My 36 Hours in my 36th Year – Corbett, Road and More

In its 36/2 odd months of existence, Ghumakkar has about 12 stories on and around ‘Corbett Tiger Reserve’ (CTR). I was fairly certain that I am not going to add one more to this list, more so when I have already written about it once and even more when the current trip didn’t involve going inside the park, at least for me. But as life goes, you end up doing more of un-certain things as you try hard to be more certain about what certainly you would not want to do. My last trip to CTR started at 5 AM from Indirapuram, Ghaziabad, Uttar Pradesh on Nov 22, 2008 and finished at about 5 PM on Nov 23, 2008. Thats 36 hours and the inspiration for the title.

Before you lose interest, let me share with you that I was all by myself for about 12 hours of this 36 hours. The time when I was driving. In simpler words, I was all alone during the journey, a first for me.

0500 – 1000 (First Five)
It was pretty dark at that early in the morning. I got armed with some music which I picked up at last moment, some company to have and I could find Begum Akhtar, Smokie, Kaajal, Shakti – percussion stuff, easily so grabbed them. A food packet by my significant half, along with driving instructions including the one to eat the food at least to drive the monotonicity of driving solo and of course lots of good spirit.

It was not long when I found myself going steady and quick on NH24. The drive till Hapur has always been much better, with most of the section being double and a good quality tar. Without making this section into a Road Review, let me drive fast. The next section was painful, Gajraula, Garh Mukeshswar are pain and getting acher with every new day, almost till about 20 KM before zoya, things are challenging. Zoya to Moradabad is very good. When I was close to Moradabad, I called up my office guys (sorry if I didn’t tell you this) who have started the previous night on a bus and I was definitley not disappointed to learn that they are not too far and probably we would reach CTR at same time. Moradabad to Thakurdwara to Kashipur to Ram Nagar was all routine and good. By the time it was 1000 hrs I was way past Aamdanda Gate, Dhanagarhi Gate, Mohan and was close to Girija Devi Gate when I saw this bus. Went past and checked-in at “Ram Ganga” resort.

1000 – 1200 (Getting In)
The resort is one big luxury contraption with a large swimming pool, around 10 huts, 10 large swiss tents and 10 suites, a well located sunny dining hall, a central gathering area which is covered with provision to put a bon-fire. Large lush green lawns, neatly manicured, rows of flower pots and pebbled pathways. And flanked with mountains from all sides, with a large iron rope-way bridge hanging majestically on one side and tons of serenity around,it was the best we could have managed. I have tried to write a small review with pics here.

Most of these two hours were spent looking around, and eating the nice spread in the sun.

1200 – 1500 (Ram Ganga River)

On the banks of Ram Ganga River

Ram Teri Ganga Nirmal

I think I didn’t tell you that “Ram Ganga” is the name of the river which goes alongside the resort. So time to head to Ganga and wile away more time. The river is shallow but very clean, you can see the bed. Folks must have clicked at least few GBs of digital pics before they decided to come back and have lunch.

For the camera

1500 – 1800 (Eat, Siesta, Tea)
Mostly rice and rogan-ghost which was very nicely cooked. The lemon corriander soup was frugal but yet rich. Eat, a quick noon siest under the Sun, get-up to some commotion, more sleep. Afternoon siesta are like being in a state of limbo where you are not really having a long un-interuppted run of sleep, rather its a mix of highs-n-lows where you wake up only to go back to sleep. Tea by the evening and it was starting to get dark, when we could find everyone together.

1800 – 0000 (DJ, Drinks, Bonfire and More)
Before you kill me for talking about a high-decibel DJ in Jungle, let me suggest you to grow-up and be more adaptive. At least I tried to do that, acting as a bar-man for some of the time, taking frequent walks outside the club-room and gradually building a small group of rebeles and then nourishing that group over time, to join me over bon-fire. DJ was over early, bon-fire did start but could not mature and folks decided to retire.

Bon Fire

0000 – 0600 (Zzzzzz)

0600 – 0900 (A Mini Trek)
We went to this lovely Mini-Trek in the morning. Sun was already out by the time we reached to the top. We managed the stretches and climbs pretty well and it was sheer bliss as we reached on top with decent-sized meadows and un-interuppted views. Amid the trek, the high point was the conversation which ranged from trivial to insignificant and in turn making it all the more interesting to sustain and gorge upon.

