Top 10 fun things to do in Dubai

If there is one place on this planet that strives to be the best, it is Dubai. The emirate offers travellers experiences that are absolutely extraordinary. The city of superlatives has it all and still strives to outgrow its best accomplishment. There wouldn’t be a dull moment on a Dubai vacation as it offers an overwhelming assortment of tourist attractions and iconic landmarks. If you are a tad bit confused as to what to do in Dubai, we suggest to check out these top 10 experiences to make the most out of our Dubai holiday.

Desert Safari Adventures

You simply can’t miss the Arabian Deserts on a UAE trip. Dubai has always showcased itself as a sophisticated global city. But, a ride to the edge of the city and into the desert makes you realize that the magnificent Dubai of the present day was once a barren desert land. The desert whisks you away into serene yet exciting experiences. Fasten your seat belts as your tranquil ride turns into a thrilling dune bashing experience in the desert. Once in the middle of the desert, try your hand at quad biking, sand boarding, and other such adrenaline rushing desert adventures. If you prefer a mellow desert experience, then enjoy an early morning hot air ballooning tour above the golden sand dunes or a late evening desert safari tour which include witnessing a tranquil sunset over the desert horizon and indulging in a night filled with Arabian folklore and traditional cuisine. You can check out a whole range of tours on Desert Safari by Rayna Tours. Check out the tours and choose the best that suits your interest. This is one of the fun things to do in Dubai that you will remember for a lifetime. 

Desert Safari

Dubai Mall

Even if you are not a shopaholic, a trip to Dubai Mall is something you cannot miss. Dubai Mall isn’t just a shopping destination, it offers much more than branded outlets and designer boutiques. Besides its 1200 stores, Dubai Mall is home to the wondrous Dubai Aquarium and Underwater Zoo which showcases a stellar collection of aquatic life.  It also has an Olympic-sized Dubai Ice Rink, the renowned children’s edutainment center – KidZania, SEGA Republic and an extravagant multiplex with 22 screens!   Also being located next to the iconic Burj Khalifa and Dubai Fountains, you can spend a whole day in the mall and enjoy the evenings viewing the mesmerizing illuminated vistas of its surrounding attractions. 


Dubai Parks and Resorts

Boasted as the largest integrated leisure theme park in the Middle East, Dubai Parks and Resorts is all about fun and entertainment. There’s a Hollywood inspired theme park- Motiongate Dubai, a Bollywood inspired park – Bollywood Parks Dubai and the first of its kind in the Middle East – Legoland theme park and Legoland waterpark. Altogether, there are over 100 rides and activities to enjoy at this magnificent park.  There’s also Riverland Dubai which lets you enjoy shopping and dining experiences at different themed venues. A single day spend here is very little time spent exploring the fun and thrills of the theme parks. You can also opt to stay within Dubai Parks and Resorts at Lapita Hotel – a Polynesian-themed hotel offering luxurious stays for your family and friends. The mega theme park threw open its doors to its guests in 2016 and has since become one of the most favourite attractions to visit in Dubai. The theme parks are an added boost for family holidaymakers who have new rides and recreational excitement to look forward to on their Dubai vacation. 

IMG Worlds of Adventure

Another amazing fun attraction to look forward on your Dubai vacation is the IMG Worlds of Adventure. Yet again, it is one of Dubai’s proudest achievements of being the largest indoor themed entertainment park in the world. Step into a realm of fantasy and pre-historic era as you journey through its various themed recreational arenas. Encounter your favourite Marvel heroes, cartoon network characters and the dinosaurs that existed millions of years back. Located in the City of Arabia at Sheikh Mohammad Bin Zayed Road,  this epic adventure zone offers an assortment of thrill rides, live shows, simulated rides and state-of-the-art entertainment sprawled over 1.5 million square feet. This is a place where you would find non-stop entertainment for all age groups.

