Delhi to Aligarh Road Review – Alternate route

Aligarh is a main educational town in western UP, situated 130 Kms away from delhi.  It is famous for AMU (aligarh muslim university). Since start of my career in 1999, I got many opportunities to visit the town, but always on my official trip. And those days, schedule would have been very tight. Start early morning by train, reach there by 8 am, work whole day and return by evening train.

However, 2008 brought a change in the schedule and I got married in the same city. My wife belongs to Aligarh. So after that our visits were no more rushing. We travelled many times by car via Dadri, Bulandshahar etc. This was a single road, further connecting to Etawa, kanpur etc. Lot of small towns are situated on this road and it takes approx 4 hours due to the traffic jams in these town. And if you have  a bad day, then these jams can even consume hours of you.

So this time, i decided to travel  through another route via Faridabad, Palwal, Khair etc…

The distance was 30 kms more than normal route but i was told that road is much much pleasant here. We started early morning at 7 o’clock (me, my wife and son). This was a bright and pleasant morning of june and traffic was just starting to increase. We took the Pusta road and travelled by Gandhi Nagar, Laxmi nagar chungi, Akshardham mandir, Mayur vihar & Noida. After reaching Noida, we crossed DND way and took a right turn from kalindikunj turn. Then we reached Jasola and took a left turn for Delhi Agra road.

The newly build flyover at Badarpur is really very good. In old days, crossing this stretch used to consume 30 – 45 minutes even in morning time. But now, same can be crossed within 5 – 7 minutes max. But yes, you have to pay Toll for it.

Then started the Faridabad and a series of Traffic Signals. And I have never crossed any of them with a Green light in 1 go. You have to always wait for 1 – 2 red signals in crossing each of them. After faridabad, we reached Ballabgarh. A small Traffic jam was present at Bus stand entry gate. But we could cross it in 5 minutes or so. After crossing Ballabgarh, the real Highway started, and we could drive at 80 – 90 KMPH speed easily.

We stopped for a small break before Palwal, as this is the last proper place to halt on the way to Aligarh. My son enjoyed the beauty of Green corps in the field and was happy to see such a view. (he is just 2 yrs old). After buying some light snacks and soft drinks, we started again. Soon we reached palwal, crossed the bus stand and took a left turn from next red light. And this was start of the trouble, because condition of road was very very poor. There were lot of stones and dust of the road. Fortunately, all this lasted for approx 500 mtrs only. Then again good but single road started.

Really, this road is more pleasant. Traffic was very less here. We could see a lot of greenary on both sides with minimum poppulation. We reached Hamidpur and took a right turn. Soon we could see the new GreaterNoida Agra expressway being constructed. Then we crossed Tappal, a very small town on the way. The drive for next 30 minutes were very good as road was OK and traffic was minimal.

Soon we reached to a small town with bridge on a NAHAR. A haryana roadways bus was parked on the bridge and bridge was so narrow that even 2 wheelers were able to cross with bit difficulty. The bus was reported to be broken down but both driver and conducter were not looking in any trouble. After 10 minutes, the bus started (without any external support) and we could countinue our journey.

After these we crossed khair, another small town. After this, road was perfectly ok, without any more trouble and we could manage to enter aligarh in exact 4 hours (despite of extra 30 kms)

Most important for me, the driving was much much easy here and I could dare to travel back to delhi on same day. This would have been very very difficult, if we would have been travelled from Traditional rode. So, my recommendations to all, Pls use this road rather than the other one.


  • Anil Misra says:

    Thanks Pravesh. Very useful. Since you are an Aligarhian now, any good shops for veg and non-veg food. I am planning a visit to Aligarh, next month.

  • Sahil Sethi says:

    Hi Pravesh ,

    I have been to Aligarh and Khurja multiple times by the Bulandshahr route. Among all the highways , this the most horrible highway I have ever seen which is always prone to traffic jam. Heavy traffic , single road. Once I was stuck between Aligarh and Khurja in a traffic jam for 5 hours that too in night. Whenever I drive on this highway somewhere or other , I always get stuck in the traffic janm.


  • Virag Sharma says:

    Best-way to reach is to take Mathura-Delhi highway , then Mathura to Aligarh and vise-versa

  • Nandan says:

    @ Pravesh – Thanks. These little nuggets are always great piece of info when planing a travel.

    @ Virag – Wont that be TOO long ?

  • Pravesh says:

    Dear All,

    Thanks for your valuable time in reading and for your comments. This always encourages the Ghumakkars to share.

    @Anil – I have not explored the town so much, but you can go to centre point and try.

