Galibore – A weekend to remember

Galibore (pronounced as ‘Gaali-bo-ray”),situated near Sangam, where Arkavathi meets Cauvery,is an ideal place to spend a relaxing weekend.

View of the river and the mountain from the resort

Getting there

Galibore is approximately 100 kms from Bangalore. The route is


The roads are good to drive on. Though its not like the 4-laned Mysore highway, this 2-laned, divider-less road is a plaeasure to drive on.

There is a small stretch which seemingly is a ghat-section, where the tar’s gone missing and its a mud road, nevertheless motorable.Once you reach Sangam , there is the forest check-post where one need to pay the entry charges. Soon after the check-post, the signboard for Galibore fishing camp can be seen. The ride from the check-post till the Galibore fishing camp is a good off-road experience.

The overall time to cover the distance from Bangalore to Galibore would be anywhere between 2 hrs to 2.5 hrs depending upon the breaks and speed variations. Driving during the rainy season may be a good challenge here (the last stretch especially).

Staying options

The accomodation offered by Jungle Lodges and Resort is the only acco available here. Booking in advance is a good idea.

JLR - the only accomodation at this place

Information about the packages available at the website

The place is calm and scenic. The cottages are situated amongst lots of tree-cover.

The cottages are more of tent-cover over a concrete platform. Quite comfortable. The lack of proper electricity makes it a “close-to-nature” experience. During the nights, one has to use the lantern to find one’s way. Good fun :-)

Exterior View of the Tent. Pretty comfy

Inside the tent.

This stretch of place is known for fishing. Couple of fishing camps have been set up along the river. One being in Galibore and the other at Bheemeshwari. For those who are interested in angling, this is a perfect place to spend time in the waters. The major catch is “Mahaseer”.

As a policy, once the fish is caught, you can pose with it for a photo and then leave it back into the water.

For the beginners or new-to-fishing people, you get to try your hand at joy-fishing, where you get to drop the line with the bait (Ragi balls). When the fish actually grabs the bait, its an experience to feel that pull. Initial attempts did not yield any results, but after a couple of attempts , we did manage to catch fish for a couple of occasions.

A short coracle ride take one across to the other bank.

During seasons where there is abundance of water, River-Rafting is also offered.

Early mornings is a good time to spot birds.

Food is included as a part of the package. We found it to be good.

Hot hot Dosa for breakfast

There are no other eateries/restaurants in this area. Hence if your food needs are something specific, make sure to carry them along.

Having fun with friends n family, or enjoying a book lying on the hammock or fishing in the river, or sitting on the rocks in the river, whichever way one chooses to unwind, this is an ideal place and worth a visit.


  • toral says:

    the tents seem quite comfy…..god place to go with friends….

  • Nandan says:

    nice option for Blr if one doesn’t want to drive for long.

    And finally big pics :-)

  • Mahesh Semwal says:

    Hi Karthik,

    This Jungle resort arrange adventurous activities also? I know one place in north, Kikar Lodge – Ropar , 2 hrs. drive from Chandigarh. This lodge is in a private forest reserve , spread over 1800 acres . They conduct such activities.

    Here is the link

    • Karthik says:

      Hi Mahesh,

      Thanks for the link.

      JLR is run by Govt of Karnataka and they have properties in Karnataka majorly, which are worth a visit.


  • Karthik,

    It looks like an interesting place and that too its not far from B’lore. I was just wondering that will the people who are not interested in fishing, also have ample activities to enjoy their stay ?

    The picture of acco is inviting and hot dosas being prepared made me realized that it has been long time that I am on ghumakkari.

    • Karthik says:

      Hey Manish,

      As i mentioned, for folks who are not interested in fishing, they have other activities like coracle ride, guided treks, joy fishing etc. Believe me, in that surrounding you would just want to laze around on the hammocks with a book in hand :-)


  • vibha says:

    Nice pictures Karthik. A real treat to the eyes.

    We, City Dwellers, should feel thankful for these retreats even though they charge good money.


  • Vish says:

    Can we go there and come back the same day. I feel that jungle lodges is very very expensive. I think for family of 3 you need to shell close to 12,000 Rs per night.

  • Rajkumar says:


    I visited Mekedaatu last weekend which is near by galibore for a one day trip.
    Is Galibore good for a one-day trip?
    How much would it cost?

    We are about 12 people, is there any package type of thing?


  • anurup says:

    hey folks,
    Is it safe to ride to this particular place?
    especially the last stretch…anyways i have already booked it but little concerned abt reaching there..

  • Deep says:


    The info is really good. i am planning to go for a days visit without staying there. Is there any charges for a days visit without halting the night ?? Any info on this would be great

  • Adnan says:

    Can I just go for a fishing trip there instead of staying there for the night, is it allowed?
    Just want to go for one whole day nearby this place and fish there. Are there any such spots nearby this camp. If so please let me know. BTW nice article.

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