Road Review : Delhi-Kanpur-Lucknow

I am basically from Lucknow and live in Noida. Normally I board a night train to visit Lucknow. We were visiting my parents in Lucknow on new year’s weekend and this time decided to drive down because of two reasons. One, we had to pick up some stuff from my parent’s house for which we needed a vehicle. Second and more important was that, having completed the big road drive (Delhi – Jaisalmer- Jodhpur – Delhi in 4 days) on previous weekend, we were high on driving!

The Delhi to Lucknow distance is approximately 500 km by road. The standard route is Delhi – Hapur – Moradabad – Rampur- Bareilly – Shahjahanpur- Sitapur – Lucknow. I had been hearing about the bad road conditions on some stretch on this route. Another new route that is becoming popular is the Delhi – Kanpur – Lucknow route. Some of my friends tried this route few months back and said that it is fast as it’s a 4 lane road but longer than the standard route by about 50 km. We decided to take the longer and the faster one.

“Delhi Kanpur Lucknow” route can be divided into 4 parts:

a. Delhi to Agra ~ 200Km

b. Agra to Etawah ~ 125Km

c. Etawah to Kanpur ~ 150Km

d. Kanpur to Lucknow ~ 80Km

Delhi to Agra: Started early (around 5:45 am) from Noida and reached NH-2 via Kalindi Kunj. Road was clear in the morning so we covered the first 150 km quickly. Delhi-Mathura-Agra road is an important road (because of Agra) so generally one doesn’t experience bad roads here. But this time, I guess maintenance was due and we met some rough stretches. Arrived Mathura (160 km) around 8:30 and stopped at McDonald’s to get fresh, but couldn’t resist the smell of fresh burgers and ended up having burger and french fries for breakfast. You can not miss this McD while driving as its huge in size and is a good place to stop for breakfast if you start early in the morning.


We continued on NH-2 and reached Agra which was around 50 km from our first stop. On this route, I was going beyond Agra for the first time, but knew that there is a flyover from where the road turning towards right leads to Agra city and the flyover continues straight for Kanpur. I did confirm with some pedestrians and continued towards Etawah-Kanpur. This straight road is supposed to be the bypass and one expects a smooth drive. Seems that this one has lost the ‘bypass’ status as people were avoiding the service road and drove across the main bypass. This was the main bottleneck on this stretch and we took some time to cross Agra.

Agra to Etawah – From Agra, we headed towards Etawah and based on our research about this road, we were on the ‘WORK IN PROGRESS’ stretch. From Agra to Tundla (some 20 odd km) the road was quite good and I was smoothly sailing the car but after crossing Tundla, we started feeling traces of new construction. Diversions, unfinished roads, vehicles coming on wrong sides all started together. Once, near Etawah bypass, we got confused and took a newly constructed but unfinished road that was closed in between and then had to come all the way back to take the old road and ended up driving few extra km. One must take care of this specially near Etawah.

We reached Etawah around 12 pm. Bypass was still not functional so we crossed the city and continued on road towards Kanpur. The road directions inside the city are surprisingly clear and simple.

Etawah to Kanpur: After Etawah, the road condition was awesome. We felt as if we were on Delhi-Jaipur Road. The road has 4 lanes with wide divider in between. You should take care of vehicles coming towards you in the wrong direction. Yes, people avoid taking U-turns and use wrong side and it becomes very dangerous when you are driving at 100-120 kmph on a smooth road. But since the road condition is very good, one can drive on a comfortable speed to cover this stretch.

We took a small tea break, had some snacks we were carrying from Delhi and continued towards Kanpur. We reached near Kanpur around 2 pm and then took a cut that lead to Kanpur city. I visited my college HBTI after a long time. The roads inside Kanpur are just as they were 6 years back! They are in such a bad shape that by looking at the road, one can not say whether it was ever built or not!

Kanpur to Lucknow: It was really nostalgic being in Kanpur and visiting college after so many years. Finally we had evening snacks and tea in Kanpur and headed towards Lucknow. We spent around 3 hr in college and then hit back the road to reach Lucknow by late evening. In college days I used to drive my ‘Hero Puch’ on Kanpur-Lucknow high way and at that time it was 2-lane single road. Now it is 4-lane double road. The road quality is poor near Kanpur but it improved as we approached Lucknow. We covered this stretch of 80 km in around 90 minutes. Entered Lucknow around 6:30 pm and reached home at 7:30 pm.

Some Tips:

I’m sure that like me, a lot of people must be scared of driving in UP specially because of the bad roads that existed until sometime back. The new routes are well maintained and clean and a 500 km drive is very much possible.
* Delhi to Lucknow  route can be done comfortably in 8-10 hr driving at a decent speed with 2 short breaks.
* Places to stop for a break/bite:
o McDonald’s near Mathura
o A1 Plaza in between Mathura and Agra
o A1 Plaza in between Kanpur and Lucknow

  • Succinct read. you still stop at A1 plazas :). What you wrote in the end was actually the situation few years back, it was next to impossible to imagine driving during day light in UP (I come from Bihar so I am all the more cynical), good to see that things are improving.

    The same road goes all the way to Kolkata, via Dhanbad and probably some day I would go to city of joy driving. Thanks for sharing.

    • Ankur Chaudhary

      If you take Taj/Yamuna expressway it is 600+ kms from Delhi to Lucknow. Delhi to Agra its a very smooth ride with nice stops in between (Restraus/restroms/petrolpump etc). You can drive with your eyes closed. Beautiful road. You can hit any speed here.

      Next you leave the expressway before Agra and turn left to Kanpur. Next 60-80 kms is a two lane road (each direction). There are small towns every 5-10 kms. More than 50% of this travel you can hit 80%. When you cross a town speed drops down. Avg comes out to be 50-60 kms/hr.

      Thereafter until Kanpur is a smooth 3 lane highway, you can hit 80-150 kms/hr easily. No good eating options on this strech. From Kanpur to Lucknow is a busy 1.5 hrs to 2 hrs journey. Avg you hit is 40-50 kms/hr.

      Roads condition for most of the journey is great.

      CNG options:

      Last CNG station you can get while you leave Greater Noida is 2 kms from Pari Chowk. In 5 mins from there you can ride on to the Yamuna/Taj expressway.

      230 kms from there or 30-40 kms after you get down from Yamuna expressway in Agra, you will find another CNG pump. Price: 44/kg

      Exactly 200 kms from last CNG pump after you cross Akbarpur flyover you will see a CNG pump on your right side (on your left if coming from Lucknow to Delhi side). You will not have to ride the next flyover and take U-turn under it. Get your CNG and immediately there is another U-turn which will get you on road from Delhi to Lucknow again. Price:54/kg

      In short, you can travel all the way to Lucknow on CNG :)

  • Aditya

    Yes, you caught me. I had bad experiences in Gujrat and Rajasthan but I guess UP A1 Plazas are OK :-)

    • kiran

      hi need a help in identifying temple called ‘ smruti mata mandir’ near to selampur, close to temple vashnao dham in rae bareli district, it is not so famous temple, is situated in a mountain which is not so high

  • Prakash Thakur

    I live in mathura and work at agra so everyday i use the mathura agra NH2,within a month i used to visit lucknow by road and due to improvement in road conditions i prefer to go by road rathar then train.

  • Aditya

    Thanks Prakash for sharing your experience. The intention behind writing this post was that people can appreciate improving road conditions in UP and other thing is that even in UP, 500kms can be covered easily in 8-9 hours.

    Happy driving!

  • Ravish

    Hi there,
    I think the review above is excellent and installs a great deal of push for me to drive to Lucknow from NOIDA later this month. However, can you comment about the law and order on this highway around Etawah Kanpur, I have heard some concerns from the taxi drivers who have driven this route.
    Will appreciate some advice.


  • Aditya

    Hi Ravish,

    Very glad to hear that you got push from this post to drive to LKO :-). About your question, I think if you choose safe timings for driving there should be no problem. We started early morning and reached LKO around 7(after spending 3 hrs in Kanpur), and did not see any thing unusual. So if you go straight with 2 to 3 short stops for lunch and Tea, You can easily reach Lucknow in 9-10 hrs. Start early and reach before dark.

    Let me repeat, Do take care of vehicles coming from opposite side in your lane. Some people avoid U turns and drive in wrong side.

    Wish you happy and safe drive! Share your experience after the trip.

  • Patrick Jones

    Thanks, Aditya.

    Was wondering whether to take the Agra-Kanpur route or Bareilly one for our trip later this month. I have decided on the former after reading your article but would still like to know about the feasibility of Bareilly route as I would like to cover that area as well since its our first visit to Lucknow.

    Any inputs?


  • Aditya

    Thanks Patrick for your comments. I drove upto Moradabad on NH-24(Delhi-Moradabad- Bareilly- Lucknow) last weekend while going to Corbett National Park and found that lot of construction work in going on this road. Stretch between ‘Hapur’ and ‘Moradabad bypass’ is painful because of that. I heard about the road beyond Moradabad also that work is in progress for widening the road so I guess it will be similar stretch with some completed smooth stretches and some rough & unfinished.

    Do share your review about the road and the place once you come back.

    Wish you happy and safe journey!!

  • Ravish

    Hi Aditya,

    Thanks for your comments. I will surely write about my experience of driving down Delhi Kanpur lucknow route.


  • Patrick Jones

    You seem to be addicted to driving, Aditya (so am I but I have some constraints like little kids). Been to Corbett Park last March and enjoyed it thorougly staying at Dhikala. Fantastic place! Had to take some friends along so chartered a bus but it was real fun!!

  • Aditya

    Thanks for compliment, Pat ;-). We could not get Dhikala Guest house bookings done this time so stayed in ‘Bijrani’ another guest house in forest. Amazing place, very different kind of experience. I heard that Dhikala region is the most beautiful part of the Park, Will cover that in my next trip. This was the short one, just one day stay there.

    Why don’t you share your experience of Corbett here in a separate post, I will get some tips for the next time :-)

  • Gaurav

    Hi Aditya,

    It was really nice and interesting reading your post. I am from Lucknow and would be driving down from Noida to Lucknow on 21st morning for Holi. This would be my first such long drive and hence would appreciate if you could share your number with me so that I can have certain queries clarified regarding the route.

    Once again I must say that your post has lessened my anxiety to an extent and kudos to you for the same!!! Hoping to get a reply soon

  • Its for Aditya to answer but if it would have been me, I would have preferred to get queries over web then giving my phone no :)

    Please dont take it otherwise, its not very common to share personal nos unless you develop a comfort-factor which surely can happen in this case but not certain whether its now or a few queries later.

    Just my personal 2 cents.

  • Aditya

    Gaurav, Thanks for your comments. I think we should have all interaction through this website only and and not on phone as this would also help in creating useful reading for rest of the people. You can ask you detailed queries on ‘Ask Ghumakkar’ section of this website and I will try to answer that to the best of my knowledge.

  • sameer

    interesting read indeed…i am from bareilly and working in mumbai…i would be reaching delhi on the 20-21 night around 1200 hrs….there is no train after that time till 9 in the morning…and buses just before holi are very difficult to get into…so Gaurav just in case if you are in need of driver..driver who would pay you…drop me a line at

  • umesh

    I would be driving from delhi to lucknow soon.
    After reading all the articles related I am confused which road to take as it is mentioned that road between agra and Etawah is not very good.

    Please advise

  • Aditya

    Yes, Agra-Etawah stretch is not very good but work was in progress. I experienced that road in starting of Jan 2008. I think road condition will be much better by now. Also there were number of stretches in between which were about to complete.

    Even if you take alternate route i.e. Delhi-Moradabad-Bareilly-Sitapur-Lucknow, you will face disturbance because of construction work there also.

    There are few people who have written comments in this post and were planning to visit Lucknow in march end. probably they can comment better after their visit.

    Ravish, Patrick , Please put your comments after your road trip.

    • sachin

      hey aditya!!!!

      Read a lots of comments from u,iI think u must be complimented with TRAVEL GURU,

    • Sachin

      Hey Adi..

      Read a lot bt ur comments, i think u must be commented as TRAVEL GURU , just kidding dear, well i want to know that i have to leave to lucknow on 8th march 09,want to clear things. 1st one is that i drove last year in jan i.e 08 from muradabad-bariely route ,as i have also faced probs. of construction work near muradabad nd more ,want to clear weather that work in that stretch would have been finished or still the same, 2nd one is agra itawa kanpur route,read ur last year comments ,now want to know by till date all the construction work in this route is still there or still goin on ,plz reply

      Thanks & Regards


  • Patrick Jones

    Sorry Aditya, our trip to Lucknow has been postponed to mid-April due to school programmes.

    I am getting desperate to hit the road :-(


  • The Delhi-Aligarh-Tundla- Kanpur is shorter than the Delhi-Agra-Kanpur. Can someone suggest how is the road from Delhi to Aligarh. ANd whether it is better to take the Delhi-Aligarh route or Delhi-Agra?-S Sarkar

  • Aditya

    Thanks Mr. Sarkar for your comment. I guess Delhi-Aligarh-kanpur will be shorter(by around 40 kms) if you follow NH-91(GT Road) beyond Aligarh i.e. Etah-Mainpuri-Kannauj-Kanpur. If you go to Tundla-Etawah-Kanpur from Aligarh that will be around 15 kms longer. I checked these distances from so you can also cross check these.

    I have some information from my sources that road till Aligarh is good but beyond that I am not having any latest information. But I guess this road is still 2 lane without divider.

    I do not think time wise there will be any gain even if you choose NH-91 over NH-2 because of road condition.

    Do let us know if you go by Delhi-Aligarh route and post your valuable feedback here.


  • Vineet

    Dear All,

    Don’t try delhi – hapur – moradabad track its worst road strech I can’t explain in words.
    Go from Delhi-agra-kanpur-lucknow track its awesome.

    Thank you:-)

  • Aditya

    Thanks for your comment Vineet.

    Did you try delhi – hapur – moradabad- lucknow recently ? What’s the road condition beyond Moradabad?

  • akumar_24

    I have to go to lucknow from delhi, whcih route i prefer for bike any one can suggest me? and how long i will take to reach there.
    and is it possible to reach there within 10-12 hrs.

  • Aditya

    Lucknow is around 500 Kms from delhi and if you can drive continuously(with less and small breaks) you can reach there in 10-12 hrs.

    I believe bike riding is much more tiring than car driving because you are directly exposed to Air and dust. I have never experienced it on such a long stretch, so please check with some body else who has actually done it.

    I will recommend you Delhi-Agra-Etawah-Kanpur-Lucknow route because of separate lanes and will be safer to drive at comfortable speed.

  • ratnadeep


    We just completed a road trip from ghaziabad to lucknow via kanpur yesterday i.e. 7th June 2008. I thought it would be useful to update all visitors about this road stretch. For your information the group was a family of four with two children and was traveling in a Santro. This may help others in calibrating their travel and stop times.

    Sources of Information

    The internet was the only source of information that I had. An extremely busy work schedule made it impossible to scout around for more information. A few colleagues who hailed from the cities enroute provided some information which was largely unreliable and sketchy. Adityas information remains till date the best information available. In addition I took along maps (Road Maps) from Wikimapia and the road map on NH2 from They are quite accurate

    The Journey

    We started off at 0530 from Indirapuram Ghaziabad. Though we had planned to start at 0500 Hrs we got delayed because of the kids. I feel there is a limit to how early one can start particularly when children are involved. From Indirapuram , Ghaziabad we went via sector 62 NOIDA and then on to Badarpur via Kalindi Kunj. We had expected to make the trip in 30 min but it took us close to an hour. The main reason is the metro construction near NOIDA Golf Course. The road was pretty much congested even in these early hours. Crossing Badarpur into Faridabad seemed to be a breeze compared to the NOIDA stretch!