    @ Sahil – You are very true about the long Jams, even I have also experienced the same traffic jam near Sikandarabad

    @ Virag – Yes, Nanadan is right. That route will be longer and condition of road is similar to Palwal Aligarh road. So next time you can try this

    @ Nandan – Thank you for your comments.

  • Krati says:

    Thanks all.

    It was very valuable and intersresting. I am going today to Aligarh….. so I hope it is going to help me a lot!

  • Virag Sharma says:

    @ Pravesh , last 4 year mostly we driving for Delhi and always take Mathura – Delhi Highway. It is longer but tension free and less accidental.

  • I have heard that Delhi-Bulandshahar-Aligarh road is going to be six lane soon and work has already been started.

  • musafir says:

    Hi Pravesh,

    Thanks a lot for your valuable inputs. The way you are helping travellers like me in your own way is highly appreciated….Keep up the good work dude…Thnx again.

  • Amit Aggarwal says:

    We went to aligarh from north delhi last day via palwal route. Thanks for the info. cemented road is now built up and it’s nice to travel. we came back from bulandshar route it is also going to be 6 lane as work is started there. both routes took similar times
    but both routes are risky for travel in evening or nights as they are single road (no divider in between)
    best is to take rajdhani train

  • Vijoy Kumar says:

    After getting valuable input from this site, I travelled to Aligarh from Delhi by my own car yesterday via Palwal. Except for 3-4 km non smooth road after Palwal, the route is okay; one can drive 70-80 thru most of the stretch. The traffic is low and this is a positive point. I took 4 hrs to reach Aligarh.

  • Pravesh says:

    Dear All,

    Thanks for your comments.

    I recently traveled to aligarh.

    The Delhi – Bulandshahar – Aligarh road is under construction. It is going to be 6 lane highway.

    I believe this will be better option when ready, as this is 30 kms shorter than earlier road.


  • aastha kulkarni says:

    Hi Pravesh

    My self also planning to go to aligarh at our relatives house……………coming friday..
    but pls tell me one thing i have 2 yrs old girl so how is the temp over there……..shall we stay at night in aligarh………..or it’s too hot over tehre..and the most importantly …………is there mosquitoes also or not………

    and tell me one thing …..that on the way from delhi to aligarh any kind of amusement park..or such kind of interesting place available over there…….so that we can go for a picnic also…………….reply soon

  • Virag Sharma says:

    @Aastha mosquitoes – Yes , too hot – Yes , kind of amusement park – Nope . Dhaba at Bulandshahr Canal bank are good , 13 KM Awy from Aligarh at Sasni there is Mangalayatan is good place to visit , probably can consider Narora and of course Mathura ( approx 40+ KM from Aligarh).

  • aastha kulkarni says:

    thanks viraag for reply…………..but i m little bit afraiding to go there after three days…………its already too hot in delhi………… aligarh will absolutely hot…………….ohk…let see what happens………….Mathure i had gone alresy.will try to visit sasni…………bt i searched that its a village so do u think it’s a better place for picnic for three of us…… ,my hubby and my 2 yr old kid

  • Virag Sharma says:

    Ooops , not saw your update , probably by this time you went back to Delhi. On Aligarh – Agra road Mangalayatan is Jain Temple , Big , clean and very well maintain place just next to DPS.

  • aastha says:

    yeah viraag i gt ur reply after coming back from aligarh……yeah the weather was over there so much hot and my daughter also not comfortable .so we just come back by only one night stay…….dat’s it……not enjoyed also..

    i just want to ask one more question about nainital, mussorie…..if u went over there…….actually we were planning to go there within first week of july(delhi-nainital) but somebody told us that due to kaanwariyas…………… roads get blocked(dehradun, etc..)

    Is it true…………….or we can plan the trip…..

    waiting for your kind reply ofcourse before the trip :)

  • Ajay says:

    Hi on 30Jun’12 I went to aligarh via Palwal & found that your recommendations worked like a light house for me because on 29Jun’12 before leaving the office I read your views & decided to chose the preferred road. on 30Jun’12 in the early morning at 4:45 AM I drove my car to Aligarh via palwal & was in Aligarh at sharp 7 the total distnace I measured is 140K.M. Really thanks a lot for making my travel pleasent

  • Raj says:

    Has anyone travelled to aligarh from delhi via the expressway recently?

  • rurban_indian says:

    Hi Pravesh,
    thanks for the nice writeup.
    Any idea how is the road condition now from Palwal till the entry of Yamuna ExpressWay. I heard that one can enter the YEW from near Tappal, is that correct?

    • Amit says:

      Guys, how is the road condition now from Palwal till the entry of Yamuna ExpressWay. Is it recommended OR not?

  • Rahul Deva says:

    Guys, how is the road condition now from Palwal till the entry of Yamuna ExpressWay. Any one travelled there recently?

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