Delhi to Lucknow on NH2

Hi All,

Recently went on a road trip from Delhi to Lucknow on NH2for a cousins wedding.

We left on 8th Feb 09 and returned on 11th Feb 09. The road to Agra as most Delhities now are one of the best but mark my words the conditions from Agra to Kanpur are much far superior and pleasure to drive.

We left home in delhi at 6.30 am and with 2 halts touched lucknow at 3.30pm…the distance on this route which clocked in tripmeter was 575 km

The road from Delhi to kanpur is “makhaan” with a total toll of Rs Approx 170 rs

Only the major hurdles is the kanpur bypass that took us 1 hr to pass due to heavy congestion in lieu of construction of the new flyover. Hence kanpur city bypass was the worst exp. Kanpur to lucknow is another good patch of highway

we stopped before Agra to freshn up as there are not so many good stops from Agra to Kanpur as the roads built are new and not known to many

Did the same at kanpur while returning and non stop till mathura Mac D.

At the end i would really go for another trip on NH2 !


  • Nandan Jha says:

    seems you had lot of fun. Great drive.

  • Amit says:

    Hi Nandan,

    Indeed i loved the drive :))!

  • L.B.Yadav says:

    Hi Nandan,
    I joined yesterday at this site.As data refelect on this site seems you are realy fantastic ghumakkar.
    I am planning to go from Gurgaon to Basti by car in the month of may’09,do you have any update for the NH2.
    What about the patches from Lucknow to Basti?

  • nandanjha says:

    Mr. Yadav,

    Thanks. I saw your note in the drafts as a post, and was planning to write to you that posts are meant for writing a story and you should rather ask your query in one of the relevant post.

    I did Lucknow-Basti during june 2008 and it was very good. There were lot of places where construction work was going on but one side of the highway was complete and there was not too much of traffic.

    Since Basti is quite a distance away, I would suggest that you plan a night-halt at Lucknow. The total distance is about 775 KM and if you start by 4 AM and have two drivers than probably you can reach Basti by evening but I would recommend a night halt for your first drive. I am not sure whether you have been to these long drives so suggesting a conservrtive option.

    All the best.

  • L.B.Yadav says:

    Dear Nandan,
    Thanks for your guidence and suggestion.Although I am first time planning too long drive. I went Agra and return to Mathura on same day then after stay one night in MAthura. I came back via govardhan parvat->Nand gaon->Palwal->Sohna route to Guragaon.
    I think I can drive 10 hr continuousaly.

    There is some relative at Kanpur.Keeping your suggestions in mind if I would reached Kanpur near about 1 pm then journey would be continue niether I will plan for stay at Kanpur only.

    After come back I will defenitly share the observation with ghumakkar team members.

  • I do not know whether I have notified this earlier but, I have driven from Lucknow to Indirapuram via NH2, alone last Diwali. The route was a malai except for the oncoming traffic on the wrong side, and yes Agra to Delhi was very heavy traffic it being the last day of a long festival weekend. We started in my 800CC japanese car at about 10:00am from Lucknow and were at Haldiram’s 12 hrs later. We had halted at Agra for evening snacks for about a hour and about half an hour somewhere near Auraiya.

    Till Agra I did not feel any exhaustion and we were in Agra in a little less than 7 hours, but the 200km drive from Agra to Delhi was strenuous due to heavy traffic and night drving. The stretch from Palwal to Badarpur was choked.

    When I was planning this trip, peolpe said that a drive of about 565km in one go would be too tiring and advised against it. But I enjoyed it though, I know that driving on our roads one has to always be open and alive to and account for a stalled lorry parked in the fast lane and the tractor guy coming contemptuously on to you from the wrong side.

    You have to “learn the road”.

    Know recently buses have taken to this route and I know that a volvo also plies between LKO and Delhi.

  • Ashish says:

    I just came back to Noida from Lucknow via NH-2. The road is really in very good condition.

  • Amit says:

    Hi is kanpur bypass to lucknown opened or still its a big mess

  • nandanjha says:

    Its clean now.