Atlantis the Palm Dubai

A stay at Atlantis the Palm Dubai is a luxury experience you will never forget. Nevertheless, if you are not interested in splurging on your vacation, still a visit to this stunning hotel is worthwhile. There are plenty of unique experiences stowed within the hotel. You can spend an entire day at the Aquaventure Waterpark which has some of the craziest and challenging water rides in the world. Visit the Lost Chambers Aquarium where you will be surrounded by an amazing assortment of over 65000 marine lives. You can even enjoy a scuba diving or snorkeling experience here. You can swim with dolphins at Dolphin Bay and interact with sea lions at Sea lion Point. There won’t be a single dull moment from the moment you arrive at Atlantis the Palm Dubai. 

Burj Khalifa and Dubai Fountains

Burj Khalifa and Dubai Fountain are two attractions that feature on every Dubai holiday by default. In fact, not visiting these iconic landmarks makes every Dubai guest feel that their trip was incomplete. The grandeur of the tallest building in the world and the largest dancing fountain in the world cannot be explained. It is a sight that has to be witnessed in its true splendour. The Burj Khalifa offers an unprecedented 360-degree panorama of Dubai city and beyond from the highest observatory deck located 124th and 125th floor. It also has an amazing fine dining restaurant and lounge at 122nd floor known as At.mosphere.  Right below this magnificent structure, Dubai Fountain weaves a dazzling performance of light, sound, and water in perfect sync. These astounding illuminated sights are some of the memoirs of Dubai that will be etched on your mind forever. 

Dubai Dhow Cruise

Another absolute must-do activity in Dubai for every visitor is taking a Dhow cruise on Dubai’s waterways. Dubai offers you two unique ways to enjoy a Dhow Cruise. Take a traditional abra on the Dubai Creek and witness the rustic and traditional life and sights of Old Dubai and the stunning city skyline of modern Dubai. Looking for an opulent cruise experience? Head to Dubai Marina – the latest happening spot in Dubai where a man-made canal is surrounded by some of the most stylish buildings and skyscrapers of Dubai. Even though Dhow Cruise Dubai Marina looks exquisite, it has a quintessentially Arabian flair to it. The evenings are the best time to enjoy a Dhow cruise amid melody and fine dining experience while viewing the shimmering illuminated panoramas of Dubai.   

Ski Dubai

Ever wondered whether you could go skiing in Dubai? Yes, you can at Ski Dubai! One of the exciting things to do in Dubai is probably also one of the most mindboggling experiences you can witness in Dubai. Making an impossible vision into reality, Dubai managed to unveil a wintry wonderland in the desert emirate. Ski Dubai is Middle East’s first indoor ski resort and offers guests a way to get chilly relief from the scorching heat of the desert land. At Ski Dubai, you can spend a thrilling time with family and friends skiing, snowboarding, making snowman and snow angels. Don’t forget to visit the friendly habitats of Ski Dubai –  Penguins!

Sky Diving

For the hardcore adventure seekers, Dubai brings to you the thrill of skydiving with one of the most jaw-dropping sceneries in the world. The Palm Dubai drop zone is considered as one of the most picturesque skydiving zones in the world. The rush of adrenaline during the plunge and the exquisite vistas of Dubai’s manmade island have allured thousands of skydiving enthusiasts to try out this extreme sport in Dubai. If you are looking forward to ticking off a skydiving experience from your bucket list, then let Dubai be your place of choice as this is one experience that will leave a long lasting impression in your life. Not sure if you want to take the leap of courage? No worries! Head to IFly Dubai that offers a unique way of experiencing the skydiving experience. Enjoy the thrill of free-fall without having to jump out of a plane. All you need to do is get inside a vertical tunnel which simulates the same feeling you get when you soar in the air after leaping out of the plane. The only thing you miss in this experience is the stunning vistas of Dubai and its surrounds.

Watersport adventures

Lately, Dubai has been capturing the attention of adventure seekers a lot. The reason being its endeavor to make Dubai a happening spot for adventure enthusiasts. Dubai offers a plethora of watersport activities for those who like to mix a bit of adventure in their Dubai holiday. Try your hand at Jetskiing, flyboarding, parasailing, kite surfing, wakeboarding, and many such adventure sports to make your Dubai trip a fun and exciting vacation.

So if you have a UAE visa and planning your trip to Dubai, include some or all of these attractions and experiences. With these options included in your itinerary, you can assure yourself that you have picked all the right places to visit in Dubai to make it one of your most memorable holidays.  

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