Travelling Solo in Europe: How to Enjoy Your Time Alone For Single Guys

Bachelorhood only comes once in a man’s life. So if you’re single, never waste the years when you can be wild and free. And what better way to spend your single days than to travel and discover what the world has in store. Besides, travelling is a great way to empower yourself by learning different cultures and meeting new people. 

Speaking of traveling, Europe is probably one of the best, if not the best, travel destinations out there, especially for single guys. Many people has it at the top of their bucket list. The continent is filled with various breathtaking tourist destinations. There are also tons of fellow solo travelers that you can meet along the way who can help you with your journey.  In addition, the landscape can easily be travelled across via trains, or even by car if you ever feel like road tripping.

If you’re planning to go for a Euro trip, here are some things that you should take note of. 

Make your Itinerary

Having a solo Europe trip itinerary makes traveling easier. It maximizes your time and you get to know what destinations to prioritize visiting while also staying within your budget. Since you are travelling alone, the last thing that you would want to experience is run out of money, and that usually happens when you do not plan activities and expenses beforehand. If you want to go across the country by car, a Europe road trip itinerary idea should be made in order for you to estimate the budget that goes into purchasing gas as well as determine stops where you can take a rest. Indeed, when backpacking alone in Europe, having a solo travel itinerary should definitely be a priority before embarking to the country. 

Go-to Places for Solo Male Travellers

The continent of EU is home to the best European cities where single guys can spend a worthwhile travelling spree. For instance, Dublin is a perfect solo male travel destination. Known for their pubs and parties, you can get the night of your life in the city. Edinburgh is also a great place to party, especially during the summer where big festivals are commonly being held. It houses the best solo holidays in Europe which includes Hogmanay, Scotland’s 3-day New’s Year Celebration. And of course, who would ever leave behind countries such as France, Italy, Spain and Greece. All these wonderful destinations awaits you. Who knows, you might meet the love of your life in one of these travel spots. 

Travelling with a Budget

Travelling is a luxury and not everyone can afford to splurge their hard earned money for a trip. However, this does not mean that you cannot enjoy Europe if you have financial limitations. Lots of agencies offer to travel Europe with cheap packages. What’s good about this is that these agencies already has their own pre-arranged itineraries, so you won’t have to plan it yourself. The only thing you would have to do is follow and enjoy the tourists spots. For those who want to commute around the country, the cheapest way to travel Europe is by train. You can buy a Eurail Pass which allows you to travel all across 31 countries in Europe. There is definitely no need to get a Europe vacation planner when there are different ways to roam around the country.

When traveling, your smartphone device is your best friend as it can provide you with maps as well as translations for foreign languages. Not many people know, but there are also several smartphone apps that you can download to make your travel around Europe easier. Hotel reservations and car rentals are made easier with just a swipe on your device. You can also check out the bus and train schedules with these apps. Check out this link and discover apps that can help you out. 

Best Apps to Travel Europe on a Budget


Travelling such a big country might be overwhelming especially if you are alone. However, don’t let your fears hinder you from experiencing the wonders of travelling solo. With proper planning and the right devices to back you up, you can breeze through cities and enjoy your solo time. 

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