Bheemeswari – More than a Fishing Camp

It’s again a New Year eve and we all wanted to celebrate it in its own way however we (I and few friends) decided to do something new and celebrate it bit differently.

My friend Bharani suggested going to Bheemeswari fishing camp which means far from city noise and pollution, no telephone, no TV and music to disturb you. It’s just you with nature so that you can relax and enjoy every bit of natural environment.

Bharani was aware of the Jungle Lodges booking place at MG road so we went there and asked for tent however it was our bad luck that no tents were available for booking but we got 2 cottages and 2 log huts. We got 10% discount as our company was registered with them and was recognized as regular customer.

Bheemeshwari is a small town that lies between the Shivanasamudra falls and Mekedatu falls, on the Cauvery river in Mandya district of Karnataka. Bheemeshwari is located at a distance of 100 km from the tech city, Bangalore, down the Kanakpura – Kollegal Highway.

It is a great spot for eco-tourism and is a natural habitat for the mahseer fish found in the waters of the Cavery. Mahseer is considered as one of the finest game fish in the world. The surrounding lush forest cover is home to many animas like elephants, wild boars, monkeys, jackals, crocodiles, otters and leopards; as well as a variety of water birds like herons, ibis, cormorants and kingfisher.

The river Cauvery has made Bheemeshwari a major fishing hub. A number of fishing camps have sprouted here for catching the mahseer – the finest game fish in India. These camps provide comfortable tents equipped with all basic facilities like cots, mosquito nets, shower and toilet. Food is usually served in the openair/top covered common dinning room.

Bhimeshwari is nestled amidst the Cauvery Wildlife Sanctuary, It is also known as the ‘Angler’s paradise’, because of the Mahseer fishes found here. Both professional angling and amateur fishing is encouraged in these nature camps. Though most professional anglers would carry their equipment, fresher’s get a chance to hire equipment from the camp itself free of cost. The bait usually used would be ragi paste made from millet flour.

On 30th Morning at 6:30 AM I left my place in Krishna’s car from Marathahalli and took the outer ring road to Jayanagar where Bharani and other friends and their families were waiting.

We left the Bharani’s place at 7:30 and went straight to Addigas at Kanakpura Road and have breakfast there.

After having our breakfast removing all the dullness of getting up early and regaining some energy for the next few hour drive we started from Adigas and left the place AT 8:30 AM and took Kanakpura road. Weather was on our side as it was not very hot and we were having the good time while driving.

Some how all ladies were in Krishn’s car and we 3 other guys were in other car. Our idea was to reach the place by 12:00 AM as per our check in time and to enjoy the lunch at camp.

After driving for almost 2 hours on the Kanakpura – Kollegal highway (due to traffic and small villages on the way) and crossing Kanakpura you have to take the right side road at fork junction and go straight and to reach Halagur-Muttatti road left turn. We stopped for some snacks and cold drinks at this turn and started again in few minutes. This straight road will take you to Muttathi .

At Muthatti you will find so many guys taking a dip in Cauveri river and having fun however our destination was still little further away and we decided not to stop here and continue on a single road till camp.

From Muthathi take the road which leads to Cauvery fishing camp, this entire stretch is called Bheemeshwari and after driving few KMs we saw the big closed gate of Bheemeshwari fishing camp with fishes painted on it.

After parking the cars we approached directly to the office and showed us the slip which we collected from Bangalore at the time of booking.

Cottages were not ready due to late departure of the guys who stayed earlier and it took little time, so we decided to have some tea and snacks there and played cricket to pass time.

No need to carry any thing as you will get all sports items like cricket bat, ball, badminton racket, shuttle etc there itself at free of cost.

It was my wife’s first visit to such camps and my first visit to any of the Jungle lodes resorts and I was impressed till now by the courteous behaviour of the staff and maintenance of the place.

It’s a wonderful resort and the sunset and sunrise are your clocks here and the whistling of the wind or the water flowing by is music. The glory of nature is on full display.

I already been to Shivasamudra falls earlier and seen the pathetic condition of the roads however this time I was pleasantly surprised by the following:
1. The super smooth roads to the resort except for the last few stretches.
2. World class directional signs all throughout the journey, even in the remote wild.
3. The remoteness of the lodge and the genuineness of all claims in the website

Krishna and other friend’s families have taken the big cottages and I and Bharani have to walk or use battery car to reach our log huts.

When we reached the Log huts, we found that our huts are the nearest to the dinning area, and what a place it was! Neither words nor pictures can describe it. We strained to hear a sound other than natural ones. The silence was stunning, so were the views and the pristine surroundings..

