Tips to Plan a Perfect Honeymoon Getaway from India in 2022

If you’ve planned your Indian wedding already, it’s time you shift your focus on your honeymoon planning. Many couples keep delaying it to the extent that they have to make all the arrangements in a hurry, which naturally affects the overall experience. Want your honeymoon to be memorable and special? If the answer is yes, then start planning early.

With the amount of information overload available online, it can be daunting to find all the essential honeymoon planning tips in a single place. Luckily, we’ve done all this hard work for you, so you can jump straight to executing the tips after completing reading this guide. So let’s jump straight to the tips shared below:    

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  • Choose a Destination that Excites Both

Picking a honeymoon destination isn’t as easy as it seems. With the internet filled with breathtakingly beautiful pictures of various destinations, one can easily end up randomly picking a destination – which is not how it should be done. Honeymoon is about the two of you, so make sure the destination you choose has something for both.

If you have a budget constraint, it is advisable to explore cheap honeymoon destinations outside Indiaand pick one that interests both. The destination should be chosen based on the experience you want to have, so take time and work together to find a beautiful honeymoon destination.  

  • Book your Travel Tickets Early

A good reason to book travel tickets early is to receive significant discounts. Another reason is the no-hassle of running behind travel agents to get tickets booked at the last moment. You should start looking for airlines that offer affordable roundtrip tickets to your chosen destination and book them at least three months before the actual travel date.   

Though most countries have opened up to foreign tourists, you should still check the COVID-19 protocols travellers are required to follow. If the destination you’ve chosen requires the tourists to undergo quarantine, even after getting vaccinated, you will have to adjust your travel dates accordingly. The COVID-19 guidelines for tourists are different for different locations, so make sure you check it for the location you’ve selected and plan your travel accordingly.    

  • Book your Stay in Advance

Choosing good accommodation is as important as choosing the right honeymoon location. If you want to keep stress and hassles at bay throughout your trip, make sure you book comfortable accommodation in advance. It will ensure you get to stay in your preferred hotel/apartments. And booking online in advance can also get you some discounts, which might not be available during offline booking.  

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  • Prepare an Itinerary Together

Your honeymoon itinerary should have the right mix of romance, adventure, fun, and a lot more. While preparing the itinerary, make a note of the places you would want to visit, local experiences and food you want to try, etc. Everything included in the itinerary should interest both, as then you can be certain of having a great time.  

  • Compare, Check, & Confirm

Once you freeze the itinerary, you should start making travel and hotel bookings online to save time and money. You can compare and check the prices for a similar type of accommodation, flights, local experiences, and more online to find the best yet affordable deals.  

Look for Recent Travelogues by Newly-Wedded Couples

Thanks to the internet, you and many others can now find helpful travelogues by newly-wed couples to take inspiration or get information essential to make your trip a memorable one. To cut the clutter, you should look for travelogues based on the destination you’ve shortlisted and see what people that recently went there on their honeymoon have to say about it. 

The best part about travelogues is that you can come to know about the good and bad side of a destination, which can enable you to make necessary changes in your plan. The more travelogues you can find, the better.  

  • Get an International Travel Insurance

One essential part of international travel that many people overlook is travel insurance. Though it is not mandatory to get one, securing you and your partner under comprehensive international travel insurance can take away all your travel worries.

Travel insurance safeguards the insured against any financial losses arising from baggage theft, sudden medical emergencies in the holiday destination, passport theft, flight cancellation, change in travel dates, and other events specified in the insurance. As COVID-19 is not over yet, securing yourself for medical emergencies can be a wise decision, especially in a foreign land.  

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  • Make Prior Bookings for Special Arrangements

If you want to surprise your partner with some special arrangements they least expect, you should make a prior booking for it. Hotels usually help with such arrangements for some additional payment. However, you have to carefully pick the accommodation as not every hotel may be ready for it. A great way is to call the hotel you’ve shortlisted and verify if they make special arrangements for an additional fee. If they do that, go ahead and plan something unique and special.

  • Study the Topographical Conditions

If you plan to stay most of the time outside exploring new places together, you should gather some topographical information essential for a smooth travel experience. Being aware of such details will help you with your honeymoon planning, and you’ll know what to expect when you visit there.  

  • Build Local Contacts before Visiting

No one knows a location/place better than the locals living there for decades. If you can get connected to a person who knows the destination well, your journey can become a lot more smooth. You can search for travel startups that connect travellers with local guides or people that can assist tourists as and when needed. You can also join online travel forums or communities to ask fellow travellers about potential leads. A local contact can help you throughout your stay, ensuring you have the best time of your life.

The entire honeymoon planning process can be challenging, but if you follow the tips discussed above, you will continue to have the best travel experience. People often rush to make bookings, and this is where things go wrong. Honeymoon is special, so make sure you give enough time to planning and arranging the same. The tips in this guide are more than enough to help any couple plan the best trip of their lifetime.

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