Trip to Kurukshetra

Hai to all of my fellow ghumakkaris! Here again, on 01 Nov 2009 I planned another road trip, but near-one to Kurukshetra, heard about it from my friends and colleagues. I planned this trip along with my other cousins. We started, along with our families, from delhi at 0715 am on 01 Nov 2009 from a meeting place on karnal bypass.

We had our breakfast on the famous , as heard, in Gulshan Dhaba, which is in murthal on the side of one of the flyover they although landmarked it, but near the same flyover we saw one more same named Dhaba. But we got into the correct one. we all had a stomach full of breakfast and glide again. While crossing Karnal on one of its red-light crossing at appox. 1015 am, I met with an accident with a truck container, thankfully no one was hurt. It took nearly three hours to patch up the matter, the Sec-13 Police personnels were helpful to resolve the matter. It was a big lesson for me to drive safely and carefully.

After that we started the trip again with the left over time to see the spots like Sannithi Lake, the  Krishna Museum and we saw the Light and Sound programme in Jyotisar,  that was all we could see in that limited time. Due to time shortage we could not see much.

dashashva ghat

krishna and arjuna


It was God’s blessing that we all are safe and in sound health. I hope in future, I will make another road trip and complete it without any other hassle. 


  • nandanjha says:

    Thanks Onu for sharing your trip to Kurukshetra. This is very close to Delhi but no stories at Ghumakkar so far, probably yours would initiate some of us to travel to this place and probably write another bigger account.

    Be safe and enjoy your future road trips.

  • aurojit says:

    Great. This certainly is one of the Delhi weekend destinations, not yet explored from that point of view.
    Alls safe that ends safe.

  • Aahmita bose says:

    Hi dad it’s me I was so little now it’s been 10years to this trip

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