Travel packing tips – pack your kid’s bag this way!

Hello! Vrinda is back to share with you some really helpful packing tips for kids. Since Vrinda’s birth (she’s 7 years old, going on 8), we’ve been traveling frequently across the globe. When she was 6 years old, she realised that she should get involved in her packing. Now, she packs her own suitcase (with a little bit of help from us parents). Use them in your next trip!

Happy Travels!

Here’s a transcript of the video:

Hi Everybody, My name is Vrinda you can call me Kuhu.
I’m seven years old and today I am going to give you five tips while packing for kids

1. Kids should always carry a backpack for themselves: you can keep things like your favourite books not many books and not heavy books. You should keep your pencil box with you, not the big buttons pencil box but you should keep a Kit that is a better choice. You can also keep your coloring pencils, tissues or sanitizers etc

2. Proper packing: You can roll your clothes, you can also fold them. But if you fold them they will get crumpled, so that’s why I roll my clothes .When you roll your clothes you can keep them in packing cubes and keep this in the suitcase.

3.Always carry your swimming wear:Especially for a summer trip, this is essential. Also, I like to do swimming so I think that the other kids should also like. It’s a really good timepass for them and exercise too.

4. Keep snacks in your child’s backpack : My mother keeps snacks because I keep getting hungry in the trip. You can keep some chocos, chocolates, cake slice or muffins. For a healthier option, you can keep dry fruits.

5. Have offline videos and downloaded songs and keep a pair of headphones : It’s important to keep headphones because if you don’t take your headphones, people get disturbed. If your child is bored of other activities, you can give him or her one of your gadgets. You should download those videos about that place where you are going, so you can know more things about that place. You can know famous places some street food, food you can eat, something about shopping and many things

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  • Well well… What more can a mother ask for ? Such a well enlisted post to pack a kid’s bag!
    Honestly, I agree with “having your own bag” for kids.. Lightens the mum’s handbag and gives the kids freedom to pack their bags.

    Well done Kuhu! I loved the post.

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