Sangla…..Unexplored India

We recently been to an Adventurous trip to Sangla….place lesser known to Indians… No wonder looking at Road condition and water streams on the roads its not easily accessible to people.

We started our journey on 24th early morning from Gurgaon, plan was to cross Delhi before the real Delhi traffic begins. We succeeded and reached NH1 before 6’0 clock.

After crossing Simla (which was real pain …. traffic… conjusted roads and local drivers) and reached Fagu by 2:00 pm… We had booked Himanchal Tourism Hotel for our one night stay.

As planned left Fagu by 6 moring next day (25th June), and crossed Narkanda, Rampur, Query, Wangtoo on our way to Sangla.

Road from Wantoo till Kancham was real difficult…. JP project on Satluz dam made it difficult for us to drive even at 20 KM per hour.

Once Karcham was crossed… we saw the signboard showing one side Sangla 18 Kms and another side Kalpa….. As planned we took a turn for Sangla…. and guess what we found …. In this stretch you wont find many people…. sometimes you will have to drive for hours to see another vehicle..


The Key Hole Tunnel

To be continued……………………..


  • nandanjha says:

    Welcome aboard Shalini.

    I was there in first week of June and my road-review of Shimla-Kaza is coming up in a while. What a pleasant co-incidence that I have also put the same pic of key hold tunnel in my post.

    We were at Banjara Camps and I would try to a short review. Sangla and Chitkul are really the unexplored part of India.

    • SKoli says:

      Thank you. As I mentioned we started on 24th June. We also stayed at Banjara Camps (Mr Ojha). We also been to Kalpa.

      I will be completing the review in two parts….

  • Patrick Jones says:

    Hearty welcome to the party!

    Anything beyond Simla is promising. The sunrise pic wouldve looked even better had the sizing been proper.

    The post appears a little pre-mature, isnt it? More like a draft. Couldve had the complete picture in one go so as to give the reader a bellyful rather than morsels. Please hurry up with the rest before it gets cold!


    • SKoli says:

      Thank you. Yup post was sort of draft, I didnt know that I would not able to edit once published. Anyway I will be completing it in two parts now. I am not an expert writer but the journey very nice and I wanted to share the experience with everyone… so trying my best

      I have loads of photographs but not sure how many can I paste and today I am facing problem while pasting pictures. Can it be because of Mozilla. Whom should I ask to any idea.

      • Patrick Jones says:

        It was indeed nice of you to share your experiences here and you should do it often! There was nothing much to read in the first part hence my comment. All you need to do is to write down your feelings/experiences on the way.

        AFAIK you can edit your pix even after publishing. Nandan will be very happy to help you with such issues.

    • Shalini Koli says:


      Shalini here, Long Time I know, This time I promise to complete my travelouge We are planning for Rohru in decmeber. Any info from you will really help.

      Hey just one question u mentioned x-xansanite how do you know.

      And as you suggested this time I will start writing while moving. Shalini

      • Patrick Jones says:

        Rohru is a wonderful place but the road condition after Fagu may not be good. Your Kaza experience will be of help.

        The ‘x’ question – its a small world, Shalini :-)

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