    The stretch in Haryana is good. There is a bottle neck at Srinagar Toll booth. This is mainly due to slow processing by the authorities there. One enters into Uttar Pradesh from Kosi Kalan and as usual the trucks parked for entry block one entire lane. Traffic crawls for around 1 Km before crossing into UP after which it is smooth. There is a flyover under construction at Kosi Kalan 42 Km short of Mathura which slows down the speed as one has to take a diversion on which traffic is bi-directional.

    The McDonalds at Mathura is exactly as has been described by Aditya. We lost some additional time as the kids wanted to take a ride on the toy cars kept there!!!. The flush in the ladies toilet does not work so be warned.

    From Mathura to Agra road is good and traffic moves smoothly except at Sikandara 9 Km short of Agra. There is the sabzi mandi (Vegetable Market) which really slows down the traffic.

    Once outside Agra, at Etmadpur there is a 750 m of stretch under construction. Onwards to Ettawah there is a flyover under construction after Shikohabad around 52 Km short of Ettawah. The road is very good and attaining speeds over 80 Kmph seems no issue. However some stretches of NH2 are closed on one side for repair/maintenance so you have traffic coming from the opposite. Just need to be careful on this count.

    As you approach Ettawah, there is this very confusing stretch, which cost us a good 45 min. At the entry to Ettawah , there is a flyover on NH2. Do not go up the flyover even though there are no signages or roadblocks. If you go over you will reach a dead end. The only way out is to take the lane on the left of the flyover, go under it and enter Ettawah city. Then keep going till you hit another flyover cross it and then take a right turn to go under this flyover and keep going straight till you again meet NH2. If you do not take the right on getting down from this second flyover then you will be heading towards Gwalior. Just be careful and ask for directions very frequently.

    The stretch from Ettawah to Auraiya is very good, only that you will not find good places to eat. For eating I suggest that you either have your meals before Agra or else wait till you are on the Kanpur Lucknow stretch. At the end of Auraiya , when Kanpur Dehat (Rural Kanpur) starts there is a dhaba which seems quite frequented but offers the most insipid food I have ever tasted. I think it is called Surya Dhabha a highly avoidable one.

    Once in rural kanpur you will come to Mungishpur (spelt Mugishapur in wikimapia) then akabarpur and finally Barah thereafter there is a flyover which takes you over the city. The signage is very poor. Just keep going right till you get down the flyover , ignore the signs which tell you that the U turn to Luknow and Rama Devi is just ahead. They are not there and you will waste a good 45 min to go around and return. Once you get down from the flyover (near Chakeri Industrial Area) Take a U turn and go along the same flyover without going up on it. Keep going for around 4 Km till you hit a round about. The road on your right goes to Luknow 80 Kms.

    After traveling on NH2 you will find the Kanpur Lucknow stretch quite pathetic. At least till you cross Unnao. The road quality is bad with potholes right in the middle. The only consolation is that it is divided. Once you cross Unnao then it should be smooth sailing till you reach Lucknow. We did it in 11 hours, with two breaks of 30 min each and one good hour lost due to improper signages at Ettawah and Kanpur. If you take that out it is possible to do it in 9 hours. There are four toll gates enroute and they charge from Rs. 55 to Rs 35 for a single journey by car.


  • What a detailed note Ratnadeep. Very helpful.

    I just drove the stretch today morning (June 14, 2008) and here’s some details.
    1. Started at 5.30 odd from Indirapuram.
    2. Was able to get past Agra by 8, mostly because I could avoid rush at Badarpur because of early hours, was lucky to find no traffic at Kosi trade tax check-point and somehow Agra-ites slept a little late today :)
    3. Crossed Kanpur by 12:30. (going towards Allahabad)

    Execept the Etawah flyover confusion, the complete stretch is very well laid and is highly recommended. It would take you about 8 hours to do this (I took 7 but that seems like a special case for today so dont take that as standard please).

    Tips – There are no good eating joints post Agra so McD at Mathura is still the best bet though a stoppage there would cost you some extra time in Agra so take your pick.

    Etawah flyover should be done in couple of months, I guess. I actually didn’t take the right under the flyover and drove about 2 odd KMs more and then went down. Anyway, better to not take flyover and ask every 250 meters.

    Kanpur- Allahabad is also very good, though there are lots of small stretches which are yet to be completed. I would try to write about Kanpur – Allahabad – Varanasi in a separate post.

  • Aditya

    Thanks Nandan and Ratandeep for sharing your experiences, information and tips.

    I am glad to see more and more latest information coming on this post.

  • Ahmed

    NH2 or NH24 which one do you recommend for Delhi – Lucknow.
    Thanks in advance!

  • Kanwal


    Can someone tell me how long does it take from Lucknow to Bareilly by road? How is the road condition? Any other watch-outs?

    Thanks and regards

  • Road is very good. Its a single road all through-out, may be some small patches are double. There is lot of widening work is going on between Sitapur-Lucknow stretch. There are some small towns on the way so watch out for petty traffic there, but overall its a lovely drive.

    Depending on the time of the day, it can take you from 3.5 to 4 hours. If you start early morning, it should not take more then 3.5 hours.

  • Ahmed – My recommendation would be to take NH2.

  • dilip

    Dear frnd i need some more details, after 10 days i am planning to move kanpur from mohan nagar (ghazibad) by my new bike hond unicorn, is it safe to travel on bike on such highway? second plz recommend me shortest distance. my taxi driver recommended me this route mohan nagar-lal kuon-dadri-secundrabad-nehar budh chauraha-khirja-aligardh-mainpuri-kannuaj-kanpur, i need to kanpur remote area its in between kanpur n kannauj (bilhore). plz suggest me. and at last i must say -thank u mr. aditya for this information.

  • dilip

    Dear frnd some one suggested better go through google earth that will give best result on roads n direction

  • Ankur

    Dilip, I’ve biked a 2-3 times from Noida to Aligarh via lal kuan, Dadri, Sikandrabad, Bulandshahr and Khurja. The familiarity with the route has made my rides quite enjoyable. On security front, as the roads are narrow and doesn’t has a divider (from Dadri to Aligarh) so it becomes a bit challenging to ride a bike on this route. You’ll find people, shops, villages, farms etc all along the route so riding will not be boring. You can easily cruise at 60 kmph.

  • Dilip – If you want to go to Bilhaur then it would make sense to go by GT Road (Bulandshahar – Aligarh – Kannauj), that should be much shorter then NH2.

    When you do the trip, please come back and update us on what you find. There is no road review post on Delhi-Kanpur via Aligarh :) on ghumakkar as yet so your could be the first one.

  • dilip

    thanx ankur and nandan,
    Dear nandan plz let me know more gt road, i am very new to all this, i remember last time had gone through ac bus at night from anandvihar to bilhaur, due to night i couldnt get much information about places u crossing through, but they take turn right through daubour chowk n followed high road, i request u to provide safe route and short rout to reach aligarh

  • dilip

    Dear ankur plz let me know how long it took u to cover this distance?

  • Dilip,

    I have not been on this road so really can not say for authority but I did talk to some people who have recently driven on this road and its fairly ok. I am inserting a MAP for easy reference. From ‘Mohan Nagar’ you can directly catch ‘G T Road’, just ask for the road which goes to ‘Bulandshahar’, you should be crossing NH24 underneath. After that just keep asking for places as shown in the Map.

    Leave early in the morning so that you get most of day light and keep your spirits high.

    View Larger Map

  • CP

    Thanks Aditya for this review, I have to travel with family from Lucknow to Delhi, (Reverse of what is being described so far). Can you suggest better road i.e. via Kanpur-Agra or via Sitapur-Bareilly. Approx distance & time taken.

  • vishal khare

    I went to LKO vai faridabad-agra-Etawah-kanpur-lucknow on 5th July. As stated by some people raod conditions are awesone b/w delhi-agra & Etawah-Kanpur. Now Etawah flyover is also operational, so it saves another 45 mins as now we are not at all going inside. I left delhi at 5 PM & reached LKO at 3:30 PM with almost 2 hrs break. Only thing is that there are no good places to eat & sit b/w agra & kanpur. Only troublesome passages were:
    1. Shikohabad flyover(This is still under construction) and road was bad because of rain.
    2. Some patch(5 KMS) b/w Agra & Etawah.
    3. Patch from kanpur to Unnao.

    Also after reaching to Kanpur, one has to be careful to take the cut to enter to LKO road, else straight will go to Agra. There is one small cut on the flyover to enter into the city.

    Rest journey was awsome.
    While coming back from luknow, one need to be careful with raffic in firozabad & agra as one will be in these cities somewhere around 1-2 PM.

    rest all is good in this route.

    Once can enjoy long ride w/o much tiring.

  • Rajeev Tivari

    Good, that someone has come up with the details of the trouble spots, Thanks Vishal.

    It is really impressive that you could do the distance in about 10:30 hrs including 2hrs break making it 8:30hrs which means an average speed of about 65KMPH.

    It is a good knews that the Etawah bypass is operational now.

    I was planning to leave on the same date you left, but somehow schedules and weather conditions then prevented me.

    One more thing that recently started creeping my mind that one needs cars with bigger and wider tyres for highways and not to forget long wheelbase and wide tread, and this thought also puts me off the idea of taking my vehicle with skinny wheels and economical dimensions.

    Btw, in the Kanpur trap, probably you mean Allahabad (And ‘am’ elsewhere as well:-)). However, I have read in Ratandeep’s comment above that that there is a cut after the descent at Allahabad end of the flyover from where one can take a u-turn and come back beside the flyover to turn right below the flower towards the Ramadevi Chowk.

    Btw, I think it would be too much of a coincidence if you were to be an IET Lko Alumnus.


  • Aditya

    Thanks CP for your comment.

    I suggest you Lucknow-Kanpur-Etawah-Agra-Delhi. The reason is better road condition and when you have better roads, you can some how control travel time.

    Start early and you can easily reach Delhi before dark.

    happy journey! Do share your experience also.

  • vishal khare

    Hi Rajeev,
    You correctly remember. I am from IET Lko. I guess we met also at meets organized in delhi by Tushima & shashi Kant sir.

  • Urmindra

    Thanks to everyone for posting all these details. i plan to travel from gorakhpur to delhi very soon and orginally planned to take Lucknow-Bareilly-Delhi route (NH24) with this information i would definately take the Lucknow-Kanpur-Agra-Delhi route (NH2).

    Although a bit sceptical as how would the NH2 be post monsoon..any recent ghumakkars ?

  • I drove from Gorakhpur to Delhi via Bareilly and I think it was not a good idea. Take LKO – Kanpur – Delhi only. In the comments I read a comment by Vikas on July 5th, thats not too far back.

    I personally drove in 2nd week of June and the road looked good enough to sustain Monsoon. Last weekend one of my friend drove till Agra (he was going to Gwalior) and he tells me that its all fine.

    Urmindra, Do come back to update on your observations after you take the journey.

  • Patrick Jones

    The NH2 is still in good shape, thanks to NHAI. I returned just yesterday from LKO and except for the already mentioned patches, it is still holding good so go ahead and enjoy.

    Yeah, I made the trip finally and it was excellent. This is the just kind of road I would like to drive on. Monsoon gave us good company along the route falling as downpour, rain and drizzle intermittently and it was fun driving thru it. I especially love the Agra Kanpur section, except for the bicycles/2-wheelers who love to ride on the wrong side. You might find cattle and even people lazing on the road.

    Badarpur look normal with pot-holes and traffic jam. Sikandra is bad as usual, some flooding at Agra, Etawa flyover is good so no problems there. Follow Ratnadeeps instructions to get on to the road to LKO from Kanpur flyover and go slow till Unnao. Rest everything about this route is awesome.

    So things has changed much after your post. Thanks again.

  • Kuldeep

    Thanks for all reviews
    I drove from Gurgaon to Kanpur via Agra last weekend.

    The reviews really helped and as mentioned above the NH2 is in good shape so that you can maintain speed of 120 for most of the stretch.
    But still need to be bit attentive for unexpected potholes and the cuts in between.

    As mentioned by Patrick, bicycles/2-wheelers love to ride on the wrong side. You might find cattle and even people lazing on the road.
    This is really irritating and dangerous too, so just take extra care and be ready for anyone crossing road anytime.

  • Vivek

    Thanks kuldeep, how much time you took to reach kanpur from gurgaon? Also, advise me on the time of day, when i can avoid problems like cattle, wrongside 2wheelers on the road.

  • Abhishek

    i went to lko from noida, sec 19 via nh2 on pulsar 220.
    i started at 4:25am and reached Hazratganj (Lko) at 11:50am.
    it was raining almost all the time may be thats why the traffic was less (mainly bi-cycles and two-wheelers)
    the road is fantastic except only a few kms

    i would say, don’t leave nh2 just before kanpur (as the sign board shows) but continue on it till you cross kanpur and then take the u turn, reach ramadevi chauraha and take the road to lko. this route will be about 10km extra but it will save you from traffic and numerous speed breakers…i followed the sign, got off the nh2 and wasted almost half an hour
    while returning i took a left turn instead of the usual right to reach the u turn about 5 km and took the nh2, and it was totally worth it.

  • Hi,
    This is really good timing with a start to end average speed of approx 70Kph.

    The early start is always a time saver, but a cause of drowsiness after you reach the destinationand in my case the time saved goes into sleeping, with some interest. But it is alwasy better to sleep a couple of hourse extra aftereards than starting late and then driving/riding through the morning madness of citities.

    Abhishek, you could have avoided the Kanpur clamour during onward journey also, had you read the Ratnadeep’s comment and the discussion afterwards on Kanpur.

    Good to know that monsoon has not had a bad impact on the road conditions. Sigh….I am raring to take this road and tired of taking vicarious trips. God willing, sometime near Deepawali…

    Just now I got a servicing reminder from Rohan NOIDA…

  • 7.5 hours on a bike, and that too with rains, I would take that as something not common.

  • Akash

    i need to leave for Lucknow on Saturday morning on my Bullet Thunderbird. Which route should i take?

  • My suggestions would be Delhi – Kanpur – Lucknow. Ensure that you read comments from Ratandeep, Rajiv and others for the right cut at Kanpur.

    And when you make it, please come back and update here on the road condition and any other general update.

  • Akash

    Thanks so much for the advice. I’ve got the right cut at Kanpur superscribed in my brain. Thanks a ton

  • Urmindra

    Hi All,

    I travelled from Gorakhpur to Delhi last week and this 900km journey on car could be broken in two segments.

    1. Gorakhpur to Lucknow
    2. Lucknow to Delhi

    Gorakhpur to Lucknow road is under construction for 4-laning, hence there are lot of bad stretches and diversions. But the new 4-lane road (where-ever it existed) is absolutely treat. The new road is being built on international standards using the cement concrete in place of the age old coal-tars..Neverthless i completed by 280KMs in 6 hours and stayed back for the night in Gemini Continental Hotel in Lucknow itself. This Gorakhpur-Lucknow stretch should get completed in 2009..hopefully.

    Lucknow to Delhi via Kanpur-Etawah-Agra was a cakewalk. I left Lucknow at around 11am and reached Delhi by 10pm with 2 stops of 45 mins in Etawah and Agra and 1 stop for 20 mins in Kanpur. The road is absolute beauty with usual deterrents in the form of wrong side cyclewallahs and LMVs all the way. The un-avoidable stretch is Firozabad and Agra where the highway cuts across the city traffic with no bypass and you have to deal with nagging traffic and then a small diversion at Tundla where the overbridge is under-construction. The other pain point was the non existence of any decent dhabas or restaurants between Kanpur to Agra..the A1 stops have been renamed (it seems Reliance has left this business :)) and hence we avoided it. Although found a decent dhaba immediately after Etawah fly-over owned by village sarpanch..very good food.

    i thank all those people who contributed with the feedback on this Lucknow-Agra-Delhi road and made me change my decision from Lucknow-Bareilly-Delhi road. This journey was much more pleasing and non-intrusive for my car !

