Ghumakkar Editorial Monthly Digest – May 2013

Greetings to all my dear readers on Ghumakkar! I am back with another brand new edition of Ghumakkar Monthly Digest for the month of May 2013. Last month, with all the fabulous events, Nandan wove a beautiful story and presented it to you all. I loved it a lot. How about you? Write to us and tell us how you felt.

Monsoons have set in and have sprinkled the magical showers in a few places already. They are still grooming to take their best form. For the mischievous, entertaining and lovable climate, don’t you think a fest ,a party, a carnival or maybe some great escapes to the season’s best locations is a good idea? How are you all enjoying in this fantabulous weather? Write to us: We love to see your mails!

In spite of the waning summer vacations and busy schedules back home, fellow Ghumakkars never stop sharing their travel stories with us. The month of May saw a great many number of posts full of entertainment and information. On a higher level, the variety was such that, it almost took us all on an All India tour! While Anoop, Ritesh, Naresh and others guided us through the north, Nirdesh, Praveen and Abhee took us to the South. Not just that, we did go on International tours along with Pavithra, Abhee and others! Now, this is what is called diversity and variety!

Sharmi, our only new comer this month, also joined hands with the others to add to the entertainment. From the fond memories of her trip to North Bengal with her husband, Sharmi has composed a wonderful first post at Ghumakkar. We welcome you to Ghumakkar pariwar, Sharmi!

So many flawless posts and no confusion to decide the “Best One” for the month? Cannot happen, right? I am not lying when I say it was indeed a tough job for us to pick one of the many posts as the Featured Story of the month. After many iterations and discussions, Mala’s story on Sariska Tiger Reserve has emerged as the winner for this month.


Wildlife encounters- Visit to the Sariska Tiger Reserve, Rajasthan – is Mala’s descriptive narration of her trip to the Sariska Tiger Reserve. This content and photo rich post is an excellent travelogue bringing to us a great virtual tour around the reserve. Here is an excerpt from the post:

The roads are quite narrow and at some stretches only one vehicle can pass thus it is advisable to be quite vigilant and drive safely. The villagers alongside are quite eager to help all through. Just at the end of one of the forks one can see a narrow road leading to Bhim ki dungari and the other towards Jain nashea. taking the left road ends on the red sandstone gate leading to the majestic Jain temple. The view of the main temple is quite soothing standing tall against the backdrop of the setting sun straining through the dark clouds. Just to the left of the road leading to the Jain temple is the Mughal era structure which is believed to be emperor Akhbar’s place of rest during his long hunting expeditions…

Bheen ki dungari

Congratulations Mala! Guys, give her a big round of applause!

While we are high with energy after congratulating Mala, let me make another announcement and add to the joy.


This month’s Featured Author title is grabbed by none other than Vipin Gaur. Vipin has been with us since 2012 and has 14 stories to his credit already. He is a “junglee” he says , only because of the love he has for the jungles. Nandan and Vipin shared an interesting conversation during the interview where Vipin has revealed a lot more about himself ! A snippet of the interview is here for you to take a read:

Vipin: I have been sharing few details about myself through my logs and I would be more than happy to answer any questions.
Ghum: Thanks. Let me begin with a different question this time. Usually I ask that how did they reach Ghumakkar. Lets park that question for a while. How old are you? and where are your roots?. If at all, there are any roots for a traveler like you. hehe
Vipin: I am 28 years old. I am the eldest brother in my family. I have two siblings, my sister and my brother and we are a small family. My mother is an all-rounder she works in MTNL and also works at home taking care of all our needs…

Congratulations Vipin! We would love to read more of your posts, soon!
To read the full interview, click here .

The stage is already set and I will take pride to make the next announcement. Featured Author of the month of June 2013. Any guesses who this is?
She is a lady who writes with ease. Her choice of words is as elegant as her own self. Her narration has made me nostalgic many a times. She is 9 months old at Ghumakkar and 25 stories young. She is the one who has a fetish for places which start from the letter ‘C’. First Chennai, now Canada. Still dint get who this is? Alright.. Let me announce. It is none other than Abhee. Congratulations Abhee! We love to read more from you! Watch out for an exciting interview with Abhee which will go live during the mid of June.

Every month, we try to get a post which qualifies for the Ghumakkar Insights category. For 2nd time in a row, we have Sushant Singhal’s post – “Photography Insights” qualifying for this. This post in particular talks in depth about how lights can be used to our advantage for clicking some really great pictures. Tips on what works well and what doesn’t has been mentioned very well in this post. Here is an extract from that:

एक फोटोग्राफर का प्रकाश के जिन पहलुओं से जन्म – जन्म का रिश्ता होता है, वे हैं – प्रकाश का कोण (angle of light) प्रकाश की दिशा (direction of light), प्रकाश की मात्रा (luminosity या brightness), तीव्रता (intensity), और कंट्रास्ट (contrast)! सबसे पहले प्रकाश के कोण की बात करें तो हम कह सकते हैं कि हम सब प्रकाश को ऊपर से नीचे की ओर आते हुए देखने के अभ्यस्त हैं। सूर्योदय से लेकर सूर्यास्त तक हमें सूर्य धरती के ऊपर से ही धरती पर प्रकाश बिखेरता हुआ नज़र आता है। हमारे काम आये या न आये, चन्द्रमा का प्रकाश भी ऊपर से नीचे की ओर आता प्रतीत होता है। हमारे ठीक सामने से प्रकाश आये ऐसा शायद वाहनों की हैड लाइट के मामले में ही देखने में आता है। कैमरे में लगी हुई फ्लैशलाइट भी प्रकाश सामने से हमारे चेहरे पर फेंकती है।

Light may strike our subject from any direction creating different effects. Please experiment with it

We have now reached the end of this edition of the Monthly Digest – all announcements and recognitions listed, new author introduced. In short, a quick recap done. We are happy to see the good trend in the quality of the posts and are happy to see the wide variety of categories covered. Thank you all for keeping our standard high.

