Nainital – The Heart of Kumaon – A Photolog

The New Year has started . After being one of the winners among the Ghumakkars of 2010 , I am really excited to share many more travelogues with all the fellow ghumakkars. Keeping my promise , here I am with another post , this time a photolog of the Lake District of Uttarakhand ie. Nainital. But first I must tell you that how big a ghumakkar I am. I took the printout of the Ghumakkar Badges and then I pasted one on my car’s windscreen and one on my car’s backscreen in the form of a sticker. I had pasted them from past 2 months.

Pic of my home made Ghumakkar sticker :-)

Now coming back to my post. Actually in Nov’10, I went to Haldwani for some work. I boarded the Uttaranchal Sampark Kranti Exp from Delhi on 10th evening . The train reached Haldwani at 10 pm. Then I went to the hotel and then slept that night because I had to complete my work the next afternoon. I woke up the next morning at 6 am. I had free time till 12 pm. So as a true ghumakkar I decided to go to Nainital. From Haldwani , Naintal is about 30 Km. I took a taxi from Haldwani and it took about an hour to reach Nainital. I will not discuss here the history of Nainital and make you bored .There is nothing much to write because it was just a couple of hours visit. I will let you enjoy the virtual tour .

The Beautiful lake

I had only 2 hours to roam there. So, just enjoyed the beauty of Nainital. A beautiful lake along with mall road and all around sorrounded by hills. Naintal is situated at a descent altitude of 2000 m approx. A peaceful , serene place nestled with natural beauty.

Sunrays falling on green water and spreading a beautiful shine….True Beauty

Witnessing A local cricket match

After roaming around there my short trip to Nainital ended and I came back to Haldwani. The roads from Nanital to Haldwani were good except a little patch which was under construction. After completing my work I took a bus and came back to Delhi that night.

Good Smooth Roads

A new road being constructed after a landslide.

Finally Remembering the beautiful lake.

Thanks :-)

  • You are indeed a true Ghumakkar. Thanks for the innovative use of badge :-) and spreading the work.

    Keep traveling.

  • Very nice pics, Nainital

    • @ Upanshu….Thanks


  • ashok sharma

    its beautiful.great pics.

    • @ Ashok….Thanks

  • Mahesh Semwal

    I have been to Nanital couple of times. Thanks for refreshing the memories.

    According to the legend Parwati the daughter of King Daksha held a great ‘Yajna’ but did not invited Shiva. Parvati could not bear this insult, in her great fury Parvati gate-crashed into the ‘Yajna’ ground and leaped into the high flames of ‘Yajna’ fire to end her life.And later lord Shiva retrieved her half-charred corpse himself. It is believed that the eyes (Nain) of Sati dropped here while her body was being carried by Lord Shiva to Kailesh Parvat.

    Nanital is named after Naina Devi.

    Have you tried the traditional Methai (Bal Methai ) of Kumaon.

    Nanital is also famous for designer candles.

    • Mr. Mahesh , Thanks for going through the post. Ya , I bought the designer candles.



    Your snaps which have covered Nainital in sunny days are true assets to me. Your passion and writing skills and fire towards travelling and true to life pictures let me feel as if I am there. Please keep it up.

    • Thanks a lot for your kind words Mr. Pankaj.


  • Beautiful capturing of Nainital by you. Naintial is on my plan to visit in near future, your pictures are compelling for the same.

    • @ Deependra…Thanks a lot for your appreciation.


  • Anand Bharti

    Thanks for beautiful photographs of Lake and Nainital

    • @ Anand , Thanks a lot for your appreciation.