Exploring the Unexplored – BARAMULLA

After the Pitthoragarh trip, after one month me and my family were again ready for a trip. Destination decided was the Heaven Kashmir. The last we went to Kashmir was 3 months ago in April and before that in January also. I am always attracted to Kashmir as it potrays real beauty. In this trip we decided to visit the unexplored area Baramullah which the tourists visit very less. We booked our flight tickets. The date to leave was 19th July. Boarded the flight and in another couple of hours we were in Kashmir. Took the taxi and went straight to the hotel.

Green fields enroute

Further On this day visited the same old Dal Lake. The next day we visited Baramulla. My dad’s friend came to our hotel and we went in his car. First went to Budgam. This is a district which is just adjacent to Srinagar. It is Situated at an average height of 5,281 ft above sea-level. The World’s biggest chinar tree is at Chattergam Budgam.It is also famous for its Kani Embroidary Shawl. We stopped there just for half an hour, clicked few pics and moved towards Baramulla.


Baramulla is the third largest city of Jammu & Kashmir. It is located about 60 Kms north of Srinagar. It is located at a height of 1600 metres above sea level and bounded by river Jhelum. The name Baramulla, meaning “Boar’s Place”is derived from two Sanskrit words Varaha (Boar) and Mula. According to Hindu teaching, the valley of Kashmir was once a lake called “Satisaras”. Gulmarg also comes under the Baramulla District.

NH-1D between beautiful tall trees

BRO Sign Boards

I always wanted to visit Baramulla. It is definately not a tourist place. Its name is often heard in the news for the wrong reasons. But the place has its own charm and beauty. Visiting these places which are away from the crowds of tourists gives a different and a unique feeling. It really helps to interact with the local people. The place is nestled with the natural beauty with the mountains in the backdrop. In winters it is totally covered with snow. The route to Baramullah is very beautiful with apple trees all along the way and lush green fields. Sopore also came in the way but we did not go there. This highway further leads to Uri and then Muzaffarabad which is in Pakistan.

Muzaffarabad is in Pakistan

The apple trees

The turn for Sopore. Also showing Muzaffarabad.

As we reached there, roamed around in the local market. Then We asked the locals about the place to visit nearby. They told about the Eco Park. We decided to go there. As we came near to the park, we saw below a wodden bridge over the Jhelum which links the Park. This Eco Park is located in Khadniyar Baramulla.It is situated on Uri road 5kms from baramula town.Eco park is actually an island on Jehlem river, Jehlem river takes two way diversion and in between this tourist place took birth, it has great view and vast area. This place is fully maintained by jammu and Kashmir tourism development corporation.

This is Baramulla

This is the wooden bridge

Eco Park

Walking on the bridge towards the park

As we entered into the park , it was really breathtaking view. Mountains in the backdrop, Jhelum river flowing aside and lush green well maintained garden. This park was even better than the Eco Park Of Dhanaulti in Uttarakhand. In the Park wooden huts are made which adds to its beauty.In the park there were only the localites no tourists except us. There we consumed a good one hour and then started our return journey to Srinagar. On the return journey we visited the Sugandhesa Temple.

The well maintained Park

The wooden huts

The wooden platform facing the Jhelum

The Jhelum River

Sugandhesa Temple is one among the three ancient temples located at Pattan in Baramulla District.The temple was constructed near Srinagar and was named after Sugandha, the wife of King Sankaravarman.the temple stands on a double base and has a pillar in front. There are inscriptions and images depicted on the niches. On entering the courtyard, there are two chambers with a partition wall and a doorway in the middle. There are many architectural fragments on the site.This temple was never completed but the ruins give us a definite picture of the kind of architectural skills of the medieval times. The entrance to the main courtyard of the Sugandhesa Temple is right in the middle of the eastern wall of this temple’s peristyle that has two chambers.

It took us couple of hours to reach back Srinagar. It really gives extreme pleasure to visit such unexplored areas of Kashmir. Every tourist visit the famous spots but visiting such different spots make you feel really good. Last year I had visited Anantnag and Pulwama. This time visited Baramulla. After visiting it, I can surely say that it is not the usual tourist destination but an offbeat area. While some undercovered areas are still left. Hope to cover them in my future visits.

