London for Kids, by a kid : A short video-log

My daughter Vrinda is 7 years old. These are the activities and places that she enjoyed the most during her trip to London in May 2017.

Must see in London

  1. Musical Performances
  2. Science museum
  3. Tower of London (Kohinoor)
  4. Tower Bridge
    4.1 Go up to the glass floor
    4.2 Bridge opens up to let the bigger ships cross through it
  5. Big Ben
  6. Street performances:
    6.1 Trafalgar square
    6.2 Piccadilly circus
  7. Hop on Off – It’s an easy way to watch main attractions
  8. Fish and Chips
  9. Amorino Icecream
  10. Borough Market

Hope the suggestions from Vrinda were useful. Vrinda plans to do more of these.

  • This is just too cool Vrinda. And many thanks to you Shaguna, for the production work.

    • shaguna

      Thank you. Creating the video was a quite a learning experience. Stay tuned for more :)

  • Lovely video, Kuhu. Very impressive. Can’t wait to see more of your adventures. God bless you.

    • shaguna

      Thanks! Kuhu (Vrinda) has already planned a list of travels that she would like to share.

  • Aditya

    Well done Shaguna. Look forward for more video posts here on ghumakkar from you.

    • shaguna

      Thanks, it’s great to get encouragement, we are on it! :)

  • wondergirl89

    Amazing video… Smart Vrinda rocked… Kudos!

  • Rachit Dhall

    Great video, this will surely instill interest among the kids before visiting London.

    • shaguna

      Thanks! London is quite interesting and fast paced and there’s loads for kids to do there.

  • Patrick Jones

    Excellent, Vrinda. Keep it up.

    • shaguna

      Thanks a lot!

  • I like her confidence! If the travel bug has bitten her already, am sure she will see most places around the World before she hits her twenties!

    Excellent work, Vrinda! Keep up the good work!

    • shaguna

      Amen! Thanks for the encouragement Archana :)

  • Vrinda, you have done an excellent work. I have seen many elders talking about London, but such a good presentation from a child, is simply awesome. Keep it up. Would look forward to your next video. God bless

    • shaguna

      Thank you so much. The next videos will be shared on ghumakkar soon!