in those days. After it, I could type Hindi (Mangal font) in Wordpad, Notepad or Baraha pad. From there, I used to do copy / paste into MS Word etc.

        Subsequently, I installed Google Hindi Input Transliteration. Together, both the softwares made my life easy. Now I don’t have to copy paste. I directly type in Hindi in MS Word, MS Excel, MS Powerpoint, Facebook, WordPress Edit Window etc. etc.

        Baraha 7.0 is not available anywhere on CDAC website now. They are SELLING higher versions. No freewares anymore. I have got Baraha 7.0 zip file with me. :) It makes Hindi phonetic typing effortless. If you know Remington Hindi typing (Krutidev type), you should opt for Remington Hindi keyboard otherwise normal keyboard is fine. When you type – s a n k a l p in English, the screen would show – ?????? ! You would type ghumakkar – it would appear as ??????? !


        Sushant Singhal

  • Kailash Mehta says:

    Dear Sushant

    Thanks for your suggestion. I will try on it.

  • venkatt says:

    Kailash, nice to know of the details of other worthwhile places to visit apart from the ganga darshan and aarti at Haridwar.

    • Kailash Mehta says:

      Venkatt, there are many more places in and around Haridwar. Haridwar itself is a complete and wonderful destination for short period. Its a worth full weekend destination for get out from tired and boring daily office routine.

  • Nandan Jha says:

    Long time Kailash. Great to see your story.

    Haridwar is Haridwar. You have to lose yourself to really feel the goodness of the place. Waiting for Harsil.

  • Nirdesh says:

    Dear Kailash,

    Nice detailed narrative!

  • swati narula says:

    Dear Kailash Ji,

    your article is really helpful and would like to as you the actual condition of road till haridwar from Delhi as is it advisable that is a lady is pregnant she should travel.


  • Nandan Jha says:

    @ Swati – I drove till Khatauli (1 week ago) and I have driven on Delhi-Haridwar few times in recent past. The roads are now better but GZB-Muradnagar-Modinagar sees a lot of traffic and since the road goes through the heart of these cities, if you are traveling in this section during evening then it takes ever. Beyond Khatauli Toll, things are pretty good till Roorkee and there after roads are fine but you would encounter a lot of traffic.

    My personal advice would be to make use of excellent Shatabadi train which connects Delhi and Haridwar. Wishes.

  • Nilangshu says:

    Hi Kailash,

    Thanks for the detailed description of the trip.

    I am planning to visit Haridwar and am concerned where to park my car. As I understand that its difficult to take cars into the main road within the city, I am concerned about the safety of my car if kept in some parking lot.

  • An Insider says:

    A well detailed article … Thank you Kailash for that.
    As I am a resident of Haridwar and as I can see the post is from 2012.
    You should visit again, you will find it more pleasant, calmer and much more memorable.

  • shubham sharma says:

    we r planning to take a ride to haridwar by byl (motorcycle) with my bestiee and hum raat ko travel krna chahte h koi dikkat to nahi hai chor dakuo ki

  • Nandan Jha says:

    Dear Shubham – I wont recommend a night-travel on a bike on this circuit. Also, try to avoid it till Aug 12 because of ongoing Kanwaria rush.

  • kailash mehta says:

    Dear Shubham

    I also agrre with Nandan ji, if possible avoid visit in Haridwar till mid of August as many devotees visited there and stay mid of August also Kanwaria rush is there. In night if you are travelling in car then there is no problem but two wheeler is quite risky as many vehicles are driving very fast especially buses and trucks. You can start your journey in the early morning around 5:00 am and can reach by 9:00 at Haridwar (including stoopage). From Delhi it is hardly 180 km.

    Enjoy your journey :-)

  • Nishant Kumar says:

    We want to go to Hridwar on 15th of August from Faridabad with Family by Car is it good Idea or I will take Volovo or Train Please guide as my mother & father is here from Jharkhand and I want to spend my valuable two days leave with them

    • First of all please check if highly enhanced security checks in Delhi on 15th August will create problem for you or not. Personally I like to travel by my own car but since your parents are also going to travel with you, Volvo or Shatabdi Express would be a better idea. For local sight seeing also, a hired tempo for full day would take all of your worries off you – parking, road directions etc. Since there are many places worth visiting in Hardwar, all of your time may be lost in asking for directions – unless the place is already familiar to you.

      Sushant Singhal

  • SABUJ SEN . says:

    Is it possible leave Delhi in very early morning like 3 AM and reached Haridwer with in 7 AM?

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