BADAAM VAARI (Almond Garden) – Srinagar, Kashmir

It was a trip to Kashmir yet again with my family last year in October’11. In september, we drove to Dhanaulti. Just after one month we were again ready for the trip. The destination decided was again Jammu and Kashmir because still quite a lot of places were left to explore. We booked our flight tickets and the date of our journey was 17th Oct’11. Thus we were again ready to Invade kashmir for the 11th time. And trust me, Kashmir never lets us down. Even now, after visiting Kashmir more than 12 times, I always still want to visit it again and again.

The main motive of our this trip was to visit Kupwara and Anantnag. Having visited Sopore, Baramulla, Pulwama, Badgam and Anantnag earlier, it was time to visit some other unexplored areas. Our flight time was 10 am. We reached the airport at 8 am, passed time by doing some photo sessions. In the meantime, just boarded the flight and in another 1.5 hours we were in Srinagar.

After landing in Srinagar, took the taxi and directly proceeded to our hotel. The weather was cool as always.Took some rest there and then we decided that lets visit the Almond Garden. The Badaam Vaer or the Almond Garden is situated in Srinagar. We took the taxi and went there. It Nestles in the foothills of Koh-e-Maran, the 300 kanals garden is dotted with trees, flowers and cascades which turn it into a beautiful and soothing sight.

As one enters in the Garden, the views from here are breathtaking. In Kashmir, The blossom-laden trees are the best part of spring. There are all types of coloured flowers starting from light purple to yellow to pink to white and crimson. Thus the flower-laden almond trees look simply mesmerising.

The park is beautifully maintained. It is a tradition of most residents of Kashmir that It is the first outing of the year where The entire family would rush to Badam Vaer with food, tea and bread with the arrival of spring. Kashmiri Pandits in Srinagar on the auspicious occasion of Nau-Reh (New-Year day according to the Bikrami Calender) u greet New-Year by having a ceremonial picnic to Badam Vaer in Srinagar where thousands of Almond trees are in full bloom.

Every year the festival occurs in this garden where Folk singer groups spread all over the huge garden and entertain the people. This year also, just a week back this festival has started and huge number of tourists are witnessing it. The main benifit of this garden is it is literally empty on the weekdays as it is still not a very hot destination like the other Mughal Gardens. So one can enjoy to the fullest.

For the local people, these almond flowers indicate the arrival of spring. Almond trees are among the first to bloom in the Kashmir valley lending an aromatic air to spring. The almonds from these gardens are known for their superior taste and high quality. The kernels are used in confectionary items and desserts.

So this was the journey to the Almond Garden of Kashmir. In the next post, will take you to Kupwara and Anantnag.
Thanks for going through.


  • Stone says:

    12 trips to anyplace is a significant achievements, it clearly depicts your love for Kashmir :-)

    Welcome back Sahil, and thanks for sharing such an interesting post about a not-so-popular place.

    Looking forward to your experiences at Anantnag and Kupwaara.

  • Its an open proof, why Kashmir is still the paradise of the world. Thanks Sahil, wonderful, and beautfiul post.

    Anupam Mazumdar

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  • Welcome Sahil after long time , we were awaiting ……………..

    The first question seeing your beautiful post is which camera are you using ??? and are you using any different settings while taking pictures ( which mode) ???

    They are absolutely wonderful ………………………………

    Very beautiful place. Its because of You, Sandeep and Naman, Kashmir has become one of my top priorities to visit asap………….Lets see………………

    Thanks for showing badaam vaari and keep posting your beautiful pics and stories…………….

    • Sahil Sethi says:

      Thanks a lot Vishal for your appreciation.

      In this trip I used a normal P&S Camera – Nikon Coolpix. Mostly pics are clicked in the Auto Mode and some in the Macro Mode. Then some post processing thats it.


  • Mukesh Bhalse says:


    It’s great to know that you came back to Ghumakkar after a long time.

    The post was very beautifully narrated and the photographs were also great as usual.

    Its surprising for me that you have been to Kashmir 12 times so far!


  • Sanjay says:

    Sahil, You are back with a bang.
    Thanks for sharing a less visited place of Kashmir. Lovely pictures.

  • Vipin says:

    Sahil Ji, thanks for sharing a rather unexplored beauty of this heavenly land. Though not a hot destination, but your narration and photos made it a hot destination at least for us. All the photos are wonderful especially the opening one with flower beds and the pagoda styled resting place. Pathways with the blooms and the backdrop of the mountains are simply mesmerizing. Folk music in such a beautiful surrounding gives me a feeling of ‘Jannat’. Do you remember the name of the folk festival and the tentative dates with duration?

    Look forward to hearing more from you…..

  • D.L.Narayan says:

    Welcome back, Sahil, great to see Kashmir through your eyes. A dozen trips is an amazing statistic.

    Lovely post about a lovely place. Loved the pictures too but some of them were not captioned. The wooden pavilion looked awesome.

    I am a bit confused about the pronounciation of the word it Badaam or Baadam? The green signboard above the entrance gateway of the Gardens says ???? which transliterates into Baadam. Please clarify.

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  • vinaymusafir says:

    Well decorated post Sahil.
    Beautiful pics.

  • Nandan Jha says:

    12 times. Wow. Kashmir jeet liya tumne Sahil. :-)

    They should give you free stay and other goodies. Thank you for bring Kashmir closer once more by presenting about a lesser know place.

    @ DL – You can read Urdu. Great. I can as well. :-).

  • Sanya says:

    Wow, very unique place and greatly presented.

  • Gita says:

    Hi Sahil

    Very nice but flowering badam tree toh ek bhi nahi dikhaya?

    So this is where you have been spending time these days. No wonder your ‘other’ logs are incomplete. Dont worry, PT has promised to help you out.

    Bye for now

    • Sahil Sethi says:

      Hello Gita Madam,

      Thanks. Kya karte. Badi quick trip thi, zyada pics nahi le paya.
      Kaash aapka PT kabhi to humari help kar de….Mere saare pending logs pure ho jayenge…


  • Gita says:

    Sahil GG
    Where have you disappeared? Hope AALL IZZ WELL

  • Praveen Wadhwa says:

    Hi Sahil

    Your post is a treat to all senses. It is a joy to read it.
    Keep sharing.

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