  • Aditya

    Thanks Umendra for your update about Gorakhpur-Lucknow and specially about the information of that Dhaba. Can you tell its name or some milestone around it? It will really help.

    I am from Lucknow but not much aware about the latest developments there. Let me guess, If I am not wrong Gemini Continental Hotel is near Hazaratganj, just in front of ‘Ashok Vatika’ and ‘KD Singh Babu Stadium’.

    Do share your review about the hotel with us.


  • Rajeev

    That is a great update.
    These opposite side vehicles need to be curtailed by the authorities. I hope that things will change once toll plaza etc start operating.
    Gemini Continental is slowly turning out to be a preferred destination for business as well as pleasure travellers. It is a tough competition for Clarks.

  • Urmindra

    Hi Aditya,

    The dhaba is immediately on the left after the flyover bypassing Etawah town while coming from Kanpur. I really dont remember the name but it was a 2 storey colorful building.

    You are right about Gemini Continental..its on Laxmi bai road near Hazratganj and opposite the’s a decent hotel.

    i am waiting for the Gorakhpur-Lucknow to stretch complete and then it will be a 14 hr drive from Gorakhpur to Delhi.

  • And once complete East-West is done then Gorakhpur-Darbhanga would be 6 hours and I can do Delhi-Gorakhpur-Darbhanga with a night-stop at Kushinagar :)

  • Amar Kumar

    Fantastic read – I should say “Fantabulous”

    My bro read this and suggested me to go through it – after having suggestions from many I was very confused about which way to choose – most of the guys told me to take Sitapur – Bareilly route – but after going through this – I got convinced. Later on confirmed from one of my friend who started at 6.30 am and reached at 3.00 pm at LKO

    Will update you soon, about my trip

  • bhaskersaxena

    hey dear members,

    i would request ur views / suggessations for a small trip (around 500 Km) from Meerut to lucknow…

    there are three ways of going :-

    (a) NH24 (Meerut-Hapur-Moradabad-Bareilly-Sitapur-Lucknow) – the shortest one.

    (b) NH2 ( Meerut-Noida outer-Faridabad – Mathura – Agra – Kanpur – Lucknow) – The longest one.

    (c) Mix ( Meerut – Bulandshahr – Aligarh – Agra or Mathura – NH2)

    i will be greatful if someone can please suggest the best possible route in terms of road conditions, facilities(eating / halting / servicing) and less time consuming. as i will be driving for the first time for such a long dist and wanna cover it up in one day. i’ll be the only driver in my car.

  • Hi , i stay in NFC in delhi. so reaching the mathura rd was very easy and after that the double road did not end till lucknow.

    i had left at 2am on the 29th of August 08 and returned on 2nd sept 08, with my wife & driver in my opel corsa.

    the road is fantastic , i would suggest that you carry a flask of tea along(the route is great , so u may come across spots where u would like to stop & take a breather & of course have TEA !!)

    the road from here to mathura ..agra…etawah…kanpur dehat… kanpur city…is great . kanpur to lucknow is bumpy for the first 20 kms, after that its fine.

    Eating joints are readily available
    Route has real less traffic
    Safe for one & all
    Road is Makkhan all the way. between agra & etawah ,one has to be careful of vehicles, cattle, tractor trolleys, etc coming from the wrong side + people crossing the road at the intersections in the road divider.

    when one enters kanpur , there is a board that says go down from the rd , but the kanpur flyover is already complete. so pls do not follow the sign, just go on the flyover and enjoy the pleasure of by passing the kanpur city, when the flyover ends , take a u turn come to rama devi gol chakkar, take a right turn , and head towards lucknow.

    rest if any one wants to ask anything specific , can ask me

  • bhaskersaxena

    Thanks Saurabh,

    can some one pl put some light on the rout Meerut – Bulandshahar – Aligarh – Agra…. how r the road n traffic conditions at this stretch and generally how much time does it take…. espically in the we have now in delhi and around?????

  • Really, I found all the post very good and it will really help who are going to drive between Delhi and Lucknow. I’m planning to go around Mid of October and this contents have really helped me a lot. Thanks to Aditya for starting this post and after that , a series of comments flooded on this web site. I thank to all for putting valauble information regarding Delhi-Lko trip. Once I come back, I will share my experiences.

    Thanks A Ton to Everybody

  • Hi,
    Can anybody plz tell me the location of CNG Gas stations on the way of Delhi-Mathura-Agra-Faridabad-kanpur-Lucknow?
    If anybody can provide me, then,this information will help me a lot…

    Thanks in Advance..

  • satyadeep


    Let me congratulate the team at Ghumakker for a great initiative and all the members for their contributions.

    I could connect straight away with the intent of your site – i take road trips as and when i can; and it always helps to get personal & genuine advice from fellow travellers.

    My trip to lucknow thru NH24 (Sun 5th Oct 08) left me shocked. I had travelled on this road last year but the roads were much better then. the hapur-moradabad & sitapur- lucknow sections this time were bad esp the latter—- which is devastated after the monsoons. i took 12 hrs to reach lko!!!!

    I am starting tom (Fri, 10 Oct) on my return journey with family which includes an aged mom and a 2 yr old kid.

    Pl suggest which is a better route – NH2 or NH91 – esp after the rains?? what is the distance to delhi on each route?

    Thanks in advance and Dussehra greetings

  • Thanks Satyadeep.

    Lucknow – Kanpur – Eatwah – Agra (NH2) – Aligarh – Bulandsahar – Hapur would come out to be 530 – 550 KM odd. I can vouch for the road till Agra, beyond that I would assume that it may not be the best but I heard that its good-enough.

    After Agra, you can choose to remain on NH2 and drive till Delhi. At Ashram Chowk in Delhi, turn right and then turn right again at ‘Nizamuddin Mode’, you would get on to NH24. The roads all through this is cream. But it would add at least 60 odd KM to your total count.

    I would suggest that you be on NH2 till Agra and then go via Aligarh. If you start early enough you can reach Agra in 6 hours, leaving you with enough of Day light time to venture through Aligarh-Bulandsahar.

    Apart from distance, the other downside of coming Via Delhi is that you would get into traffic and it would take a while to get out of Delhi.

    Whatever route you take, please come back here and update on your experience.

  • Ram

    Hey, I am planning to drive down to Kanpur from Gurgaon, kindly give me the direction (the major milestone) and also wether to take the NH2 or NH24.



  • Ram – Take NH2. Direction are very simple, just be on NH2. Probably you would need to take Faridabad-Gurgaon road to get on to NH2, after that just keep driving.

    When you take the trip, please come back and update the road condition and your overall experience here.

  • Adarsh

    Diwali time and did not got reservation done. So planning to drive to Lucknow from Delhi (Karol Bagh). Some suggested me to take Muradabad- Sitapur route as it is shorter. I am new to driving on highways kindly suggest… Delhi- Agra- Ethwah-Kanpur route will be better in terms of driving comfort and distance or the other one.

    Kindly update soon as i have to leave coming saturday morning…

  • Aditya

    Hi Adarsh,

    I suggest you NH-2 i.e. Delhi- Agra- Ethwah-Kanpur route which is better in terms of road conditions

    yes it is not short and around 50km longer route than the other one but more peace of mind because of 4 lanes with divider throughout the route.

    I am also leaving for LKO on Saturday from Noida on same route.

    Do share your views here about the road after your trip and let other people take benefit of it. Thanks.

    Happy Diwali!

  • Rohit

    I am going to Lucknow from Noida Sector-50 with family on 24th Oct(saturday) morning at 5:30AM. I plan to go via NH-91. I am planning to not over speed. Has anyone any experience via this route. Recently some people drove from Barielly to Lucknow and they reported the road condition is not good so I dnot plan via NH-24.
    NH-2 is approximately 50 Kms longer if starting point is Noida. I want to know if NH-91 is safe and has good road conditions.

  • Rohit

    In above update I plan to travel on 25th Oct(saturday)

  • Rajeev Tivari

    Aditya, Rohit I feel good as I am going to have some decent company(and decent traffic, going by the number of roadies planning ot leave tommorrow) as I am also planning to leave 25th morning via NH-2 the fourlaned great, from Inirapuram for LKO.

    Except that I cancelled confirmed reservation in LKO mail for this one.

    I am at 10371558, prefixing 98

  • I think the time has come to get those back-glass ghumakkar car screens so that when you find one, you know that its one of us.

  • Rajeev Tivari

    Yes Nandan, That would be a good idea.

    Now reporting from my yesterday’s drive, we started at 4:30am from Indirapuram, were at agra at 7:30. Stopped at a relative’s place by the highway itself and started off again at about 8:45. Did not have to encounter much traffic in Agra, though witnessed a pile up at the Yamuna Bridge, as a huge crowd had gathered on both the bridges to see a ghastly site of a few bodies on the bed of river below, as informed by a bystander.

    At Tundla a bridge is being constructed so only one carriageways was available. At Ferozabad also traffic was challenging due to opposite side travel-a practice prevalent almost throughout which keeps you alert and awake on otherwise a challenge-free road.

    The road between Sikandara(about 70km from Kanpur) and Kanpur has been rendered almost in its entirety single carriage as the delhi bound carriageway is under repair/hold in many stretches. In such situations only the toll tax pinches.

    This is really a dangerous proposition that on a double carriage highway you are subject to be shocked by an oncoming vehicle from opposite direction.

    And those bikers/cyclewallas are so careless while coming into the oncoming traffic in the fast lane(inner one), why can’t they just use the outermost lane, if they have to be lazy and rulebreakers.

    And here comes the clincher-the Kanpur Bypass ‘flyway'(or is it Allahabad bypass?). About 25 stones ahead of Kanpur, there was signal for Lucknow bound vehicles to take the slip road on left and the Allahabad bound to go straight. We did the latter as per the advice of Ratandeep and remained anxious through the 30 km flight above Kanpur, though eventually we found the curves as seen in Google earth and the railway bridge before Ramadevi chowk and that is when we were reassured that what we had done was right and in a short distance we will get the exit from the flyway to come back to Ramadevi chowk, but, just that the end of the flyway was another five km from the Ramadevi turn. It was some feeling flying over the mad traffic of Kanpur at speeds of expressway and the toping was that we encountered zero vehilces in our side of the flyway except for a couple of broken down ones, the sight that reassured us that the flyway is after all in operation. If you are still wondering why there was no traffic on the flyway, let me tell that it has no exit or entry points in between its ends.

    We were in Kanpur at about 1:30pm. We had stopped at a trucker dhaba for lunch just ahead of Auraiya.

    We eventually reached LKO at about 4:30pm. I had put a MPS limit of 85kmph.

    If any one has used the Lucknow slip road please update.
    anyone Q251?

  • Amit Gupta


    I travelled to Lucknow from Noida via NH-24 on 25th, October . I left at 4:00 a.m. in the morning and managed to reached Lucknow (Gomti Nagar) at 8:15 p.m. only. The traffic and the roads were bad. I was stuck in traffic jams thrice which wasted almost 4 hrs.

    The drive from Noida to Moradabad was good. However, things were bad from the Moradabad bypass onwards. Traffic jams stretching upto 10-12 kms delayed us and at times we managed to travel 5-8 kms in an hr.

    The stretch from Sitapur was also not very good to drive due to the widening of roads.

    I returned from Lucknow to Noida today (November 01, 2008) via the Kanpur-Agra route. I did not regret the decision to take this route even though it is longer than the NH-24 route. I left at 4:00 a.m. and reached Noida at 1:30 p.m.

    As advised by people earlier, one should be careful of traffic coming from the opposite side. Throughout the journey, I noticed bikes, tractors, coming from the opposite side in the wrong lanes.

    Apart from these problems, the route is excellent. I usually travel to Lucknow by train and this was the first time I travelled to Lucknow by road and I am seriously considering driving to Lucknow in future as I found this to be a good alternative.


    How long is the drive from Lucknow to Makanpur. I have been told to take the “KANNAUJ high way. Before 15 Kms there is a way which is known as ‘AROL MAKANPUR’. AROL is the Railway station name and makanpur is 3 Kms inside AROL”

  • Amit Ranjan


    After reading all 79 comments of frnds now I had made up my mind to travel to Lucknow from Vaishali (GZB) through NH-2. Thanks to aditya, nandan, ratandeep I am totally convinced of following this route. Earlier I was travelling through NH 24. I will be starting at 5.00 in morning on 26 Nov 2008 and hope to reach lucknow by 2 PM.

    Can anybody tell me whether santro car is good for a ride. Is hiring a driver necessary.

    This is not my first ride on highways. I had travelled many times from delhi to agra. But delhi to lucknow is first time. I had also travelled to delhi-ghaziabad-merrut-roorkee-rishikesh-hardwar-dehradoon-musoorie route by car.

    Will share my experience on a different post.

  • Santro is a good car. All the best. Hope to hear back soon on your experience. Probably this group is responsible for increasing the road-traffic between Delhi-LKO. :)

  • karunesh tripathi

    Well I too had travelled through this route on 25 Oct /6th Nov and found good for travel.
    All other same latest updates in this route
    1. In Kanpur chakeri-bhawati bypass is operational so one can cross kanpur in just 15+10 minutes. Confirm its entry point from Ramadevi square while comming from kanpur to delhi.
    2. Etawah bypass is operational so it also make journey time less.
    3. Total route is now four lane hi speed type with five toll gates costing you 200 bugs but is worth paying if one can compare with situation earlier

    and be aware that you can get this type of traffic too. check the milestone.


  • Amit Ranjan

    Thanks karunesh for the latest update. I am more than happy to hear that Etawah and Kanpur bypass has opened.

    Is there any good eating point between etawah and kanpur.
    Also please tell me whether u drove yourself or hired a driver.

    Is the journey tiring?

    what should be the ideal speed limit.

  • Abhishek Singh

    I am planning to travel from indirapuram to kanpur on 22nd Nov and by looking at the comments it seems that it will not take more than 7-8 hr to reach there.

    Will update you all about the current road condition when be back on 25th Nov

  • Vishal Anand

    Well thanks for all the guys who wrote with inputs, my parents went recently from Noida-Lko via Agra KNP route and they reached in 9 hours flat. I would be going the same route end of this month.

    Believe me Delhi – Lko via Bareilly Sucks !! I’ve taken that route and it’s painful.

  • Deepak

    delhi lucknow via bareilly is primarily a Train Route …
    But Agra kanpur is almost double lane i had gone till ETAWAH fm Agra

  • Deepak


    between Agra and Etawah there is Green hut Shaped on your L.H.S …”Panchwati”on Agra–firozabad —-etawah Route f..the food is decent

  • Deepak

    Dear amit R

    between Agra and Etawah there is Green hut Shaped on your L.H.S …”Panchwati”on Agra–firozabad —-etawah Route f..the food is decent

  • Aditya

    Thanks Deepak, for your informative comments.

  • Ajay

    Thanks to all the people who put there comments here and Spl. thanks to Aditya Chaturvedi for putting such an informative article. You know your article really convinced me that we can reach Lucknow via road.

    So we took the trip to Lucknow via NH2 during diwali vacation started [Kalkaji] at 5.20AM and reached 2.15PM Lucknow [Gomti Nagar] with 45 min break in between. On returned we started around 5.00 AM and reached here at 3.00 PM with 2 hr breaks in between.

  • Aditya

    Thanks Ajay for your words.

    I also thank you and every one who keep posting their recent experience as comments and encourage people to use this information.

  • Adil

    i am planning to visit lucknow day after tommorow using nh2 after reading all comments… need to know if there is security concerns on this route… i would be starting day after tommorow early around 5am… let me know your exp… i hope there r none :)…

  • Aditya

    I had no problems regarding security on NH-2 during my 2 drives last year to LKO. Road is getting better as more of the construction work is almost complete.

    I believe, if you are leaving early in the morning and reaching before dark there, should not be any problem.

