Trichy in One day

Nothing beats the excitement of getting a day off from the routine called life. As a college student, I have to dangle between growing up and adulthood. And that sure is no fun. Yet, when your office going elder brother tells you to pack your bag for a day-long trip to a culturally different city, you comply. Being a Delhite all my life, my travelling adventures began and ended with Simla and the rare glimpses of Ladakh. Even Nainital seemed far. So, when offered the chance to explore Trichy I grabbed it.

Nachiar koil Trichy

Preparing myself for the change

While the plan was impromptu, I did not get a chance to read up on the city and my knowledge was limited to the fact that Trichy is a city in Tamil Nadu. I have never visited the southern parts of my country before. Still, there was something exhilarating and at the same time scary about visiting an unknown place. Yet, on our flight to Trichy, I did manage to get some information about the place.

With a tagline of being a metro city devoted to Gods, I did not feel much enthusiastic about visiting the place and I kept wondering why my brother chose this place but a bit more research told me the answer. Trichy has some beautiful waterfalls. After landing, we decided to avail a licensed car rental in Trichy with a driver to drive us to all the destinations my brother had in mind. But first, it was time for food. Our driver suggested Banana Leaf Restaurant and we were really glad about the suggestion. My brother went for biryani but I opted for the Hyderabadi mushroom fry and it was delicious. After satisfying our appetites, we finally went ahead with our journey.

My brother planned the whole trip so it was a surprise to me and I was excited. The first place was Sri Ranga Nathaswamy Temple. Clear blue sky forming the backdrop of a multicoloured architectural wonder, you are in for a treat. My brother went inside while I waited out, absorbing the wonderful vista. I did roam the complex and the sheer spread overwhelmed me.

Heading for the waterfalls

After that mesmerizing view, a 2-hour drive took us to Puliyancholai Waterfall. The place was not filled with tourists as we went during the spring month. There is something about waterfalls that always drew me in. I know, weird but still, the waterfalls always made me feel grounded. Carrying a DSLR, my brother made sure he captured lots of candids – fake and real – and I did return the favour. I would have settled there, staring at the waterfall if my brother did not tell me about the next destination. Another 2 and a half hours and climbing infinite steps later, we were standing in front of another waterfall, the Agaya Gangai Waterfall. Yes, the climb was excruciating but worth every bit. The driver told us about the height – 300 feet and that we were at the base of Kolli Hills which was a beautiful place to visit.

I start believing in miracles

My brother told the driver that our next stop is Vandiyur Mariamman in Madurai. Seeing a clear pond is a miracle in itself and this temple pond is sparkling. I tried many mirror photography techniques and at the same time felt the calming ambience seep into my bones. It was closer to sunset and I did not want to leave. On reaching the place our driver told us that he had to go back as an emergency came up. He was sorry and assured us that refund will be made. So we booked a cab from Madurai to Trichy and got back to our hotel.

Back home

When we were boarding our plane at night, I did not want to head back home. I wanted to stay a few days longer and explore the hills and waterfalls. I wanted to explore Madurai too. But our duties beckoned us. But, we made a promise to visit back the Gods’ abode soon, preferably during monsoon.

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