The Hidden Places of Uttrakhand – CHAKRATA & LAKHAMANDAL (Day -3)

Next day morning again I got up at 5.00 am to watch the sun rise but the weather was too bad , worst than the previous day. We got ready by 7.30am as we planned but soon it started raining but we didn’t have any choice , none of us want to leave Chakrata without seeing Tiger fall which is the main attraction of Chakrata. We waited for one hour, now rain was not too heavy so our driver said that due to heavy rain in night & morning the mud must be washed off the road hence he suggested to start our journey towards Tiger fall . It was still drizzling. We left it over god and started our journey , by the time we reached close to tiger fall rain stopped.After 20 kms of drive we had to trek for 2 kms downhill.

Tiger Fall - CHAKRATA

The major attraction around the Chakrata is Tiger fall , it is located on Lakhamandal road. As soon as you get out of your car you will be greeted by the village small kids who will offer to guide you to the Fall. Although there are cemented stairs for tiger fall still we hired a guide who was hardly 10 years old. I was not able to say no to him because of his smartness & the way of style of communicating in such a young age.

Staring point (Tiger Fall)

Village House on the way to Tiger Fall

potato field on the way to Tiger fall

After a trek for half an hour we reached downhill where the falling water gets collected where visitors can bathe and enjoy under the Fall. As we reached early & it was cold after the rainfall we could not enjoy by taking a bath.

Way to Tiger fall

Way to Tiger fall

On the way to Tiger fall

The view of the Tiger fall was breathtaking. The 312 feet fall is the highest fall of the state. Because of the roaring sound of the Fall while falling it is known as Tiger fall.

Tiger fall

Our Guide "Chetan Singh Rawat"

While returning from the fall we felt tired as the stairs were steep.We reached near our car and thanked to our Guide “Chetan singh Rawat” & offered him soft drink which he easily accepted & asked for a wafer’s packet for his younger brother.He handed over the money to his father who was a farmer which he earned from us as a guide.We were extremely touched by his caring & respectful attitude towards his family which can be seen only in villages. We had our tea there & proceeded for Lakhamandal which was about 50 kms from tiger fall.

Village Kwansi - on the way to Lakhamandal

The condition of roads to Lakhamandal is too bad , we were thankful to God for the nice weather other wise anything could be happened. In the stretch of this 50 kms we hardly saw 4-5 cars/jeep. Around 1:30pm we reached Lakhamandal.

Village Goraghati - on the way to Lakhamandal

Lakhamandal is 70 kms from Chakrata & 62 kms from Mussoorie.

Entrance gate - Lakhamandal

It is to be believed that this is the place where Duryudhan built “Lakhsha Grah” to kill Pandavas but fortunately Pandavas escaped from there by running away through a Cave .The next end of the cave can be seen at a distance of 2 kms from Lakhamandal temple.

Local House on the way to lakhamandal

Lakhamandal Temple is accessible from the main road by passing through the narrow road (Gali). This temple is dedicated to Lord Shiva & Parvati.

Narrow road (Gali) going towards Lakhamandal

stairs to Lakhamandal

One of the Temple caretaker informed us that this temple was first discovered by a cow who used to drain her milk on the Shivling everyday .One day owner of the cow followed his cow to check & found this temple. This temple is replica of Kedarnath.

Out side the temple there are two Nandi at the both side of the gate.

Entrance - Lakhamandal Temple with two nandi

There are two shivlings with different colour / Shape also near the gate of the temple. Dark green Shivling belongs to Dwapar Yug & red one belongs to Tritiya Yug.

Inside the temple one can see the foot mark of baby Parvati on a rock other than that there were idols of Shiv , Parvati , Kartikey , Ganesha, Vishnu & Bajrangbali. Photography is prohibited inside the temple.

Beside the temple there is a big Varandha & at the centre of that a huge Shivling on a platform.

Shivling on a platform

It is to be believed that this temple was built by Yudhishter .Localites call it “Mundku Devaru” means “a temple broken from Head”.

Near to this temple one can see two 6 feet statues , they are called as gatekeeper of the temple. Other than that there are lot of broken parts of pillars of temple & Shivlings with different shape / colour can be seen.

Gatekeeper's of temple

Gatekeeper's of Temple




At some distance there is a stone shivling which shines after pouring water on it , one can see his/her own image also while pouring water. It was found in 1963 by a localite while constructing his house.


There is a museum also with a collection of staues & Shivlings of different shapes.

side view - Lakhamandal

On the way we saw that cave which was used by Pandava’s to escape from Lakhsagrah. The cave is not maintained at all. There was no arrangement of light.