    Wishes you a Happy journey and do get back to us with updates.

  • Adil

    Thanks Aditya … I started at 5:15 am on 25th Dec on my 5 months old wagon-r and we reached Kanpur at 11:30 am … there were no issues either it is road condition,comfort of highway driving or security. we crossed cities like never before. But the condition of road from kanpur to lucknow was no where as compared to nh2 … it took 2 hours to reach hazratganj as we left nh2 while entering kanpur . it was 50 km extra and around 200Rs toll but still i would prefer nh2 over nh91 and nh24. everything that was under construction as mentioned by others in this post earlier is now complete … i found only toll plazas that slowed down our avg speed. I WOULD HIGHLY RECOMMEND ANYBODY TO GO BY NH2. enjoy safe driving.

  • Aditya

    Thanks Adil for your updates… These updates make this post really useful.

    Thanks for your time.

  • pulkit

    i am planning to go kanpur by road, plz tell me that is there is any cng filling station on the way.

  • Aditya

    Hi Pulkit,

    I have heard few times that there are some CNG stations in Agra but did not know about them till i got your comment. I tried searching on internet and found two in Agra.

    Agra CNG stations.

    AGRA TEL : 0562 – 2605576.

    AGRA. TEL : 05613 – 271283.

    It was suggested that call them to confirm about availability of fuel before you start from here.

    I will update here as I get some more information.

    Please provide updates here in case you get information by some other source or during your drive to Kanpur.

    Happy new year and wish you a safe journey.

  • tridilip

    Dear frnds , i have been taking advantages of this site since september, but recently i bought my new and first car chevrolet UVA, great car, immediatly after first service done, left for jabalpur (MP) from ghaziabad, took map direction from, approximately 850 km distance, ghaziabad-faridaba-agra-gwaliar- jhansi-sagar- jabalpur, exprce was so so, completed in 2 days, but back to ghaziabad i had completed whole journey in one day. well thats not enough, again after 10 days i decided to go my home town near sitapur (UP), so i took help of ghumakkar help, but it was again time to think before starting journey that which road should i follow, there r three ways to reach lucknow, kanpur, one is NH 24 (shortest distance for sitapur to ghaziabad), Nh 2 (best route and my recommendation to all people) and third one is via aligarh kannauge kanpur (worst route, never follow this route its my suggetion), so plz follow NH 2 even if u want to go sitapur, so happy journey and happy new year to all of u.

  • pulkit

    hi aditya thanx for the valuable suggestion.

    Recently i heard that there is a lot of problems on the highway because of bad weather conditions. Is that true?, plz tell me.

  • Aditya

    Thanks Tridilip for your comment. Do let us know about your MP experiences in detail, do write a story for all ghumakkars. It will help us to plan our travel in MP :-)

    Pulkit, recently weather is bad for driving. I have no specific information about NH-2 but in general, fog is present all around during the day and night so it is not advisable to go for drive because of visibility issue.

  • tridilip

    Dear Aditya i am not good in writing all strory but i will try my level best to describe all about.
    Dear pulkit my suggetion just avoid night dive now days, i have suffered and met lot of problem due to fog. one week back only i decided to move sitapur n started my journey at 4 pm via NH 24 , after 6 pm my speed was 20 km per hour, u cant believe i was so lucky, two car met accident due to fog, even some where i dont remember where, truck suck on rail train and tain hit the tuck badly, even due to this i had wated 2 hrs, so to cover 450 km almost 24 hrs wasted, reached biswan (sitapur) at 1 pm. so plz avoid jouney now days.
    happy new year to every one and happy driving


    Thanks ADI
    Thanks Ratandeep


    We all know about the MATHUR/AAGRA Route ran on that 3-4 times already but Lucknow was something I wanted to do as dare to myself. I have done Delhi to firozpur (Punjab) Near Pakistan Border that too in 800 (500 PLUS KMS) I never had a Doubt on this one
    This time it was my 2 month OLD Baby XETA


    Started 25 DEC 6.44 AM Landed 5.30 PM DOOR TO DOOR 589 KMS (SAME Day Adil Did it )

    Two Stops
    * SOME CLEAN PETROL PUMP after Crossing UNNAO 30 MINs (Because CAR NEEDED more than US ;-)

    I was a bit late to Start as I do night Shift and had to Drive Solely till the Destination

    Ratandeep Thanks and Sorry

    I missed the Flyover Trick because it said FOR ALLAHABAAD COMMUTERS GO
    but thanks for the RAMADEVIs Chowk It helped me a lot causes it actually saved me while coming back

    Coming back

    Started 28 DEC 6.10 AM Landed 5.30 PM DOOR TO DOOR 610 KMS (TIME LOST in KANPUR AND IN FARIDABAAD )
    Reached Faridabaad (SECTOR 21-C CUT ) at 3.30 then it took 2 hrs to reach home Evening Traffic and SUNDAY COMING PPL from AAGRA

    Thats something i did not PLAN
    Plan was to cover the Same Route

    Till Unnao It was Good then i was routed to internal CITY by LOCALITES
    Some How reached Kanpur

    And Believe me PPL there Still DONNO the Difference between NH2 and NH 91 for Delhi ( I am not even Sure if it does go to Delhi)

    I almost Picked up the NH91 and went back 15 KMS to catch the RAMADEVI Chowk and the NH2 Route rest was all Flying
    I got LOST in Kanpur for 2 reasons one the UNNAO Internally is connected to Kanpur with a different Road that does not take to the RAMADEVI Chowk DIRECTLY

    TOTAL TIME LOST 45 minutes

    Single Stops
    * RASTRA DEIP (YA I Spelled it Correct) 45 Minute Between 16 – 15 KM MILE stone BEFORE AAGRA WITH IOC PETROL PUMP (START WATCHING once 16 KM MILE stone BEFORE AAGRA is reached )


    AVG 16

    What ELSE


    It Can Be Anything from a CYCLE to a 16 TYRE BIG RIG BELIEVE I am Not exajurating

    NOTE: I You are Planing on this ROUTE get the Weather Reports or Avoid it for at least till the FOG Conditions Lasts

  • Vishal

    Its really heartening to such an awesome description of routes within UP. Thanks for starting it Aditya. All my apprehensions have been cleared and I’m happy to let my parents and grandparents travel

  • Amit

    NH2 rocks…but kanpur got stuck in the jam badly

  • Dheeraj Sharma

    I will go to (U.P.)SHAHJANAAPUR in TILHER. I live in Delhi I m requested please provide to me road map how to reach in Tilher

  • Vipin Tripathi

    Hi Aditya,
    A very good travel diary with lot of information and suggestion, It is a good work accomplished with Photographs of the road and traffic. I am from Kanpur ( HBTI too) and work in Gurgaon, It is great pain to catch train from Delhi to reach Kanpur , Reading this article and also experience of some other friends now I am also thinking to go by road and it seems possible and enjoyable. But I am single driver, you did not mention would it be possible to drive all teh way by one person alone.

  • Bakul

    Hi Vipin
    Be rest assurred Single Driver Can do it Easily do it
    If you are lone in the CAR then it can be a bit of trouble as u can easily get Bored you need somebody for continous Cirping if you can manage that it will be a breeze.

    Technically it should not take you more then 7-8 Hrs (Provided u dont hit a JAM ;-)

    Delhi to agra is a bit slow Depending on time / Area u leave at /from
    200-205 Kms
    Agra to Kanpur Around I did those in 3 Hrs
    285-290 KMS

    Drive Safly

  • Abdul

    Hi Adi,

    Can you suggest me a good route from Delhi to Gorakhpur…?? I’ll be traveling by motorbike. Kindly, suggest if traveling by bike is safe and possible in one day???

  • anirban

    can someone tell me some thing about the road on to Varanasi from Kanpur???

  • Anirban – The road from Kanpur to Varanasi is pretty good except the Allahabad part where you would have to pass through the city. A bypass was being done but I dont think thats complete.

    You can read more here –

  • Hey Guys!
    The road from Delhi to Agra is very much popular and most of us putting up in Delhi or Noida must have visited Agra many times(whenever some relative comes, he wants to see Taj). But the real surprise was road from Agra to Kanpur. It took 4 hrs from Agra to Kanpur(350 Km). New roads with minimum traffic. All big towns like Firozabad, shikohabad, etawah auraya and even Kanpur..all are bypassed by elevated roads as they have done on NH8 for Gurgaon. In 7 Hrs flat we were from Noida to Kanpur. The good thing about this elevated road approach that even after few years, no encroachment possible on flyovers, 2nd the slow vehicle like bullock cart rickshaw etc they will prefer to take road below flyover, for it will be easy drive.
    The flip side is that after Agra till kanpur, you dont find any good restaurant or family dhabas. The only ones are for Trucks where the gentry is not so good. I think that will improve with time when more and more people start taking this route. The A1 plaza is closed…thanks to Mayawati. The suggestion is have your stomach full on this route. You can take a trea break in any one of the towns in bewteen.
    Driving on such smooth road in apna UP was a pleasent surprise..India is shining!!

  • Abdul

    Has anyone have any idea about Delhi to Gorakhpur road..???
    Ill be traveling by motorbike. Kindly, suggest if traveling by bike is safe and possible in one day???

  • Abdul – The route would be Delhi – Kanpur – Lucknow on NH2 and then Lucknow – Barabanki – Faizabad – Basti – Gorakhpur. Roads are good but I am not sure about safety in night.

    The total distance is in excess of 700 Km so I dont think its possible in one day unless there are two drivers and you want to drive for 16-18 hours.

  • Abdul

    Thanx Nandan for your kind reply.

  • Pushkar

    Guys, its been wonderful reading your travelogues. Am sufficiently impressed to decide to go by road from Delhi to Kolkata in the middle of May.
    Would you like me to document the trip?

  • Aditya

    Pushkar, Thanks for the appreciation. Please do write about your journey to Kolkata, it would be useful to all ghumakkars. Have a good trip and do get back to us with your experiences.

  • Ramesh

    Can anyone help me with road route from Ambala-Saharanpur-Bareilly-Lucknow. And experience and condition of road, hotels etc.


  • Devesh K S Rathore

    Thanks buddy, so much of information here. For the last 8 years, once a year, I have been driving to Delhi – Lucknow – Delhi, as both my parents and in laws stay there. The first visit was on my first car Maruti 800, then Zen, then WagonR and lastly Exteem. I am a Maruti fan you know. Anyway all through the last 5 years the Moradabad – bareilly route had been my favourite, as despite it being a single road for the major stretch, I did not find a lot of truck movement on this stretch.

    However 15 days back I again visited Lucknow by Esteem, using my favourite route. However I was pretty irritated as the work going on for doubling the road after Moradabad never seems to end. Also after 10am, there was too much movement of village folk on the road, which included Cycles, two wheelers, tractors, Sumos, Scorpios…and many others. It was a major deterrant, as the village folks drive really rash and its a single road. I left my family and my car in lucknow, as my wife and kids planned to stay there for 15 days.

    Today I had to leave for lucknow by train to bring everybody back by Car. Some of the folks in Lucknow advised my wife to take Agra route instead. I was checking its feasibility on the internet, when I stumbled on your article. Thanks a lot, I think I will try the Etawah-Agra-Mathura route this time and will provide my experience as soon as I am back.

    Devesh K S Rathore

  • Raj

    I am from Ayodhya and working in Delhi for the last 5-6 years. I am planning to drive first time from Delhi to Lucknow by my car. I went through few of the posts in this page and found it very useful. I will be taking Agra-Kanpur-Lucknow route for my journey. Can anybody tell me if I can start my journey from Delhi to Lucknow in late night as I need to reach next day as early as possible?

    Thanks in advance…

  • Anil Bisen

    we are planning a visit to lucknow and the info on your blog was really helpful and allayed our fears about the hitherto unknown delhi agra route.we wanted to visit firozabad on the way for some glassware shopping. any advice !!!

  • Neeraj Maurya

    Hi to everyone. I am taking this route at least twice a year to visit my inlaws at Kanpur since the last 4 years. Earlier two years were by Maruti 800; now by Santro. The road condition has drastically improved. In fact, I would grade the link from Agra to Kanpur better than Delhi to Agra. I went to Kanpur on 9th May 09 to leave my wife & two kids (2 yrs. & 6yrs. old) at their Nanu’s place at Kanpur for the vacation. I came back alone on the 15th May. While going to Kanpur; the good spots to take a break are: Mc Donald’s (Mathura)– u already know about it; there’s is a new Indian Oil’s restaraunt before Firozabad ends (& on the right hand side while going to Kanpur). Its good, a/c & with the Indial Oil petrol pump.. the name & address: The Park Resort & Restaurant, opp. Vaishno Devi Dham, NH2, Firozabad. The Reliance A-one plaza is a little bit away but closed; otherwise that was also a good spot. The third spot is Surya Hotel one at Sikandra– u know about this too! While returning, I covered the same spots. Please note: although the timings of Park Restaurant is from 10 am; but the guys entertained me even at 9 am. Good people.
    I wish the updates will be useful. Please note: some guys at the toll bridge charge you less & do not give you a ticket; please please do not entertain this. Insist on full payment & take the slip. Once you have the slip, you can complain against them at the NHAI site & I assure you they take immediate action. Let’s take an oath that we will not promote corruption as this will ultimately lead to bad rad conditions. Also, I had requested the NHAI guys to put up good toilets (have a nominal charge for maintenence) at or near the toll booths. They said they will see to it. Please re-request the issue; as finally it is for us & our families.
    Bye & Good, Happy & Safe Driving!
    Ritvik, Rishit, Poonam & Neeraj.

    • Patrick Jones

      Couldn’t agree with you more on corruption. It happened with me long time back so now I insist on the receipt. If we all act together, this evil can be driven out and our country will be a better place to live in.


  • Abdul Kamal

    Hi Guys,

    I am planing to travel lucknow through flight. Then i will catch a train from Lucknow junction. Can you advice the distance from Airport to rly station?
    Also, the cab facilityis available as i will be reaching lucknow airport 8:30 PM?

  • Mahesh Semwal

    The distance between Amausi Airport to Char Bagh Railways station is approx 15 km., during day time lot of traffic problem is there. conditions at 8.30 pm might be gud.

    Cab is not a problem there.

  • I have just read all and pretty impressed and learnt a lot. I am coming out on the Highway for the first time and planning to make a trip from Delhi to Agra during Oct-Nov’09. My car is Wagon-R (Petrol) with CNG. Family – myself, wife, kid (12 yrs) and brother-in-law. Pls guide me for my first trip on the Highway. I am planning to take NH2 and do majority of the drive on CNG. Also advise me on the general speed limit I should maintain on the Highway. How much max. speed I should have to drive normally? And what is the minimum speed (of course depending upon the traffic)? I am driving in Delhi for the past 3 years and have driven about 30,000 KM in total in Delhi. When I get a free stretch I drive at a speed of 80 KM and even once touched 90 KM speed on the Gurgaon Highway (only upto Gurgaon). Cheenu

    • Neeraj Maurya

      Cheenu… Travelling Delhi to Agra the first time, try to go early in the morning. I made a mistake when I travelled the first time 4 yrs. back (took a night-break at Agra). I started in the afternoon; and it took me over 5 hrs. to reach Agra! When I travel early in the morning (I’ve a Santro), it takes me 2.5-3 hrs. only. The route is fine; Amit Srivastava rightly cautioned; & also never try to take a tea break, etc. nearby Kosi. As you are going the first time (with a 30000 kms experience) — speed limit yourself between 60-80kms. You never know when a tractor/ bullock cart, etc. might pop-up. Also, once it happened with me, if any damn thing pops up surprisingly & you have to brake suddenly– make use of your hand brakes as well.
      Bye & Have a nice experience!!! Jai Ho!!!

  • bhavya

    good yar

    • Shaan

      hiiiiiiiiii, its nice na…

  • Abdul Kamal

    thanks Mahesh for your inputs. I really appreciate that.

