Top 7 Things to do in Rome, Italy

In this video, my daughter Vrinda who is 7 years old talks about her trip to Rome, Italy. She shares the top 7 things that she liked in Rome.

Here’s a transcript of the video:

Hi Everybody,
My name is Vrinda, you can call me Kuhu. I’m 7 years old. Today, I’m going to tell you 7 things that you can do in Rome.

1. Piazza Navona:
Piazza Navona has street performers. There were really good street performers
e.g. I saw one street performer who was playing some music and everybody was dancing. That was really good. I also saw a man making pictures from spray paints
He was really good. Second thing I did in Piazza Navona was that I had Gelato for the first time.

2. Arch of Septimius Severus:
It is in Roman Forum. The Arch of Septimius Severus was built for a king, it’s a nice arch. There’s a Palatine hill in Roman Forum. If you go up on it, you can see a wonderful view of Rome from there.

3. Colosseum:
It’s an amphitheater. Royal people and some other people used to sit on sidelines
and gladiators used to fight with tigers in the middle.

4. 4D show – We saw “Time Elevator
You can know about the history of Rome. The seats used to move and the children would had fun there because it was a really good show

5. Trevi Fountain
We couldn’t see the Trevi fountain because it was closed for maintenance. But people say that if you throw a coin in Trevi fountain, you will come back to Italy. But now I need to go to Rome again to throw a coin in Trevi fountain :)

6. Italian Food
Pizza, Lasagna, Pasta, Focaccia, Gelato

7. Vatican City:
People say that Vatican city is a country and it’s the smallest country. In Vatican city my mother, father and me had gone to St Peter’s Basilica. Inside it, there were really beautiful paintings. I was bored that time, but my mother and father had a really good experience

Bonus Tip!

One bonus tip that I have to give you right now is that you need a practise of walking!!!
Because if you go to Italy, in Rome, one day we used to walk 13 kms, 10 Kms
and you need to have a practise of walking



  • Pooja Kataria says:

    Hi Vrinda, first let me tell you that you have a beautiful name blessed with Krishna’s love.
    Now, I would like to thank you for sharing the info about Rome on Ghumakkar since I am travelling to Rome this Christmas and hopefully your post will be really helpful for me to zero down on the places to visit.

    A very beautiful video and equally beautiful you.
    Cheers and lots of love! :)

  • Very well made video and I love the confidence, Vrinda.. To be honest, this video was testing my memory about my trip to Rome.. I was checkingif I had covered all that you have mentioned and you know what? I actually have, except the 4D show. Trevi fountain -my favorite.. and Piazza Navona – bliss! Thanks for all the nostalgia :)

    • Shaguna Dhall says:

      Thank you! You can go back for 4D show, we will go back for Trevi! No matter what the reason, Rome needs to be experienced again and again! :)

  • Meghna says:

    What a beautiful video at such a young age. It made me feel nostalgic. I covered Rome as a backpacker in 2001. 4D show was not there then. And yes, I threw coin in Trevi Fountain so Rome calling me again.

  • shaguna says:

    Thanks Meghna. Coin or no coin,the Roman calling is surely impactful…i want to go back too :)

  • Andrew says:

    Rome is a fantastic city to spend your weekend!

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