After visiting this all we further proceeded towards Dehradun Via Barni Ghat , Damta , Yamuna Bridge .From here one road goes to Mussoorie – Dehradun & other Vikasnagar – Dehradun. We preferred to take Viakasnagar – Dehradun to avoid the Mussoorie rush. We reached Dehradun around 9.30 PM.


In this way our entertaining as well as informative journey got over.

Ready for next trip :-)


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  • Sahil Sethi says:

    @ Mahesh Ji ,

    Tiger Fall is the all time favourite. In Kanasar ,I remember the famous broad stem tree . It just made me nostalgic about my Chakrata trip.


  • Nandan says:

    Very informative and with pics, it makes a great collection.

    I am sensing some aspect-ratio issues with some of the pics (stretched/squished). I would take a look later tonight or down the week. Also for me, they took some time to load. I am not on a great connection but still it took more than what it usually takes. Would look into it.

    • Sahil Sethi says:

      @ Nandan ji , you are right. There is some problem of aspect ratio , pics look a little stretched. And Yes , the pics are taking really a very long time to load even on broadband , and few of them I was unable to see earlier because the pics were loading very very slow.


    • maheh semwal says:

      Thanks Nandan !!

  • AUROJIT says:

    Hi Mahesh,

    really informative post with elaborate use of good pics.

    Tiger falls is something I had previously heard about but never got as much details as in this post.

    Lakhamandal is a revelation, which I would like to visit sometimes.

    Thanks for the interesting post.


  • svkinnal says:

    Dear Maheshji

    Excellent photos. I have taken a tour of Chardham in the month of may-june 2011.
    My next destination will be LAKHMANDAL.

    One Minute, How can I get the jerkin and Bag which you wore.

    • maheh semwal says:

      Thanks Kinnal for going through the post & leaving comment.

      “How can I get the jerkin and Bag which you wore ” …….. This question is for you Nandan :-)

  • Mukesh Bhalse says:

    Mahesh ji,
    Very nice and informative post.


  • Mukesh Bhalse says:

    Yes, I would also like to purchase that bag & T- Shirt. Please let us know the procedure.


  • Nandan says:

    Hi Mukesh – Those were gifts for ‘Ghumakkar of the Year 2009 and 2010’. We had got done a limited number. If there is enough interest, I can look at getting another T-Shirt done sometime soon.

  • Aditya says:

    Nice Post Sir…

    The whole series has been very informative…..

  • Nandan says:

    Mahesh – I looked at the pics. My guess is that the sizes (width and height) which you have chosen are not in right proportion. For example, if the original image is of size 1920 X 1440 then we would need to maintain that proportion else it would either get stretched or squished.

    I have fixed this for one of the photos. Please look at pic having caption ‘Way to Tigerfall’ and you would see the difference. Since you have uploaded the large size images, we can either have our own size which is in proportion of original dimensions or we can choose the ‘Large’ size when we insert. I can fix this over the weekend. I am just marking this comment here since Sahil also had this question.

  • raj kumar sharma(sonu ITALY) says:

    halo bhaiya , i read ur experience to this place it was great , i m also keen to visit places like this but unable to do so due to my holiday problem , i ll sure make plan with u to visit some beautiful places in india

  • Silentsoul says:

    Tks Semwal ji… for introducing a new place. We had done upto chakrata but no one told about Lakhamandal.

    thanx & cheers

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  • RAVI BISHT says:

    Dear Mahesh ji,,,,
    In 1829, Jaunsar-Bawar was incorporated in Chakrata tehsil, prior to which it had been a part of Punjab state of Sirmur, till the British conquered it along with Dehradun after the 1814 war with the Gurkhas.[6]
    Before the establishment of British Indian Army cantonment in 1866, the entire was known as Jaunsar-Bawar, and the name continued to be in popular use for the region, till early 20th century.[7] While western Hindi was popular in most of the neighbouting hill areass, ‘Jaunsari’ language, part of the Central Pahari languages was spoken by most of the people of the region.[8]
    viz Chakrata Looks amazing Mahesh Ji. I can imagine its beauty in monsoon, everything will be like washed and clean with rich tone all over. After reading your narration I am too keen to visit this place. Thanks for sharing.
    From:Mr.Ravi Bisht Alsi
    Tata motors pantnagar

  • S.K.Das says:

    Thanks Mahesh for such informative article and beautiful photos. Pls post about Patal Bhubneswar also.
    Once again lot of thanks for your great job.

  • neeraj kumar says:

    bahut hi accha laga yeh site dekh kar tiger falls ki photo’s same hai

  • Loved the level of information and how simply you described your experience

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