Shrikhand Mahadev Trek in Himachal Pradesh (25th – 30th July, 2008)

After knowing about this place from my friend Vikas, we planned a trek of Shrikhand Mahadev. Before going there I had totally different views about the place. I had no information about trekking before visiting this place. We were four out of which three were going for such a long trek first time. Vikas was going second time but he was not able to complete this trek last time. Due to little knowledge about trekking we had very bad plan for completing this trek in three days excluding our journey from Delhi to Nirmand.

***As per my estimate this is 5 days trek (Jaon – Shrikhand Mahadev – Jaon)

Posted by Ripple (VJ) : Broken Mud house near Jaon village @ Shrikhand MahadevBroken Mud house near Jaon village @ Shrikhand Mahadev

25th evening (Started from Delhi)

We started on 25th evening from Delhi and reached Nirmand at 12 noon on 26th.

26th July (Shimla>> Nirmand >> Jaon >> Singh-Ghat)

After lunch at Nirmand we hired a cab for Jaon village which is starting point of this trek. Shrikhand Mahadev is actually a pilgrimage place for Hindus. Shirkhand Mahadev is considered to be the abode of Lord Shiva. So it is a place of great attraction for the religious people as well as for climbers. It was a trek for us (Vishal, Vikas, Narender and me). It is part of the Great Himalaya National Park (Kullu-Shimla, Himachal Pradesh, India) where the forests and the high altitude meadows are protected and can display there full beauty.

Posted by Ripple (VJ) : Worker with Apples near Nirmand @ Shrikhand Mahadev

Worker with Apples near Nirmand @ Shrikhand Mahadev

There are lot of apple orchids on the way to Jaon from Nirmand. Nirmand village is believed to be biggest village of Asia.

27th July (SinghtGhat >> Barahati >> Thacharu >> Kali Ghati)

On 26th we trekked to Singh-Ghat and stayed there in night. On 27th, we started our journey for Thachru at 5 am. This complete strech is full of forests and water bodies. During first 30 mins, we were moving on a narrow path alongside Shrikhand river.

Posted by Ripple (VJ) : Shrikhand River near Singh Ghat @ Shrikhand Mahadev
Shrikhand River near Singh Ghat @ Shrikhand Mahadev

Then we started climbing hills from Barahati to Thachru. This was most difficult strech of the whole trek. Its 80 degree climb from Barahati to Thacharu. When we looked up, the hill was soaring into the skies. After 2 Hrs from Barahati rain started and we kept on moving with our rain suits. Vikas had already warned us for that rains can start anytime, so be prepared. Vikas was trying to keep our energy-level high by saying that we are going to reach Thachru in next 1 hr. Actually it took approximately 7 hrs for us to reach Thacharu. I guess Thacharu is approximately 10 kms from Singh Ghat. We were completely exhausted when we reached Thacharu.

We finished 2 Glucose packates before reaching this place :-)

Posted by Ripple (VJ) : Moving Clouds @ Shrikhand Mahadev
Moving Clouds @ Shrikhand Mahadev

It was really tough. Even a luggage of 7kg on your back seems of 30 kgs. Target for 26th was to reach Bheemdwari but no one was in a state to move further. At this point of time we realized that we should have a coolie for the luggage and lot of energy food. We had our lunch at Thacharu and it was not so good. I was not able to take more than 10 spoons of rice. We had few other things to eat which helped me in complete trek.

*** Keep Glucose packages with you as much as possible. Also other stuff like fruits, biscuits etc. Because its very difficult to cook nice lunch & dinner…

Posted by Ripple (VJ) : Forest view on the way to Thacharu @ Shrikhand Mahadev

Forest view on the way to Thacharu @ Shrikhand Mahadev

This strech was quite steep through the forest followed by a long & a wide plateau with wild flowers. We left all the civilization behind on this route. After lunch we slept for 1 hr and after that no one was in a mood to trek further. Finally Vikas was able to motivate us to move further and we were able to reach Kaali Gahati by evening. There were no tree between Thacharu and Kaali Ghati. From this point we were able to see lots of high hills covered with snow. Shrikhand Shivlingam was visible from this point in early morning. We spent second night at Kaali Ghati in a Tent and fortunately we met a person who agreed to go with us till Shrikhand Mahadev. He helped us by taking all our bags on his shoulders. He charged 300 Rs per day which was nothing if we see his hard work. Two of us were down with Fever (Me and Narender). We had very bad head ache with 103 degree temperature. Luckily we had enough arrangement for the night in terms of cloths and blankets. I hardly slept that night.

