Delhi to Hyderabad by road

Had taken the Delhi-Hyd road trip around one and a half years back. Sorry guys for writing this article so late….but then better late than never.

The total road distance between Delhi-Hyd comes out to be around 1520 kms. We covered the entire distance in 2 days. Started at 6 PM from Delhi and spent the night at Agra. Next day we started at 8 AM from Agra and after a marathon driving we reached Nagpur at 11 PM. Didnt stop anywhere except for petrol. From Nagpur, we set off for Hyd at 1 PM (tired after the previous day’s marathon) and reached Hyd at 9 PM, could have reached earlier were it not for a puncture thanks to the “national highways” of MP.

The entire route can be divided into 5 separate parts (according to the highways)

1. Delhi-Agra NH2 200 kms.

2. Agra-Gwalior NH3.

3.Gwalior-Jhansi NH75  98 kms.

4. Jhansi-Lalitpur-Sagar-Lakhnadon NH 26 , 319 kms.

5.Lakhnadon-Nagpur-Hyderabad NH7.

The worst part of the above stretch was the 4th one.The best were of course, NH2 and 3. NH7 was also good.

I guess a lot has been written about the Delhi-Agra stretch so no need to elaborate on that one. Just after Agra, the road is pretty bad but once we get out of the city and onto NH3 its pretty good. There was only one stretch on NH3 where there was a flyover under construction where we faced some problems. Mind you, I took this trip 2 years back so I have no idea about the state now.

The entire route from Agra-Hyd comes under the North-South corridor of NHAI started under the BJP govt., which was forgotten when Cong. came to power so I am not sure if anything would have improved. NH3 before Gwalior passes through Chambal valley (Dholpur) which makes for some pretty picturesque spots.From Gwalior, the NH3 goes onwards to Mumbai. We took a diversion towards Jhansi (NH75) which did not touch Gwalior city. NH75 is ok but doesnt even come close to the previous two. Well, at least there is a road to drive on! On the way we passed through Datia where there is an old palace by the side of the highway.

The real nightmare comes on the next stretch. We anticipated that things in MP would be bad but didn’t expect this. The road, if it can be called that, completely disappeared at intervals. At times, we thought it better to drive through the fields and pag-dandi’s adjacent to the road rather than putting the car through the torture-test of potholes and speed breakers. Further, there were no proper dhaba’s to speak of and very few petrol pumps. No signboards, and no electricity in the villages we were passing through. Seemed like we had boarded a time machine and reached the outskirts of civilization! Also saw a few trucks on the way being stopped by some gunmen…dont know whether they were your run-of-the-mill dacoits or proper naxalites. My advice to anyone attempting to go from Gwalior to Nagpur is to add a few kms to your route and go via NH3 (Shivpuri-Guna),NH12 (Bhopal) and then NH69 (till Nagpur), though I am not sure how things are on that route. But I am guessing that at least till Bhopal you will not be at the mercy of your fate.

Once we reached Lakhnadon and hit NH7 (this comes from Varanasi and goes till Kanyakumari via Nagpur-Hyd-Bangalore) we were able to pick up speed. Lakhnadon-Nagpur took around 2.5 hours. After Nagpur, the road is pretty good. Some of it was being four-laned when we made the road trip. The only bad stretch was when we hit Adilabad, that too only for some kms. The roads in Maharashtra and AP are way better than those in MP.

I dont have any pics for this trip, but I’ll be attempting the road trip from Hyd-Delhi once again shortly and will keep all posted about how much things have/have not improved in the last 2 years. Hope this was informative!


  • nandanjha says:

    Too short a story for such a long trip though I must admire the perseverance. Hyderabad in two days is just too good.

    I drove to Khajuraho in December’08 and that NH3 flyover is almost done, not yet open. You have to sustain the kuccha road along the flyover, one lane slow track, on the way back, a truck got a flat tyre in that track and the gentleman decided to fix the tyre so we waited for close to 30-40 minutes there. My experience till Jhansi is similar as yours, but I liked the non-highway rustic landscape.

    Looking fwd to Hyd-Delhi but this time with lot of details and few pics if possible.

    By the way, What car you were driving and how many people in the cabin ?

    • AJ says:

      Nandan, there were the 2 of us in an 8 years old (now its 10 years old)Santro. Since I took this trip a long time back there were few details but definitely this time I’ll carry my camera and will keep all updated about the state of the much-hyped North-South corridor.

    • AB says:

      Highway in MP is much much better than Maharashtra. Roads doesn’t have pathholes but wells in Nagpur Adilabad stretch. Very risky to drive hatchback. I traveled on October 2020.

      • B Singh says:

        Hi. I’m planning to travel by road from Noida to Hyderabad with my family. Please advise the best route to take. I’m planning an easy drive…no rush. Which route do you suggest?

    • Sunil Jain says:

      It’s very well described, we are also planning to go Hyderabad by road to see India’s progress after 2014
      Travel by road is always better if anyone wants to know own country
      Sunil Jain 9810627701

  • Irma says:

    This is good info for us all. Glad you posted this. I will be subscribing to this blog. Irma

  • Dear Ashutoshji, Your write up is definitely a path finder.Especially the information is welcome for we have a plan to go to Hyd by car. We look forward to know from you more details mainly the MP stretch via Shivpuri route. Thanks Yours sincerely , Soumyen Mitra

  • ram chander says:

    hi, any further updates on this stretch? will be planning the same stretch in a couple of weeks!! updates would be of great help.

