Importance of travel video marketing for the tourism industry post COVID-19

With the global outbreak of the coronavirus, the entire world seems to have come to a halt. The travel industry has been drastically affected due to the travel bans imposed in various parts of the world. 

People are also afraid of travelling due to the fear that has been instilled in them due to the spread of the virus. Due to these intense situations, the travel industry has been forced to adopt various new promotional practices that will keep the people’s interest alive and bring tourism back to what it was.

The travel industry has encountered several challenges in the past, but it has always overcome them and remains one of the most resilient industries in the world. Travel video marketing is an option widely used by the travel industry to entice their audience. 

How are travel brands including video marketing in their marketing strategy

Listed below are some ways in which travel video marketing will be beneficial for your travel company. 

Use a relevant messaging strategy. 

Start using messages which are more suited for the current situation. Use tags such as ‘plan now, visit later’ or “people from all over the world are in this fight with you.” This type of message will help the main tourist destinations to stay on the viewer’s mind. Create a video and add extra features to the video to make it more attractive. You can use many tools for recording the videos and learning about them on youtube.

Increase the use of videos 

We all know that videos have overtaken other forms of content, especially after the pandemic. This has compelled travel companies to adopt video marketing strategies to stay in business. Make sure you are creating videos that the audience will want to see. Since we are not able to travel at the moment, use the old travel clips. Use an online voice generator along with video editor to edit the clips and come up with something fun.  

The arrival of virtual reality 

Technology today has made it possible for viewers to embark on virtual journeys by using virtual reality-based technologies. This is a part of video marketing, where the customers can indulge in the profound experience of being in that actual location without actually being there. We can edit such videos on an online video editor to achieve the best finish while choosing from various ranges of options and making use of their easy-to-use editing features. 

Make it seem real by using 360-degree videos.

Travel companies have been trying to incorporate the latest technological features into their videos to get attention from their potential customers. Tourism companies are using 360—degree videos for giving their audience a comprehensive look into exotic destinations for generating interest in them. These videos, along with video shots, are also proving facts and history about the places. This keeps the audience hooked to the video.

Sell an emotional experience. 

Video marketing has allowed travel companies to engage their potential customers via sound and visuals. This has made the watching experience engaging, and sometimes it even elicits emotional feedback from the viewers. These responses can be highly beneficial since they can turn their audience into motivated future customers. Since there are several restrictions on travelling at the moment, videos are the medium of reaching your targeted audiences. 

Impact of videos 

Studies have shown that even a one-minute video is equal to 1.8 million words written. This will give you a fair idea about the kind of impact videos can have on the viewers. A video conclusively can inform the viewers about the company and its advantages concisely and crisply. Your customers are 24*7 sitting from the screen; take advantage of the situation and start reaching out to the people on the other side of the screen. Finally, we can say that the pandemic has only increased the videos in digital marketing initiatives. 

How are travel brands preparing for the future?

Listed below are some ways in which travel agencies can choose to prepare for the post-COVID-19 period. 

1.  Engage customers to stay on top of their mind 

Several travel brands have been budgeting for preserving cash. However, they must not forget that marketing is more important now than ever. People are sitting at their homes in front of their laptops or mobile phones; the only way to reach them is via travel videos. 

Researchers have shown that travel brands will be able to speed up their recovery post-COVID if they build their brand value and awareness during this period. Making videos that will remind them about the beautiful corners of the world will keep them motivated as they are stuck at home. 

2.      Let your customers know through contactless technologies that health and wellness is your priority. 

Health and wellness habits are no longer going to be a nice-to-have thing in a post-COVID-19 time. All travellers are going to expect higher standards of cleanliness, ensuring their well-being, and digital tools will enable and expand the existing “no-contact” options.

3.      Go digital 

We are all that contactless is the new lifestyle that we will be leading. In the post-COVID-19 period, people will want to maintain the same. Make sure your company is well-equipped with all the needed tools to ensure your customers’ safety and health. Marketing should also be done widely over various social media platforms. 


The pandemic so far has been entirely unpredictable, and there have been many drastic changes that have set our lives on a wholly different path. As we keep in mind the current situation in the world, many people are still compelled to stay indoors. People have been stepping only for urgent situations. This, in turn, has increased the screen time of people. Tourist agencies worldwide have sensed the exponential demand for video content which has increased their video output.

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