Posted by Ripple (VJ) : Tent at Kali Ghati @ Shrikhand Mahadev

Tent at Kali Ghati @ Shrikhand Mahadev

*** Torches are of great help in nights…

28th July (Kali Ghati >> Valley of flowers >> Bheem Dwari >> Parvati Baag)

We started for next target Bheem Dwari at 6:00 am on 27th. After Kaali ghati there was no source to contact anybody because cell phones were not working now. We crossed approximately 8 hills up and down to reach Bheem Dwari. Time between 6:00 am and 8:30 am is the best time when you can see the beauty of hills. After that clouds start moving and vision area starts decreasing. Most of the time area of vision was 10-15 meters.

Posted by Ripple (VJ) : Clouds in early morning @ Shrikhand Mahadev
Clouds in early morning @ Shrikhand Mahadev

There is a beautiful valley in between: Valley of Flowers.

Posted by Ripple (VJ) : A view of Valley of Flowers @ Shrikhand Mahadev
A view of Valley of Flowers @ Shrikhand Mahadev

Valley of flowers is believed to be rich valley in terms of Herbs. According to Dhola Ram ji, local people come uphills in the month of September to get herbs for main Contractors. This valley is really beautiful, full of colorful flowers and leaves. We had our lunch at Bheem Dwari and it was pretty cold in the evening with temperature hovering around 2-3 degree Celsius which must have dropped down further during night. Vikas with Dhola Ram ji moved towards Parvati Bag for arranging tents there. Other of us took rest at Bheem Dwari for some time. In rained as we started climbing up for Paravati Bag. We moved without any break because we were safe due to top layer of rain-suit. when we reached at Paravati Bag, sky was clear and we were able to see Moon with lot of stars around it. Everybody was shivering with cold and we started sharing some other experience in closed tents. After some time we had dinner and came out of tents to enjoy night view of hills and clouds around us. All of us were in multiple layers of cloths but still we were shivering inside quilt.

Posted by Ripple (VJ) : Waterfall near Valley of flowers @ Shrikhand Mahadev

Waterfall near Valley of flowers @ Shrikhand Mahadev

This stretch was really beautiful with lot of flower valleys and waterfalls…

Posted by Ripple (VJ) : Broken Mud house near Bheem Dwari @ Shrikhand Mahadev

Broken Mud house near Bheem Dwari @ Shrikhand Mahadev

29th July (Parvati Baag >> Nain Sarovar >> Bheem Paudi >> Shrikhand Mahadev >> Bheem Paudi >> Nain Sarovar >> Parvati Baag)

Nain-Sarovar view from hill top @ Shrikhand Mahadev
Try to reach this place in early morning because after 8:00 am its not so clear because all the clouds move up in the sky and visibility radius reduces. After this had to climb approximately 5 more rock hills and few snow covered hills in between. Some of these climbs were 85 degree steep. Now this was fear factor kind of challenge for us where we were climbing up rocks on one side and deep descents on other side. This was really scary for me at least. Vikas and Dhola Ram ji helped other people to climb up. One of them used to go up first and second come after helping others to reach one place.

Posted by Ripple (VJ) : Nain-Sarovar view from hill top @ Shrikhand Mahadev

Next day we woke up at 5:00 am and started climbing the last stretch immediately after breakfast. This was the most difficult stretch with steep snow covered and rocky hills. Today we took our first break after 4 kilometers at Nain Sarovar. This was a water lake between hills and most of the part was frozen. Temperature was very less here. we moved ahead after few minutes and we had to cross a high rock hill. After some time sun came up and view was clear when we reached the top of this rock hill, we were overwhelmed with the beauty of the place. On the top we saw a huge store of clouds and we spent approximately 20 minutes here.

Posted by Ripple (VJ) : Cloud Store @ Shrikhand Mahadev
Cloud Store @ Shrikhand Mahadev

Posted by Ripple (VJ) : Rock climbing without ropes @ Shrikhand Mahadev

Rock climbing without ropes @ Shrikhand Mahadev

This area known as Bheem Paudi(steps) was full of big rocks with different kind of marking on them. This was much more tiresome than the last day’s trek and hence we had frequent water breaks. There was no water source after Nain Sarovar so one needs to pack water for journey after Nain-Sarovar.

** Keep water bottles with you after Nain-Sarovar. There is no water source after that except snow on hills.

Due to lot of breaks throughout the trek we were lagging by one day. As we were near to our destination, I started thinking about back journey to Delhi and we started discussing the same. At the end we decided to reach Shimla by Wednesday Evening which was very optimistic in my opinion. Now Dhola Ram warned us and asked to move slowly by avoiding breaks.