  • Ashutosh says:

    We travelled from Hyderabad till Rewa (M.P) on NH7 and then onwards to Allahabad last October and the updates are
    1. The section from Hyderabad till Kamareddi , a distance of about 110 kms, had been four-laned and we managed to cover it in an hour.
    2. After that it was double lane till Nirmal (which is after Nizamabad on NH7)except for a section of 40 kms which was four-lane.
    3. The section from Nirmal till Jamb (60 kms before Nagpur) had deteriorated. Every 1 or 2 kms there were diversions and the time that we made up on the Hyd-Kamareddi section was lost over the 200 odd kms from Nirmal till Jamb. In fact, we faced some trouble when we missed
    one diversion and got on a road which was so heavily pot-holed that our car’s tyre got stuck in a crater and we had to take the help of a truckwallah to pull it out of the ditch.
    4. The section from Jamb till Nagpur was very good. There is an alternate route from Jamb till Hyderabad – a state highway via Chandrapur, Karimnagar which you can consider.
    5. From Nagpur till Seoni the roads were ok though double-lane.
    6. The section from Seoni till Lakhnadon had been six-laned and the world-class highway in MP really managed to surprise us. Really good work done by NHAI on that section.
    7. From Lakhnadon we proceeded on NH7 towards Jabalpur and onwards to Rewa via Katni bypass so I have no updates about the ‘nightmare stretch’ of NH26. However, I would like to state that the road till Rewa was quite good though it was double lane and the traffic between Jabalpur and Katni bypass was quite heavy. So we got to learn that good roads are possible in MP as well.

  • ram chander says:

    thanks a ton; the fact that you replied in itself was very considerate; and of course the info is definitely of great help.

    have to go to delhi from hyderabad.

    beyond nagpur (NH 7), one has been debating whether to carry on upto lakhnadon and then take NH 26 via lakhnadon-sagar-gwalior route or the comparatively more re-assuring NH 69 nagpur-bhopal route.

    would really appreciate if you could mention the dates of your travel as weel.

    thanks again.

  • Ashutosh says:

    I covered the Del-Hyd route in Oct 2007 and the Hyd-Allahabad-Lucknow route in Oct 2009. My suggestion would be to take the NH69 Nagpur-Bhopal route.
    The reason I say this was that in 2007 the NH26 stretch was so miserably under-developed that even at the most efficient pace of road construction which we can expect from NHAI, the 319 kms of NH26 would still be a test of your patience and luck. Also, since the other route goes via Bhopal which is the state capital, I guess at least for the major portion of that section you will face real roads which are not merely present on paper.
    And yes, once you take the journey plz do let us know how things are on that route.

    • ram chander says:


      did the trip from Hyderabad to Delhi on 23 april.

      despite everyone advising me to take the bhopal route, I decided to take the sagar route; basically for two reasons – one – it was a new route, had not seen it earlier (been on bhopal route earlier); two – sagar route is the North-South corridor, took the chance that some work would have been done on the route and hence likelihood of it only getting better, whereas the bhopal route would still be almost similar to what it was earlier ie, more chances of sagar route getting better than the bhopal route (particularly with the govt laying so much emphasis on road development)……….and boy… I was not disappointed at all!!!!

      I shall briefly describe it. I must mention here that my aim was not to break the max-km-driven-in-a-day record, but to reach delhi comfortably over three days without unduly straining ourselves.

      Hybd – Nagpur…. started from Hybd at about 0830, we had two vehicles (my Logan 1.6 GLS petrol and a Tata Indigo diesel). road condition of NH-7, well, except for about 60 odd km stretch between kamareddy and adilabad (which also is a NHDL specifications road – National Highway Double Lane- and a fairly decent surface), the remaining has almost entirely been four laned or at least one way has been completed and hence by and large one is driving on a pretty good road surface. We had to stay at Kamptee for the night. getting thru’ nagpur could have been a pain, but for my car GPS which took me straight thru’ the city and we were at Kamptee by about 1830h. this was with three expansive tea breaks and a comfortable lunch break at adilabad. on an average, one break every two hours or so. we maintained an average cruising range of 90-100 kmph, which at times with a 1.6 litre engine seemed a tad too slow!! the first day we did approx 510 km.

      Nagpur (kamptee) – sagar ……comparatively a shorter stretch…but with horror stories of poor roads (rather no roads) to boot. we started at a comfortable 0900h. NH-7 upto Lakhnadon is by and large double laned except short stretches of ghat section and forest stretches (which apparently have been held up for want of forest clearance…..long live our democracy!!). the 180 odd km upto lakhnadon took less than three hours.

      we turned off NH-7 onto NH-26 which would take us all the way upto Jhansi. the crowded market place of lakhnadon gave way to open country and my heart sank. my worst fears came true. sure enough it was a single lane road and the very prospect of driving throughout on such a road for the next 200 km was scary enough. to my pleasant surprise, about 10 km down, we hit the north-south corridor and what a pleasure it was! again the same story, at least one side of it has been almost completed upto sagar except for a few stretches of a few km each and some bridges; though they keep shifting you from left to right to left lane depending which lane has been completed, but it is comfortable driving. unfortunately we had a flat in the indigo and changing the tyre and later getting it repaired took us the better part of one and half hour. we were in sagar by about 1800h or so. a total of about 360 km and comfortable breaks. I must mention that about 20 km short of sagar, the road gets bad, though metalled, but the surface is rather rough.

