4 Tips to renting a car in the UK

A lot of people are opposed to being part of car hire horror stories statistics. You should too, by ensuring that you go about renting a car in the UK the right way. Your rental car experience can make or break your trip, therefore, put some thought into renting a car.

In the UK, like any other part of the world, rental cars are an alternative way to get around cities and attractions without the hustle attached to public transport. Moreover, you save more time when you rent a car than using public means.

It is also noteworthy that there are car renting details that differ depending on where you are; for instance, in the UK, it’s advisable to rent a smaller automatic vehicle. Fuel prices in the UK are sky high, and if you don’t want to bleed your pockets dry, a smaller car is the way to

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Here are four vital tips on UK car renting.

• Plan in advance

Prior preparation is always the best way to avoid last minute rush and headaches. It is a rule that applies to every part of the world when it comes to renting a car. In the UK, it is no different, don’t wait until you’ve landed to start looking for a vehicle, instead, make arrangements before you travel.

Planning saves you money since there are deals that apply to early bookings and you can take advantage of those. Furthermore, early booking saves you from the scramble for the few remaining rental cars, and you also get to choose your vehicle of choice and not settle on what’s left.

• Compare car hire companies

The only way you get the best deals is if you look for them. How you do this is by comparing different rental companies, such as SC Vehicle Hire, to find what you’re looking for in a car rental. Check if they charge extra fees, the type of car you’ll get, and any additional benefits you get from hiring a car from them.

Also, read the terms and conditions for every car hire company and check if they charge a one-way fee, especially if you’re dropping the car at a different location.

• Ensure upgrades are free before signing up for one

It comes as a surprise to many vacationers in the UK when incurring upgrade fees. What you need to know is that you shouldn’t assume an upgrade is free unless stated. A free update is great but does it come at additional costs?
Sometimes, when there’s a shortage of the car you want, you’re offered an upgrade. In this case, ensure that you won’t need to pay more and have it in writing for clarity.

• Inspect the car before setting off with it

At the end of your rental period, the car hire company will thoroughly check the vehicle for damages. To save yourself from avoidable costs, check the car before leaving in it. Find out if there are dents, scratches, and bumps in and out of the car.


The key to enjoying your trip to the UK is having everything run smoothly. A car hire might be tricky in the UK, especially since you drive on the left side. However, if you rent an automatic car, you’ll have an easier time.

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