  • Amit Srivastava

    Cheenu, if you are driving first time between Delhi-Agra, you should be careful between Mathura and Agra, specially when you are approaching Agra. You will find many cycle riders coming to your way in the middle of the road or sometimes crossing the road without any hand signals etc. Crowd also is not very good there. So keep arounf 50 kmph in that zone, otherwise 80-100 will be good for rest of the way.
    Wagon-R is good car and you can comfortably complete one side journey in 3.5 hrs if you start early in the morning. For CNG you need to check. Highway is good, so you will enjoy driving there.
    Happy driving.

    • Thanx Amit, for the wonderful piece of advice. For me it is first time not only between Delhi-Agra but also for the Highway in general. I shall let you know about my experience in this coloumn once I complete the trip. If the trip goes on well then I will be planning many more trips of course with all the inputs I get from here. Bye, Cheenu

  • BumbleBee

    ADI would more then happy to see his post is going to be 2 yrs old now

  • sachin

    Actally i am also planning 2 go by road 2 lko. as i belong 2 lko. ur write-up has been a good source of information 4 me

  • Aditya

    Thanks to every one for your kind words.

    Sachin, Best of luck for your journey .Do update the post with your experiences during the trip.


  • Sumit

    Which route is better in terms of road, Delhi – Agra – Etawah – Kanpur, OR Delhi – Aligarh – Eta – Kannauj – Kanpur. I think the second route is shorter.

  • Aditya

    Hi Sumit, You are right the Delhi – Aligarh – Eta – Kannauj – Kanpur is shorter but I am not sure about the road quality. Delhi – Agra – Etawah – Kanpur route has excellent road quality if you compare it with rest of UP roads. You will definitely gain some time while driving on this stretch.

  • Sumit

    Thanks Aditya, I presume the Aligarh road might also be unsafe for travel in evenings. I might travel to kanpur this weekend and based on the posts above, would take the Agra – Etawah route. Would feedback accordingly.

  • Aditya

    Best of luck for your trip! Would love to see latest updates about the route.

    • Sumit

      Yup!! The trip is cancelled at the last minute. Thansk for all the support.

  • Manish Singh

    The entire thread is awesome…i have been thinking of driving to Gorakhpur from New Delhi but was not able to make a decision. Now I am sure, I am driving ….will start on Oct 16th.

  • Aditya

    Thanks to you Manish for your comment. Best of luck for your trip!

  • amitav

    hi i m a doctor presently workin in AIIMS new delhi. i m planning to travel to lko(my in laws ) during diwali in my ritz vdi.the only catch is that my wife who also is a doctor is expecting (in her 5th month).u r thread is awesome and the attention to detail absolutely brilliant. it feels as if u r on the road. before this trip my longest trip was till khirsu(pauri, garhwal)i drove continuously one way for 10 hrs. thanks for all the minute details. the name of the site is the perfect feather in the cap.

    • Shaguna


      Since your wife is expecting, it would be a good idea to carry your food supplies from home as there aren’t too many good options (except for breakfast at McD) to eat on the way. The A1 Plazas mentioned in Adi’s post above have closed and i’m not sure of what outlets have opened in place of them. Please do carry lots of fruits and goodies.

      Another tip if you want to avoid traffic on the way back – travel back on Govardhan Pooja (Diwali’s next day). UPites do not travel on that day and all the businesses are closed, so roads are practically deserted. We saved a lot of time because of this last year.

      Happy Driving!

  • Rajeev

    Doctor, it should be ok, as the road is good and suspension of Ritz is best in its class and better than that of many higher segment cars. just be mindful of the occasional vehicles coming on from wrong side.

    So I wish I had a new car and drove to LKO this Diwali too like I did last year!


  • Aditya


    Best of luck for your trip. Try to leave early and you would save yourself with traffic near Firozabad and Shikohabad (because of Diwali).

    Just like Rajeev, I also drove to LKO last year Diwali but this year staying here in Noida only.

    Do update here after your trip. Happy Diwali in advance!

  • amitav

    hi all,thanx for the response. im planning to leave at 4am on 15th and back on 19th at 4 am.basically i’m an early riser. hope to b at lko for lunch.
    i hav one OT(operation theater) assistant who belongs to etawah, and has told me about some good place to eat. will certainly update if they r worth a try.
    when i m back i will also write about my trip to khirsu.
    HAPPY diwali to all GHUMAKKARS.
    life is a journey, just enjoy it.

  • Sunil

    hi all, thanks for putting up all this information on ghumakkar. I am planning to drive from indirapuram to gorakhpur on 16/Oct. This will be my first long drive in India. Overseas, I’ve done plenty. Just a question for the experienced here.. is Delhi – Gorakhpur do-able in 12-14 hours on a Swift Vxi?

  • Sunil – I did Gorakhpur-Indirapuram in June 2008. It took me 17 hours, from 9 AM to 2 AM. Assuming that you would start early and take NH2 (I was on NH24), this should be doable in 13-14 hours.

    Here’s what I would suggest
    1. Try to get out of Indirapuram by 5 AM. You would avoid jam at Kosi Kalan.
    2. Take home-made breakfast (toast/parantha/Idli) and stop at a place having a good shoulder and avoid spending time at a restaurant. McD at Mathura is a time-killer. You have a long journey, resist the temptation.
    3. Take a good decent big break (in excess of an hour) only in Lucknow.
    4. Enjoy the deserted afternoon roads from LKO-Barabanki-Faizabad.
    5. Stop over at Faizabad (I remember that you would go over Suryu) and cherish the sights.
    5. Take a tea break on/around Basti.
    6. Reach Gorakhpur by late evening, connect to internet, and tell us what it has been.

    All the Best !!

  • Devesh Singh

    I am also amazed by your travel. I would like to travel on this road in this Deewali Holidays as I was not able to get train tickets and plane is too expensive for me to afford.

    I think except Agra to Etawah the road is very good.

  • Aditya


    Road between Agra and Etawah is not at all bad, When i traveled last year on this road there were some final construction work and finishing were going on between Agra and Etawah so hopefully that would have been over by now.

    Best of luck & Happy Diwali !! Do update here about your trip.

  • pranshu

    help required………….
    Hi.. all ….
    I am thinking to go delhi-patna this diwali by road….I wanted to know about the road conditions and the best route???Can i cover it in one day….me and my father will drive….both us fairly new in driving…will it be safe???Pl help

  • Ankit
  • Aditya

    Thanks Ankit, for sharing these links !

  • tahseen

    Dear ghumaakkar,
    i have to go from raebareli to gwalior for some work .can u guide me regarding route to take ,safety profile of route,in between stopovers,sightseeing spots .as i plan to travel with family and make this a work cum pleasure trip.little detours to enjoy MP will be welcome .please help.

  • Tahseen – From the maps, I could see that the route would be Raibareli – Kanpur – Etawah – Gwalior. Kanpur-Etawah is what I have personally driven and the road quality is very good. I am sorry I can’t be of much help for other sections.

    I have been to Gwalior so probably I can suggest something there. Gwalior in itself has lot of options ranging from Manmandir Palace to temples but if you want to take a detour, you can drive down to Jhansi and further to Orccha and spend a night there.

  • amitav

    hi to all
    been back from lko after diwali
    we started from here on 15th at 4.30 am from dilshad garden
    went via ring road, took left turn at ashram thru badarpur border to agra
    crossed agra at 7.30 am & stopped for breakfast
    we had home prepared puri and sabzi. actually it saves a lot of time
    had tea there and started for kanpur. while i drove my wife took a nap in back seat. reched kanpur ar 11.30 am.
    but i never crossed 100kph. as informed here at panki(kanpur dehat) we got the sign that lko & kanpur city is on lt but went straight on the fly over .
    never in my life was i so surprised and happy as we covered 18 km inside kanpur city at 80 kph there were hardly any traffic
    after 18 km (in my digital odo) there is a sign lko straight in red , here u hav to take left and reach other side of the road which opens at ramadevi chauraha.
    from here the road till unnao was terrible(i.e. 13 km odd)
    reached home with diwali rush at1.30 pm for lunch.
    stopped enroute at banni(near nawab ganz) which has good gulabjamuns(called rasgulla)
    saw few good eateries but never stopped at any place i think Nandan was spot on bcoz if u r travellin more than 300 km, have to reach early and the road is makhan take home made food as it is safe,tasty and saves a lot of time and stop only for fuel, tea or when u feel tired.
    but never ever drive unless u r fresh.

  • Sunil

    Nandan- thanks for your inputs. I couldn’t hit the road this diwali due to some family emergency. I have posponed this until Christmas now. Will share the experience with Ghummakars once I do this.

  • Mukesh Nangia

    hi 2 all folks here who have input such a useful info. i hv done delhi to shahjahanpur quite a few times in the past but they were used 2 b my bsnss trips n i nvr cared abt timings, road conditions, etc. on couple of occassions hv done night driving also n thanx to almighty, my night journeys were quite safe too. my recent trip on this route was a few months back from dellhi to etan back which agn i did at night while going n returned during day.
    dis time am going vid family n a kid upto lko n ur inputs hv been very eye opening. v wud b lvg delhi by scorpio on nov.15 mrng for a wedding n wud rtn on nov.20. i was planning 2 take moradabad-barreilly-sitapur route for obvious reasons (less mileage n familiar route till shahjahanpur). but after reading recent post by dr. amitav n also d old ones by rest, hv decided to take agra-etawah-kanpur route instead for want of bttr road condition.
    i shall, god-willing, update u guys upon rtn n also write a detailed seperate post with latest updates covering small details. dont forget to add me 2 ur favs n do check it out by nov-end. cherio!

  • Ajit Srivastava

    Thanks all for the valued feedbcks given. I have travelled to LKO frm Indirapuram on 17th Oct after taking cmplt info from the ghumakkar. We (my wife and 1 yr son) started our journey at 4 am and have reached Mathura Mac D at 6 am for getting fresh and breakfast and to change diaper of son. then we started at around 6.45 and by 11.30 we were in Kanpur but it took 3 hrs to reach LKO as we have crossed entire fly over and turned back to Ramadevi Chowk. The road from here to Unnao is horrible and I was not able to get the speed of 30- 40 km/h in this particular patch. We have safely reached LKO Aashiyana Sec K by 3 pm.

  • Brielfy – we drove by the via Moradabad – Bareilly NH24 route from South Delhi to Lucknow on a Sunday, and took about 10 hours to get there. On the way back, it was a Wednesday, and we took 14 hours. It doesn’t really matter which car you use, we were in an Optra petrol 1.6, because you can drive fast for only about 1/5th of the distance, the rest is moderate to terrible. Rampur is still a disaster zone, with railway crossings on both sides, and going through the town is also bad. Bareilly is a mess, too, and so are the other towns enroute.In our case, our destination was BKT (on the Lucknow-Sitapur Road) so we didn’t want to use the via Kanpur option, but next trip I am taking the train.

    There are irritating 5/- toll collection points all along the way for small bridges, which cause big traffic jams, also. And this is tractor-trailer with sugarcane and hay season, so beware, we had one headlamp yanked out – and you can do nothing about it since it is their territory.

  • Saurabh Singh

    Dear Aditya,

    I drove last month between Shikohabad & Lucknow on the same route, it was a heavy rainy day but even though i managed to drive at 90-110 km/hr. The stretch i covered on NH-2 was great except a little after crossing Etawah, due to an under construction over-bridge.

    And yes, while crossing Kanpur you will find a length of nearly 35-40 kms, where you have to restrict you speed because of traffic. But once crossing Ganga Bridge theres only hurdle before Unnao (ie Rail way crossing).

  • sandeep

    Dear frinends

    I am tried to cover this 500Kms delhi to lucknow on my bike FZ-16. Thanks for your feedback.

  • Rajan Srivastava

    I traveled from Noida to/fro Lko on 1-Jan-2010/3-Jan-2010, first time, by NH-2. I found the information given by Aditya (and others as well) very useful.

    I started my journey at ~1200 hrs from Noida (on Maruti Swift). I reached Agra by 5pm (I prefer driving a bit slow). When I moved ahead, I was surprised by the road quality — it is much better than the Delhi-Agra stretch; it’s again 4-lane highway, smoother roads with a lot of sign-boards directing travelers for various destinations, and less traffic (than Del-Agra stretch) — most of the traffic (due to tourism at Mathura/Agra) from Delhi on NH-2 do not go beyond Agra. Consequently, driving experience became better after crossing Agra (up to Kanpur). One thing was noticeable — I could see a very few dhabas/hotels between Agra-Kanpur.

    After reaching Kanpur, it was a bit difficult to know directions for Lko. I approached this way: just before the NH-2 enters Kanpur city (and it becomes a fly-over towards Allahabad), a road towards Rama Devi Crossing comes off the NH-2 — this road (at ground level) runs in parallel with NH-2 (and NH-2 is an elevated road, like a flyover). To disappoint me, there was no sign boards for Lko on this by-lane — i had to take help from passers-by.

    Once you reach Rama Devi cross, you’ll get NH-25 (that from Knp to Lko) — initial segment (~5-8 kms) of this road is very bad. After this, journey towards Lko is again very good.

    While returning from Lko to Noida, I got some tips for passing thru Knp quickly: right at Rama Devi cross, take left (towards Chakeri airport) — you’ll find the NH-2 flyover is running in parallel to Rama Devi — Chakeri-road: after 5kms from Rama Devi (towards Chakeri), you’ll find a cut/U-turn to reach NH-2. Once you are on NH-2, you’ll be on NH-2 flyover (that bypasses Kanpur) — flyover’slength is ~20 kms; and these 20 odd kms are so good that you would like to forget all the mess that has been faced while entering the NH-2.

    • Rajan Srivastava

      I would request Abhishek Tripathi (he use to visit places by his Ford Fusion) to provide more feedbacks here. Before starting my joruney, I was worried about Kanpur-Agra road. Abhishek removed my worries by providing correct state of roads; and also about density/locations of dhabas.

  • RAJ

    I am just sharing the entry and exit points in details.. ROAD is awesome end to end from Gurgaon to Lucknow via NH-2.

    Gurgaon – Palwal – NH-2 ==> 46 Kms from Sohna Road. Road good but with some patches. Sohna Road – Badshahpur – Sohna City (16 Kms), From Sohna big roundabout take left (30 Kms straight till road ends). Take right move some 300 mtrs, it connects to NH-2, take right and you are on NH-2. 45 mins drive normally but it was bit dark/foggy when we started took a bit long
    5:10 AM – 6:35 AM.

    Palwal – Mathura- Agra 75+40 -> 115 Kms — 90 – 100 Minutes drive in the morning 6:40- AM – 8:15 AM

    Agra – Etawah – 8:30 – 10:30 AM

    Etawah – Auriaya– Kanpur 10:30 –

    Kanpur – Lucknow 12:10 – 2:00 PM :-
    DONT LEAVE NH-2 even if arrow points to Lucknow. There will be a disection of road one will show (on the left hand side) to Lucknow when U enter Kanpur. Move along elevated road 27 Kms(other one) and take a U-turn when the elevated road ends. Get to Ramadevi Chauraha , take right and move straight to Lucknow.

    2:15 – HOME AT LKO..

    Driving time : 9;00 Hrs with two small toilet breaks/ one stoppage for Fuel and 565 kms from GGN Home(Sect 28) to Lucknow (KGMC- Old Lucknow Chowk).


    hi buddy
    i just want know about the toll tax between delhi to kanpur way.
    i mean how many times we have-to pay the toll tax?????

    plzzzzzzzzz reply as soon as possible


  • Ankit

    Hi Pulkit,

    There are around 6 toll plazas between Delhi and Kanpur. Total toll should be around Rs. 170-190

  • Rakesh Jha

    Thanks everybody to post their experience of travelling from Delhi to Lucknow. It helps me a lot to plan my trip in just a hour.

