Niagara Falls

Over all Canada is peaceful.. full of chinese, desis and almost all nationalities.. How is Canada better than USA? well the rules are strict, but police and immigration are polite and helpful… no gangs targetting the desis…. no mugging, no looting and almost no racial hatered.

Finally we reached Niagara ! I was excited. The views around were magnificent. Since it was not a tourist season, lesser people and relaxed atmosphere.



beautiful horse shoe fall


snow had still not melted

s you all know Niagara has two falls Bridal veil fall and horse shoe falls. Bridal is in USA and Horseshoe in Canada… but both the falls face Canadian side. From USA you can have only side view of Bridal veil fall and mist of horseshoe. Hence Niagara must be seen from Canada side. There is a bridge between USA and Canada called the Rainbow bridge.

The first shock was that Maid of the Mist have lost contract and stopped working. A new company called Blowhorn were erecting their hoardings and preparing the docks for their operations and would start working from May 15th. Alas ! a wonderful experience was lost… yet the place was worth the money I spent.

(All these fotos have been shot by my new Nikon D-5300 in intelligent Auto mode (becoz I have yet to learn dslr)…. constructive criticism (or खाली वाह-2) will be quite helpful




water power

Luckily “Behind the Falls” was open and we purchased tickets to enjoy this. Perhaps the tickets were 18 dollars per person. We went to the lift which took us down inside and left us at a long gallery having some tunnels leading to behind the falls. Nothing was visible from tunnels, just a loud roar and mist…but the feeling of being behind the magnificent fall was great.


Behind the fall

Besides the tunnel behind the fall, there is a deck also which opens by the side of the fall and we can see Niagara from sides, a view which no one  will ever forget in his life.  There are two decks to see the falls, the lower and the upper.

The lower deck was still closed due to snow, but the upper deck was open and we enjoyed the Niagara from a different perspective



horseshoe fall


from the upper dock



skylone tower

Besides the falls there are many other attractions in Niagara…  a skylone tower which is a replica of CN tower from where we can have a broader look of the Niagara area.



The Area is full of various entertainment houses… the horror houses, Jurrasic park, dolphins park and a big wheel.  They charge some 15 dollars to give you 5 spins.


giant wheel

There was also a house which was built as if it has fallen down..


fallen house


Niagara from table rock restaurant

Some more fotos of Niagra and around


Niagara from rock table



a panorama of Niagara


MGM museum in Niagara

After enjoying the whole day we came back to our little heaven called Iceland



Icelandic horses in Skoga


Canada is well developed with high rise buildings and all modern amenities  but suddenly Iceland started looking more beautiful… with no change in anything for the tourists….. here  the nature is raw, rugged and rough… as it is naturally… and more beautiful … Alas I am leaving this heaven very soon :(

Golden falls Iceland

Golden falls Iceland


  • Abheeruchi says:

    Hello SS ji,

    Namaste from Abheeruchi from Canada after a long break…Good to see your post on Niagara Falls and Clifton Hill area.Beautiful pictures ( as always).We went there in the month of January 2014 for my son’s birthday and enjoyed only Clifton Hill.I have heard a lot of Iceland after coming down to Canada.I didn’t understand last line of your post.Are you moving back to india or some other place.Best wishes for future.

    Thanks and Regards,

    • SilentSoul says:

      Tks Abheeruchi, seen you after long time. In fact it was your post on Niagara that rekindled the fire in me to visit there. I had no contact number of you, otherwise I would have called you. Your log gave me good hint about visiting Niagara. I am leaving Iceland for good and moving to Africa.

      Thanks for your comments

      • Abheeruchi says:

        Hello SS ji,

        Its an unfortunate that I couldn’t get a chance to meet you.Thanks for giving credit to my post for your revisit to Niagara Falls.I wish you very best for for your future and hope to get more and more logs from you about Africa.

        Thanks and Regards,


  • Mukesh Bhalse says:

    S.S. Ji,
    Beautiful snaps of Niagara Falls. I always love to view Niagara Falls pictures, whenever and wherever I get a chance. You described the place very interestingly and the pics are really stunning. The fallen house looks really very funny…even small cracks are visible.

    Best of luck for Africa..


    • SilentSoul says:

      Thanks Mukeshbhai. apke comments hamesha sabko encourage karte hain… hope to meet you and your family one day.


  • S.S. Jee,
    Thanks for sharing beautiful snaps of Niagara Falls captured from different angels. All the pictures are competing with each other. Picture of Rainbow over the Golden falls is just awesome.

