My Top 10 foods around the World!

Vrinda (Kuhu) is back with another video! This time, she talks about her top 10 favorite foods around the World! Watch it, I hope you like this one too!

Note: Get a snack before you watch as you are going to get hungry soon!!!

PS: Do attempt the quiz and share your favourite foods with us in comments. We would love to try new dishes!

Here’s a transcript of the video:

Hi Everybody
My name is Vrinda, you can call me Kuhu. I have made this video for you all because I am a really big FOODIE! This video would be one of my favorite videos.

In this video I’m going to tell you My top 10 foods in the whole world

Stroopwafel: it’s from Netherlands. Stroopwafel is in a circle shape, it’s a very thin waffle. Inside the waffle caramel is filled. I love it!

Baklava: it’s from Turkey. Baklava is a really tasty sweet in Turkey. If you go to Istanbul, there is a restaurant Karaköy Güllüoğlu ( They give you some Turkish tea and they give you different types of Baklava. I love Baklava!

Crepes: Crepes have a crispy base and then they put nutella on it or they also put some fruits with it. They wrap it and then they give it to you and you eat it. It’s really awesome! I love it! It’s from France.

Pastel De Nata: It’s from Portugal. In Portugal, long time back, monks had eggs, they left the yolk and they took the egg whites and from that they starched their clothes. So, the yolk would be left and they made Pastel De Nata from it. It’s a really…slurp ….slurp…awesome thing!!! I love it!

Lasagna: It’s one of the favorite foods for me in Italy. It’s just really really …slurp…awesome. It’s type of if you get some pasta, It’s type of Pasta, but it’s not that much similar, but it’s little bit similar … I am totally confused :-D

Churros: They give you Churros in type a paper made cone. You can have it plain or you can ask them to put some nutella on it or chocolate sauce on it. And then you eat it. It is really tasty! It’s from France

Sticky rice with mango: It is really awesome, it’s from Thailand. My mother loves it, it’s awesome for her. She likes it really well. She loved it when we had gone to Thailand. You should try it.

Pizza: In Italy they give you pizza, it’s really tasty pizza. They put any toppings. Pizza by slices are the best! Half of the topping i like and i want to eat those!

Kebabs: Kebabs are really tasty. They are a part of non vegetarian food. They are really really really tasty. They are from Turkey

Gelato: This is one of my favorites the Gelato!!! It’s from Italy It’s an ice cream. In my video of London (, I told you about Amorino Gelato. In Italy, I had another Gelato, it was too tasty.

I love Indian food. There are lots of Indian dishes that I like, so i’ll make a separate video on it.

Thank you everybody for watching this video, I hope you get to taste some of these dishes as they are awesome!



  • This post only woke up my taste buds craving for yummy FOOD! I love all food that are vegetarian and you know what Shaguna? Please tell Kuhu that she has captured most of my favourites here! I havent tried StroopWafel and Pastel De Nata though, but now they are top of my list!
    Lovely Kuhu, kids are fussy about food usually, but you arent and you have tasted such variety? Hard to believe! Brilliant :)

  • shaguna says:

    Thanks a lot Archana.

    God news, Pastel De Nata is available in some Delhi bakeries, but you can only have it if you take eggs.

    Kuhu is a true foodie, she usually tries everything. Whether she likes it or not is a different thing ;) She has a sweet tooth, that is the reason most dishes are desserts!

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