5 Tips to traveling from Seattle to Vancouver

Seattle is a lovely city that’s home to one of the most iconic landmarks in America: the futuristic Space Needle. Vancouver is located 142 miles from Seattle, making it the perfect getaway for tourists who desire to take a break. There are various ways you can travel to Vancouver without having to book an international flight.

Despite the obvious geographical distance, these two cities have a lot in common. Both have booming economies and exciting sceneries full of natural splendor. Depending on your transit option, it won’t take you more than 4 hours to reach Vancouver from Seattle.

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Here are 5 tips to travelling from Seattle to Vancouver:

  1. Travel by train

One of the cheapest ways to reach Vancouver is via train. The Seattle to Vancouver train makes one trip per day and takes around 4 hours to arrive. The cheapest price for this package is $34, making it overly affordable to most revelers. King St Station is the most popular train station used to ferry Seattle residents to Vancouver. Enjoy the impressive sights and sounds as you interact with individuals from all walks of life as you board the Seattle train en-route to Vancouver.

2. Hop onto the bus

You can also catch the bus from Seattle to Vancouver – it’s convenient and affordable as well. Travelling by bus will take you 4 hours. However, you’ll get to enjoy sensational views as the bus traverses beautiful forests and exquisite plains. Catch a Greyhound bus to enjoy discounted prices and faster rides from Seattle to Vancouver. Whether you’re travelling to meet up with friends or simply for fan, taking the bus will conveniently get you to Vancouver within no time.

3. Hop onto the ferry

If you haven’t boarded a ferry yet, this is certainly a perfect opportunity to check that ferry ride off your bucket list. You can book a ferry service and make a pit-stop in Victoria (a lovely town located on Vancouver Island). Once there, you can take another ferry to the city. If you choose this transit option, brace yourself for a long ride – the ferry ride lasts more than 7 hours.

4 .Rent a car

If you’re up for some fun and adventure with friends, rent a vehicle and drive it all the way from Seattle to Vancouver. The journey takes roughly 3 hours using a car. If you can, get someone who is familiar with the route to tag along. The I-5 artery from Seattle to Vancouver enjoys the most traffic since it offers the shortest, most direct drive. Consider driving through some more exciting routes such as the Deception Pass if you have some extra hours to spare.

5. Book a flight ticket

If you want a fancier way to get to Vancouver and can afford an airplane ticket, consider flying there instead. The flight takes only 45 minutes. However, if your account for the time spent getting to the Seattle airport and going through Canadian customs when you land, you’ll realize that not much time is saved. The four aforementioned transit options are certainly cheaper and more fun compared to air flights.

These few tips will help you travel from Seattle to Vancouver in a jiffy.

Bonus Tip

Prepare a Credit Card
This might be not so much of a problem for you, but traveling to Vancouver isn’t cheap, so this tip is so helpful: Opt for a credit card that you can use overseas in case you run out of cash. Credit card helps a lot especially if your a type of person that’s afraid of being cashless in the middle of your beautiful trip. However, before you can apply for a credit card, you should make sure you have a good credit history. If yours is kind of bad, try fixing it first. Check The Credit People Review for 2018 – Best Credit Repair Services, so you won’t have a problem applying for a credit card in case.

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