Travelling Abroad This Year? Keep International Travel Insurance Close

Stepping out from home exposes us to many risks. This is particularly true for overseas trips. Any unforeseen event like a delayed flight or an injury can create a lot of inconvenience. Also, we have seen how the outbreak of Covid-19 had put the lives of many travellers at risk. Keeping these points in mind, buying an insurance cover to secure international trips is a move in the right direction. 

Many insurers offer international travel insurance plans which are designed to cover various travel risks. There is also availability of several destination-specific plans which prove beneficial for a traveller. 

The importance of having a travel insurance cover cannot be ignored. In fact, it is the best financial support for an individual who is embarking on an overseas journey. 

Read below to understand how you can protect your trip. 

Travel Insurance Helps in Many Ways

A policyholder is eligible for a lot of benefits under the travel insurance policy. The policy offers coverage for below- mentioned scenarios: 

  • Medical Emergency: As medical treatment costs are exorbitant in many countries; a travel plan serves as a vital financial cushion in a foreign destination. It covers wide-range of medical situations such as accidental hospitalisation, medical evacuation, treatment for life-threatening condition due to any pre-existing ailment, etc.
  • Destination-related Risks: A travel plan gives the insured an adequate coverage for country-specific risks, for instance, damages caused due to any kind of natural disaster. 
  • Loss of belongings: If a traveller loses or misplaces his or her passport, then there is no need to worry as travel plans offer specific cover for loss of travel documents including passport. Furthermore, delay or loss of checked-in baggage also gets covered by travel insurance plan.
  • Trip Interruption/Cancellation: One cannot rule out the possibilities of cancellation, interruption, or delays in flights. In fact, they occur commonly owing to poor weather conditions. In such situations, a traveller may have to incur additional expenses on accommodation, food, etc. These expenses are also covered under a travel policy. 
  • Personal Liability: One cannot neglect the possibilities of incidents that can make a person accountable for damages to a third-party. A good overseas travel policy also offers the feature of personal liability cover. 

Plan Before You Buy Travel Insurance Online

Planning is necessary to ensure a comfortable trip. Additionally, thoughtful planning is also vital when choosing the right insurance cover for overseas trips. Opting for the online facility for buying travel plans proves highly convenient and enables you to compare policies easily. 

Make sure you keep the following points in mind before you buy travel insurance online: 

  • Estimate the likely budget for your international trip. Decide a coverage amount that is sufficient to meet the healthcare costs in the country you are planning to visit. 
  • Understand clearly about the sub-limits and deductibles that are available in your policy. Deductibles are the out-of-pocket costs which a policyholder has to bear. 
  • Choose a travel policy with maximum coverage for at the best premium. The amount of premium is based on factors like the traveller’s age, type of coverage, the destination, trip duration, etc.
  • Check for the travel risks you are not covered for by reading about the policy exclusions. This way you can be financially prepared for expenses and prevent claim rejection. 
  • Know from your insurer about the procedures for filing travel insurance claim. Raising a claim request within the specified timeframe is essential so that it does not get rejected. Keep all your insurance documents safely. 

It is extremely necessary to analyse one’s travel needs before choosing a travel policy. Customising the travel plans greatly helps in ensuring complete cover for different risks one may encounter. 

No matter which country you are travelling to, travel insurance plans by Religare Health Insurance aim to secure your journey by providing the best coverage at affordable premium. Opt for ‘Explore’ which is a customised travel insurance policy for those travelling out of India. 

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