Top 10 things to do in Spain – Barcelona, Valencia, Seville

This video has been created by my daughter Vrinda. She’s 7 years old. We love to travel as a family and wanted to keep a log of our travels. Vrinda wanted to make videos of things that interest her in life. And that’s how we started recording for Vrinda’s Adventures.

In this video, Vrinda talks about her trip to Spain. She shares few tips that she liked as a kid and some tips for grownups as well :) There’s a quick Spanish lesson at the end as well.

Hope you enjoy the video as much as we enjoyed making it!

Here’s a transcript of the video:
Hi Everyone, My name is Vrinda. If you have seen my latest video, Thank you if you have watched it. This is the second video of Vrinda’s Adventure channel.

Now I am going to tell you 5 tips on Spain.

1. The first one is Park Guell. So Park Guell is a really famous park, it’s in Barcelona. If you go inside it, there’s a path way, If you follow the pathway you feel like you are in a maze. And on the way of the pathway you see a really wonderful view. You can see some street performers. Some of them were playing music and some of them were dancing.

2. The second one is La Boqueria. It’s a market, where you can eat food. You can have Tapas, Olives, some Sangrias, chocolates and many more things to eat.

3. The third one is Arc de triomf. It’s near a park in Barcelona. When I had gone to that park, there was a man who was making huge bubbles. I loved to plop those bubbles.

4. The fourth one is Gulliver’s Park, it’s in Valencia. If you have heard about Gulliver, he was an explorer and a traveller. Once upon a time, he had gone to a land, there were tiny people. There are slides in the Gulliver park. It’s based on his body parts. So there are lots of slides. You should go with your children.

5. The fifth one is Plaza De Espana. It’s in Seville. In Plaza De Espana, there’s a tall building and some small buildings near it. One thing I did in Plaza De Espana is that I acted like a senorita.

Few other things that grownups can enjoy.
1. The first one is, always have Olives, Sangria and Tapas. Tapas is a type of starters in Spain. Sangria is a wine based drink with fruits. You can add fruits like apple and orange. My mother and father used to enjoy Sangria. In Spain, I had lots of fresh orange juice.
2. The second one is Skydiving. My mother and father did skydiving in Barcelona. You can also do it in Seville. They had a really good experience doing skydiving.
3. Third one is Flamenco dance. If you have seen the movie Singing in the rain. They have done tap dance. The flamenco dance is like tap dance. They make tap voices from their shoes.
4. The fourth one is Hop on – Hop off. It’s an easy way to see main attractions.
5. The fifth one is Sagrada Familia. It’s a monument in Barcelona. It is a tall building. A very long time ago it’s construction was started but till now, it’s not completed.

Some bonus tips for a spanish lesson

Hello is Hola in Spanish
Bye is Adios
Thank you is Gracias
Please is Por Farvor
Sorry is Lo siento
Cheese is Queso

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Thank you


  • Nandan Jha says:

    Thank you Vrinda and Shagun for the short-n-useful collection of top-picks. Never been to Spain so its a great use for me. I so wish that more people create short 3-4 minute videos like these :-)

    • shaguna says:

      Thanks for the encouragement Nandan. I also feel video is a great medium to see new places. We plan to create more such videos.

  • Ram Dhall says:

    Hola Vrinda. You have done an excellent presentation, considering your age and maturity. I plan to visit Spain next summer. Needless to say that your video would be a great help in planning my itinerary. Would look forward to your next adventure. God bless

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