      next day sagar – delhi was a longish drive – 700 km plus and hence we left early – 0600h. at least one lane road upto jhansi is again by and large completed – except just short of babina (about 30 km from jhansi) when it becomes NHDL, but okay surface. jhansi is congested, so it takes its time. beyond jhansi (NH-75), work on N-S corridor is slower. a 30 odd km stretch is paved, yet to be metalled and tests patience. beyond, all the way upto gwalior is comfortable drive – at places four laned and at places one lane of the two way N-S corridor. Getting thru’ Gwalior, the two vehicles got separated, and we wasted about an hour trying to meet again. we took the gwalior bypass to meet NH-3. the stretch of NH-3 that bypasses gwalior is in bad shape and passes through some very crowded areas. cross gwalior and one hits the four laned stretch and u make good speed. short of agra, we took the agra bypass to delhi. good surface two lane road, but we hit a huge traffic (truck) jam at one of the railway crossings (they are yet to build over-bridges) and wasted about an hour plus. then on it is a comfortable drive till one hits faridabad. we reached the outskirts of delhi by about 2100h.

      anyone who is contemplating this stretch, I would recommend take this route instead of the bhopal route, because the road itself is much better now; and besides with each passing day, it is going to get even better.

      one also appreciates the kind of effort being put in by the govt to improve infrastructure. having driven on this road, one gets a feel good factor that as a nation we are indeed on the path to progress (maybe a bit slower than desired).

      anyone wanting any specifics, would be glad to help.

      • Tejinder Singh says:

        Dear Ramchander,
        thks for very good inputs on Hyd.Delhi route. Pl. inform the overnight halts with budget hotel details and approximate tarriffs.We are planning trip to Delhi sometimes in March 2011.

      • Nikhil Sampath says:

        Hi Ram,

        I am planning to drive from Delhi to Chennai next week. Though your article is old now, it is very informative. I am hoping i have a pleasent drive. I was wondering if you have recently taken this drive again and are able to provide any update at all on teh road conditions. My plan is to drive to Jhansi from Delhi, Day 2: Jhansi to Kamptee. Day 3: Kamptee to Hyderabad and Day 4: Hyd to Chennai.

  • Bader says:

    hi Ram,

    thanks for the detailed info.

    we are planning a trip from Delhi to Hyd in our indica with the whole family.
    is the route which you took also advisable from Delhi to Hyd ?
    also we plan to cover it leisurely in three days.
    can you suggest good places to stay on-route.
    any other info to take care about ?

    regards / bader

  • ram chander says:

    hello bader,

    the reverse trip that u r planning ie delhi to hybd is even better;

    reasons – starting delhi on the first day, shorter distance to cover, u can take the night halt at jhansi instead of sagar. jhansi is a bigger place and would be better place to stay with the family. second day, starting early from jhansi. u will be in sagar in about 4 hrs. sagar to lakhnadon will take about 4-4/12 hrs. beyond lahnadon to nagpur (180 odd kms) is a breeze; hence even if it gets delayed, u r driving on a fairly good road and on the main highway. nagpur – hybd of-course is about 480 odd kms and a comfortable 9 hr drive.

    with the family and looking for a comfortable drive, can I recommend that u stage forward to agra / gwalior from delhi the first afternoon. thus u would have saved about four-five hours, which will allow u to comfortable touch sagar the second day, nagpur the third and u r in hybd on 4rth afternoon. hence u r not straining urself or the family at all.

    places to stay, well, since I had other arrangements at each place that I stayed, I cannot be of much help, but let me re-assure u, places like gwalior, jhansi, sagar, nagpur have very decent hotels and that too right along the roads that u would be travelling on. hence that should not be a major hassle.

    what u could think off is to carry with the family adequate water (cold if feasible – say an insulated water container) and some snacks (dry). u will get enough dhabas enroute though (except on the jhansi – lakhnadon stretch where they are comparatively more infrequent).

    u could also think of carrying a tubeless puncture repair kit (if u have tubeless tyres) or a spare tube.

    anything more, send me a mail on



  • Rohit says:


    Wonderful article as well as nice writeup in the comments section.

    Thanks for the big help :)

  • reva says:

    Thanx guys! great help! me n my husband are driving from mumbai to kanyakumari to leh n back n want to drive on northsouth corridor. this information is truely gr8 help!

  • Shipra says:

    We are planning a road trip this winter from New Delhi to hyderabad.
    Would like to get some feedback! No. of passangers will be Five (including my 2 yr old son.)
    We would like to travel fewer miles per day and have more haults.

    The route we are planning to take is:
    New Delhi ; Gwalior ; Bhopal ; Nagpur ; Hyderabad.
    We plan to take hault at all the above places.

    I would like to know if:

    1. the roads are good.
    2. there are good eating places in and in between these places (since we have a kid with us!)
    3. Recommend any good hotels in these places.
    4. if anyone has actually taken a loooong road trip with a 2 yr old kid!


  • nandanjha says:


    I haven’t done Delhi-HYD but I have done long trips with 2 year old :-) so commenting.

    I would suggest that you do this with a single break. And my theory is that you can start very early and cover a lot when
    – either you are starting from hom
    – or you are heading home

    It saves a lot of money and 1 day + you wont be traveling every day.

    HYD is 1500 Odd Km from Delhi. Sagar could be a good stop.

    If you do intend to take more than 2 stops, then do not stop at Gwalior on Day 1 since you can reach Gwalior by lunch time, at least go till Jhansi. Roads till Jhansi (where I have driven in this circuit) are pretty good.

    Hope this is useful

    • Shipra says:

      Thanks a lot nandan! Its a good suggestion! I have never done such long road trip….thats why the concern….Thanks again!
      Any tips for travelling with a kid?

  • nandanjha says:

    I can share the things which we did for such long trips.

    1. Time your breaks based on kid’s state. For example, we would keep driving if our daughter was sleeping and skip lunch :-) but would take a break almost every hour if she was awake and needed a stretch.

