Road trip – Delhi to Mussoorie

5.15 am – it was dark outside, a cold chilly morning of December. We loaded our bags in car and started for our short tour from Faridabad. It looked clear at start – no sign of fog.

We moved toward Ghaziabad via ashram, as we reached closer to east Delhi – fog started and as we reached Ghaziabad around 6.00 am it was a dense fog. We decided to keep moving on slower pace, playing soft music in car, enjoying the ride. We relied on GPS on our mobile for the route- visibility on road was bad.

GPS showed an internal road near Modinagar – about 40-50 km till Khatauli. We followed that – it was single lane with farm on one side and some small river kind of on other side. I was kind of worried, visibility went even bad, it was dense fog at 7.00 am – after some 10-15 km, and we decided to take another turn connecting back to main road.

7.30 am – we were back to main road – NH 58.we were moving toward Khatauli and I was looking for Cheetal Grand to catch up for breakfast. I remember this eating joint as long time back had some food there and as kid I really enjoyed that. Though I have heard from couple of people that there is nothing gr8 about it now but I guess first impression is the last It was close to 8.30 now – no sign of good visibility yet on road. We crossed toll road and could not find Cheetal Grand. Later on got to know that due to new road, it’s no more on way, one needs to go especially to city to be there.

Good news is there is Haldiram & McDonald as toll road ends and couple of Dhabas ahead. Also there is Bikanerwala on the opposite road side.

We missed Haldiram as were not aware and driving on faster pace. Around 9 we got on a dhaba to freshen up & catch up some breakfast. A spicy hot Aloo piranha with a cup of tea – Punjabis favorite food. We took about 20-25 min break and started again.

The road from Muzaffarnagar till Roorkee is bad, single lane narrow road with lot of tractors and such vehicles. Despite just 300 kms from Delhi – the road travel takes 8-9 hrs. Though it appeared the work to widen roads were about to start in sometime.

Once you cross Roorkee – the drive is through a green way, with Rajaji National park forest area on your right side. As you cross Dehradun – the ziz zag roads hill roads start. It has steep curves and beautiful hills around you.

We reached Mussoorie around 1.30 pm. Our stay was at Avlan resort – Club Mahindra affiliated.

Resort is located just 5 min drive from Mall road and closer to Gun hill point.

We asked for room located on higher side, and there was beautiful view from living room. We had while sitting in balcony enjoying the view and of course the lovely weather – cold breeze with sunshine.

We preferred to rest that day and thought of going out next day.

After breakfast we strolled toward Gun hill – it was a steep walk for 5-10 mins, it’s a top flat surface of Hill – with lots of small eatery & other shops on all edges – leaving no or less room to enjoy view from top of hill. Around 10.30 am – shops were still closed, no one around there, we thought to come again during the day.

We went again around 3.00 pm – had awesome maggi & pakoras along with hot adrak wali chai, sitting on stall near the edge of hill. Had fun while watching places through telescope.

We decided to check out mall road – on foot, it was sharp steep down walk for 10-15 mins. Enjoyed being on foot.

Mall road was like every hill station types, we found a small bakery shop – casa mia, good food. Chocolate brownie fudge was awesome.

We kept strolling, checking out small shops, enjoyed golgappas and corn.

It started getting dark & freezing cold on eve before Christmas, we thought to back to our resort now.

We were close to end of our short trip, which we enjoyed thoroughly.

Next morning, we started our drive back at around 10.00 am post breakfast. Drive was the fun part on the whole trip.

Waiting for next holiday now.


  • Silentsoul says:

    Good narration – ??? ??? ????? ?? ??? ????? ?? ?? ???? ???

  • Yogesh says:

    good one
    very short and brief review, and yes some pics would make it better.
    the short route from modinagar is actually starts from Murad nagar the road is single but good and on left hand side it is actually a canal (gang nahar).

    • Aashima says:

      Thanks Mr Yogesh,

      Writing this exp just happened, so i was out of pics.May be next trip, i will keep this in mind

  • ?????,
    ???????? ?? ???? ?????? ??.
    ?????? ??? ???? ?????, ??????????? ?? ??? ?? ??? ??. ??? ?? ?? ???? ???? ????? ?????? ??????????? ?? ??? ???? ?????.
    ????? ?????, ?????? ?????.

  • Aashima says:

    Thanks Mr Mukesh,

    Writing this exp just happened, so i was out of pics.May be next trip, i will keep this in mind

  • vinaymusafir says:

    Welcome to Ghumakkar,
    Great narration.
    Waiting for pics in your next travelogue.

  • Nandan says:

    Welcome aboard Aashima.

    Good to see this log in print. I remember that initially the log was very short and I hope Editorial’s team’s persistence was of some help.

    Please put a profile pic by signing up at and I look fwd to your next post (and comments on other’s posts). Best Wishes Aashima.

  • Hey Aashima, this is son nice to see you on Ghumakkar… Hope you are the same on who has visited corbett twice… Dod you remember me…?? Koustubh from Corbett…. good effort… nice write up… waiting for your new posts.

    • aashima says:

      Ys Mr koustubh,do rembr you nd thanks for rembering us.will plan again for Corbett sooner- I really likejat place.nd will be sooner with next post

  • Ritesh Gupta says:

    ????? ??
    ???? ?? ???????? ?? ?????? ?????? ???.

    Very Nice & Detailed Post without Picture……
    ??? ??? ????? ?? ??? ???? ?? ?? ????? B&W ?? ???? ????? ?? ????.