    • SilentSoul says:

      Thanks Naresh ji,

      the actual scene of Gulfoss with rainbow was awesome, foto is just 30-40% of real scene… no camera can catch the true picture seen by eyes.. the camera made by the Almighty

      Aum Namah Shivaye

  • Jaishree says:

    You might not have learned the craft of your camera but the artist in you is good enough. I liked the angles you tried and surely we will get to see Africa from your angle- written as well as photographed.

    And btw, I left a poem for you on your comment on my interview, in case you missed it.

    • SilentSoul says:

      Thanks Jaishree for taking time from your busy grihasti, to read and comment. Yes I missed your poem and have now read it… it is just awesome !! though I have studied English poetry in college, Hindi poetry remained more fascinating to me and Geetanjali, till date is the best poetry I ever read.

      I myself write hindi poem, more on spiritual level and hope, if one day we meet, will have a good kavi-sammellan… and keeping Nandan as the only audience will be a good punishment for him LOL

      ALL FRIENDS HERE : I am leaving Iceland and would be out of touch due to travelling in UK and India so may be absent for a longer period…till I settle down in new place…. hope i will still be remembered often :)

  • Dear Silent Soul Ji,

    You captured the photographs brilliantly in auto mode. I wonder what if you did it in A or S mode. Credit goes to Nikkon D 5300 and only to Nikkon for the product. Ok sir, some credit also for your excellent frame work. I always enjoy your writing as I feel that they come from your heart and jolly mind. Thank you for taking us with you to the virtual tour of Niagara. Will love to see you on the board soon, wherever you go, be it Africa or coming back to our beautiful India.


    • SilentSoul says:

      Tks Anupam ji… that was beginning and now I am using dslr properly using M,A & S mode where ever required… now I take fotos in RAW/NEF format and develop them deciding myself the brightness, contrast and vibrance etc… Learning new things at my age is a little difficult, but I am a fast learner so I think soon I will be shooting some awesome pictures.

      I sent you a mail …hope u reply soon

      Thanks again

  • reena says:

    Dear Mr.SS

    Thanks for sharing such captivating pictures of Niagara falls.Visiting those places are really

    memorable.I am expecting some more beautiful logs with wonderful snaps in coming days regarding

    Africa too.



  • Nitish Kumar says:

    No matter how many times you look at those glimpses of Niyagra, it always looks new and fascinating.

  • Nandan Jha says:

    And I somehow thought that ‘Mist’ thing is a government affair. I am sure you would find yourself again there, soon. The falls continue to tempt me, hopefully one day.

    Enjoy your new weapon.

    • SilentSoul says:

      Misty thing is Amrikan and they are still operating from their side… only knedians became smarter this time and gave contract to their own company blowhorn.

      thanks for your comments…. the problem of spam comments is increasing and now even escort services have started giving their offers. Cant you use the same technique where when we log on, a box asks us to fill in blanks like “Seven + … = eight” and we have to write 1 to log on. Same precautionary apps can be added for commenting by non-members and then this prob will vanish. PERHAPS LOL

      Alternatively you can set all comments of non-members to be published after moderation … best I think thoda kaam karna padega, needs a little time which you can easily take out from your busy schedule of Jhadu-promotion :p

  • AJAY SHARMA says:

    I just finished reading your series. It is splendidly compiled with quite a detail. The photographs are magnificent and speaks lot. Learning is a process and travelling a passion which ease the path for each other, I believe. Thanks for sharing such a heartening log with soothing photos.

    Keep traveling

  • Jatinder Sethi says:

    Great post. It took me back to October 1977,when I went to Tronto for some training programme for ten days..I had about 20 other coleagues from all over the world(me the nly Indian,As an Indian I was the poorest,among this group flush with money as our govt,in those days did not allow much foreign exchange.So i tagged along with few japenes and German colleagues to vist the Falls.(they hired a self-driven carfrom our hotel).Your post revived my memories,–especially on two points ,
    Skylon Tower.,revolving.(Novelty for me)We had lunch there,and I still have a match box which i brought with me.I wonder if you went up.?
    Second thing was a photograph which i have never been able to locate yet.
    Those days there used to be show of people in beer barrels going over the Falls. And the MGM Meusam used to have a cut-out of the fall in a studio built there, with the barrel. where you got yourself photographed as if you are going over the falls…(It was like in the Indian Mandis you get yourself pictured flying in a HAwaijehaz).
    In 1994,we went from the American side.Those days they had a service of flying you right over the falls,sitting on the edge. I wonder if they still have these Tamashas there.

    Thanks for taking the old man back there…

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