    2. Drink Water and use clean wash-rooms wherever possible.

    3. Carry a lot of instant energy food, some of them may be junk but its better than to have none. We carried a lot of different kinds of chocs, potato chips (yeah), sweet nothings, misri (mostly during hill drive) etc. Food not only keeps kids full but also busy and engaged.

    And finally do not worry a lot, there bodies are probably more pure and ready than us. We have done enough abuse. I am currently sick (and on antibiotics) so probably that may be making me admit it :-)

    Apart from that, some of the other tips are
    1. Start as much early as possible.
    2. Avoid driving in dark.
    3. Limit your number of breaks. It may not be worthwhile to take a break for a beautiful sight :-) if you have a schedule to keep.
    4. Keep a tab on how your are doing, time vis-a-vis distance, it keeps the driver connected :-) and in the game.

    I would stop now.

    • Shipra says:

      Again thanks A LOT nandan! Great tips! would keep them in mind!

      • Vikram says:

        Great info guys…I have been an avid traveller on these roads from Hyderabad to Delhi and back for years now. These are all good suggestions…but there is one more route….Delhi->Jaipur->Kota->Ujjain->Indore->Nanded->Nizamabad->Hyderabad.
        I am kind of those who travel more at night and drive over distances of thousands of km with night halt..but I truly belive in two things:
        1) Drive only as much is your capacity…do not stretch because then the drive becomes pain
        2) If you feel sleepy pull off the road immediately….otherwise when your eyes will close and when something nonsense will happen…is anybody’s guess :-)

        Keep posting

        • shashank says:

          hii vikram
          can u elaborate more on this route like distance,road conditions etc.would be a grt help.

  • Vikram says:

    Please read it as “without night halts”

  • Govind says:

    Hi ram chander,

    Your elaborate information on Del – HYd via Sagar has gave us confidence to take this route. We are leaving tomorrow. will update to u all the situation there.

    Thanks again.

  • gaurav says:

    planning to go to nagpur from kota by road in last week of dec, any experiences ??

  • Satya says:

    Hi Govid

    Pls Publish your Driving Experience from Del-Hyd Via Sagar Route.
    We are Planning For the same.

    • K J Kumar says:

      I am planning to go to Hyderabad by car Breeza on 12.04.2021. As per the feedback, the road condition from Jhansi to Nagpur is very bad. Can any one share the present road condition so that I can decide whether to travel by road or not. I want to take Delhi to Agra to Gwalior to Jhansi to Sagar to Nagpur to Adilabad to Hyderabad. Please share the recent road experience of the above route.

  • NAAG says:

    Hi, Guys..

    Its really worthy info. u r providing. I m plng to travel with my family of 4 people (including 2yrs & 6 yrs children) in April 2011 to HYD from Delhi (Noida) by Car (K10 1000 cc new one). As I want to drive on NS corridor and to make only one halt at Lakhnadon or Nagpur (whichever is possible) during night (Departure will be before 6 am). CAN IT BE POSSIBLE???, Pls. let me know abt the hotel facilities at Lakhnadon. I am welcoming ur comments and suggestions.



    • Ashutosh says:

      Hi NAAG,
      If u r planning to leave Noida early morning, then u can consider a night halt in Nagpur. Lakhnadon is just a small village at the junction of 2 national highways. When we travelled from Delhi-Hyd and back from Hyd to Lucknow, we stayed in Hotel Center Point which is on NH-7 itself in Nagpur City.
      The only place where one can consider putting up for the night with family before Nagpur is Jhansi. So, my suggestion is to try to make it to Nagpur by night, and then have all the rest that u need before starting for Hyd the next day.

  • piyush says:

    Planning to bring my car from Delhi to hyderabad by road.Please share dome info if anyone have come recently about the condition of roads.Can this distance be covered alone.

    • Ashutosh says:

      The distance can be covered alone if you are used to driving long distances like I am. However, try to avoid night driving between Jhansi and Lakhnadon due to instances of highway robberies etc. If you have not done long distance driving before, then it can be a strain to drive 1500 kms over 2 days and thus, would advise you to get hold of a friend/paid driver for company.

  • Rajat says:

    Planning to drive from Hyderabad to Delhi by road. Please share some info regarding the road conditions from Hyd – Nagpur – Lakhnadon – Sagar- Jhansi- Gwalior-Agra or whether to take the Bhopal route. Please help.

  • Manish says:

    hi friends,

    I read the above reviews and these are great suggestions. I am planning to drive from Hyd to New Delhi with my wife and kid (2.5 YEARS) and if anyone has travveled recently and can suggest me the suitable route and any other suggestions they have for me regarding halt, stay etc, I would be really thankful,

    Thanks !!

  • Sharik says:

    I am planning to travel from Hyderbad -to Nagpur which is 500 km.I will be drving ALto K10.Can any on tell me How is the road condition in 2011 as i know there waere road construction going on since 2008 on the NH-7.

  • Usha says:

    We are planning a trip from Nagpur to Babina/Jhansi shortly. We were told to go via Jabalpur-Damoh-Tikamgarh-Orchha- Jhansi on the NH7/NH 12A routes. I also see Lakhnadon-Sagar-Guna-Talbahat-Babina-Jhansi, which seems a little shorter. Can anyone tell me about the comparative road conditions? Which is the better road to take?

