Brother’s Birthday – Amoeba Bengaluru

This is Vasu and I will like to share my brother’s birthday party last weekend at Amoeba in Church Street, near MG Road.

My brother’s birthday was a fabulous day in ‘Amoeba’, the famous bowling alley.I was so excited about the plan that two nights before it I could not sleep till 4 AM thinking about it! Also, the night before, we had a hard time wrapping the return gifts for people who were invited by my bro and they were from school, from apartment and from our old house.

Amoeba is on Church Road. You can not miss being near it if you are visiting Bangalore. Church Road is near the Brigade Road, MG road, the area where you go if you are in Bangalore. There is a restaurant that has drinks and snacks like burgers, fries etc.

Amoeba does not allow taking any pictures so I can not post them.

We played a game of bowling, we needed two bowling alleys so after playing an excellent game we bought PS2 games and for lunch took a short walk to Pizza Hut on Brigade Road not too far from Amoeba. And that is where we cut the cake.

My mother and father had cleverly put magic candles on the cake and after blowing 10 times it totally went off. When I and my bro went to wash our hands we realized that Amoeba had a hotel also. After we washed our hands we had delicious Pizza and Garlic Bread. Then I distributed the return gifts, some were left out, so we took them. Then we again went to Amoeba to get our car, a coincidence happened that my father and I remembered to buy a PS2 game for my bro’s B’day and the game turned out to be ‘Heat Seeker’ and after that we went home. I loved the gifts they gave to us.

How was your B’day party?

– Vasu


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