*** But as Dhola Ram kept repeating the key was to walk at your own pace and not rush.

Posted by Ripple (VJ) : Trekkers moving on snow covered hill @ Shrikhand Mahadev

Trekkers moving on snow covered hill @ Shrikhand Mahadev

Finally we were able to see the final destination, the standing Rock on a hill top known as Shrikhand Mahadev. But still we had to cross three hills to reach there. I was down with weakness and asked others to move further. I was planning to quit and wait others for back journey. As was expected it turned out to be the toughest day of the trek. For the first time I was feeling the lack of oxygen and the need to stop and take long breaths after few steps.Vikas and others folks motivated me to move ahead. We started moving again …

Posted by Ripple (VJ) : View of Shrikhand Mahadev @ Shrikhand Mahadev

Now we finished the last packet of Glucose :-). The peaks surrounding Bheem Paudi received fresh snow. Dropping temperature, low atmospheric pressure, less oxygen wasn’t helping us and some of us were down with altitude sickness. Me and Vikas were down after reaching Shrikhand. Dhola Ram asked us to move back without spending much time there. I was very disappointed on my condition. I was felling helpless on the top. I was thinking to capturing the beauty in my camera but my energy level was not allowing me for that. Finally I had no energy to move 100 meters for touching Shrikhand Mahadev rock…

Now we started moving back. My conditions was worst now.. No energy to walk and no option to stay… After going 2-3 kilometers we were comfortably moving down at very slow pace. After some hours we saw our tents at Paravti Bag but still the distance was approximately 6 kilometers. Now other side hills were not visible due to high clouds.

30th July (Parvati Baag >> Bheem Paudi >> Valley of Flowers >> Kaali Ghati >> Thacharu)

Posted by Ripple (VJ) : Tents for trekkers @ Shrikhand Mahadev
Tents for trekkers @ Shrikhand Mahadev

Next Day we started our journey back to Singh-Ghat… Now we had to climb new heights but these were comparatively easy. We took long break at Kaali Ghati and moved for Chachru. By the time we started from Kali ghati we were late to reach Singh Ghat. Rain started as we moved down towards Thacharu from Kali Ghati. We stayed at Thacharu in night. It kept raining the whole night and we kept wondering (and praying) if we would be able to reach Shimla next day or not. Some of us were down with fever. Night Temperatures were sub-zero and it was really cold.

During back journey to Parvati Bag, we took a long break near Nain-Sarovar. Here we saw a lot of Bramh-Kamals… Now we were able to see lush green hills on other side. Finally we reached Parvati Bag after lot of exertion during the day…
We went near a waterfall for some time and spent a good time there. We had tea after taking some rest in tents… today all of us were very tired and went to sleep immediately after dinner.

31st July (Thacharu >> Barahati >> Singh Ghat >> Jaon >> Nirmand >> Shimla)

Posted by Ripple (VJ) : Early Morning view from Parvati Baag @ Shrikhand Mahadev

Early Morning view from Parvati Baag @ Shrikhand Mahadev

We woke up at 4:00 am and moved down to singh ghat after morning tea. Torches were helpful during early morning darkness of forests on the way.We reached Barahati at 8 am. Vishal and I decided to take bath in frigid water of Shrikhand river. Our senses stopped working wafter 2 minutes in river water and shivers continued for next 45 minutes…

After reaching Jaon Village we hired a taxi for Nirmand where we had parked the car. We reached Shimla at 6:30 pm and we changed our routes… Some of us came back to Delhi and a few went home to take rest…

After reaching home we were feeling great to complete this trek and these memories are precious for all of us. We used to discuss the rainy days, high climbs, clouds, waterfalls, restlessness, temperature and other incidents of the trek…

Really Shrikhand Mahadev Trek was an amazing experience for us and I would strongly recommend trekkers to plan the things seriously. This was really a tough trek…

Here ends the memorable Shrikhand Mahadev Trek 2008…

For more photographs check out Shrikhand Pics


  • Ram Dhall says:

    What a stupendous write up. The pictures are simply superb.

    All through, I felt that I was a part of the entourage.

    Hats off to your effort.

  • ajeet says:

    Wow, what a trip it would have been, you guys stood against a lot of hardship and undertook such a difficult trip. Kudos to you! Thanks for writing it in such details. Apart from making for very good read, it also stands as a good warning for high altitude sickness. I would have loved some reference to distances for me to plan this trip someday.

  • nandanjha says:

    Very aptly said Ajeet.

    When Ripple left for the trek, we were expecting him to be back by mid of week I guess and then we lost connection. We realized only after he was here, after 1 week i guess , on what actually happened.

    Ripple – I see you doing it again sometime, am sure that when it happens again it would be more fun.