  • GAJPAL says:




    • Ashutosh says:

      As per the above comments the route Delhi-Gwalior-Jhansi-Sagar-Lakhnadon-Seoni-Nagpur-Hyderabad is the shortest and the best

  • abhishek says:

    plzz guys e-mail me the rout from delhi to hyderabad ………….as soon as posible……….give me whole information …………i have a big problem ……………………………………… e-,ail id is

  • reddyk says:

    i am a cracy roadi but a different way the cruiser way, i am not a car guy but do the long cruiser drives all alones. waiting for the economical real cruisers to be launched in India. planning trips from delhi to hyderabad, bagalore trivandrum, kanyakumari. waiting for my adventures to begin soon as expected many cruisers going to be launched in India. cannot wait any longer to get on that real big cruiser for my adventures

  • kishore says:

    Hi all,
    thank you for your valuable information

  • vamsi says:


    Did any one made a recent trip hyderabad to delhi recently, Kindly post ur comments and journery details and some road condition tips

  • mahendra says:

    hi, interested to do the delhi to hyd on a two wheeler, would like to know how safe the jungle stretch from Jhansi-Lalitpur-Sagar-Lakhnadon NH 26 , 319 kms. is there any real risk( especially the jungle stretches, pench etc) for two wheeler tourers in the jungle stretch, though will do during the days only. the info is urgently needed.

    • brijesh says:

      Dear mahindra,
      absolutly safe from Jhansi-lalitpur-Lakhnadon. I have done it . No jungle on this route. jungle may be after Sagar. Four lane new road. If you see jungle you need to cross seoni to Nagpur Via Pench. But road is extremly Bad . another jungle is from Chindwada to Nagpur if you follow LAKHNADON-SEONI-CHINDWADA -NAGPUR ROAD. But security no issue at all from Delhi to Hyderabad. Seoni-chindwada -nagpur is very good road .follow it.

  • Kumar Archit says:

    Hi Guys,
    Great info you all have shared. But still I am bit not sure of the route I should take from Jhansi to Nagpur. BTW, I plan to travel from Delhi to Hyd in March 2012 in my 5.5 yrs old Alto (not K10) with my wife and 2 kids (9 & 5 yrs). I have some experience of highway driving upto 600 kms in a day but mostly travelled Delhi-Lucknow.

    Going through the initial few reviews, my wife had got into a different opinion than mine. From the suggestions above, I infer that Jhansi to Nagpur via Lakhnadon is a trecherous road.

    Please share you experience of travelling a route where roads are good and family driving is recommendable and if anyone of you who might have travelled recently in small car (800cc) from Delhi to Hyd. I dont mind travelling some 100kms extra due to good roads.

    I plan to drive 7-8 hrs in a day and reach Hyd comfortably. You might reach me on or +91.989.919.9569.

    Thanks a lot in advance.

  • anand says:

    Dear All
    i am planing to go to hyderabad from delhi via faridabad agra in the month of september by my alto lxi with my wife & 2year old son. we both can drive . how is the road condition this time by the shortest route.(viz. NH2 , NH26 & NH7). is it safe to go. where to stay. is CNG filling station in between. plz give suggest.

    • brijesh says:

      Dear Anand
      My mail to rohit will help you which is as below
      Roads are safe no problem. Better travel in day for easy driving. I could not see any safety issue during my travel from Delhi toHyderabad. CNG no idea. My mail to rohit is as below and will help you:-

      Dear Rohit,
      Thanks to you for inspiring the enthusiasts. I am a 47 years old defence officer. I started my journey by Polo diesel car (which I purchased from Ambala few days back) from delhi to hyderabad on 01 Jul 12. I had a driver with me from delhi to Jabalpur. I took the route as below:-
      delhi-agra-gwalior-Jhansi-Lalitpur_Sagar _Damoh-Jabalpur-Lakhnadon-Seoni_Chindwada_Nagpur_Hinganghat_Adilabad bypass-Nirmal_Hyderabad. I came via Jabalpur as I have Friends to stay at Jabalpur. Othervise one can follow road from Lalit pur-Sagar-Lakhnadon-seoni by by-passing Jabalpur. Road from Lalit pur to Lakhnadon is four lane new road.

      I started at 6.30 pm on 1st July from Delhi as I got late. I reached Agra at 10.30 hrs as we were going slow. This is my first car and before this I had driven friends car occasionally. So I am not a confident car driver. My driver was driving the car during rains. We stayed in a hotel at Agra for the night. Lot of hotels are available on the highway it self. We chose a hotel where my car can be parked inside the hotel premises. We started from agara at 0545 hrs on 02 July 12 . We passed through beautiful ravines of chambal. Road from agara to Gwalior was extremly good. From gwalior to jhansi it was very bad road as there was actually no road. Main high way was under repair and a side by temporary kachha road was used by us. Seven Kms before entering Jhansi there was a sign board showing right turn for Lalitpur bypass. we took right turn and went ahead at least 30 kilometeron this road. However there was no further sign board showing Lalit pur on this road. All sign boards were showing Kota 230 Kms. We stopped and enqured from petrol pump on the road , we were told that this road was going to Kota. On further enquiry we came to know that the road authrities have put a sign board for Lalit pur. However actual Roasd for Lalit pur was yet to be constructed. Really disgusting, this can happen only in my country. Iwas told by the genleman on the road that at least 50 vehicle take this wrong route to lalit pur daily because of the wrong sign board. So we had to turn back on the same road . We came to jhansi then went to lalit pur. Jhansi to lalit pur was single good road. From lalit pur to Sagar it was 4 lane wonderfur road. From Sagar to Damoh it was single good road. From Damoh we had to pass through Veerangana durgavati national park . 10 Km of road was bad. Finally we reached Jabal pur at 08.30 PM. Journey through national park was adventourous. I stayed that night at Jabalpur. My driver was from Jabal pur. I dropped him there. From Jabal pur to hyderabad I started the journey alone on 3rd July 12.

