The Liveliest Place On Earth :-SAN ANTONIO

As far as the name is concerned you can find a sense of joy & warmth by pronouncing San Antonio !!!!!!!!!
The place to party and completely changing yourself to a party animal…..

San Antonio is not a place for peace lovers or for a person who is looking for a calm and serene holiday destination.It is a place where you can take out the party or carefree animal out of yourself and serve yourself a great nightlife.

Let’s take an inside look of San Antonio. Let’s start the journey………….

San Antonio is in Ibiza, Hope this is a known name to everyone, the Vengaboys song- I love to party. Ibiza is the third largest among the Balearic islands(It’s a Spanian Island).The sea is the Balearic sea. The Balearic Sea is a body of water in the Mediterranean Sea, between the east coast of Spain and the Balearic Islands).

The airport for San Antonio is Ibiza airport(IBZ).From the airport the transfer time

to San Antonio is approx. 25 mins which is nothing if you want to visit a place like San Antonio.Ample options for transfers are available like shuttle,taxis or car hire.Staying here is quite simple and you don’t bother for a star rating as the only thing you want to do is refresh yourself at the hotel room and sleep however a good property to stay would be the Sol Pinet Playa a 3* hotel right on the beach.


Ariel view of Sol Pinet Playa



Sol Pinet Playa 3*


Once you step down and touch your feet on the San Antonian soil you want to shake every active muscle in your body b’cas you can hear loud music from the Discotheque near by.There are over 100 discotheques in San Antonio and you can find worlds biggest and greatest DJ’s romping their saucy ,meaty ,melting and hip trooping numbers at a discotheque near you .This is the place for Stag & Hen’s party.The crowd is cosmopolitan and is very real and lively.Wine flows like water and you can dig in as much as you can but a word of caution i.e. evening hangover which can spoil your evening so keep lemons handy.But why evening hangover instead of morning hangover?Here is the answer San Antonio is the place for nocturnals.The best way to enjoy San Antonio is to sleep at day and wake up early in the evening and get yourself ready by 10 o’clock ,so that you can party whole night.

Privilege – Known as the world’s biggest club

privelige1.jpg privellege2.jpg

Amnesia – A great place to hang around




Another glimpse of Amnesia



Pacha - The oldest club on the island


Party guys in Pacha


A girl at Pacha :)


Es Paradis – Great vibe, always packed

paradis2.jpg paradis1.jpg



Space - Called the world's first "after-hours" club.


Crowd in Space


More crowd in Space


El Divino – right at the marina, a must-visit.

divino1.jpg divino2.jpg divino3.jpg


Eden - newest club on the block, and on the waterfront.


Eden club


Guarana – A fun pick is the Guarana Music Bar. This night club is located in the Marina of Santa Eulalia and has live music and DJ’s.


There are different kind of party’s as per your choice going on at different discothèque.To name a few Foam Parties ,White dress code party with no undergarments worn(sounds erotic isn’t it?),Gay parties ,Lesbian Parties ,Nude parties and many more to name its on you which kind of place you want to go. The same applies with the sea beaches also as there are separate segments for separate needs .Especially the nude beaches are very popular with the German tourists but beware to carry a camera near those places b’cas you may land up with a broken rib as bouncers are freely guarding those places.


A group of sun bathers posing for cameras


I would like to tell you all about the Ibiza Beach Party on a full moon night by the beach which hosts more than 50000 people on a single night with loads of heavy music,drinks,food and many more things which cannot be understood until unless seen by self.The party starts around 7 in the evening with light crowd setting tunes which reaches the pinnacle by midnight and carry’s on till 7-8 o’clock next day when every one is totally exhausted and just wants to sleep,sleep and sleep for not less than 14-18 hours.The city looks deserted in the morning but again by 11-12 o’ clock at night regains its hip hop nature.


It’s Dusk !!!!Lets start the party…..



Its Dawn!!! Still Dancing


San Antonio is a sea to gain yourself,lose yourself ,find a partner,lose a partner,fulfill your wishes,unleash the animal within you and then vouch to come back again to party as no single party can be like a party or an evening spent at San Antonio the” King Of Nightlife.”


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