  • Patrick Jones says:

    Great effort, nice pics.

  • aaditya sharma says:

    hey..nicely done..can you tell me about the availability of tents on the way to shrikhand and a couple of my friends are planning on a trip in the midst of june..waiting for your reply

  • Ripple says:

    Hi Aaditya,

    Tents are available at different places on the way : Singh-Ghat, Thacharu, Kali-Ghati, Bheem-dwari, Parvati-Baag.

    Parvati-Baag is last stop where you could get tents, so its very important to reach early for booking tents there. In case you don’t get tents at Parvati Baag, you will have to come back to Bheem-Dwari to stay and it might take one extra day for next journey.

    You can contact trekking clubs at Shimla to arrange tents for you. In that case they take care of food, tents & your luggage.

    You can reach me at 9958116604 in case you want to know more.

    + VJ

  • Manish Khamesra says:



    You made me shiver both in the cold as well as on the -ve thoughts of slipping through these mountains. Those who dare are also rewarded with beautiful scenery. Though I still feel that a precaution and safety measures are must to do such treks.

    Well, when you were writing that the hills were at 85 degree of slope, I was still not so sensitive but when I looked at the picture of rock climbing without ropes, I was really scared.

    BTW police is getting stricter these days for pretty crimes as well and are looking for the one caught with his hands on the apple in the picture, will you please help them. Thanks for your help :-)

  • Ranjeet singh says:

    hi i am ranjeet singh.i belonge to Damehli P/O Arsu teh Nirmand distt
    kullu hp.

  • what a great explanation u have given to the journey of holy shrikhand i belong to same area nirmand,from where the route to srikhand start i feeling very gud to c very niece pics & excellent explaination of the journey to SRIKHAND MAHADEV.

  • gopal sharma says:

    hi , good work,nice pics,good explaintion same year i also done this trek , one of the best and beautiful trek. gopal sharma 6/4/2010

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    Hi I just heard about the Shrikhand Mahadev from one of my friend. I just love the experience of those who had performed this journey and I would also like to be a part of this experience. I am planning to perform the yatra in the month of july anybody interested can got in touch with me at my No. 09717973900.

  • varun says:

    i want to know that when the shri khand yarta start in 2010

    plzz rply

    • salil parihar says:

      Hi, i read in local newspaper, its starting from 15th of july this year. me n a friend of mine are plannin to go dere. i live in solan near simla. if u want u can join us!

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    Hi, This is Satish thakur
    Mera ghar Tinder mai hai.Yahan se shrikhand 30 km hai
    mai yahan 20 bar lagatar chala gaya haun
    mujha yatra karna bahut acha lagta hai


  • DINESH BATRA says:

    hi friend,
    i m going for this tour on 15/7/2010 with my 6 friends. as i m new to treking, please tell me things with quantities, required for journey. like u have said glucose is required.please tell me as soon as possible so that i can buy them. call me if u can(ph. no. 09466955863)
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    We planned atrek of Shrikhand mahdev.
    Before going there,had totale different views abot the place.

  • VJ SHARMA says:

    @ Satish: So how was it???

    @ Sanjiv: How was your experience? I have heard that hills are flooded with lot of water this time and its becoming difficult to many of the trekkers to complete it till Shrikhand-top.

  • Rakesh says:

    More information about shrikhand mahadev is found at website. It guides are the devotees about how to go there and when to go… what to carrry etc…

  • anshul bahti says:

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  • ashish sunta says:

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  • ashish sunta says:

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    very nice pc.i remember that day’s we had this trek 10years ago.that time i was very young we want to visit again.meybe this year if i have time then yes.i like bheema dauri so much.this is front village when i’m at home i saw every morning,i miss so mutch becouse i’m so far in my village.yes we want to with western friend they like it very much


    place – shimla I susheel bhardwaj visit shrikhand seven time ,its heaven on earth, our group of baba log ,wantes to go every year at this place so, therefore all we invites to see this wonderful place . this track begains from Bagipul teh-nirmand ,first we reach jaongoan, where we can see first view of shrikhand mahadev if weather is clear. than we reach singh gard , where we can take first lunger & we sleep in tants . subha jaldi ut kar undere ne yatra shuru karni hoti hai, fir sub se phale ham brati nala cross karte , us bad jo hota hai wo app apne kadmoo se danda dhar ke pakdandi ka annand jewan bhar nhai bhol sakte six hours ke chadahi ke bad lunger mil zata hai , us bhozan ka maza ,kesi hotel mai nhai aha sakhata . 4 hours ke chalne ke bad kali ghatti mai mata ke dharshan karne ko milte hai us place ke badh hum bhim dwar ki aur nikal pashte hai wha per hum fir rat ko so jate hai , subha fir andereme he parwati bah ki ur chale jate hai sunderta ka warnan kar pana bhaut mushkel kam hai , mahsoos kar ke anand ke paribhasha nahi bhati ja sakti . us ke bad maa Naine devi ke drashan , subha ka phale sanan kar ke baba bhole nath ke aur via bhim ke patharo hokar , hum darshan karne chale jate hai glasher ko cross kar ke hum baba bhole nath darshan prapth kar sakhte hai .

    jai baba shrikhand maha dev .

