Kodachadri – A Rocking experience

Nestled in the western ghats of the south indian state, Karnataka, is  Kodachadri , a mountain peak (altitude – 1343 m above sea level). The first thought that crosses anyone’s mind on mention of Kodachadri is trekking as it is known to be a trekkers’ paradise.

Hills of Kodachadri

Hills of Kodachadri

Well, I am not going to go in detail on the trekking part as there are loads of material available on Trekking @ Kodachadri.

How to get there? (and Distance from Bangalore to Kodachadri)

Kodachadri is approximately around 400 kms from Bangalore and 105 kms from Shimoga. If you are planning to take the road, here’s the route


Private vehicles (read as Cars) cannot go till the top of the mountain. Only local jeeps are allowed to ply to the top of the mountain.

The best way is to take a train, preferably a night train (Shimoga Express), which leaves Bangalore around 11.30 PM and reaches Shimoga at 5.30AM.

From shimoga , one can hire a taxi to cover the distance of 105 kms to Sampagatte (foothills of the Kodachadri mountains).

Accommodation (Stay at Kodachadri)

Kodachadri, in itself does not have good staying options. There is one Inspection bungalow of the PWD, which might not suit all. Kollur (35kms from the foothill), offers decent staying options.


Homestays in Kodachadri

One other option that we discovered this time round was ‘Simha Farms’. This place is 5 kms from Sampagatte, a farm spread over 12 acres. This is run by Adithya and his wife Anusha. In the midst of  all the greenery, are 2 cottages that can accommodate 3 people each.

Cottage at Simha Farm

Cottage at Simha Farm

In addition to this, there is one big hall which can accommodate around 20 ppl. Food here is simple and tasty and the surroundings are inviting enough to just laze around :-). As per our initial plan , we were to have lunch here and set out for Kodachadri (some by foot and some by jeep). As soon as we reached this place, we started getting comfortable, so much so, that after lunch , most of us almost dropped the plan of going to the top (Kodachadri).


Relaxing at Simha Farm

All around the farm , one can find sculptures (Animals, Cave man, etc.). These are hand-made by Adithya’s father.

Cave men
Cave men, sculptures at Simha Farm

This place is ideal to stay while visiting kodachadri. More info on reservations are available @ http://simhafarms.com/

After spending a nice and relaxing time at this farm , it was time for us to hit the tracks to the top of the mountain. Since we did not have much time in our hand, trekking was ruled out (since it takes 3-4 hrs to trek to the top). The only other option that we had was to hire jeeps to and fro.

After couple of rounds of bargaining, we rented out 3 jeeps @ 1100 per jeep. Each jeep is capable of carrying 7 adults.

The distance from the foothill to the top is about 18 kms and it takes about an hour to reach the top. The jeep ride is an experience in itself. There is no road at all, only a pathway that looks to be carved out of the rocks. So , the jeeps literally drive on the rocks. Slushy track , uneven surface make the jeep slide to one side. Hold on to whatever you can and leave the rest to the drivers to take you up and down the hill. Kudos to the drivers and to the machine (Mahindra jeeps).

Jeep Track

Rocking Track!

After an hour of “rocking” journey , we reached the top. As we were climbing , we could see the clouds ahead and we went right into them. The sight was very enchanting.

Cloud cover all around

Cloud cover all around


Cloud cover all around, Kodachadri


Greenery all over except for the jeep tracks and a sheet of white clouds hovering above the head. For a minute , everything appears to be covered in white and then gradually as the clouds pass on , the greenery returns. Words aint enough to explain the experience .

The jeep takes you as far as it can go , which is the  Adi Sri Shakthi Mookambika Temple on the top of mountain.

Temple on the mountain top

Temple on the mountain top

This is believed to be the real abode of Devi from where Adi Shankara re-established it at foothills at Kollur (50 kms from Kodachadri). A small path from temple leads up to another view-point. During rainy season , expect to see leeches here.

Pathway to the top

Pathway to the Top

On top of the mountain , there are no options for food except for the “bhattar mane” (in kannada means Priest’s house). You can order food here (of course you need to pay).

Bhattar Mane

Bhattar Mane

The best time to be on top of the mountain is during Sunrise and Sunset. Provided the cloud cover is not thick, one can see the sunset from here. Ideal place to shoot lovely pictures.

We hardly would have spent about an hour’s time before it was time to get back.

I have not covered the trekking aspect as I have not trekked to the top. However, loads of content is available. It’s just a Google away :-)

That’s it from me for now.




  • Mahesh Semwal says:

    Gud write-up with lot of information Cottege & food charges of Simha Farm looks very economical. Pictures are beautiful specially the mountains covered with the clouds

  • Joseph says:

    Pics are very nice. Nice article.

  • ranjitha says:

    hey cud u guide us for the trip to this place…regarding details like the best timings to reach the place,travel guide for the trek,accomodation etc..

  • Vishwa says:

    Kodachadris an aweseome place.There is one more resort that recently opened and it is just bottom the hill.(Pathalgere Resort) .Fantastic resort and you feel good and you can enjoy a lot. Very very economical and you can start climbing the hill from this place.