      I started at 02.00 pm from Jabal pur as I had some old friends there and spent morning hrs with them. From jabalpur to seoni road was ok. However i was told that road from Seoni to Nagpur through Pench national park is under extremly bad condition. No repair is being done as Government want to close this road to save national park. Hence no repairs. Therefore I took road from seoni to Chindwada a 75 km journey which took one hour. A very good single road. From Chidwada to nagpur a very good single road. Distance is 120 KMs. I reached 30 Km short of nagpur at 07.00 PM. Then it became dark. I do not have driving experence in dark. My car front glass was dirty and I tried to clean it with a cloth which unfortunatly had some oil particles in it and made the glass totally dirty. Then started the nightmare. No visibility from glass , single road, fast traffic from opposite side and an inexperience driver. I stopped on the left side and this again happend inside Chindawada national park Jungle. luckily a truck crossed me at a speed of 35 kms per hr. I started my vehicle and just started following the truck and reached Nagpur at 8.30 PM. There I cleaned the front glass of the car with soap and water. A wonderfull event full journey.

      I stayed that night at Nagpur and started from there at 0800 AM on 4th July. I reached Hyderabad at 0630 PM. Road From Nagpur to Hingonghat was very good. From Hinganghat to next 30 Km was an ordinary road good for 60 km per hr speed. From there to another 20 Kms road was extremly bad . I had to drive at 20 Km per Hrs. From Hyderabad 372 Km mark, road was good for next 100 Kms. Again a stretch of 10 Km was very bad . From Adila bad to Hydera bad for 300 Kms Road was extremly good. it took time for me as I turned from Nirmal to Kuntala Falls which was 10 Kms from the High way. Kuntala happen to be a wonder full picnic place in Adilabad forest area. A lot young boys and girls were there at Kuntala. I took me extra two hrs for this trip. Road from highway to kuntala falls was extremly bad.

      Finally Istarted and reached at home at Hyderabad at 0630 PM on 4th July.

      At the end of the day a wonder full experence to remember for the old age. This trip was agains my wife/family members advice as you rightly said they told me also that Iwas getting mad and I am not young enough for this adventure. But at the end of the trip I will say its all in mind. Its a fear of un known. But it is absolutly normal to have these trips.

      Inspired by this trip, last month I did a more adventure trip on my New KTM duke 200 bike from Hyderabad -Nagpur- pench and Kanha Nationalpark-Nagpur-Hyderabad in four days alone. This trip was terribally opposed by my wife. But again a terrific fun filled trip. A more adventrous trip.

      Now for me its appear to be absolutly normal to drive from hyderabad to Delhi by car. Yes it may be adventrous on a Bike. But bike must be a Bullet or any other sports bike of 200-500 cc. No pelian please. Painful for pelians.

      Thanks buddy for inspiring me

      I forgot to tell you that I could get the courage of starting my journey from Delhi to Hyderabad after reading rohits article on ghummakkar.


      • Akash Kehel says:

        Hi Folks,

        Firstly, thankyou for such valuable inputs.

        I am 25 years old, traveling from Chandigarh to Hyderabad in October 2014. Will be driving alone in my 1 year old Hyundai Eon LPG fully loaded with Suitcases.
        My driving experience so far has been at max upto 600kms and that to in my Volkswagen Vento 1.6 Diesel.
        Have driven Eon only upto 300-400kms at stretch.
        Now, stay would not be a problem as Ill be putting up in Army accomodations wheresoever available enroute.

        Coming to the route, after thorough research from comments/tabloids, I have jotted down to Chd>Del>Agra>Gwalior>Sagar>Nagpur>Hyd.

        Planning this way :
        1st day from Chandigarh-Gwalior (4AM-6PM);
        2nd day Gwalior-Sagar via Laitpur (5AM-5PM);
        3rd day Sagar-Nagpur via Seoni (6AM-5PM);
        4th day Nagpur-Hyderabad via Adilabad (6AM-)

        Alternate route I have in my mind is what Brijesh had recommended ie. (Delhi->Jaipur->Kota->Ujjain->Indore->Nanded->Nizamabad->Hyderabad)

        My questions are:
        1. Can a Hyundai Eon LPG 800CC take this journey?
        2. How safe is it to travel alone?
        3. Rough estimate of Toll Expenses?
        4. Suggestions on the itinerary I have jotted down?
        5. Any other points to remember for the journey?

        Thank you.


    • brijesh says:

      Dear Anand
      If you want more details you can contact me on my mobile Hyd-8790269696

  • Atis says:

    Dear Friends
    Any details about the road route from Gwalior to Bhopal section via SHIVPURI route for a journey fromDelhi to Hyderabad?
    My experinece of travel from Pune to delhi in Aug 2011 via Aurangabad,Dhule,Indore, Shajapur,Sarangpur,Kota,jaipur, Delhi had been a very mixed one as the stretch from Shajapur to Kota has been very horrible.

  • Esteem2007 says:

    Hi freinds,

    I will be travelling with my family(myself, Wife and 2 year Kid from Hyd to Delhi early december 2012.
    Here is my plan.
    Day1 Start at 12.00 noon and reach Nagpur and Night halt.
    Day2 Start early and try to reach Gwalior before sunset.
    Day 3 Reach Delhi.