    I have started from Dwarka on 22/07/2010 at 1 PM. Because of Massive city jams it tooks 1 Hour & 45 minutes to reach NH-2 (Faridabad) from khanpur tughalkabad (Pahari route) route. Below is the details:
    To reach NH-2 (Faridabad Point) from Dwarka 50 KM
    From To Distance Start Time End Time
    Dwarka Delhi NH-2 (Faridabad) 50 1:00 PM 1:45 PM
    Faridabad Agra 200 5:50 PM Took Pankchi Petha and took 15 Minutes Break
    Agra Kanpur 260 6.00 PM 10.45 PM In between took 45 min dinner break
    Kanpur Lucknow Cantt 90 2.15 AM

    One thing I would specially like to mention be carefull while taking on elevated road of approx 20 KM todards kanpur, If you take left before taking elevated road, it will be shorter by 6-7 Kms. On Elevated Road You will not be finding any signboards etc on the road about the Lucknow direction and there is no cut for the left. You go straight on elevated road till you find Mile stone mentioning Kanpur 1 KM. Remenber you have to take U turn and then to take the service lane (must ensure). After travelling 2-3 KM you will find Rama Devi chouraha take right. You will find the bumpy till Ganga Par Unao. After that the road is oaky.

    But certainly would like to mention distance is from Delhi border to Lucknow is 550KM. Must prepare for that. Entire journet took around 13 Hours.

  • All,

    What’s the state of NH2 (Delhi-Kanpur-Lucknow) highway post this year heavy monsoon’s ?
    We planning to travel this deepawali via road (30/09)


    • Asit Arora

      hey, whats the update on NH 2 (Del-Kanpur-lko) after the rains….I have to drive down to Lko in the next 15 days.
      hope the roas is as good as i experienced in may 2010.


  • We will be travelling by this route tomorrow ( Tuesday Oct 12th ) and would post a report soon. Watch out for the update post the rains.

    BTW we have been told that the other route ( shorter one through Aligarh ) is now really bad due to monsoon.


  • Nitin Gupta

    Hi All,

    I am planning to travel this Deewali 4-11-10 night with my family and have few queries. Is it ok to travel in night. How much truck traffic i should expect. Dhabas remain open during night or not?

    • Hi Nitin ,

      We did a trip 5 months back starting at 3 AM from Noida and still found truck traffic on the roads so its not worth going at Night. leave by 4-5 AM to have the best of both.

      Driving in daylight is less taxing.

      Yes the dhabas are open practically all night.


  • Asit Arora

    No night travel please….and no dhabas too


  • Asit Arora

    Seems either ppl are not driving to lko or are not keen to key in some experiences here….anyways I will once I complete the trip.

    Happy and safe driving.

  • Satish Sharma

    Hi All,
    Can somebody throw light on Delhi-Kanpur via Yamuna Expressway?? Google map shows the direction using Yamuna E-way after Palwal. I undersand the E-way is not ready, but may be it is ready in parts???

  • Ankit

    Is Yamuna expressway partly open ? Can someone who has travelled advise?

  • Asit Arora

    Hi Vidyut,

    Any update.


  • Hi People,

    Sorry about not being able to post earlier , We just did Delhi – LKO- Delhi trip and reached this Monday.

    will try a detailed post later but the salient points are:

    Single Driver, Car- I20 petrol, total trip – ( door to door) 556 kms one side
    Route Noida- Badarpur -Faridabad- Palwal- Mathura- Agra- Itawah- Kanpur- Lko

    total drive time: 9 Hrs 15 mins +1 hr break time

    The roads are awesome and not congested except 3 places:

    1. Congestion beneath Badarpur – faridabad flyover due to metro and other construction work (20 kms)

    2. Congestion at Firozabad flyover due to city traffic

    3. Extreme bad roads after Ramadevi chowk till Ganga bridge , Drive very slowly else undercarriage will be scraping the roads.
    ( 7-8 kms)

    Rest of the drive is wonderful . start early and do the drive in daytime. Eat at the awesome roadside dhabas between Mathura and Agra

    hope this helps

  • Asit Arora


    Cheers to you for updating all the drivers of NH2


  • Ankit

    Work was going on between Ramadevi chowk and ganga bridge when I went last March . I hoped to find it smooth this time!! Thanks to efficient the UP govt!!

    • yes ….same work has been going on since June 2010 as well when I last went. The road track has become depressed due to the overloaded trucks that go from there. Thus the middle portion is raised high enough to scrape the bottom of the car.

  • Somanshu

    Hi all,

    I am planning to travel to Lucknow from Delhi on 3rd Nov 2010 early morning. After going feedback on route options, I have decided to take Agra-Etawah-Kanpur route. If some one has recently travelled on the route, kindly tell me road situation.
    Besides that if any one one else is also planning to leave, we can plan together. I am starting at 4 AM from Gurgaon on 3rd Nov.

    • Hi Somanshu,

      I just did the trip 15 days ago so the feedback as below is pretty current. The roads are excellent except at Kanpur for a 8 kms stretch.

      Single Driver, Car- I20 petrol, total trip ( door to door) 556 kms one side
      Route Noida- Badarpur -Faridabad- Palwal- Mathura- Agra- Itawah- Kanpur- Lko

      total drive time: 9 Hrs 15 mins +1 hr break time

      The roads are awesome and not congested except 3 places:

      1. Congestion beneath Badarpur faridabad flyover due to metro and other construction work (20 kms)

      2. Congestion at Firozabad flyover due to city traffic

      3. Extreme bad roads after Ramadevi chowk till Ganga bridge , Drive very slowly else undercarriage will be scraping the roads.
      ( 7-8 kms)

      Rest of the drive is wonderful . start early and do the drive in daytime. Eat at the awesome roadside dhabas between Mathura and Agra

    • Vikas

      Hi Somanshu,

      I am also starting from Gurgaon to Lucknow on 3rd morning at 4am.

      I’ll be starting from Sohna Road and am planning to reach Palval via Badshahpur / Sohna Rd.


  • Somanshu

    Thanks a lot Vidyut.

  • Vikas

    I am doing this stretch coming weekend. But I have to go to Kannauj to visit some relatives first. I plan to drive till Etawah on NH2 and then take NH91A that goes staright to Kannauj. Any idea about that road? From mapmyindia I see that I can go off to NH91A from bypass itself, but directions show otherwise. Any idea? Is Etawah bypass elevated like Moradabad one so that one can not go off the road? Thanks for the help.

    • Nitin Gupta

      I remember when i was driving from Kanpur to Agra, i saw a cut for Kannauj on NH2 only.

      • Vikas Singh

        thanks nitin. Was that cut on Etawah bypass only? I ask because i think bypass is newly built.

        • Nitin Gupta

          I am not sure it was on which bypass…. i saw it in july. And No construction i saw on that strech, so i assume that all the bypasses had been build by that time.

  • Asit Arora

    raring to go…..Del -Lko

  • Amit Pathak


    Thanks for latest update.
    will be traveling to Lucknow on 3-Nov early morning.
    I am confused, which route to follow from Kanpur to Lucknow?? As Rajan said should i go straight on N42 n then take u turn for Ramadevi chowk or should i turn left as soon as we enter kanpur…

    • Nitin Gupta

      Use flyover to cross kanpur traffic. this flyover(towards allahabad) comes down after ramadevi near chakeri. when it comes down take U turn, after 5 km u will get ramadevi chowk, take right from there for LKO.

  • Asit Arora

    See you all roadies on the 4th….I am in a red indica….so if you see me wave and possible it could be mine……Cheers!! Safe driving

  • All,

    Traveled last weekend via Agra to Lucknow, it was a smooth drive with just one bad patch Ramadevi chowk till Ganga bridge. Between Agra-Lucknow one could easily touch 120Kph, and only to stop for toll


    A tree never hits an automobile except in self defense.

  • Rohitt Shah

    hiiiiiii to ol…we’re planning to go lko (on 3 nov 2011) this diwali with my bike yamha-fz via palwal-agra-mathura-knp road ie NH-2.., i never gone lko by this route…so this time planned to go via NH-2 . we are two ppl me nd my bro.

    Hope i’ll njoy this journey.
    Thanxx to all for their suggesstions…this must help us .

  • Ankit

    I planned to leave on 4th morning but thinking that leaving on 3rd afternoon would save me the first half of next day. I’m in a dilemma whether to leave tomorrow afternoon or not. If I leave at 1pm , I should reach by 11-12 , but is night driving safe on NH2? ( I havent driven at night there so far). We would be 2 guys and my wife.

    • Nitin Gupta

      i am leaving 3rd late evening around 8 pm

  • Asit Arora

    You will be in the dark zone … Kanpur Unnao at night….my thought is HIGHLY AVOIDABLE.

  • Satish Sharma

    Hi Nitin and Asit,
    Kindly leave your comments as soon as possible after u complete your journey. I am doing a Delhi-Kanpur-Lucknow-Gorakhpur-Gopalganj (Bihar) Road trip on 6th Nov after celebrating Diwali in Delhi. I plan to stay overnight at Lucknow.

    • Nitin Gupta

      i wont be able to update as will be having access. you can ask me directly 0n 9810753285.

  • Shaan

    can anyone tell me , is there any other route to go luck-now……with shortest possible distance.
    i’m going to lko before diwali…with my pulsar 220,
    nd is it safe to go ther with bike ??????
    plzzz i need ur suggestions guys…….do reply…

    thanks nd warm regards,


  • Ankit

    Hello Shaan/Rohitt,

    I would NOT suggest to go to Lucknow on a bike. Though the other route,via NH24 (ghaziabad-moradabad-bareily-shahjahanpur-sitapur-lucknow) is shorter (485 kms) but its single laned and all the more risky. Going on a bike for such long distances is not safe at all. Please bear in mind that we all have near and dear ones waiting ahead. Still if you are raring to go and really need to go a a bike – use NH2 (longer by 60 kms but safer and its takes same time due to good roads here) . Drive safe ,take frequent breaks and be comfortable.

  • Shaan

    I am basically from Lucknow and live in Noida. Normally I board a night train to visit Lucknow. We were visiting my parents in Lucknow on this weekend and this time decided to drive down because of two reasons. first i didn’t planned to go lko before, 2nd so i cudn’t get the confirmed reg. in lucknow mail.

    frustating naa…..!!!

  • rajesh

    I recently travelled Delhi to lucknow via NH2, but unfortunately did not find A1 pLAZA NEAR MATHURA REFINERY. Also not see any good dhaba after agra.

    Now i am again going to lucknow via NH2. i AM PLANNING TO LEAVE AT 4 A.M. MORNING.

  • Randhir


    I am planning to travel to Faizabad via Lucknow (Mathura-Agra-Etwah) road on Nov 04, 2010. I wish to start at 4 in the morning (or may be before). I am all alone. Hope I wont get tired. People wish me luck. My id is

  • Anirban


    This is really good info, had so far been taking the Delhi – GZB – Rampur – Bareilly – Sitapur – Lucknow route. Had a horrendous experience the last time around, and, had given up going by road hence. After reading the posts and the feedbacks from all ye helpful souls, giving this alternative route a try… So, bon voyage to me… would keep y’all posted on my experience shortly upon my return…


  • Anuj

    Hi Folk,
    This diwali i went to lucknow from ghazizbad. I went to lko through gzb->barielly->lucknow route, that route is really very very bad. If your car is not new or good one you can not reach LKO in on piece. From rampur to sitapur road is very bad, please avoid this route. It took 10 hours to reach lko via this route.
    On return i came to ghaziabad from lko->kanpur->agara->mathura, that route is so smooth, you can not expect better than this route in india. Traffic was little more but the driving is fun in this route. But this route is very long for me it is around 600 km from lko to ghaziabad(100 km more from gzb->bareilly-> lko route).
    I have seen one more route through NH91 lko->kanpur->kannauj->aligarh->ghaziabad, is anyone has any idea about this route. How is the road condition??
    Secondly there is one bypass NH91A from agra towards to aligarh->ghaziabad, can anyone tell me how is that route as well.
    Both the above routes are 50-60 km shorter for me, so please tell me if anyone has drived on these route.

  • Akash


    Completed noida-lko-noida trip yesterday. Roads are good except one bad patch from ramadevi in kanpur till jajmau bridge. Normally we stop at Mathura Mc’D but this time skipped it since my daughter was sleeping and we wanted to cover as much distance as we can, this ultimately resulted in doing noida-lko non-stop first time for me (except one 5 mins break for buying fresh guawas after jajmau and filling fuel). Started from Noida on 4th Nov at 5:45 AM and reached kanpur around 11:45. from kanpur to lko took about 2 hrs since there was a jam in unnao because of some accident on highway so we had to enter unnao city and lost about an hour. finally reached home around 2 PM.
    While coming back it took more time because of too much traffic and jams between Agra and noida. it took us a little over 10 hrs to reach our home in noida with couple of stops for tea and lunch.
    Travelllers : 3 (me, wifey and lil sweetheart)
    Car: Santro
    door to door distance 562 KM.

    There is one very good restaurant between etawah and agra (i guess about 65 KM from agra) named Gunjan. This has recently opened and is very clean. we had stuffed paratha with tea and it was good. This is almost midway to lko and is a very good option for break.
    Hopefully more such places will come soon since traffic is increasing on this route.


    • Rajesh

      Nice review . thanx for sharing your experience ..

  • Asit Arora

    I started at 4:35 am from delhi but could reach my home at lko only at 4 pm as we were caught in a traffic jam. This was a day b4 diwali. car Indica….distance 604 home to home and 2 breaks of around 45 mts.


  • Amit Pathak

    On Diwali traveled to Lko by road, started from Gr. Noida on 4th Nov @ 04:10am reached kanpur @11am with 01 break ,from kanpur ~lko took us 2 hrs as road was bad, reachd home at 01:00pm.

    Travelers : 03

    Returnd on 7th Nov , started @ 5.33am from Lko reachd Agra at 10:30 am ,
    in Agra stopped at panchi , but unfortunately there was no stocks,,, n they were closing shop.
    reach Gr. Noida 3.30 pm with 2 more breaks.

    Travelers : 05

    Car : Honda City

    Overall journey was good & planning another trip in Dec.

  • Asit Arora

    Highway 91 should be taken only of you dont love your car…..the road is bad throughout.

  • Sarvadaman

    Thanks to all the wonderful posts, I have decided that I will leave for Kanpur from Greater Noida tomorrow morning in my brand new Swift VDi. I hope everything written here is true coz I am travelling alone and am actually a lil scared. Never driven so long all alone. I plan to leave by 5:30 am.

    I will post me travelogue after completing the journey.

    Hope i get up. Wish me luck…..


    • Rajesh

      hey .. where’s your travelogue .. atleast let us know that u’v come back successfully ;-D

  • Sarvadaman, Best of Luck! Wish you a very happy and safe journey. Do post your story after your trip.

  • Rohit

    NH-91 is really bad. I have tried this and will not try unless some good news about it. 60% of this route is full of big holes and u cannot go more than 30-40kmps. It was much worst than sitapur->shahjpur->barily->Mbad route

  • Anuj


    any updates about delhi->moradabad->bareilly->sitapur->lko route.
    Last time in October some road maintenance was going on. So i believe route has been modified little bit.
    if there is no good news then again i will go via agra->kanpur route, its lengthy but good.

    Any updates frnds, i am planning again on 26th jan.

  • @Anuj – I guess you also wrote a comment on ‘Dli- Moradabad – Sitapur – Lko’ story. Sorry for not providing any update.

    I have been on this road few times till Moradabad in last couple of months and I wont recommend this for Dli-Lko. Its a no match for Dli-Agra-Etawah-Kanpur-Lko road. So would suggest that you take that only.