Well, that is all from this edition.
Until next time, keep traveling and sharing!



  • Dear Archana,

    Thank you for the entertaining Monthly Digest for May 2013 which summarizes the month even for those who haven’t been able to look into every post during the past few weeks.

    Congratulations, Abhee. Thank you for being here with all of us. Your storytelling is quite unique and keeps us entertained and well informed. Please keep writing and keep sharing.

    Thanks Archana for the kind words on Photography Insight series.

  • Vipin says:

    Congratulations to the ladies gang…..Archana (for such a wonderful sum-up of the month), Mala Ji (for the featured story of the month, loved your story), Abhee Ji (for Featured author of the Month for June, look forward to learn more about you), Sharmi Ji (for a refreshing debut post, welcome aboard)….this monthly digest is a celebration of woman participation and encouragement….kudos to you all!

    Just a small thought that popped up, the other day 2 fellow bachelor ghumakkars were discussing about the scenario of their wanderings after their marriage [because most of the folks say “??? ?? ????? ??? ???? ?? ????, ???? ?? ??? ?? ????? ??? ???????? ??? ???????…??? ????? ?? ???? ??? ????? ??”…:).] …& were pondering are there girls who travel a lot & crazily like them?…& this post is a wonderful answer to them…it gives them a hope that yes, there are ladies who travel & travel a lot…May they get ghumakkar life partner!

    • Congrats to all the winners and thanks to all the readers for making every story on Ghumakkar an experience by itself!
      And Vipin, you have made a wonderful observation which, I really failed to observe even as I drafted the digest :) Thanks for bringing the observation to light :)


  • Congratulations Abhee , Mala , Sushant ji !!!!!

  • Ashok Sharma says:

    congrats to all the winners and most welcome to the new comer.

  • Congratulation to Abhee Ji and Mala Ji .
    Welcome to the new comer, Sharmi Ji.
    Thanks to Archana Ji for coming up with Ladies special monthly digest.

  • venkatt says:

    Congrats to all the winners Mala, Abhee and Sushantji…

  • Tarun Talwar says:

    Thanks for the month’s summary Archana.

    Conratulations Mala, Abhee and Vipin.

    Welcome to Ghumakkar Sharmi.

    And finally, thanks Sushant Ji for the wonderful series.

  • Rakesh Bawa says:

    Archana Ji, Nice Post. Keep it up. Congrats to ghumakkar brand ambassador of South India, Abhee.

  • Abheeruchi says:

    Thanks Ghumakkar for the recognition.I really don’t have words to express my feelings.Thanks Sushant ji , Vipin (Wonderful observation, even I didn’t notice),Archana, Mahesh ji,Ashok ji, Naresh ji, Venkatt ji,Tarunji , Rakesh ji and all Ghumakkars….

  • mala says:

    Thanks a ton Archana and your editorial team for choosing my article as the “featured story of the month”. It means a lot.

    Also i would like to thank Tarun, Venkat, Naresh, Ashok, Mahesh and Vipin and all the people who read my articles (either commented or not commented).

  • abheeruchi says:

    Mmy apologies for not mentioning this comment before.congratulation mala,i always like your posts.sharmi, welcome to ghumakkar.thanks archana for nice digest.

  • Ritesh Gupta says:

    congratulation Abhi ji and Mala ji. Keep it up. Thanks for sharing your informative tales here.

    Thanks a lot Archna ji.. For nice editorial.

  • Nirdesh Singh says:

    Hi Archana,

    Thanks for a great roundup of May 2013 happenings on Ghumakkar!

    Congratulations to Mala and Abhee!

    Hope to read more Canada adventures from Abhee so that Praveen can concentrate on rest of the world!

  • Amitava Chaterjee says:

    Congratulations Mala for this well deserved honor. Just this afternoon, I was reading your post on Kolkata, while searching for some information.

    and Abhee, Congrats for the recognition. A well deserved honor. Look forward to read the story on 15th.

    Thank you Archana for this month’s awards, recognizing the presence of women in this forum…

  • Saurabh Gupta says:

    Congratulations Mala Ji for the brilliant story on Sariska and Congrats to Abhee Ji, a well deserved person for the title.

  • Abheeruchi says:

    Thanks Ritesh ji, Nirdesh, Amitava and Saurabh.

  • Nandan Jha says:

    Congratulations Abhee, Mala and welcome aboard Sharmi.

    @ Vipin – What a great observation. Indeed from Editor to New-comer, from featured story to featured Author, it is all women all around.:-) Ghumakkar is blessed.

  • abheeruchi says:

    NJ -There should be like button on comments too :)

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