    We started the climb to the peak from this place. This is one of the most scenic walks I have ever done. There were clouds hanging low playing hide and seek. Though we were very close to the peak, it was completely covered by the clouds. Soon, we walked through the clouds and it was an amazing experience.

    You can contact this resort people through this mail id ” pathalagere@gmail.com” .

    Simha Farm looks good, but too far from the hill and its near the main road.You have to travel 15 Kms from this place.

  • Manish Khamesra says:

    Interesting Karthik, one more new place to visit :-)

    Thanks Vishwa, these informations will be very useful.

  • partha says:

    do v hav any option of stayin on top of d hill????
    i neeed to know abt expenses in simha farm????
    when is d good time to visit it????

    i hav got lot of information after readin ur aritcle which is very helpful

    • Karthik says:


      Thanks for the comment!!

      as far as stay on top of the hill is concerned, there is virtually nothing. There is an inspection bungalow, but would not suit all. Ideal would be to stay at the foot hills and take a jeep to the hill.

      reg expenses on the simha farm , its there on their web-site. any time after the rains is good to visit. October to March is a good time :-)

      happy touring

  • rohini says:

    Hey thanks to karthik and vishwa for the info,,,
    i could manage to get so much info after reading this..
    but can one of u give me the contacts for patalagere resort……
    planning for the new year bash there…………..

  • vishwa says:

    9008087087 is the Contact number of Pathalagere resort people

  • unique says:

    I just wanna know whether Night trekking is possible in Kodachadri?

  • Narayan says:

    Hey buddies

    please let me know if u r planning for a trek to kodachadri… I wud like to join u guys.


  • Hey guys, I just got some more info about staying at the hill top. I spoke to that guy also. His name is Mr. Rajendra. As he says this is not the right time to go there. It would be really hot and everything is dry. Immediately after the rain is the best time to visit this place.

    Have a look with the trekking experience with these guys in the following link. I am sure, after reading this u must say trekking to the hilltop is the best option rather going by jeep.

    Here is the link: http://adventureanytime.blogspot.com/2008/07/kodachadri-magic.html?spref=tw

  • Aryan says:

    Hey guys .. if you are going to kodachadri.. And if you are looking for home stays.. Just log onto http://www.homestayiq.com, it is a direct link to all the home stays.
    – NJoy

  • prabhu says:

    karthik, how is security around

  • M.Vishwanath says:

    Thank you Karthik and Vishwa. Your first hand information and my personal experience helped me to prepare a useful article on Kodachadri which is going to help lot of travel enthusiasts for sure.Keep up the service as ever.All the Best.
    M.Vishwanath, Bangalore

  • harish says:

    this place is near my house …………..if u want more information u can contact me 8123718241

  • nagabhushan says:

    hi this is nagabhushan………..kodachadri is near my house..if u want any information about this place u can contact me.
    my mobile number is 9483818215
    or 9482703129
    or 08185209113

  • naveen says:

    this place is near my house………u can contact to this number
    or 9482703074

  • amrutha says:

    can we cover everthing in kodachaadri in 2 days???

  • sanjay says:

    hey pls tell me any secured parking facility near kodchadri ,,,,,
    pls inform me 9686733064

  • senthil kumar says:

    Hi friend,

    i am having land in kodachadri around 2 acres, at sampekatte village, foot hill of kodachadri, one sid e boundary is a river, i like to make a home stay there, is it financially worth?

    shal ii get any idea about it?


  • Naveen kumar says:

    Can u ppl plz guide me wher v can stay in kodachadri me ma frn’s are goin for trip over der so if any one know about it plz leav a comment soon as posible

  • Akash G says:

    Hey Senthil,

    its gud idea to hve a home saty is really a gud option. you can right to ma mail id ecotouchholidays@gmail.com will consult you regarding the cost for construction n hw you can generate the sales.

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  • ravi kumar says:

    karthik i wanna ask bout this . we frns are planning to go for kodachadri in the month of july so i want the clarification that we want to go at the top of the hill so is it possible and any jeeps are carried over there pls telll me because we are totally confused and wat bout the green there ;is possible by trekking to go there we dont hav clear information so i request u to clarify this for me

  • shiva kumar says:

    Hi Karthik,

  • shiva kumar says:

    I am planning a trip to kodachadri next week, 22/06/2012. Can you let me know is this the right time to trek there.. will it be green by this time…?

    Can i find a travel guide there.. I would like trek there… instead of using jeep there…. !!!

    Please suggest .. thanks in advance….

    Shiva kumar

  • shiva kumar says:

    Hi Karthik,

    I am planning a trip to kodachadri next week, 22/06/2012. Can you let me know is this the right time to trek there.. will it be green by this time…?

    Can i find a travel guide there.. I would like trek there… instead of using jeep there…. !!!

    Please suggest .. thanks in advance….

    Shiva kumar

  • Shankar says:

    Pathalagere resort is getting updated.and it is renovated.Pathalagere is having bamboo house and it is built from natural things.here you can enjoy very well it is very near to kodachadri.you can enjoy with huts,farms,water,camp fire etc.
    To contact
    Or Pathalagere.blogspot.in

  • Ahamed Shanif says:

    can i reach kodachadri from Bangalore without going shimoga by train?

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