How easy is it to find or sell a vacation rental accommodation

The Summers of England are slowly paving way for Autumn to set in. Everyone, everywhere is talking about just travel for that last leg of the remaining hot weather. Advertisements, Social Media groups etc are all highlighting the last minute deals to grab as many customers as possible to boom their business. With so much push marketing coming our way, it is hard for one to resist and not go anywhere! Succumbing to which we all put on the thinking hats and get into the task of planning a trip.

So many factors and such plethora of options only makes it hard for us to narrow down on one option. And when you just think you are done, there is still the booking that remains. Not always does Lady Luck favor you. Sometimes you are in for some unpleasant surprise too – accommodation unavailable ! All efforts gone kaput, isn’t it? Well well… That is just the beginning of a saga, mate!

Before going bonkers, grab a cuppa and sit back and get explorative. With the travel industry’s metamorphosis, we now have over a hundred websites and apps that come in handy at such times. TripAdvisor is our pal in this while we do have our buddies like AirBnB who not just highlight the options but also open up an entire channel to know more about the rental accommodation you are about to choose.


While this is the story of travelers trying to find the best accommodation, there is a lesser told story of rental owners trying harder to showcase their rentals. But luckily, there seems solution available of that too, with software like and the like (Lodgify, etc). I happened to know more about when I got into a discussion with their team recently. (That is when I got an opportunity to reveal more about the Ghumakkar in me. Check this: Archana Ravichander with Kigo)It is very interesting to learn that a vacation rental owner can now take full control and establish a smooth channel for marketing his rental accommodation. It does appear hassle-free too.

My interview on Kigo

Can you imagine a software that can help you connect with customers and business partners easily by taking your minimum time and energy? Kigo and their team promise this to their customers and it seems true! I went through their site and it is appears surprisingly simple to get the business up and running! And as you go about bringing your business up, their is an efficient team for your assistance all the while.
Software like these also provide you with a free trial period where you can run a prototype of your business and get a hands-on feel of how you could handle it in future.

Many a times, we might all have thought about buying a home at some fabulous location with an intention of converting it to a vacation rental accommodation and creating an additional source of income out of it. But often, as you think through it, it appears so cumbersome to maintain it and to bring it to limelight and to get some business attached to it. But with such software and services coming into picture, every dream seems real and every thought seems executable. Facilities like these make us accessible to some unique and comfortable options, not just to sell our rentals but also to find one in the vicinity for our holiday.

A seamless platform to take control of a vacation rental accommodation seems like the need of the hour these days.
Mastering this is the niche thing in the industry now with a large number of competitors offering a huge variety of services.

If you are just a traveler or a owner of such a rental, why dont you delve into this arena and find some good deals yourself? Let us know if you need help, we will guide you through.

I think I did sow the seed of thought in your mind! Time to get thinking and to execute your choices.

Until next time, Adios!


  • AUROJIT says:

    Hi Archana,

    An interesting article. Ghumakkars are always exploring new avenues to cater to the travelers’ multifarious needs.

    Thanks for sharing the detailed info. Guess it will help us on our paths to be travelled hereon -)


  • Nandan Jha says:

    Good to see the interview in print. I think we should try to keep ourselves abreast with the new possibilities. Before interacting with Kigo, though I kind of knew that there are some self-service platforms but wasn’t aware of the level of evolution these platforms have developed.

    AirbnB is like a walled garden :-) but then thats where you go because thats where the market is. If you do it yourself, then there is a lot of s/w maintenance you need to do.

    I would imagine that for medium-sized players (think of resorts, big hotels, not chains), a solution like kigo makes a lot of sense. I also see a ‘consulting’ opportunity here. Since, at least back here in India, a lot of medium sized players do not invest in a lot of IT infra, they either have a very poor digital backbone or are at the mercy of small IT shops. A ‘consulting’ gig can bridge this gap. :-)

    • I agree! Things are taking different shape and it is nice to see how convenient it is to get things done these days!
      It would be nice if more people share their experiences in forums like these for the benefit of many!

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