Road trip to Mathura , Vrindavan – Lord Krishna’s Place

The last time I visited Vrindavan and Mathura was around 3 years ago. This time again I got the chance to visit the holy place. Actually a relative of us had built a dharamshala in Vrindavan. So at its inauguration they invited us. So our 2 families made the plan to leave on 1st July ‘2010. We decided to take two cars –

No. of adults – Three
1. Myself – The solo driver
2. My father
3. My mother
My car – Maruti 800
Total distance covered in the trip – 320 Km

They were also four in their Wagon-R. As per plan we started early morning from Rohini at around 6 and they met us at Punjabi Bagh flyover at 6:15 am. Then the two cars were off for a short road trip.
Mathura is around 160 Km from my place.
We went towards ISBT , ITO and then Ashram Chowk. Now we wre on NH-2. There was less traffic till Sarita Vihar. But as soon as It was Badar Pur Border , it was a hell crossing it. Crossing it took around 20 min as it was a traffic jam there.


We did not want to stop anywhere between , so crossed Faridabad , Ballabgarh , Palwal , Hodal , Kosi. The road condition of NH-2 till Agra is excellent. Finally reached Vrindavan at around 9:30 am.


When we reached Vrindavan , we parked our cars into a house parking. Basically the people who have large spaces in their houses have turned there huge balconies into car parking. Then we walked trough the tight streets and reached the Banke Bihari Ji Temple.
The image of Bihariji installed in the Shri Banke Bihari Mandir, is the one granted to Swami Haridas by the couple Shyama-Shyam themselves. Submitting to the desire of devotees The Lord appeared in person with his divine consort and left back a black charming image before disappering.His way of Sadhna was to compose and sing songs in the praise of Lord.His disciples were curious about this place and one day with permission of Swamiji, they all entered the kunj. But instead of seeing anything they were almost blinded by bright, intense light, which seemed to fill the whole place.Then Swamiji himself went there, and then after his requests, lord appeared in person with his divine consort, pleasantly smiling .


After visiting the Banke Bihari Ji Temple , we went in the Vrindavan Market. As it was a quite bright and sunny day , we went into a Lassi Shop. He served us Lassi in a Kulhad ( a cup made by mud ).It really cooled us and its flavour was really very tasty and delicious. Then we went into a shop to have breakfast. Then again got into our cars as our next destination was Iskon Temple.


Srila Prabhupada founded the International Society for Krishna Consciousness in New York in 1966. He was the founder of Iskcon Temple. This temple is very beautiful made with white marble and very clean not even a single point of dust.

Photography is not allowed there inside. But we know some officials there as we are regular donaters in Iskcon Temple. So we clicked some pics with their permission.

The Murtis were really looking very beautiful. Some more pics to depict the beauty.

Then the officials took us to their office where we sat down and had tasty Curry Chawal . It is true that the temple lunch tastes much better than the hotel lunch.


After visiting the Iskon Temple , then we went to the Dharamshala which had to be inaugurated. Then the Hawan was done. Then they served the Bhandara or the lunch.After the lunch we went to the first floor. As all the rooms were empty we two familes took some rest there. It was a very posh dharamshala made fully with white marble.

Night view of Iskcon Temple. This pic was from my earlier visit.

After taking some rest , still some time was left we left for Mathura. After reaching Mathura , we first went to Brijwasi Sweets (The most famous sweets shop there )to buy the famous Mathura Ke Pede.


Then we went to visit the Janam Bhumi of Kord Krishna.The temple is the place where lord is said to have been born thousands of years ago.


This temple has a very high security. No camera or mobile is allowed there inside. This temple has a prison cell.The prison cell,popularly known as ‘Garbha Griha’, is the exact place where lord Krishna was born. The stone walled cell depicts the cruelty of King Kansa.

As it was a hot afternoon , even our feet were burning . Also in the temple a tunnel or a gufa is made which depicts the whole journey of Lord Krishna. All kids really like it.
By this time it was evening , and we decided to start back our journey as by now we were really tired. This time we stopped at Hotel Dubchick at Hodal for some evening snacks and tea time. These are the real ducks. They are so united , that when one turns all the other ducks start seeing in that direction. Take a look


There was a traffic jam at Palwal. So it took some time there. We reached our place around 10 pm and it took around 4:30 hrs from Mathura. This trip was hectic covering about 310 KM in a single day , not just driving but roaming around in all the temples , the whole day but we still enjoyed it.
Thanks a lot for reading :-)


  • Sumit says:

    Hi Sahil,

    It was a good travelouge. Small crisp and to the point. We were also planning to visit the place but first the heat and then the rains played havoc on our plans. We heard that that Vrindavan is not that good as far as cleanliness is considered. Especially in rains.
    Please provide inputs…
    Sumit Nirmal Kumar

    • Sahil says:

      Thanks Sumit for liking the post . Vrindavan is not a very clean place specially in rains , avoit it . Also, walking in the place in peak summers is a hell out there. The temple floor also burns and walking with bear feet is a challenge. Try going to this side in Winters. It would be much enjoyable.


