Delhi to Ramnagar : Jim Corbett National Park

We started our journey from Delhi to Ramnagar for a two days weekend trip to visit Jim Corbett National Park.

Ramnagar is a small town located near famous Corbett National Park in Nainital districts of Uttarakhand. The city is said to be dream destination for wildlife traveler as this is the sole park in India where richest concentrations of wildlife occur.

We were a group of 12 people, so we booked a traveler for two days. We started our journey early morning around 6AM from Delhi, so that city traffic can be avoided. On the way we halted at Gajraula for breakfast at a dhaba named Tadka.


This Dhaba is built like a village hut, serves the typical dhaba food and the service is quick. Food is above average and prices are reasonable. This dhaba occupies a large corner of a very large Bharat Petroleum petrol pump which shares boundaries with other eateries including McDonalds and dominos. However as this gets a mixed crowd the toilets are just ok unlike other places which have a cars-only visitor profile.

Inside View of Dhaba

We had parathas and tea in breakfast. First time I ate tandoor paratha there, it was bit different than normal tawa paratha, but it was good.

Tandoor paneer paratha

After breakfast we head towards our destination.

When we booked our trip, weather was quite hot. But as September is end of monsoon season, we faced an unexpected rain. It was raining continuously since a day before we started our journey. Because of continuous rain water get logged on our way close to resort. In this police were only allowing heavy vehicles as small vehicles may fail to sustain heavy water force.

Heavy water logging on our way

We reached at our resort in Ramnagar around 1PM. The resort is located about 12kms off the main highest heading to Ramnagar (On Dhela Road), they have enough signage placed along the route, so you know you’re on the right track.

The resort is perfect just like the name hideaway from all the mess of the world, you will be welcomed by pretty and adorable ducks fluttering at the entrance garden.

Entrance garden of resort

After reaching resort we settled down in our rooms. We got a luxury duplex there, with interconnected rooms, outside balconies which was giving view of natural greenery and a living area with sofa and fold-able bed.

Living Area connecting other rooms

As our safari was scheduled for next day, we decided to enjoy the resort that day.

Resort had a badminton court, a clean and large pool, and manicured lawns. Pool had a separate part for kids so that even they can enjoy, you will find so much peace there as resort is far away from all the noise of world completely surrounded by greenery.


Pool area for adult and kids

We can choose two timings for safari, either morning 5:45AM, or post lunch around 3PM. As it was raining, our jeep safari driver suggested to go for post lunch next day.

Next day, we had our breakfast and then we head towards pool to enjoy. After few hours we got call from our jeep safari driver that safari is not possible as it is closed because of water logging.

We all were bit upset because our safari got cancelled, but soon we got involved in our pool side enjoyments.

In this trip, first time I tried water diving. Though I was bit scared initially, as I don’t know swimming, but a zeal to overcome my fear and to experience that amazing feeling I tried it. After trying front dive once, I did it again and also did back dive in water.

What exactly I learnt from it is : “Fear is just a state of mind, once you decide to overcome it, you surely can”.

We checked out of resort around 5PM(actually it was at 2PM but we got it extended), we got freshen up accordingly, had our lunch and then left the place with so many memorable moments in our bucket.

Even though safari got cancelled, but this trip has surely added some more beautiful experience, crucial lessons and wonderful friends in life.

Our group with Hotel Staff

It is must visit place if you are looking for weekend plan far away from all the stress, pollution and noise of city, it is just 6 hours away from Delhi and you will not have to take any extra leave apart from two days of weekends.

Important tips:

  • If you are visiting for a relaxing holiday, and don’t intend to venture out of the resort, please do avail of All Meals inclusive package, since there aren’t many options around the resort, for eating out, only few other resorts are present in the vicinity.
  • You can wear any kind of clothes according to season you are visiting, it is just advisable to not wear any bright clothes like red or dark orange during safari visit.
  • You can make safari booking from here:
  • Best time to visit Jim Corbett is from October to June (avoid monsoon season so that you will not face safari cancellation as we did).





  • Muskan says:

    I have been to Jim Corbett twice and both the times had lunch at the Tadka Dhaba and so i could totally relate to your love for food from there. The experience that you had was interesting to read about.

  • Nandan Jha says:

    Right after Tadka, there is another place called ‘Moga’, it has probably one of the best loos in the entire stretch. Clean, air-conditioned n all. And the food is good, well priced etc.

    I was a regular at Corbett till our daughter was born in 2005 and then it was hard :-), its a great place to unwind. I am due to this place since I need to visit a friend so may be your log motivates to finally make that trip soon.

    Thank you Anchal for taking us along.

    • Anchal Sarraf says:

      I am glad that my blog motivated you to make your trip soon. Do share your experience after trip, i would like to read.

  • Jim Corbett National Park, which is a section of a large Corbett tiger reserve, is a mission placed in the Tiger reserve of Nainital district.
    Established in 1936 as the Hailey National Park, Jim Corbett National Park, is proud of India’s oldest park. This is being given as a place where the task tiger was once begun for the first time in 1973. This unique Bigger location is regarded as the most father who had given the start to the challenge tiger in India so that the most dangerous nature of India ought to be protected and called India’s royal tigers.

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