    • Anuj

      thanks nandan.
      actually Moradabad route is shortest one as i start from ghaziabad but i love my car so will again go by agara-kanpur road…

      • A.K.Sharma

        I am going to LKO by car on this monday. Please suggest which route is better route. We are planning to leave at 6.30 am. Will we be able to reach LKO before sunset.

        • Anuj

          From last one year i traveled between delhi and lucknow around 8-9 times and as per my experience if anyone drive at 100-120 km/h then he should be able to cover the distance in 9-10 hours in daytime and less than 8 hours in night.

          • Rajesh

            Thanx Anuj for your reply in other discussion .. m planning to go to lucknow this weekend .. lots of ppl have suggested against it , though none of them have taken this so far . . so want to experience it myself.. will share my experience once i come back..

  • hi all, i want to go to lucknow by bike passion pro in march end 2011 with my wife and want to start journey at 5 am so any one suggest me that it will ok for me

    • Rajesh

      once i ‘v travelled around 100kms on bike , from Delhi to Meerut , taken a break also and i can tell you , its not good. its not comfortable , you will get back pain , stiff back , boredom .. for 500 kms it will be good if you wish to spend atleast 2-3 days in journey , that includes sightseeing also and both of you should be able to drive bike ..
      Would suggest that dont plan this with your wife , it will be very hectic , tiresome and risky also.

    • vikas

      I second Rajesh. Dont do it especially with your wife. I would never dare to ride that much distance bike with a female in any part of north. Two guys would be fun though. :)

      • Rajesh

        yep .. thats wat i v suggested to Santosh .. and not only in north .. its not worth in any part of the world. .. 500 kms is too much to travel by bike .. i v travelled that 100 kms alone on my bike and i regretted it for many days afterwards.

  • Asit Arora

    Ty NH 2 in a car and its a WOW experience.


  • Rajesh

    Hi All..come to lucknow on saturday .. unlike other reviews it took a longer time than expected .. because of two reasons .
    1 . started late .. around 7 15 am as i didnt know the route to NH-2 via Faridabad and it was dark at 5 30 .. so got stuck in early morning traffic in Faridabad and lost precious time ..

    2 . Got stuck twice before mathura on NH-2 for some unknown reasons in traffic .and kanpur took around 2 hrs , there was heavy traffic on ramadevi chauraha and after wards some 5 kms towards lko-knp highway ( cant call it highway though ) trucks were sitting like ducks in two lanes and there were only two lanes .. i got lucky . . got one scratch on my car ., a traffic cop helped me and one bus driver said ” ud ke jaoge kya ” ( got in the wrong lane , didnt know untill all the lights started coming in my way .. there wasnt any road devider so i could know) .. with this it took around 14 hrs for us to reach lucknow .. :-D

    well .. leave the kanpur episode cause it doesnt matter when you are anywhere near lucknow and the overall journey was good .
    Moto was to enjoy this journey .. since i ‘v learnt driving few months back and i was the only driver . wife doesnt drive and baby is 2 years old.. he tries but i dont let him do it . . even though he tries to help me as much as possible by pulling gears , increasing volume of player , switching on vipers etc etc .. so decided to go comfortably 60-70 , avoiding overtakings and risks .. and stop whenever need some rest ..

    If you are a first timer my advice is to leave early .. around 5 30 . that way you will wont see the city traffic , try not to go very fast till agra . avg of 70 would be fine . let ppl overtake u , thr’s no trophy for the early birds take your first stop well before agra .. thr r some good dhabas .. didnt see any classy though.
    After Agra road is a very good and driving is easy .. traffic isnt much and you will enjoy driving . save your energy for this part of the journey ..
    For regulars who wants the status of roads .. roads are still in very much good shape from Agra to 20 kms less than kanpur .. and you can easilly drive at 100-120 km/hr for a very long stretch. even from Palwal to Agra , road is good but traffic is too much to go at high speeds unless you are willing to take that risk.

    Rajesh ..

  • Piyush

    Dear Rajesh

    A very sensible review..I must congratulate you on this. You may be new to driving but you certainly shall go a long way..and reach compliments

    And…good writing too..:-)


    • Rajesh

      Hi Sameer ..just heard from some one that delhi moradabad Sitapur lucknow is completed except 3-4 kms.. and its two way end to end . Can you confirm , i was planning to go via NH2 but if this one is ok than will change the plan.


  • Rajesh

    Same road which takes you to lucknow will bring you back to Gurgaon .. this is what i’v thought but had to reconsider my thoughts after taking up that journey back home…

    I’v decided to leave early this time and on sunday so that i could avoid The Kanpur saga .. so left early . around 6 am .. it started raining soon after leaving home and when i was somewhere between lucknow and kanpur and weather was very good .. we stopped somewhere and had tea which we have brought from home.

    If you guys ever wanted to feel how an earthquake feels like .. go to that bridge which is on Ganga nadi .. the old bridge ..( surely they are making some new bridge , if not they should make it asap).
    we caught in a traffic jam on the bridge and when trucks were passing it started shaking .our car and the car just infront of us was shaking very badly . i waited for the traffic to pass and when road was clear till the end of bridge only then i started and crossed the bridge .

    in next hour we have crossed kanpur and moved ahead without any more trouble .. i had thought that the road from kanpur to Etawa and further till Agra will be as good as it is on other side but sadly its good but not that good .. u cant speed up .. you will notice that the white lines drawn in the middle of the road are not satraight its tilted an tilted very badly , if one is going left other is going right , and that shows the condition of road.. road is not flat .. you will feel bad when paying the toll..
    Traffic was not much and i’v crossed Agra very easilly , stopped for lunch in mathura at 2 : 30 where there are lots of engineering colleges .. lunch was good , we stopped for around 45 mins and moved ahead .. road after Agra is in good condition though traffic is there.
    If any of you knows about status of KMP expressway , please do let me know . if its ready or not or by when its expected.i think it will save a lot of time if you have to reach NH-2 from Gurgaon

    It took a bit longer.. nearly 2 hours from reaching Faridabad to Gurgaon , forgot the turn towards Gurgaon and there was traffic as road was under construction inside faridabad.
    Total journey took around 12 hours with two breaks and overall experience is good.

    • Rajesh

      just read today in TOI Delhi edition that KMP is under progress and manesar -palwal stretch may start by 1st April this year( already delayed by ,more than a year) , sure they want to celebrate April fool day , they also said that it might get delayed by a fortnight. it will be a toll road. total distance of KMP e-way is 135 kms . I m interested in its M-P part.
      I used to think that Gov collects taxes from income and uses it for necessary infrastructures eg roads schools etc. whats the point of collecting Toll then , even the road condition is very bad they keep collecting toll.

    • Sameer


      I’m planning to drive down to lucknow coming friday. Is it advisable to consider an overnight journey with family via NH-2???

      I can start somewhere roundabout 2300hrs.

      • Rajesh

        Hi Sameer,
        NH-2 is good if you are talking about the road conditions and so u can travel at night as well. If you are with familly you have to take care of other things also other than travelling , I can plan early in the morning even 4 am also but not at night and wont advise also ..

        Just tried to get the tickets today but IRCTC is useless when u need it most. I will leave on sat early morning.. I’m afraid to drive at night ..

        • Anil Kumar

          I agree. It is not recommendable to drive in the night. Better start very early in the morning. At present both route Del-Agra-Lko and Del-MBD- Lko are good to travel.

      • Anuj

        Hi Sameer,

        I have traveled some times in night in this route and on coming Friday night i am again traveling via NH2. Route is fine, some suggestions 4 u as u are traveling with family:- u wont get traffic in night and there will be very few open dhabas as well, so dont think to take more than 1-2 break, secondly your car condition must be good coz u wont get any mechanic in night at all.

        Rest is fine, in night you will definitely cover the distance in very less time.

        Although traveling in night with family should be avoided but there is no much risk in this route. I traveled 5-6 times in last 8 months and experience have been fine.

    • Anil Kumar

      While coming from Agra to Gurgaon at Palwal you can take left turn and after about less then a kilometer again take left turn then after 60 km on this road it will take you to Sohna Road Gurgaon. This way you can avoid Faridabad as well as Delhi traffic.

  • Ashutosh

    I came from Lucknow to Delhi via the Kanpur-Agra route on the 27th of March. One advise for those planning to travel the same route from Lucknow to Kanpur/Agra/Delhi – at Unnao there is a bifurcation where one should take the road going towards LEFT and not RIGHT.
    I had once before travelled from Lucknow to Delhi, but on this occasion I saw a prominent signboard telling me to go on the right for Kanpur (25 kms). I thought that maybe the NH-25 section from Unnao to Kanpur would be under repairs or something and foolishly followed the signboard. I ended up in the narrow bylanes of Unnao. Asked people who told me to keep going straight for Kanpur. This was the old Unnao-Kanpur link road and not NH-25 which was very narrow and had cracks and potholes. Moreover, I ended up in the middle of old Kanpur and had to keep on asking people for Ramadevi Chauraha. Thus, I travelled the whole of Kanpur and wasted nearly 1.5 hours before hitting NH-2.
    This is what happens when u follow official signboards and not go by your instincts in India !!

  • Shalabh

    Is driving at night on this route suggested, im planning for a road journey on 15th June,11
    Request your feedback and recent updates on road condition aswell..

    a. Delhi Agra ~ 200Kms

    b. Agra Etawah ~ 125Kms

    c. Etawah Kanpur ~ 150Kms

    d. Kanpur Lucknow ~ 80 Kms

    • Anuj

      actually most would suggest to avoid to travel in night and there are many reasons for this also. I can tell you my exp here. I have traveled many times in night via this route. Last weekend i went to LKO. If you ask me i would prefer to travel this route in night rather than in day time. And the reasons are good road conditions and very less city traffic. It would take at least 2 hour less than day time. One thing you will not get any dhabas in Itawa district. So take your breaks accordingly.

      Rest is fine, Happy Journey :)
      Drive safely.

      • Anuj

        And roads are quiet wide throughout so the visibility is also good in this route. But if in case ladies and children will be with you then plz avoid traveling in night. Otherwise i don’t see any problem,

  • Shalabh Jii,

    It is never safe driving in night on Indian road be whatever road condition is, unless you are truck driver that too not because of your choice :)
    If I was you, Id hit road little early in morning and cross Faridabad / Palwal till Agra early, after that road is all yours with bad patch at Kanpur/Unnao.

    Lastly, do take Kanpur bypass bridge ~14KM long and then U turn to avoid Kanpur traffic


  • Shalabh

    Thank you Ajay…I had that view in mind just checking with the regulers if that is possible.. as i will be alone.
    Will take your valuable feedback and advice…

    Thanks Alot… Also i was told that this road has barricade on both sides so noone can jum onto the road from any where.. is that correct.. or is this done on the other route Ghaziabad-moradabad-Barely-LKO..

    • Anuj

      Hi Shalabh,

      I travel between Delhi -> LKO at least once in every month. Traveling Ghaziabad-moradabad-Barely-LKO route is like a lottery, if everything goes well then you will reach LKO in 8 hours otherwise it takes more than 12 hours. And bro most of the time i was unlucky. But to update you NH24 route is little bit repaired but it is single and as you mentioned you are thinking to travel in night, a BIG NO for that. Seriously don’t travel in night via NH24, its super risky.
      Go via NH2 its best.

  • True, there are barricades all along from Agra to kanpur. But, whenevr i travelled on that route i find people coming on wrong direction.

    I think in article above, somewhere it is mention too, and asked us to beware of that as we travel quite fast on this particular stretch. I remember, i could do Agra – Kanpur somewhere around 3 hrs.

    Never go on Ghaziabad route, though i never took the route till Lucknow. But, i travelled alot via moradabad for nanital, corbett .. etc. my exp.s were never been good on NH24. I’d anytime prefer NH2 over NH24 for lucknow

    • Rajesh

      Would advise not to take NH-24 in next 5 years .. after that you can go ahead and check if its ok or not … some 3 months back i v taken that route and it was a horrible experience .. believe me there are ditches in the road the size equivalent to average size of indians . also you will see traces of corruption and kamchori all along the way ..
      NH-2 is safer .. still being an indian you should follow your instinct .There are barricades all along NH-2 but cows and dogs are very clever here .. they dont care for the zebra line and always willing to see the other side of road .. think its all lush green .. it could be dangerous if you are travelling at any speed above 80kmps.. except you are in a truck or bus.. And there are trucks who prefer to drive in the wrong direction (diesel is also going to get costlier ..)
      I wont suggest anyone to drive at night .. never driven at night though .. dont have that much guts and have a family to take care of .. hospitalization is costlier and a a minor fracture with plaster will keep you at home and good for nothing if you have an office job .. rest you have to decide ..

    • Anil Kumar

      Is there any way we can inform authority to stop wrong side traveling on this Agra Kanpur Highway? I traveled twice from Agra to Kanpur and got tractors on wrong side. Those are extremely dangerous. This should be considered as murder because due to wrong side tractor car occupants could die due to head on collision.

  • akashs

    Hi All,

    Recently travelled to Lucknow from NOIDA on 28th May. Roads are overall good. One useful update is about Kanpur bypass. Now we don’t need to go till the end of bypass and take U turn to get back to Ramadevi. There is one cut(left) on the bypass just before Ramadevi which takes you straight to Ramadevi so almost 10 KMs saved.


    • raghu

      hii akash.. i m leaving frm lucknow on monday.. 28th june fr delhi by road via kanpur.. u have any idea like how to get on tht bypass near ramadevi kanpur when gng frm lko to del.. someone was saying tht i shud turn opposite direction and then after 4 kms take a u turn and come to flyover.. any idea how to avoid ramadevi traffic and come to bypass/ flyover ???

  • Abhishek Sharma

    Hi All ,

    I have gone through all comments , advices , suggestions etc. So decided to take one for myself . This is the first time I m planning to go Lucknow from Delhi ( Tilak Nagar ). Since decided , I m taking prints of google road maps , reading them … Kindly suggest me which route to follow . I m planning for next Saturday (02-07-11). I want to start my journey at around 04:00 pm . Should i need to take halt at some place or can simply move on till i reach lucknow .

    Also have planned to returned on tuesday , back to Delhi , to start at around 09:00 pm from lucknow to Delhi . kindly suggest this route also .

    Abhishek Sharma

    • Anuj

      hi abhishek,

      u dont require any map or anything. the route is very simple and straight, there is no turn until u reach kanpur. I would suggest to start early in the morning as in the evening there will be huge traffic up to agra.
      You must take at least 2 halts, one you can take in agra and other in kanpur.

      this route is best. roads are good,

      Have a safe journey.

  • raghu

    hii .. i m leaving frm lucknow on monday.. 28th june fr delhi by road via kanpur.. u have any idea like how to get on tht bypass near ramadevi kanpur when gng frm lko to del.. someone was saying tht i shud turn opposite direction and then after 4 kms take a u turn and come to flyover.. any idea how to avoid ramadevi traffic and come to bypass/ flyover ???

    • Anuj

      i think i got little late to reply. Now u dont need to drive opposite as previously closed cut has been opened again. it was closed for some months. i think u will find that cut after completing 18 km(appx.) on the kanpur-> allahabad NH2 bridge. That cut will take u to ramabai crossing.

      • Vivek Shukla

        I am planning to drive from Noida to Lucknow during first week of October,11.I am planning to take NH2.My car is Honda City.
        Any suggestions/inputs/advise on route/others.

        • Anuj

          Please post your experience, road condition. I am again going to lko on 22nd Oct.

          • Rakesh Shukla

            Dear Vivek Ji,

            I also plan to go at Lucknow by Car to take NH 2 on 22nd October 2011. please post your experiance/suggestions/ advice on route.

            Please share so that i can enjoy mr journey.


            Rakesh Shukla

  • Naina Singh

    I have gone through all posts, and advise. Thanks to all for sharing their experience, its definitely one of the best blogs I have come across. Starting for Lucknow from Gurgaon, on October 1, via Agra – Etawa – Kanpur. Hope to enjoy the ride. :D

    • Anuj

      Please post your experience, road condition.

