X Tips to Plan the Ultimate Adventure of Lifetime – Leh Ladakh Bike Trip!

Magical mountain vibes and the mystical roads of Leh-Ladakh can embrace anyone in their perfect serenity. That is the reason why travelers and adventurers long to visit this heavenly place to witness its beauty and experience the joy it beholds. Especially a bike trip to Leh-Ladakh can be a lifetime experience for anyone. It is because the place has the highest motorable roads anywhere, making the experience all the more thrilling.   

So, if you too are planning a bike trip with your buddies to this beautiful place, then here are few tips which can help you plan better- 

  1. Best Route and Time

What makes the Ladakh trip so special is that no matter which road you take, you feel a sense of unparalleled joy. It is because in a place as picturesque as Leh-Ladakh, the destination matters little than the routes you take.  There are mainly two routes to reach this place, namely the Srinagar route or the Manali route. It is advisable that on your way, you take the Srinagar route and on your way back, you take the Manali route.

Srinagar-Leh Route: Upon crossing Jalandhar, you will pass through places like Srinagar, Sonmarg, Drass, Kargil, and a couple of other sites before finally reaching Leh. If you wish to camp along this way, then two best spots are Drass and Kargil. July to November is a good time to take this particular route.

Manali-Leh Route: Upon crossing Manali, this route will take you through destinations like Rohtang, Keylong, Sarchu, and Gya.  On this route, a few camping sites are Keylong, Jispa, and Sarchu. Any time between June to September is an excellent time to take this route.

  • Cost

Your major costs will include fuel cost and bike rental expense. Usually, bike averages around 30 to 35 kms per lite, and this journey will be roughly more than 3000 kilometers. So, your fuel cost will be anywhere between Rs.7,000 to Rs. 10,000. If you take your bike, then you will save on rental cost. However, bike rentals vary anywhere between Rs 2,000 to Rs. 4,000 for a single day. Accommodation in Leh-Ladakh is not very costly and will cost you anywhere between Rs. 1,000  to Rs. 2,500 a day, while cost on food may range from Rs. 300 to Rs. 500. Also, keeping in mind that there will be several permits and miscellaneous expenses, you should keep extra money with you. 

  • How to Put Your Plan Into Action?

After planning and deciding with your buddies the dates on which you’ll travel and the route you will take, you also need to make certain arrangements for a great experience. A few such things are as follows-

  • Get your Rohtang passand any other inner line permit that you may require. You can easily get these permits online nowadays.
  • Next, if you’re planning to travel on your bike, it is imperative to ensure that your bike is properly serviced.
  • Also, it is advisable that you book your Leh accommodation well in advance so that you don’t have to struggle once you’ve reached. You can book tickets online after comparing tariffs, to get the best deal for your group.
  • Most importantly, also check the road conditions online once before starting. This can help save you from bad weather conditions, which may obstruct your trip otherwise. 
  • Things to Carry

To ensure that you don’t fall short of anything while on your trip and to be well prepared for any unexpected challenges, carry the following things along-

  1. Printed Route Map – Due to no signals, you will be unable to access the internet for help. So, be sure that you have a map to show you the way.
  • All important documents- Keep all your permits, id proofs, licenses and PUCs handy as you may need them any time.
  • Extra Petrol- Past Tandi, along the Manali route, you will not get any gas stations, so make sure to get your tank full there. You can also fill a few gallons with petrol for the journey ahead. 
  • Equipment- Carry all essential equipment like power bank, rechargeable torches, first-aid kit, swiss knife, and other such things. 
  • Bike Gear- Since you’ll be traversing the roadson a bike, carry proper bike gear with you. It may include a helmet with protective visor, spare tyre, puncture repair kit, riding gloves and goggles among other such things. 
  • Tips for Biking
  • Since the roads at some places may be narrow or tricky, therefore avoid performing any stunts or over speeding.
  • It will do you good if you learn to fix a flat tire before going on a bike trip.
  • Also, stay hydrated while riding and take enough refreshment breaks.
  • You should also wear bright colored clothes so that you are visible from a distance.
  • Carry extra cash with you to meet with any contingency that may come up.
  • Get your Bike Insured

If you plan to take this amazing trip on your bike, then it is essential that you also get two wheeler insurance online. Having bike insurance will keep you covered against unexpected challenges that may cause a dent in your pocket. Bike insurance compensates for loss or damage to the insured bike, for any third-party liability that may come up or for any costs that may arise due to personal accidental of the owner-driver. Reputable insurers like Tata AIG offer many add on benefits also which include consumable covers and third-party property damage cover. 

All these benefits will keep many worries off your mind while you’re on your trip. So, buy two wheeler insuranceonline and then enjoy your Leh-Ladakh trip to the fullest.  

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