A pic of Eco Park left

The cute baby in the plane just made my trip. He was sitting with his parents on the across side, but the whole 2 hours he was on our seat playing with us.

In my next post, I will take you to the real heaven Gulmarg, which I visited the next day after Baramulla.
Till then :-)


  • Sanjay says:

    Sahil, Thanks for showing such offbeat areas of Kashmir. Lovely pics as always.

  • Nandan says:

    You have been to Kashmir too often. Is it just plain vacation or more ? :-), bitten by the beauty of Kashmir.

    Big thanks for taking us to Baramulla. As you rightly said that we are always occupied with touristy spots and often miss some of the not-so-popular places.

    In the last picture, for a moment I was confused to see your name on the seat-cover.

    Look fwd to read about Gulmarg.

    • Sahil Sethi says:

      @ Nandan Ji , As I had written in the Tulip Garden post , In April my dad had some official work, so I went with him. This trip was leisure.

      BTW Thanks for going through.


  • Vibha says:

    Baramulla indeed looks like a beautiful place Sahil. Perhaps one day you can write a book about Kashmir. :)
    The pictures of the river Jhelum meandering through the valley are breathtaking.

    The incomplete temple somehow completes the landscape. I think this kind of construction was very common during the time.

    How do the locals react to the tourists? They sound very friendly and welcoming. And have you seen any international tourists yet in Kashmir?

    • Sahil Sethi says:

      @ Vibha , Surely will write a book on Kashmir one day :p Jokes apart !!!

      BTW , Thanks a lot for your kind words. After numerous visits , I can say that The local Kashmiri people are very nice and soft spoken people. They really give respect to the tourists.

      I have seen International Tourists mostly in Gulmarg. But most of them go to Leh- Ladakh in Kashmir. In Baramulla, Pulwama , Anantnag there is not even a single domestic tourists, leave the International ones as these are very sensitive areas.


  • Hi sahil

    Again a fantastic trip .The place is really beautiful……………………………..

    The eco park is superb

  • AUROJIT says:

    Hi Sahil,

    you are truly living up to status of ‘destination expert’ on Kashmir (referring to my comment on your July 11 post).

    It is a lively description and certainly very enjoyable.

    One point though – I’d rather follow it with an OK….. pakistan, that is, in the caption of Muzaffarabad.



  • Aditya says:

    ‘King of Kashmir’ as i would like to name you as….

    A beautiful post indeed just like the Kashmir, that u c and the only word that you can come out with is WOW….



  • Mahesh Semwal says:

    Once again with a beautiful post on Kashmir…………………

  • Great man…. I also want to visit heaven……………..

  • Nandan says:

    Last night I met someone who has been going to Gulmarg every year. They first hit upon this place in 2006 and then been going there each year. After this conversation, I remembered that you mentioned about writing a log on Gulmarg, so thought that would request you to not make us wait long. :-)

    • Sahil Sethi says:

      @ Nandan Ji ,

      Actually Gulmarg is same as earlier. No change , same old Gandola Ride nothing new. Gulmarg is unchanged like all other hill stations. So log will have nothing new info but will still try to post as definately the pics are new.


  • Sanjeev says:

    Hi Sahil, Beautiful post. Thanks for showing us such unexplored areas

  • Irfan usf says:

    Realy Grt to know dt sm1 has such appreciation for kashmir..m frm baramulla n leaving nearby d eco park where u visited…!! I personal think kashmir z almost left unexplored…..evry place f kashmir hv its own uniqueness n hvng smthng fascinating for nature lovers..gulmarg,pehalgam,dal n ol diz place are nt d whole kashmir..d actual world z lies beyon dem…!! Anyws thnks for embarking d journey f baramula n i appreciate ua effort to explore dis unexplord part f heaven

  • Sahil Sethi says:

    @ Irfan,

    Feels really nice when we get comments from you all. Anyways thanks for your appreciation. In my latest trip to Kashmir, I also went to Kupwara. Kashmir is full of undercovered beauty.


  • We always hear Baramulla and Kupwara in news channels related to terrorist activities. Thanks for showing us the positive side. Superb pictures and narrations…

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