My First Road trip from New Delhi to Kanpur

Hai to all ghumakkari’s,

This is my first post, of my first road trip to Kanpur to my in-laws house.

I own a Maruti 800 of 1998 model, which I purchased on April this year  from a friend and I learned driving then. From then on I was planning to go on a long trip, which never happened till this time. In my in-laws house  they are conduting Kali-puja during diwali festive for long. I could not get the reseevation in train in time, so planned to have a road trip, for this I searched the net for best route. that moment I got this site and had enough information for my trip I read the article of Aditya and others.

Now, I am confident of having other road trips and will defintely have a look on this ghumakkar’s site.

We started our first road trip, as adviced by many ghumakkars, from my New Delhi West residence at 0400 AM on 16 Oct 2009 with my wife and two kids aged 10 and 02 years, followed the route to reach the Mathura road, then followed the NH2, crossing Faridabad and on. We reached the well known McDonald’s Mathura Highway site at nearly0630 AM to our first hault. It took an hour to get out from there. Then I maintained the speed of 80-90 Kmph speed on the highway. I was taking note of what others wrote here that the road is nice and well maintained by NHAI, thanks to them. The break in speed came occassionally when entered in Agra, Etawah, Auriya etc. Yes, I will agree that one has to keep one’s eye open for oncoming cattles and tractors from the opposite direction on the same road of yours. We reached Kanpur at 0100PM, in between having another stoppage for tea for 10-15  min.

We all enjoyed this first trip of our’s. In my in-laws house we only told them that we will reach by 0200 PM to keep food for us, they thought that we were comming by air till we reached there, they all were surprised. Nobody had thought that I would drive for so long-way.

We returned to Delhi on 20 Oct 2009 starting from Kanpur at 0430 AM reached Delhi at 0200 PM. Only to find Home-Sweet-Home feeling.

I would like to thanks to all the ghumakkari’s from whom I got the inspiration and the updates from web and completed my journey.


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