Travel Games – Games to play for kids while on a road trip

This video is not a travelogue, but it is should be highly useful for our young travellers and their parents.

This video has been created by my daughter Vrinda (7 years), we call her Kuhu at home, and my niece Pihu (12 years). We love to go on road trips and many a times it gets difficult to keep kids entertained while one is on the run. In this video, Pihu and Kuhu share some of the games that we love to play while travelling. Most kids love these games. These can be played with grownups as well. Each of these games is educational game in it’s own way.

Hope you enjoy the video as much as we enjoyed making it!

🚗 1. I’m going on a picnic with – Game starts with first participant saying “I’m going to a picnic with” followed by an object. Each participant adds one object and repeats the earlier list. Whoever breaks the sequence loses. This is a memory game and boosts child’s memory.

🚗 2. Atlas – This is like Antakshari of places. First participant names a place with S, next one names the place that starts with last one’s ending letter and so on. Benefit of this game is that child learns names and spellings of new places.

🚗 3. Homemade Headbandz – This is a simplified version of Headbandz. It’s a guessing game where participant asks questions in order to discuss guess the object on his/her card. The benefit of this game is that it boosts child’s imagination.

Thank you for watching this video. Vrinda feels encouraged to share more of her experiences when she sees all the love 😀

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