A trip to Kasauli and Baru Sahib on bike


Got up at 7.30 AM. Checked the engine oil in our bikes and found that engine oil level in Hunk was very low. Asked the locals about any spare parts shop around and got to know that we can find one in Dharampur. Started our bikes again at 9.30 AM and moved on to see the very famous ‘Monkey Point’. Harmeet’s Hunk was loaded with 3 heavy bags as he had plans to stay at Baru Sahib. We reached Monkey point and got to know that we will have to trek and bags were not allowed. There was no place available where could keep our bags so had to drop the plan for ‘Monkey Point’. After that, we reached ‘Sunset point’. It was really an amazing place with a lot of breathtaking views. It was greenery all around and completely quiet place. Just the sound of birds. Just feel the fresh air and feels like you are in heaven. It was a very nice experience. After spending some time, enjoying the beauty of nature, we went to the market to have lunch. Had Chinese food at a shop but the food we had there was pathetic. I never had such food in my life. We left from there and decided to go to Shimla and then Kufri from there. Left from Kasauli at 3 PM. While on our way back, I started feeling sick and suffered from indigestion and gastric problems due to the food that we had. Reached Solan as Harmeet had to buy engine oil for his Hunk. Got the engine oil from Chambaghat near Solan. I was still not feeling well. Took a tablet of Pantop-D and we then decided to go to Baru Sahib due to health issues. Way to Baru Sahib was the worst one. Baru Sahib is located 70 kms away from Solan.

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