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  • Anil Thakur says:

    oh!!!! owesome trekking in my all over the carrier. when the time i was on the way to shirikhand i was realy so much tied but i never forget the moment when i was reach in the top of the peak in the front for mahdev. it was looking like paradise and so thanks of gudu bhai he help me more…………………….. i never forget this moment parvati bhag ( touch to your heart neat and clean with lots of nice and attractive flowers ………….

  • Anil Thakur says:

    oh .>> owesome

  • Anil Gorsi says:

    What an awesome trekk it was… really good translation… i was feeling goosebumps reading ur articale..

    Boom Shankar………Bhole ki fauj karegi mauj……

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    nice collection, i have been here two times and going this year too, jai shrikahand mahdev

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    i heard lots of shree khand Mahadev,
    my friends will made programe to go there in the first week of august
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    and i also viewed that images and path , its too difficult
    but not impossible
    its great oppurunity for me, i will not lost this trip
    so how i will registered my name and whts are the formaties for the same

    Satish Verma

  • sachin goyal says:

    in this year 2011 on the date of 5th of august i m going to shri shrikhand kailash with friends its a wonderfull treaking tour of my life .To see the holly LINGAM my dream cometrue.

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    i always feel proud on people like you. you managed a rendezvoos with god of mine just sitting on my computer. i will go there defenitely and by the grace of god if i succeed it will be yours praise.

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    Jai srikhand Mahadev.

    AApne yeh yatra ki, yeh sab se bari baat hai. Bhole shankar aapki raksha karen.

  • Silentsoul says:

    Wow… this is really a very difficult track… thanks to you people that we can travel with you by reading such posts

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  • Krishna says:

    This is excellent to read and so thrilling … thanks for the post
    But would like to see the Main Entrance of Shrikand Mahadev temple …. pls post the pics if you have one ….. cos its ending abruptly


  • VJ Sharma says:

    Hi Krishna,

    There is no Temple as such. More Photographs of Shrikhand Mahadev can be seen at

    + VJ

  • varun sharma says:

    main janana chata hoon ki kab se hogi yatra shooro 2012 ki

  • hi, i m vishal kapoor last time i being there in june 2010. its a beutiful and an advatures place dats y this year m going in 10th july 2012 anybdy want to join then please contact me will see the heaven.jai bhole

  • Monika Rana says:

    Dear Sir really a wonderful description with simplicity and a clear guideline to reach to the final destination of Shrikhund Yatra. All the photographs are really eye catchy luring to this place. No doubt the holy yatra is very tough but actually peace giving and of heavenly solace. Thanks for sharing your experience With regards Monika Rana

  • Dipish says:

    Har har Mahadev
    :) nice clicks
    i too went to this place 3 months back
    and yeah it was terribly toughest one
    but enjoyed too

  • Awesome Pictures!!! Shrikhand Mahadev 2013…. a must to-do now :)

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    after my tremendous tour of Kailash Parvat, I am planing for Shre khand..

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    Hi Everyone, Please tell me about the registration process for this journey This year . i am very exited about it. So please Please send me the complete detail about the registration process wether it is online or offline. Hope to hear soon from You guys. …….. jai-2 mahadev!!!

    • Vipin says:

      Hi Anil Ji, registration is normally done at Singhad around 4 km from Jaon Village (from where the trek starts), it’s pretty simple, they just note down your name, address and phone #, that’s it & you are all set for the yaatra…May you have a wonderful journey to this heavenly abode of Lord Shiva!

      • Anil says:

        Thanks ! Vipin Ji,

        Do me a favor…. Just tell me when will be Shrikhand Mahadev yatra start This year??

        • Vipin says:

          Hi Anil Ji, I believe Srikhand yatra this year is scheduled to start from 22 July…you can check Sandeep (Jatdevta) bhai’s blog here on ghumakkar for more details…

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    @VJ, hello bro. Never knew you had been there. I have myself been there in july 2012 and it as an amazing experience. No words to describe it…..And i got lots more pictures than you, but not with that much awesomeness :)

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