    Based on the info and conversation with Mr Brijesh(Thank you Brijesh sir)
    Route will be followed as HYD–> Nagpur–> Chhindwara–> Narsighpur–> Sagar–> Lalitpur–>Jhansi–>Gwalior–> Agra–> Delhi

    Want to know few things
    1. Current road condition from chhindwara to Gwalior
    2. Any suggestion for hotel to stay in Nagpur(Preferred – Outskirt of Nagpur toward chhindwara route)
    3. Suggestion for stay in Gwalior.
    4. What is better route from Agra to Delhi(Dwarka sector 14)
    5. If you think any other route is good and preferable , please suggest.

  • sandhu says:

    i wana plan to going to hyderabad from delhi in february 2013. plz suggest me the best road to go there. which should be hassle free n tension free drive b’coz i am going alone with my swift car by self drive. i want to reach there on second day… is it possible or not…??? plz help me and sort it out. i shall be very thankfull to you.

  • Jackson says:

    Its been interesting reading all the comments here.
    Please do not perpetuate the myth of highway robberies between Jhansi to lakhnadon.
    Ive been born and raised in this area and know for a fact at the most the stretch is under construction near babina (because of land dispute with army)

    Highway robberies are more common in delhi agra faridabad, noida so just because the roads and landscape seem barren doesnt automatically qualify them as unsafe.

    as far as dhabas go the entire stretch has numerous dhabas right from outskirts of jhansi to babina talbehat lalitpur is a big town has even supermarkets (provided you detour into the city) reliance gas pumps all over the stetch. sagar has fauji dhabas as well ,

    jhansi to lakhnadon has the most scenic drives with forests ghat sections vast farmlands and numerous dams (which can be a good place for picnic)

    1st dam – sukhwadhunkwa (between jhansi and babina)
    2nd Mata tila dam (this is the biggest dam with rose gardens etc) swings for kids etc (ask anyone in talbehat.
    3r dam – Terai faatak (between talbehat and lalitpur)
    4th dam ( govind sagar dam ) can be seen as you exit the bypass and rejoin the NH26 after lalitpur or if you dirve through lalitpur ask anyone where is banda (local name for a dam)

    choice of vehicle
    preferably 4 wheen drive as its a good ground clearance
    avoid santro 800 nano indicas

    reliable small cars
    alto, i10, 1 20,

    reliable muv
    bolero, safari, scorpio,

    chilpi ghaati is the only grey area on NH7 which should be crossed before dark.

    i still have family in the area and the entire area has jain temples from 23 BC devgarh few miles off lalitpur, as with anyplace in India drive safe dont believe rumours

    there is no need to show off your wealth in front of poor villagers try to keep low profile and avoid pickin up people along the freeway.

  • Ashutosh says:

    @Jackson, while it is natural to spring to the defense of the place to which one belongs, it is a known fact that most truckers driving from the south towards Delhi prefer to avoid the north-south corridor going through MP, and its not just due to the high toll charges.
    There has been a recent incident regarding the assault and robbery of Swiss tourists (though it could have happened anywhere in India). Moreover, since its a comparatively desolate route (though I guess now roads are much better and there is more traffic), if there is a vehicle breakdown it would be tough getting help.

  • Ravi says:

    We have planned to visit Dehradun by road from Bhopal with family and a 3 yr kid with us with FORD FIGO car. We have planned to go there by following route
    please provide me if anybody have driving experience along this route. also give information about road , traffic , dhabas condition on this route.

    information willl be beneficial for us.
    any suggestion are welcome.

  • Nandan Jha says:

    @ Ravi – Lets break this into two parts. Bhopal-Delhi and Delhi-Doon/Haridwar.

    For Bhopal-Delhi, Biora-Guna-Delhi (GZB) is pretty good so no worries. I have not done Bhopal-Biora but would hope that it would be fine. The last leg from Agra-Delhi/Noida is exceptional. Try to take the lunch/food break before you hit the expressway as there are no good eateries.

    For the 2nd part of your trip, I would suggest reading

    Please read the latest comments on current status. Also if you have questions then ask on that story please as it would be more relevant.

    • Ravi says:

      Thanks Nandan
      I will share my experiences after my visit on 2 may and reverse gear on 7 may.
      please tell me if have information of road condition from gaziabad to dehradun.


  • Pushkar says:

    Hi All,

    Thanks for your valueable inputs and sorry for the redundant question.

    I am going back to my hometown, Faridabad from Hyderbad and planning this trip around end of august 2013 or early sept and have following questions:

    1. Which route to take with one stop. Is it doable with 2 drivers or should I take two stops.
    2. Are the roads safe? I over-heard few times about not to drive in MP after dark. I ask this question because I will be carrying my lcd etc in the car which may attract miscreants.
    3. How are the roads?
    4. Where to stop and where to stay at the stoppage point.
    5. Anything place I can visit as I am not expecting to visit this route again in life. Better make it memorable.
    6. What top speeds I can touch in existing road conditions.
    7. Anything I should keep with me for emergencies apart from snacks and soft drinks/juices.

    I will be travelling in Polo Diesel. Two Drivers. Rear of the car loaded with stuff (should I take it out of the car while parking overmight.)

    Kindly let me know.

    Thanks & Regards,

    • Ravi says:

      Dear Pushkar,
      I think 2 night halts will be enough for your trip. one at nagpur and other at gwalior/bhopal.
      I will suggest that instead of going from jhansi route, you should follow nagpur— betul—bhopal—biora—-gwalior route. it is much better than nagpur jhansi route. also nagpur —bhopal stretch is good (not excellent after Betul). You are two drivers than it is not to worry. One advice- have tyre puncture kit with you.
      Bhopal is excellent place for day visitor. If you have time enjoy one day at bhopal. at the september the weather is also very good at bhopal.

      best of luck for your journey.

