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After the enriching first day, the subsequent day our first stop was at the Jumeirah Beach, it is amazing to see what man has made of a desert city.  Pristine water, sandy beach, the thrill of leaving one’s footprints behind and the astounding beauty of the symbolic “Burj Al Arab” standing tall will want one to come back again to this beautiful man made city.  A walk through the well laid roads surrounding the Jumeirah beach leads one to the Madinat Jumeirah, a complex that houses luxury hotels, souks and restaurants. With the entire day spent walking through the streets of Dubai evening was welcomed with an elaborate Malabari food at Nadumuttam located at the Al Karama Road.


Madinat Shops

Juneirah Beach

Burj Al Arab

Early next day we embarked on a journey that is often known as the trade route of ancient Dubai. Dubai as it exists today was far from how it existed in the past. The downtown or the new Dubai was far from reality, the old Dubai or the Deira which is known for delectable spices and glittering gold was a great attraction for traders from across the globe. Deira is surrounded by the Persian Gulf, Sharjah and Dubai creek. The distance was covered via the creek with the help of dhows or wooden boats. One can till date opt for dinner at Dhow cruise that are hosted for tourists. One of the other attractions of Deira is the Deira City Center mall where one can get good shopping deals.


evening at the desert

The evening was planned for the much awaited Dessert Safari.  One of the most thrilling experiences in Dubai is visit to the Arabian dessert. Located far off from the main city, one can opt for various packages as available with tour operators. Tourists are picked up from a couple of points in the city on a bus which drives through the deserted highways. It is a journey of about 1.5-2 hours along the highway that adjoins the desert from where actual adventure begins. Air-conditioned 4X4 Land Cruisers await the unsuspecting tourists for an experience which is out of this world, not meant for faint hearted though!

Dune bashing

Dune bashing as it is popularly known is sure to take ones’ breath away literally as the land cruisers glide through the gold sand dunes in great speeds climbing steep dunes and then suddenly nose diving down from the equally craggy dune top.  For a second though it would feel as if being the last minute on earth! One can hear all sorts of screams from fellow passengers holding on to their dear lives. A mind blowing 30 min drive comes to an end at the campsite located in the heart of the desert.

Desert Safari

One can enjoy activities viz camel rides, quad biking, henna painting, hukka smoking or rather adorning oneself with the ethnic Arabian Bedouin outfits.  What awaits next is a fun filled evening well spent with abundantly  laid low floor cushions and tables, as existed in traditional Bedouin culture, tasting the Arabian cuisines and enjoying the mysterious belly dancing followed by  traditional Tanoura dance forms.

Quad biking

Laid out seats

Belly dancer

The following day, which was meant to be our last day in Dubai, we planned to visit the much colorful and aesthetic Miracle GardenLocated near the Arabian ranch Al Basra, the flower garden was inaugurated in Feb 2013. The garden hosts hundreds of varieties of flowers, fountains, life size Emirate plane which holds world record in the Guinness Book, landscaped parks, well –manicured pathways and vivid characters like Mickey Mouse, peacocks, eagles, colossal heart etc made extensively of flowers.

Miracle garden

Miracle garden 2

Miracle garden 3

One may wish to walk through the resplendent garden, bite on some snacks at the snap shops, laze around on benches strategically located amongst fountains overlooking giant frogs made of flowers ofcourse and admire butterflies at the in-house Butterfly Park.Who could believe on the existence of a miracle indeed in the form of this beautiful garden spread across an area of 72,000 sq meters in the heart of a desert-land; a place not to left out by a nature lover!

Miracle garden continues….

More of miracle garden

With incredible memories of a desert land that has been turned into one of the most alluring tourist destinations of the world; Dubai epitomizes the vision of the legendary Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum; we left for New Delhi by the evening Indigo flight.


  • uday says:

    A very good travelogue of a famous place. It seems you had a wonderful, fun-filled experiences. It was quite evident that you loved those flowers in the garden amidst the desert. But please let us know about Bedouin cuisine…I mean what was it and how was it?

  • Nandan Jha says:

    One of my close friend is living at Dubai and only the last night I was chatting with him (actually taking care of some stuff on his website and here comes the next part of your Dubai sojourn.

    It seems a lot has happened at Dubai and a visit is due. May be a road trip across the seven Emirates.

  • Mala,
    This post really substantiates the fact that Dubai is a land where all dreams come true! You have, in this post shown us places that are surreal and inviting!
    I think it is time I pack my bags and head out to Dubai! :)

    Many thanks.

  • Arun Singh says:

    Miracle post…enjoyed a lot…thanks for sharing.

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