  • Mahesh Semwal says:

    Dear Sahil,

    Good one !!!!

  • Abhishek says:

    Very Nice Post Sahil !
    Photographs were clicked to perfection.

  • Sumit Nirmal Kumar says:


    Thanks for the inputs.

    Sumit Nirmal Kumar

  • Kartik says:

    Dear Sahil , good post with to the point information. Pictures clicked are superb.

  • Hare Krishna
    Your description of Mathura and Vrindavan dham is amazing. I want to ask your permission to show this post on because I’m searching on internet about everything which is related to Krishna and putting it in one place. You may grant permission to post a portion or full article with credits to you and your website name.


  • pankaj says:

    dfaer sahil ,

    am going to plan visit to vrindavan , can u send me the adress and fone no of dharmshala for advance booking.


  • GAURAV says:

    Great help, Thanks Sahil!!!!
    I like – “Only way is Highway”….haha…!
    Loved your Blog.

  • Sahil Sethi says:

    @ Gaurav , Thank you so much for your kind words :)


  • sumit says:

    Dear Sahil

    Good work !!
    Nice blog for people like me planning for a trip with family to vrindavan by driving.
    One more help, Kindly provide some inputs on places to stay there. There is lots of information on some places like Asrams/GH/Hotels but i’ll be with old parents so want to be sure of the place where we would stay.
    Please help with information on nice, clean, safe and comfortable stay, preferably in the city and not very expensive. May also recommend the Dharamshala where you went if you feel like.

    • Sahil Sethi says:

      Sumit , Thanks a lot for your kind words.

      Actually this trip was few years ago about 4 years ago. So donot remember about the place exactly where I stayed but I remember that it was near the Isckon Temple. You can find few good Dharamshalas near the Isckon temple.


  • VINOD says:

    I am going with my mother and family to Mathura & Vridavan from Greater Noida and I will be going by newly made Noida-Greater Noida-Yamuna Expressway by car. This is my first visit to this holy place by car which I will be driving myself. If anyone can please guide me how should I make my trip to this holy place, what to see and where to stay and how to manage the trip economic and comfortable, I will be grateful.


  • Ranjan Chanda says:

    Dear Sahil,

    I am planning to visit by train on sectior Udaipur to H Nizammudin and catch Taj Express (H Nizammudin agra) on 8 Nov, 2012.

    On 8 Nov 2012 – Agra,

    On 9 & 10 Nov 2012 Mathura – Vrundavan

    Kindly let me know with regard to cost of hotel , good and clean dharamshala in Agra, Mathura.

    If we taxi from mathura to H Nizammudin how much will the taxi wala charge, is it advisable to take taxi or should I take a a bus, how is bus servcie and time taken?

    My family includes myself, wife and daughter (8 years).

    Is it possible to see Taj in few hours and what is shopping uniqueness of Agra?

    Is it possibel to see Mathura and Vrundavan in two days, do they have conducted tours facility and what is shopping uniqueness?

    The photos posted by you are simply out of thsi world and already inspire me to be in Mathura soon.

    My main concern is with accomodation part in Agra and Mathura since I am not making any pre boooking and would see the options after landing in Agra.

    If you guide me the hotels or dharmnshala it would of great help.

    My email id is –



    • Sahil Sethi says:


      No need to take taxi to or from Mathura. From Delhi, there are plenty of buses and trains available for Mathura. Best and most economical is the Taj Express.

      Shopping in Agra includes – Panchhi Petha , Leather shoes.
      In Mathura, buy the famous Peda from Brijwasi Sweets.
      In Vrindavan, drink the Lassi.

      Mathura, Vrindavan can be seen in a single day too. In Vrindavan go for Isckon Temple, Banke Bihari Ji temple. In Mathura, main is the Krisna Janm Sthali.


  • manoj chaudhary says:

    Dear Sahil,

    can u please send me the adress and fone no of some good dharmshala for advance booking.


  • V.VENKATESAN says:

    read your article. good and crisp.i am planning to visit vrindavan with my wife and parents in end march. can you pl suggest good place to stay. thanks in advance

  • shubham says:

    Its one of the best places i have been to , after a while the place changes you…and u change with it .

  • Anil says:

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    A K Shrivastava

  • M.K.GARG says:

    I am planning to visit Mathura and Vrindavan sometime in June,next month.Earlier,i visited these places about 25 years ago.I have learnt that a new large temple complex has come up in Vrindavan.Since,it is going to be very hot during the daytime,i plan to stay either at Mathura or Vrindavan for a night.Could someone give me the address,telephone number(s) of a good Hotel/Resort/Guest House/Dharamshala in Vrindavan or Mathura for overnight stay.

  • priya says:

    Watch out, the video of Prem Mandir, Vrindavan –

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