      • ghazanfar says:

        dont even think to go via bhopal. hyderabad to betul is four lane highway (some diversions in between).betul to shivpuri horrible road or no road. best route is hyderabad – nagpur – seoni – lakhnadon – narsinghpur – sagar – jhansi – agra – delhi (90% of the road is 4/6 lane highway and very good 2 lane highway from mansar to rukhad) this status is in march 2014.

  • Akash Kehel says:

    Hi Folks,

    Firstly, thankyou for such valuable inputs.

    I am 25 years old, traveling from Chandigarh to Hyderabad in October 2014. Will be driving alone in my 1 year old Hyundai Eon LPG fully loaded with Suitcases.
    My driving experience so far has been at max upto 600kms and that to in my Volkswagen Vento 1.6 Diesel.
    Have driven Eon only upto 300-400kms at stretch.
    Now, stay would not be a problem as I’ll be putting up in Army accomodations wheresoever available enroute.

    Coming to the route, after thorough research from comments/tabloids, I have jotted down to Chd>Del>Agra>Gwalior>Sagar>Nagpur>Hyd.

    Planning this way :
    1st day from Chandigarh-Gwalior (4AM-6PM);
    2nd day Gwalior-Sagar via Laitpur (5AM-5PM);
    3rd day Sagar-Nagpur via Seoni (6AM-5PM);
    4th day Nagpur-Hyderabad via Adilabad (6AM-)

    Alternate route I have in my mind is what Brijesh had recommended ie. (Delhi->Jaipur->Kota->Ujjain->Indore->Nanded->Nizamabad->Hyderabad)

    My questions are:
    1. Can a Hyundai Eon LPG 800CC take this journey?
    2. How safe is it to travel alone?
    3. Rough estimate of Toll Expenses?
    4. Suggestions on the itinerary I have jotted down?
    5. Any other points to remember for the journey?

    Thank you.


    • AJ says:

      While I am not in a position to comment on questions 1 and 3, I would not recommend travelling alone for such a huge distance and its not just due to safety issues. I would always prefer having a male companion who can share the driving workload or get help in case of a vehicle breakdown.

      As far as your itinerary is concerned, it depends on if you are in a hurry to reach your destination or relaxed enough to visit a few places of interest on the way, or somewhere between these 2 extremes. If in a hurry, you can try covering Gwalior-Nagpur in one day. Just try to hit NH7 before sunset and it should be fine.

      Happy Journey!

  • tvsrk says:

    Any body interested to go to Delhi from Hyderabad after 18th May 2015 on sharing basis. I will be leaving Hyderad from ECIL X RD anyday from 18th. Will be doing my journey in an alto car

    • Rattan says:

      Hi tvsrk

      I am also travelling on 22nd May 2015 from Hyderabad to Delhi in my Alto car…..I am going alone in the dar….lets go together :)

      Happy Journey.

      • shekhar says:

        Please share your experience if you have finished your journey specially about road condition. thanks in advance

  • Rupesh says:

    Hi tvsrk and Rattan,

    I am planning a trip in Aug end from Lucknow to Hyderabad. As you are recent traveller on this route, Kindly suggest which route I should follow.


  • Atis says:

    From Delhi you take the road to bhopal via Shivpuri, then I do not have much idea about the road condition till Nagpur.The road from nagpur to Hyderabad is fine

  • shekhar says:

    Dear Friends, great read about journey but got confused due to road condition. I am planning to drive down from Delhi to Hyderabad in Nov middle. As suggestion will yamuna express way till agra, gwalior, jhansi, nagpur hyderabad. Please suggest road condition who has travelled recently. Any one wants to join me from delhi can also contact me.

    • Nikhil Sampath says:

      Hi SHEKHAR,

      Since you made this trip more recently than any one else in this forum, could you let me know how the driving conditions were? especially the road conditions?

      I will be making this trip next week and am keen to know how the roads are now compared to how they were as described by folks in the years past.


  • Atis D Mitra says:

    Last Dussera I made a trip to Panna tiger reserve and Khajuraho from Delhi by road.Route is Agra,Gwalior,Dantia,Jhansi,Panna.A wonderful road- I started at 5:00 AM,from east Delhi,Agra via Faridabad( for safety of myself from accident),Gwalior by 12:30,Jhansi by 3:00 PM and Khajuraho by 19:30.If I was interested, the journey could have been completed by 4:30 PM possibly.
    Visitor must not forget to visit Khajuraho and Panna tiger reserve

  • shekhar says:

    Dear Nikhil, the road from Delhi to Gwalior is good specially upto Agra is very good. Two batfch of road were bad one from Gwalior to Sagar and then Nagpur to Adilabad. Rest road is ok. Please do the trip in three days.

  • A P Venkatesh says:

    Has anybody driven from Dehra Dun to Bangalore or even from Delhi to Bangalore recently? I intend to drive some time in the third week of Jun along with one person in a Honda city. Intend to take a leisurely trip of not more than 400kms in a day.
    Can somebody help me out with suggestions from recent experiences with regard to road conditions, safety, accommodation en route and any other info that can be of help.
    Thanks and Regards

  • Ratandeep Srivastava says:

    I did Hyderabad to Delhi (Ghaziabad) on May 8th-9th, 2020. The roads throughout are super smooth. Didn’t find a single place where it’s broken. It was a bike trip on my Jawa 42. Stats can be found in below video –


  • Abishek Joseph says:

    Hi Everyone, I am planning to do a trip from Delhi to Madras this month with my wife and two kids. Can you tell me what will be the route for this trip and also any good hotels to stay. My cousin is also joining me in this drive. Do i need to take any E pass for any of the states and how safe are the hotels. We will be travelling by our Swift.

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