A day at the Jungle lodges resort includes everything. Yes everything! Bed tea, meals, Boat ride, Elephant rides, morning trekking, birds watching, and bar-be-que etc…. What more can you pack in a day?

I won’t go into the details of our schedule, because that would spoil the surprise.

However after finishing our lunch we went to cottage for some rest as we have to assemble in afternoon for boat ride. But Krishna and Bharani decided to try their luck while fishing. After 2 hours spending under hot sun and using all the patience they have luckily they caught one fish however they left it in water as fishing is only allowed as a leisure activity not to eat.

We saw the live crocodile in a river during boat ride.

After We came back and had some tea coffee. I must say cooks and staff at café are very generous and always ready to help you and provide you with the best of the food (something which are not in menu even).

After that we relaxed a bit and played 2-3 rounds of lotto (commonly known as Housie) and get ready for evening barbeque. We had a nice bonfire in evening and enjoyed dine and wine in natural environment with some barbeque and quality drinks.

After drinking and eating in barbeque there was hardly any place left for dinner but dinner was so mouthwatering that you cannot resist yourself and to surprise I had enough that evening. Food was outstanding with a combination of veg and non veg dishes. Dessert was quite good too.

There were few more families carrying fire crackers and as time clock reaches the 00:00 they fired all crackers and sky is full of light. After this display of firecrackers, Lodges staff has arranged a huge cake to welcome New Year in dinning area.

We all were waiting for all the guys to gather and all of a sudden lodge staff has asked my wife to cut the cake and do the honor. She was flattered with their gesture and enjoyed cutting the cake as it was her(even mine) first such experience to cut the New Year Cake in a party in front of huge crowd and that too when you are not the host.

After all this celebration we went back to our hut and cottages as we have to get up early morning for trekking and bird watching.

In night you will hear the sound of wild pigs as they come to eat the left over of bar-be-que and it was bit risky to go out in night alone. However we were anyway not in a mood to go out so we stayed back in the cottages and enjoyed a nice sleep.

I would ask everyone to ensure that even though you would feel extremely lazy and want to just relax in Hammock, DO NOT MISS ANY OF THEIR ACTIVITIES, including the fishing. .

The best season is just after monsoon, but whole year one can have fun there, as we discovered. However apart from rain one can visit there any time to enjoy nice hospitality in resort and to relax and enjoy nature with family and friends.

Next day morning guide knocked our door at 5:30 and again at 6:00 and ultimately we came out at 6:30 AM (though it was late) and he took us into the forest area where he showed us so many trees, plants, birds, ants houses and many more nests and all….

After walking (rather little trekking ) for almost an hour we reaches the Machaan and the view was exotic. We spent few minutes there taking photographs and watching the natural beauty of Cauvery and forest around and reached back to our cottages at 8:00 AM.

By this time every one was so hungry but breakfast was only partially ready and 10 minutes waiting time was like anything for all of us.
Anyway, 10 minutes wait was nothing as we were amazed to see the variety in Breakfast.

We finished our breakfast by 9:30 and thought of relaxing in Hammock and get ready for Elephant ride.

We went for the Elephant ride and few went for Ayurvedic massage. It was my first time with Ayurvedic massage and it was a nice experience. On should carry enough cash if you are planning for massage. I must thanks to my wife and other ladies in group who carried enough money so that we were able to pay for massage as Cards are not accepted there.

We started back late afternoon and had snacks at Halagur – Kanakpura road junction. By this time our mobiles were in range and we started getting all the new year messages and calls.

We stopped at Kanakpura for some idli- dosas and tea. Later we stopped at Woody’s at Jayanagar in Bangalore before we dispersed for our homes.

It was a nice experience as it was a unique and silent way to start your New Year, away from city crowd and same regular dance and drink parties.


  • nandanjha says:

    Very interesting. We do not have a similar place so close to Delhi. Good.

    Hey .. there are no pics. I looked in the story and my guess is that you did insert them when you were writing it in MS-Word but copy-paste in WordPress (our backend software) didn’t get the pics since they were essentially on your local hard disk. You would have to upload and insert them.

  • mee says:

    nice place. if anyone interested in travelling onwards try the jungle resorts of kabini- another awesome place tis:)

  • Manish Khamesra says:

    Hello Vivek,

    Very nice description , feel like joining you there. At dinner you were too fill and in the morning at breakfast you were too hungry to wait even for 10 minutes, that is the fun of living so close to nature :-) You feel so light even after heavy meals.

    I can understand the fun you guys had. I had similar experience of living in tents amongst nature on my rafting experience near Rishikesh.

    It seems at Bheemeswari there are many things to do even for people who would not be interested in fishing.

    You have decided not to insert pictures, because it seems from Nandan’s comment that you in-fact have pictures of the place :-(

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