Sangla…. Unexplored India II

Since I was not able to complete my travelogue first time so it comes my second try….

So we started from Gurgaon and reached Fagu at about 2pm (It took us 10 hrs because of Traffic in Shimla – Lakkadmandi). Fagu is quite serene place, not many people I could see but yes localities were very friendly and nice tracks for people who love to explore Jungles their own way.



Next day morning 6’o clock we started again and aim was to reach Sangla before sunset. I read various blogs that suggested not to drive without sunlight on these dangerous hills. I was not in full agreement with them untill we crossed Rampur and had a great experience driving with Sutluz River.


Then we saw Kinner Kailash Dwar which means we were about to enter into something different and divine.


Problem…. We could not find any place to have our breakfast….. So my advise will to have breakfast etc. before you enter the Kinner Kailash Dwar else you will just find it difficult to locate one Dhaba…

Anyway Road was OK after Dwar but once we crossed few KM we saw first wooden Bridge. Actually Infront of our small car there was an Army Truck going and just before that wooden bridge there was a sharp turn so we could not see Army Truck crossing the bridge and since it was all curvy turns, me and my hubby could not find truck …… So he said ” Where is that truck…. “……. Anyway we moved forward and crossed the bridge and thanked God. From picture you might not be able to make out how scarry was our first wooden bridge crossing experience.


As soon as we crossed Jeori road started getting worse but trust me we enjoyed it. We met some bikers who were coming back from their trip.


There was also some digging work going on so road was blocked for few hours… We got stuck but still enojing the view. You might find pictures below interestingdsc01985

When we proceed further, we saw all the vehicles coming from opposite were dirty and had something strange color dirt on them. We could not make out what was that untill we crossed a bridge to enter into Wangtaoo to Karchham road….. It was actually cement due to Dam Construction going on that stretch. It was really a painful drivedsc020171


But as soon as we crossed Karchham beautiful scenes around us, we found them awsome and gave a new desire to move forward in our journey towards “Sangla Valley”.


After driving for another hour my husband were again and again asking one thing “If its a Valley then, why we are going up n up”…… Anyway after driving for another 30 mints his answer was really beautiful…. We had our booking at “Banjara Camps” and trust me guys it was awesome and river was running behind our tents…..


And for my husband it was an opportunity to show his photography skills (see below)

Next day Mr. Ojha arranged lunch in a travelling bag and we started to move to Chitkool. On our way to Chitkool (last village of India) we crossed many water streams and enjoyed the beautiful view all around us.

After 45 mints long drive we approached “Chitkool” very samll village and parked our card infront of a Dhaba which interesting titled itself as “Hindustaan Ka Aakhiri Dhaba”



After parking the car (although we were not very sure whether its safe to leave our car like that) we moved towards border and walked for 8 KM and reached tibbet border. Trust me those 8 KM even for a lazy person like me were not tiring we enjoyed every bit of it and and Girish (My hubby) enjoyed being photographed infromt of a Bunker used duing a war….


We came back to the same Dhaba and found our car (sahi salaamat) fine and moved back to our Camps. Around 5 in th evening we reached the camp and then both of us had some tea and went at teh bank of the river and just sat silently and enjoyed the view…



Next day we decided to go to Kalpa so packed our bags and moved to Kalpa and unexpectedly the roads towards Kalpa were better than Wangtoo – Karchham stretch and we also passed through some beautiful Dams


We reached Kalpa around 12 pm and were very hungry so went to Himanchal Tourism Hotel what a beautiful Hotel (actually the Location). Have a look


We came after having a blurred look at “Shiv Peak” (due to fog)….


We came to to our pavillion by 4 and after tea we decided to explore around the camp as it was our last day in Sangla so we went to a small village ”


My Hubby found a new fren “Bhajan” who was shy but loved being photographed

We went to “Badrinath Temple” and loved the architure (wooden structure ) of the temple:


After all these adventures this was the time when we had to pack our bags and drive back to Gurgoan. While coming back all those rough road give us a new prespective of life ” We go through rough roads sometimes but we we try to enjoy them it will become most memorable part of our life.”

I still miss being there guys…… And we are going back on the same route again thats for sure….


  • Nandan Jha says:

    Shalini – We also stayed at Banjara only, June 2009. Our first night halt was at Thanedar and hence we were lucky to have the packed lunch with us.

    Once all the dam and power-plant work is done with, the drive would become much more smoother. I plan to do another run as well sometime.

  • Patrick Jones says:

    Much better this time.

    Seems you have a penchant for sunset pics.

  • Deepak Behl says:

    Nice pics and quite an effort…. to do that terrain and the trek of 8 kilometers to the border

    that shiv peak ,you reffered is “kinnaur kailash” not the shiva kailash
    which is in china

  • shivani says:

    too many unnecessary pics cluttering the writeup. this definitely is not a travelogue which could be one of most viewed. please use some help in editing both pics and the story before posting in futute.

    • Shalini says:

      I cant help it if people make it “most viewed” (all of them)… only thing that I have decided not to post anything on ghumakkar….. As it seems people here looking for some expert writer or photo editor than the spirit of travelling or sharing your experience…. Also would like to know link to your error free and perfect writeup which you have shared so I can also get some inspiration….

      • Shalabh says:

        Shalini… Carry on nothing to do with write up its the spirit to travel far flung areas and letting people know & see sceneries which they usually dream.

        Any one having expert comments please do suggest but appreciate the efforts as well…

        I read all your travel stories and can say your are truely a great traveler and inspiration to many. Just one suggestion since have done all these explorations with your Alto… also suggest people should they consider going by bigger cars/SUV’s etc..

        Hats off to Girish (your husband) a courageous and what an adventurous man he is….

        Shalabh Saxena

    • TMK says:

      I think administrator should block such negative comments & it would be great if only registered people allowed to put in sensible comments… Lady Shivani asking for editing and she don’t know how to start a sentence and end it….

  • nandanjha says:

    TMK – Yes, thats what happens and we typically do that. Its a delicate balance between free-speech and whats-not-right so we sort of restrain ourselves from making that call early and try to give it more time before we put the filter.

  • Silentsoul says:

    Beautiful fotos and excellent description. THANKS FOR SHARING !!!

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