Being Young (and stupid)

0900 – 1100 (Eat, Get Ready and Get Out)
Get back to camp. Eat and get out.

1100 – 1230 (Marchula to Ramnagar, Safari Planning)
I was to head back to town but my fellow friends wanted to do a Safari. We reported at Ramngar CTR office and booked safari for all. I moved on.

1230 – 1700 (Coming back to Real World)
Driving through bright sunny roads, I put on Begum and as I was maneuvring my way through the dusty towns of Gajraula and zoya with horders of ox-fords (cattle driven vehicle) lugging cane and what not, Begum was singing at her Thumri best, I could not have asked for more.

36 hours well spent. This log might appear rushed, intended.


  • nandanjha says:

    Half century with this story. Not too great to boost too much but not bad I would say.

  • Ram Dhall says:

    The ghumakkars salute the half centurion. Also grateful thanks for providing a forum to so many like minded persons to interact with each other.

    About the post very well narrated and informative. Would love to go to this resort one of these days.

  • nandanjha says:

    Thanks Ram.

    Personally it has been a very satisfying experience and with every new story I learn so much new. The forum would not have been what it is now if it was not this group.

    Hopefully we build a high-value travel-experience inventory in future :)

    On to 100.

  • Sudhir says:

    You are batting well…50 and still going on… milestone is 100….the pics are nice and the water looks so cool and refreshing….

  • Patrick Jones says:

    Hitting 50 with 36 hours at 36th year on 36th month of Ghumakkar. Congrats!

    Agree with Ram that the site indeed is worthy to be associated with. The very idea behind its origin is appreciated.

    Sure Ram Ganga is inviting but the post definitely appears rushed as admitted. I can imagine the adrenalin push to hit the half-century mark!

  • nandanjha says:

    Thanks Sudhir. For the first 50, I have probably exhausted all my past travels. Next 50 would take at least 3 more years to complete.

    Patrick – Thanks. The association is very young and its already looking very very strong, I can’t imagine that what would happen when it matures.

  • Deepak says:

    Dear Nandan,

    many manyCongraats for the Half century …way to go Budy..

    like they say “abhi to yeh sirf padav hai …safr Baaki hai”
    That Red stong Bottle is Quite inspiring after a long Drive….

    here me wishing to all the very Best for all your Future ..Endeavours
    in an Endeavour…ha..ha..

  • nandanjha says:

    Thanks Deepak.

    That Red bottle is just for the camera :). I am happy with my lager and Rum.

    Thanks for wishes. Inshallah !!

  • Rajeev Tivari says:

    Congratulations Nandan, on a well deserved and made fifty. Does’t not really matter if the 50th run is not as spectacular as most of the rest 49.
    Keep Ghuming and sharing the experiences for the common good.



  • nandanjha says:

    Thanks Rajeev. By the way, where are you ? We have been missing you here and only the other day Ram asked me to mail/call you. Glad to see you here.

  • srijan says:

    it is great that after so many Trips to corbett where one primarily goes for the first time to see tigers, you still find new stuff to write about. It is always about the journey which would be different though the destination may remain same. Congrats on 50, raise your bat, will wait for your helmet to come off. :)

  • nandanjha says:

    :) . Thanks Srijan.

    And we need more than ‘Kashid’ from you. Write more as you find time. It could even be a drive from Delhi to Faridkot.

    Thanks again. Creative people like you keep me motivated.

  • nandanjha says:

    By the way, no one caught the mistake in the opening line of the log. I mentioned 36 months, rather it should have been 18. To keep the figure of 36, I made it 36/2.

  • smitadhall says:


    And double congratulations for being up and and about even after 50 stories! Just when I was wondering what is left to write now, you’ve landed with another one!

    Good Going!

  • nandanjha says:

    Thank You Smita. Very encouraging.

  • Ankur Agrawal says:

    Nicely written..It refreshed all the memories and while reading, the whole trip ran like a movie ;)
    Congratulations on scoring 50 (not out). Wishing you luck and looking forward to read many more intresting Ghummakaries.

    Great Going!!!

  • Aditya says:

    Congratulations on half century!

    When i saw email about this story in my Inbox through feed burner, i also got confused about the age of

    I guess , it all started just after our trip to Pondicherry in Feb, 2007.

    I am sure the collection is one of the best collection of travelogues on internet.

    Good work !!

  • nandanjha says:

    Thanks Ankur. Sure. Your Sariska and Udaipur stories were very appreciated. Keep writing as you find time.