    I hope, you will put some picture in next post……


  • AJ says:

    Hey Aashima,

    Good narration…Do put pics next time…By the way I still remember cheetal grand the way it was 12yrs back..I was in School..Heard by many people like you that its no more on the way..

    Looking forward for some more post from you..


  • saleem says:

    The DELHI-Modinagar-Meerut bypass- partapur-Khatauli-Muzaffarnagar-Roorkee stretch is now better due to Toll patches at approx. 170 kms. Can do in 3 1/2 4 hours..

    Delhi-Modinagar 45 kms. Takes about an hour .. Dabur-Mohan Nagar-Ghaziabad-Murad Nagar-Modinagar strech is all crowded at most times of the day though there is a bypass after Mohan Nagar now after hindon bridge via Raj Nagar Extension Housing project which saves you atleast 20 mins.

    Modinagar Modipuram Toll Gate 25 kms is a good strech with flyovers on the partapur bypass meerut and you can do 80-90 kmph here.

    Modipuram Muzaffarnagar 50 kms strech is the Best !! Once you pay the Toll you can cruise at 100+ kmph and pass the sakauti Tanda Rail overbridge and stop at Khatauli bye-pass @ Cheetal Grand.. This is Must Stop.. Excellent food and ambience/service. Muzaffarnagar bye-pass is also good.

    Muzaffar Nagar Roorkee 50 kms is a single road with oncoming traffic and just 2 lanes as soon as you exit MZN bye-pass.. 4 laning is in process in patches and will take another 2 years !!! Road is bad in patches and to add to it is the Trucks line for Uttrakhand Border tax. Easily 01 hour until you reach Roorkee.

    Overall 4 hours for 170 kms with a stop.. Safe strech though avoid Night driving and Kanwariya season in July..


    saleem says:
    January 15, 2013 at 5:31 pm
    Return Roorkee Delhi Trip .. 170 kms .. 4 hours

    Roorkee Muzaffar nagar bye-pass 50 kms . Road is not too good which is bad in patches. Being 2 lane and loads of traffic saharanpur/haridwar/Rishikesh/Dehradun/Mussorie it can be quite bad.
    Be careful of speedbreakers at Gurkul Narsan and Barla which have no markings and appear out of nowhere.

    Muzaffarnagar Meerut : 75 kms is an excellent stretch and can be done in an 0100 0115 hours. Once you start off from the MZN by-pass via khatauli bye-pass, Toll plaza at Mawana crossing, Modipuram, partapur meerut bye-pass its a great hassle free stretch with speed upto 100 kmph.
    Lots of food stops on this stretch starting with Cafe Midway/Mc Donalds/Haldirams/Bikano before Katauli and Cheetal Grand once you pass Khatauli.

    Meerut Delhi: 50 kms.. 0115 0200 hours . This is the worst strecth with you slowing down from the word go as soon as you exit from the Partapur byepass. Modinagar stretch for sure takes 30 mins minimum sue to bazaars esp. after 4 pm until 10 pm. If its the sugarcane / marriage season then Lord may help you !!! Then you have until Murad nagar canal of clear but packed traffic before you hit the Ghaziabad stretch to crawl again.. Take a right at the Hapur Mod tri-junction red Signal. This will take you via Raj Nagar extention housing societies.. and again take a right at the signal tri-junction after the traffic Triangle.. This is a pontoon makeshift bridge for LMV/2 wheelers and takes you straight to Mohan Nagar After this is smooth though packed traffic of Autos, tempos, buses, trcuks until you reach Delhi Border.

    Minimum 4 hours for this trip !!!!

    NO CNG on this route, though plenty of petrol pumps and Dhabas

    Cheers !!

  • Rahul Parmar says:

    Hi Guys, a friend of mine had a bad experience when he was returning from Mussoorie to Delhi. Thought if people have been through the same experience in the recent time it would be good to share.
    He was with his girlfriend returning in the afternoon a few weeks May 2013 ago from Mussoorie through the Meerut route. Soon after Haridwar when you hit the bad patch of the route he was signaled by a biker to stop the car.
    My friend pulled over and this guy came up and starting asking both their names and telling he had signaled him to stop but he dint stop. Basically he was pretending to be a cop and acting like he was investigating if the girl was safe. But for sure his rude behavior made clear indication that he wanted money before letting them go.
    Since the couple dint want any trouble they paid him Rs. 3000 and left the scene.
    These guys know that a couple is vulnerable so they try to bully and take money. It is hard to speed away in such bad roads so be prepared to go through the same when you visit Mussoorie.
    I am informed because of traffic it takes 7 hours to complete the trip one way, though the distance is less.
    And I hear rishikesh is even worst in terms of crime on outsiders single couple.

  • Ajay Kumar says:

    While Travelling from Delhi to Rishikesh, found a new place Fortune Grand, about 25 kms past Toll Gate. Amazing property with green lanscaping and great architecture.

    It hosts Sagar Ratna , Baskin Robbins and other brands. I had my lunch with family in sagar ratna, food was awesome and service was nice. Staff is very hospitable. When I went to use to rest room I was amazed as the music in the property keeps you entertained throughout with light instrumental. Hygene and cleanliness was unexpected given its on highway.

    Must place to Go. Very relaxing and amazing experience. Just watch the Sagar Ratna signages to get here.

  • Piyush Bhardwaj says:

    I would like to inform you if you again want to visit Chittal, Chittal has settled up one more restaurant on NH-58 merely 5 KM from Khatauli.

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