Top 10 things to do in Istanbul Turkey

In this video, Vrinda talks about her trip to Istanbul in Turkey. She shares 10 things that she liked in Istanbul along with her favorite food items.There’s a bonus tip at the end, make sure you stick around to see it!

Hope you enjoy the video as much as we enjoyed making it!

Here’s a transcript of the video:

Hi Everybody

My name is Vrinda, you can call me Kuhu. I’m 7 years old. Today, I’m going to tell you about Istanbul. I’m going to tell you top 10 things to do in Istanbul.

1. Hagia Sophia
It’s a really old building. First it was a church, then it was converted into a mosque and
then it was converted into a museum.

2. Blue Mosque
Blue Mosque is made from blue stones. It is really beautiful from outside and inside. It’s really near to Hagia Sophia. In Blue Mosque, women need to cover their head. You also need to take off your shoes and put them in a polythene bag.

3. The Topkapi Palace

First Topkapi Palace was a palace, but now it’s a museum. If you go to the Topkapi Palace, you can know how they used to live? How their kitchen was? You can also see their arms, some jewellery what they used to wear.
There’s also really good sea view from there. We had also gone to a garden in Topkapi Palace. We saw a really beautiful rose flower there.

4. The Grand Bazar
Grand Bazaar is the largest covered market in Turkey. It has more than 3,000 shops. You can buy different sorts of stuff there.

5. Spice Bazar (Market)
In Spice Bazar, you can get some Turkish Tea, nuts, olives etc. Usually in Spice Bazar you can get food items.

6. Istiklal Street
In Istiklal Street, you can do some shopping. You can see some street performance and you can also have some food. So basically, it’s a place of activity. It is near Galata Tower. If you start walking on the Istiklal Street and you reach the end, you can see the Galata Tower from there.

7. The Galata Tower

It’s really near to Istiklal street. So if you have gone to the Galata Tower, first you take your tickets. Then you take the lift and then you have to take the stairs. On the stairs, you have to go 2 floors up. Then you reach the top. There’s a wonderful 360° view from there. And from the Galata Tower, you can also see Blue Mosque and Hagia Sophia.
There’s a cafe at the top, where you can have some small snacks. If you go in early evening, you can see the day view from there and you can also see the night view.
If you see the night view, there are lights on and it looks beautiful.

8. Galata Bridge
Galata Bridge is really near to the Galata Tower. On Galata Bridge, people go to do some fishing.
There are sandwich kiosks, where they make sandwich from fresh fish. It’s really tasty, you should try it.

9. Bosphorus Cruise
It’s a small cruise, if you take that cruise, you can see the Asian side of Istanbul. Because Turkey is in Asia and Europe also. Then you turn, and then you come back

10. This one of my favorite FOOD!
I’m going to tell you 4 food items that you can have in Istanbul.

10.1 One of my favorite, Baklava!
I like the Baklava of Gulluoglu. It is a shop where you can have different kinds of Baklava and Turkish tea.
Karaköy Güllüoğlu –

10.2 Kebabs
Besides Gulluoglu, is a restaurant Namli. We had Kebabs there, they were really really tasty. You should try them and you should also go to Namli

10.3 Turkish Delight
You can have it all over Turkey because it’s really famous in Turkey. So you can get it in many flavors and in many shapes.

10.4 Turkish Tea
My mother and father used to enjoy it. I know two types of Turkish Tea The plain one and the apple turkish tea. So they are really good, you should have them

Bonus Tip:
If you are going to Turkey, really few people understand english there. Use Google Translate in your phone to communicate with locals there.

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  • Nandan Jha says:

    Though we did most of it Vrinda (except claiming the tower), after viewing this I am so much tempted to go back again. That hummus and mezze was simply out of world.

    Istanbul is indeed amazing.

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