  • Neeraj Maurya says:

    Hi to everyone. I am taking this route at least twice a year to visit my inlaws at Kanpur since the last 4 years. Earlier two years were by Maruti 800; now by Santro. The road condition has drastically improved. In fact, I would grade the link from Agra to Kanpur better than Delhi to Agra. I went to Kanpur on 9th May 09 to leave my wife & two kids (2 yrs. & 6yrs. old) at their Nanu’s place for the vacation. I came back alone on the 15th May. While going to Kanpur; the good spots to take a break are: Mc Donald’s (Mathura)– u already know about it; there’s is a new Indian Oil’s restaraunt before Firozabad ends (& on the right hand side while going to Kanpur). Its good, a/c & with the Indial Oil petrol pump.. the name & address: The Park Resort & Restaurant, opp. Vaishno Devi Dham, NH2, Firozabad. The Reliance A-one plaza is a little bit away but closed; otherwise that was also a good spot. The third spot is Surya Hotel one at Sikandra– u know about this too! While returning, I covered the same spots. Please note: although the timings of Park Restaurant is from 10 am; but the guys entertained me even at 9 am. Good people.
    I wish the updates will be useful. Please note: some guys at the toll bridge charge you less & do not give you a ticket; please please do not entertain this. Insist on full payment & take the slip. Once you have the slip, you can complain against them at the NHAI site & I assure you they take immediate action. Let’s take an oath that we will not promote corruption as this will ultimately lead to bad road conditions. Also, I had requested the NHAI guys to put up good toilets (have a nominal charge for maintenence) at or near the toll booths. They said they will see to it. Please re-request the issue; as finally it is for us & our families.
    Bye & Good, Happy & Safe Driving!
    Ritvik, Rishit, Poonam & Neeraj.

  • Neeraj Maurya says:

    a little correction regd The Park Resort & Restaurant; the location is approx. 50 kms from agra & not before Firozabad ends as mentioned.

  • punit says:

    hi all
    everybody is talking abt trip from delhi to lucknow. I want to come from lucknow to delhi via kanpur, agra. Do I need to take extra care while crossing kanpur. Is there any bypass over there

  • Ankit says:

    Hi Punit,

    Once you reach ramadevi crossing (around 3-4 kms after crossing the ganga bridge) in Kanpur , take a left and go straight until you meet the elevated highway.( ask for directions for the Allahabad highway -the elevated big road, if you tend to get confused at this point) Once you climb the highway , take a you turn at any cut and you will be heading towards Etawah/Agra.

  • rkumar02 says:

    Dear L. B Yadav,

    Since you took the Palwal-Sohna-Gurgaon road recently..could you please update the road condition. Should I take this route in my next week trip to Agra and avoid rush of Dwarka-Badarpur-Faridabad-Ballabhgadh-pawal section?

  • Ashish says:

    I’m planning to travel from Delhi to Luckow by car and would request if someone can please advice me the appropriate route . I have some doubt whether to go thru Agra-Kanpur or thru Gaziabad-Barely route.


  • Ankit says:

    Undoubtedly the Agra-Kanpur route which is far superior . Gaziabad- Bariely is a nightmare!

  • Narendra Sharma says:

    I wish to go Barabank next from Lucknow from Gurgaon. Which rout will be better for drive? Is there any CNG filling station in Shahjahanpur and Sitapur?

  • uma shankar vajpeyi says:


  • Hi,

    This year in the month of Feb”14. I drove Delhi to Doria distt- via kanpur, Lucknow,basti and Gorakhpur road is amazing till gorakhpur toll once you cross that it’s single road from Gorakhpur till majhauli raj and till bhatpar rani.

    Came back to Allahabad via nagra, rasra, mau, ahamgarh, jaunpur And Allahabad.

    Horrible road this bumpy ride broke my new car mounting which I bought 2 months ago. I cried my cried and both cried together. – route strongly not advisable. I have heard its better via Varanasi but will try avoid doing this experiment in the future.

    Allahabad to kanpur Don’t remember but Lucknow to Delhi via kanpur is very nice.


  • pratap sheel says:

    boss…. can u tell me the route from indirapuram to lucknow having cng station without much diverson?

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