    Thanks Aditya. Yes it all started after our Pondicherry trip on blogspot. Later that year, July 2007, Ghumakkar domain was registered.

    So far so good. There are many of us who are waiting for your Delhi-Goa-Delhi road-trip stories.


    I am a walk=in guest,who didnt realize that its your post No.50, till I saw the loud applause from all well-wishers. I am not a cricket fan,bur 50 in age is also a celebration. It seems you have shaped this site with lot of affection. Congrats.The site seem to changing for good all the time. As you mention Begum Akhtar, reminds me”HAALAT MAIKADE KE KARWAT BADAL RAHE HAIN” for good. Keep it up.

  • nandanjha says:

    Inshallah Jatinder.

    I haven’t heard that one. My fav is
    “Wo jo ham-me tum-me Qarar tha…..wohi yaani waada nibah ka…”

    To look back, I never expected this kind of response. amazing.

    and for my bolywood friends

    Kitni Shiddat se tumhe paane ki koshish ki hai Ki
    Har zarre ne mujhe tumse milane ki saazish ki hai….


    With this kind of responce–TAKE A BOW,MR.JHA!

  • Indrani says:

    Congrats Nandan!
    Big achievement really!

    The post was a good read too. Not sure when I will be able to get there.

  • Nandan Jha says:

    Thanks Indrani. If you come towards North (say Delhi) then you can plan this. Its not too far from Delhi.

  • Deepak says:

    Dear Adi,

    Long time no see ,
    since i had travelled majorly in Gujarat ..i wa impressed by your Delhi-baroda -delhi it was like me going on that route
    But now the condition of your favourite A-1 plazas are in a bad shape

    almost in a closed state (delhi-etawah)…(delhi–moradabad) delhi–jaipur-not sure?
    Any ways just like a new movie love to hear from you on Delhi-Goa -Delhi..

  • Celine says:

    High decible DJ in the jungle?? How dare you? I kill you.;)

    Hey you 36-year-young-bar-man,

    Thumri by Begum on the return journey must have been a grand finale to the fun you all seem to have had. At this end, it has been fun to read about it.:)

    For you, by now, CTR must be like it is situated in your backyard. Now, as if 13 accounts are not enough, may I add my story of the CTR too? lol. You are aware I was also there in February this year.

    Congrats on the 50th. Keep writing and entertaining us.:D

  • Nandan Jha says:

    Well, it was in a closed decent sized hall and hence the sound was not much outside. They had a boy, just to ensure that door is shut tight all the time :)

    Thanks for joining the fun. Its been a while I stayed inside CTR, would want to do that sometime. Yes, I know you were there early this year. Write , its been a while you wrote here.

    Thanks again.

  • bikerdude says:

    Hats off on the 50.

    Interesting read about the driving instructions… I also get them… and more often than not, they come from the passenger seat :-)

  • Patrick says:

    Corbett never ceases to amaze doesn’t it? am planning a trip again this year.

  • nandanjha says:

    Dude -Thanks.

    Patrick – Indeed. Just back from Panna and I guess the lush-green-dense forests of Corbett is really amazing.

  • Vaibhav says:

    Thanks for this article. It helped during the recent trip of Corbett we took. Here are some pictures and my own notes:

  • nandanjha says:

    Thanks Vaibhav. I read the article at your blog site, very neat.

    Seems Koustubh is doing good. Very happy for him.

  • Manish Khamesra says:

    Hi Nandan,

    Contrary to other Ghumakkars, I would say that you have to travel more and more. Look when I joined Ghumakkar, you were at least17 times ahead than your nearest ghumakkar. This distance is reducing with every passing day :) Karthik is only 2.5 times behind you. So ghumoo ghumoo Mr Ghumakkar to keep the safe distance :)

    Liked the idea of photographing shadows, will surely copy it :)

  • Pillarisetti says:


    First time I am using this site and happened to read this report to know about the route to Ramnagar. I was not expecting anything like this. It is just a small report trying to display language skills. I did not get much about travel which I thought this site Ghumakkar is all about.

    It may be best posted on Facebook, a social networking site.

  • Nandan says:

    Dear Pillarisetti – This is 3.5 year old story. The site has evolved many more notches since then.

    You can find more Corbett stories at

    I am sure that you would be able to find all the useful information. One of my recent favorites is

    I look fwd to your valuable comments and best wishes for your Corbett Trip.


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