  • Ajay

    Anyone, any recent update on NH2 road conditions between Del-KANPUR-LKO ?

    As a side note, any update on Yamuna Exp. way?

  • Rakesh Shukla

    Anyone, any recent update on NH2 road conditions between Del-KANPUR-LKO ?

    As a side note, any update on Yamuna Exp. way?

    Rakesh Shukla

    • Rajesh

      Delhi – kanpur – lucknow is just fine .. just last week i have come from Gurgaon to lucknow .. roads are same as it was 6 months back .. if yamuna exp is somewhere on NH-24 .. i dont know about it .. for next 5 years i wont take NH-24.
      There s one square feet patch half feet deep ,. .somewhere on NH-2 . i have seen it somewhere but i dont remember it where it was .. take care of it..

      When you are in kanpur and on that freeway .. after going around 18 kms you will see a road going left and a small marker is there to tell you which side is lucknow .. that way you can save traffic jam at ramadevi chowk.

      • Ajay

        Thanks for the update!

  • Naina Singh

    Due to some reason could not start on 1 October. Here is the review of the same journey that was postponed to 26 October –

    Unlike others, not much sure about the road condition, except for posts written by experienced travellers at; I started for Lucknow from Gurgaon on 26 November 2011 at 5:45 AM.

    This was the first time I was travelling on a different route, and all alone, though I have been to Jaipur on number of occasions. However, thats a different story, and no route in Northern India can compete, Delhi Jaipur Highway, I believe most of you will agree on that.

    I already made up my mind, and was mentally prepared, and very much excited to explore the new route. The idea was to cover maximum distance early morning, as it was Diwali time, and inside city may be crowded.

    From Gurgaon, I passed through South City II, and took road going towards Sohna. Since it was Diwali, I can see little traffic already in early morning, but that could not check my spirit. On reaching Sohna, I noticed indication towards Palwal. This is what I need to follow. Going little further, the road takes a Y shape. Though I took the right route, yet I thought of confirming with locals over there. Having confirmed, and making sure I am on the correct route, I started accelerating. The route from Gurgaon up to Sohna and then up to Palwal is not that good. Lots of pot holes, speed breakers, patched roads, and emerging traffic. For people coming from Delhi – Faridabad route should be the ideal. However, from Gurgaon this is the only route, and Google also suggests that. Anyways, on reaching Palwal, I came across a T point, from where I had to take right. Going little further, it will merge with NH2. The road from Faridabad also merges at the same place. I took right to follow others, after reaching that point. Just to make sure, that I am on the correct route, I confirmed for the Agra Highway NH2, and started rolling, and slowly accelerating.

    Diwali rush can already be noticed, everyone seems to be hastening. I decided to stay focused and drive at an average speed of 60kms, and speed up at places where I get chance to. I was looking at the speedometer 60 80 Kms. thats the speed I was maintaining. The road up to Agra is somewhat good, but need to be careful, as I observed most of the people commute using two wheelers to reach neighboring places. The tendency of overtaking, taking immediate cuts, honking vehicles all are there. I had to drive carefully. Well, thats not the end at times I can see villagers and cattle jumping in.

    Quickly passed Mathura, and noticed McDonalds, just opposite Mathura Refinery. Didnt stopped at McDonalds as I intend to cover maximum distance. Vrindavan is 6 Kms from Mathura. Reached Agra around 9: 10 AM, followed the straight road ahead, passed in front of Akabar ka Makbara, and continued driving straight. It took me 20-25 minutes to pass by Agra, as the traffic was slow, and the reason being Diwali.

    I took a breath as I passed through Agra, and slowly startedaccelerating again on the straight road. After Agra, there was no stopping. After covering 300 Kms. at a stretch I decided to stop at one place for breakfast. At 10:30 AM somewhere near Sirsaganj, seeing a decent restaurant cum dhaba I stopped. Didnt waste much time in looking into menu, asked the attendant whats there in breakfast, and ordered for tandoori aloo paratha, and a cup of tea. Parathas were well baked, and was served with butter on top. Tea was refreshing. Nearly spending around 40-45 minutes, I started again.

    Kanpur 190 Kms. the signboard flashed. After Sirsaganj break, there was no stopping till Midway Hut at Nawabganj. Road then after is just awesome, and I really enjoyed driving. I crossed Kanpur around 1:45 PM. The Kanpur bypass flyover takes you straight to Ramadevi, where you need to take the left cut to come down from the flyover. From Ramdevi till Ganga River the road is in bad shape, as a connecting flyover is getting constructed. Hence need to drive very slowly. It took around 20 minutes to cross that 5 Kms bad road. Then afterwards road is somewhat good. Around 5 PM reached Lucknow. It was nice experience for me, and I do believe it will be the same for everyone.

    To sum up

    Gurgaon Sohna – Palwal – Average road condition, drive slowly, speed breakers, potholes and emeriging traffic, ideal speed should be 50-60 Kms

    Palwal Mathura Agra Good road, drive cautiously, people may rush to overtake, keep honking, cattles and villagers may jump in, ideal speed should be 60-80 Kms

    Agra Etawah Kanpur Love the road, appeared to be total freeway driving, ideal speed should be 70-90 Kms, drive caustiously, vehicle may come from the wrong side tractors, cars, jeeps, road rollers, bus and even trucks.

    Kanpur Nawabganj Lucknow Good road, drive cautiously, at some places road is getting constructed, ideal speed 60-80 Kms

    Toll Plazas:

    1. NHAI Section: Badarpur Kosi 18.8 Km to 108.90 Km Location: Srinagar Km. 75 on NH2 Tax 35/-

    2. NHAI Toll Fee Ticket-Mahuban (barari) (KM 165) on NH2 Tax 35/-

    3. Toll Plaza : Tundla Tax 25/-

    4. Semra Atikabad (UP) Section from 250.50 to 321.10 Km of NH2 Distt. Firozabad Tax 50/-

    5.SkyLark Securities Pvt. Ltd. NH2 Etawah-Kanpur Section Km. 351.5 Tax 45/-

    6. Sikandara Toll Plaza at km 395/800 from km 393 to km 470 Sikandarg-Barg (via Akbarpuri-Bhaunti Section) of NH2 in the State of UP Tax 35/-

    7.Lost the receipt the last one is somewhere between Nawabganj and Amausi.

    I will share the pictures and video soon!! Happy Jorney !!

    • Rahul Khanna

      Dear Naina,
      Excellent review. Thanx a lot was planning to drive down to LKO from NOIDA sometimes in December. Find this sharing of your extremely positive and informative.
      Thanx one again.

    • Anuj

      I must say……great review…congrats!!!
      You put lot of time and effort in writing the review, i really appreciate.

      Some may not be agree but I would suggest not to drive 500+ kms alone.

      I also came to Noida from Lko yesterday. Roads are as usual good but too much traffic after Shikohabad(due to Diwali). Started at 9:30 am and took 10:30 hours.

      Waiting for Yamuna Express Way to be opened soon. It will definitely save 40-50 kms and one hour.

  • raghav

    hii all..
    so many reviews about NH 2 .. so i decided to write too about my road journey from gurgaon to lucknow yesterday on 31st oct 2011..

    started at 7:30am from gurgaon. was planning to leave at 6 am but somehow it got delayed.

    30 kms- faridabad: i took that ridge road as i heard bad reviews about sohna – palwal road condition.. be careful as soon as u enter faridabad immediately there is a right turn and nowhere its mentioned that it goes to palwal or mathura. but got heavy traffic at faridabad which can be avoided if one starts early from gurgaon. then corssed palwal and got some traffic there too.

    then came the worst part of journey and was stuck in a heavy traffic jam 50 kms beofre mathura. took 1 hour to travel that 1 km of jam. but i think i was not lucky enough as usually its not there daily.

    112 kms- mathura: stopped at Mc Donalds near mathura refinery for half an hour for a heavy brunch and was the only meal i had till i reach lucknow.

    197 kms- agra: road condition is good but heavy traffic from faridabad to agra as many people were visiting agra including thousands of foreigners that day formula 1 race got over a day before only.. so almost everyone i think made plans to visit agra after F1.. got some traffic in agra but later it was ok and very soon crossed shikohabad and firozabad. till now was driving at a decent speed of 80 to 90 kms/hr and sometimes even less due to traffic.

    318 kms: etawah: reached etawah and without any problem corssed the city. after that it was a smooth drive with less traffic and good roads .. here speed was varying between 90 to 120 kms/hr. but lot of two wheelers on this section and they drive on the middle of lane and u r not sure from which side to overtake them and u cant predict when they will change the lane within a flash of second. a small tea break for 15 mins between etawah and kanpur and was really refreshing.

    472 kms- kanpur: reached ramadevi at a good speed but there as expected a heavy traffic jam. heavy vehicles moving slowly and that 1 km strech took 20 mins. then crossed jajmau easily as bridge is opened on both sides.

    550kms- lucknow: reached lucknow at 6:30 pm. got heavy traffic there too in evening from amausi to gomtinagar.

    so finally i covered full distance in 11 hrs. but i will practically take it as 10 hrs journey with two breaks in between if i dont add that 1 hr jam between faridabad and mathura.

    there are 7 toll plaza in between and naina has already told in detail very well about the charges and location so need not comment again. have the pics too but i really dont know how to upload them here..

    wish u all a happy journey if someone is planning in near future…

  • Naina Singh
  • Vishal

    Just visited Lucknow following the information mentioned in posts above and I am highly delighted with the conditions of highway. Its really easy to commute via agra to Lucknow. My travel time including the 40 mins break in between, was 10 hrs.
    Thanks to everybody for posting various useful info to help people who might be planning to follow the same route.
    There is an update about the Toll tax we pay on this route and here it goes:

    1. Badarpur : Rs 20
    2. Kosi Kalaan : Rs 35
    3. Mahuwan : Rs 35
    4. Sikandara : Rs 35
    5. Firozabad : Rs 50
    6. Auriya : Rs 45
    7. Tundla : Rs 25
    8. Nawab ganj: Rs 40

    Total = Rs 285

    Happy miles to all… Keep posting!!!


  • Manish

    Hi All,

    I’m really impressed with the info posted by me fellow travelers, it really helped me in my Journey from Noida to Lko.
    Just one update about the Cut to Ramadevi on Kanpur bypass. There is no-sign board to tell you when to take the cut, only way I’ve figured it out is to keep a check on the milestone. When you get the “Kanpur 2 KM” keep to the left and take the first Cut. It’ll take you directly to Ramadevi. Secondly if my memory serves me right this is Only cut which you get once you get on this by-pass.

    Please update if you find it otherwise.

  • Naina Singh

    Hello All,

    It has been reported by the local commuters, and in local newspaper, there have been incidents of extortion, and loot on this route. Please drive cautiously, and avoid travelling in night, if not really necessary.

  • varun

    hello there
    I am planning to drive from delhi to kanpur , is the yamuna expressway completed ??. Has anybody used it.

    Regard s- Varun

  • Manish


    Not yet buddy, I live @ Gr Noida and don’t see any activity at the start of the X-way. There are still barricades at the start point.

  • Manish

    Regarding Faridabad By-pass, is it worth taking the risk, I mean the Railway-Xing at the end,
    Dies it save time during rush hours, or its like the Known Shortcuts, which almost everyone knows and in turn becomes more crowded than the main highway.

  • varun

    thanks for the update

  • Kamal Nigam

    Hi Friends,

    I am planning a trip from Delhi to Lucknow and back via road, sometime next month. Some friends above have commented about roads/service lane/ cut etc. at Ramadevi Chauraha (Kanpur).

    Can someone update me the latest position now ? i.e. how to go down from kanpur byepass flyover when going from Delhi to Lucknow and how to come up on flyover when going from Lucknow to Delhi?

    • Manish

      Hey Kamal,

      The by-pass which is mentioned above is actually NH-2 which takes you to Allahbad. So once you’re about to enter Kanpur, follow the sign-boards to Allhabad and not to Lucknow as it’ll take you through the Kanpur City traffic and which we all now how bad is.
      Once you get on this by-pass, you’ll be spared of all the traffic.

      After this follow the milestones and when it reads Kanpur 2 KM, keep to the left of the road and you’ll get the cut, which will directly take you to Ramadevi Crossing. Go straight from there and you’ll reach Ganga Bridge and straight to Lucknow.

      • Kamal Nigam

        Thanks Manish, Really appreciate the prompt revert.

        Can you also update me which cut etc to use at Ramadevi Chauraha, while coming from Lucknow to Delhi ?

        I saw someone mentioning that I need to turn towards allahabad side and take U turn to come on flyover towards Delhi, but that post was amlost two years old. So wondering if some new proper cut/ service lane has been created?

        • Manish

          You’re Welcome Kamal,

          About the return trip from Lucknow, just go straight from the Ganga Bridge and you’ll reach Ramadevi, go straight form there, no-left or right turn. Aas you’ll move forward you’ll see the bypass voer the road, there will be a road going under that, just follow that and it’ll merge in the bypass.
          Initially when this Merge wasn’t there, then people had to take a left from Ramadevi and then go towards Allahabad and then take a U-trun. Now it isn’t required.

          • Kamal Nigam

            Thanks once again, Manish.


    hello everyone,
    I am planning to drive from New Delhi to Lucknow. Can anybody know me whether the yamuna expressway is open and has anybody used it. Please also tell me the CNG stations on the way and their location.


  • Sachidanand

    Hello guys…. I am about to visit varanasi from delhi toorrow…….can somebody suggest me beat route….i am especially concerned about route from lko to varanasi….from delhi to lko i can take route via nh2…..lko isit is inevitable for me otherwise i cud have taken via kanpur…..thanx

  • Manish

    Hi Guys,

    Am also expecting the reply on the road route through yamuna expressway.. is it open and functional now ? If yes then can anybody share his experience for this route. I’m looking to travel to lko from Gurgaon on Sat Morning… thx

  • Yamuna Expressway is not yet open. No firm date as of now, but it seems that it should open soon.

    • Manish

      Thanks Nandan. NH2 is the way option for me then… thx

      • Manish

        Hey Manish,

        Its not open officially yet but you can pay the guards at the entrance few bucks and they’ll allow you. I live at Gr Noida and it’s a common thing. Every day I see people using the X-way, not many but yes approx 5-10 cars in an Hour. I don’t know the exact amount they ask for but I don’t think that It’ll be more than 200.

  • Abhishek Mishra

    I recently (Aug 10, 2012), undertook the same journey driving alone in my Hyundai Verna. I started early from the IIM Lucknow, NOIDA campus (Sector 62) at around 6 am. Within no time I hit the NOIDA- Greater NOIDA expressway and by 6:40 am, I was exiting it to enter the big circle leading me to Yamuna Expressway. No two things about it, the road is awesome. I touched 100 kph in an instant but then made sure not to cross it as thats the speed limit there and every car is under surveillance. Well, on that road, that was a punishment. At 7 am, I was crossing the Buddha International Circuit. There are three toll plazas on the way. The toll is pretty high (320 bucks for a one way car journey). The toll road is around 185 kms and is shorter than NH2 (till Agra) by around 30 kms, since it runs to east of Yamuna which is the right direction. Additionally, Yamuna Expressway completely bypasses Agra and dropped me to NH2 around 15 kms ahead of Agra. The Agra exit part of the E-way is incomplete, so those going to Agra will hit NH2 and then have to take a U-turn for Agra. I reached that spot by 8am (2 hrs flat).
    Joining NH2 looked like a huge degradation- from a 6-lane concrete car-only traffic to 4- lane pitch car-bus-truck-auto-vikram-pedestrian traffic. It took some getting used to.

    The road till Firozabad was crowded and it took some time to cross the city (NH2 goes right through). After that, the road was not only better but also less crowded and cruising at 100+ speeds became a regular feature. Just 40 kms before Etawah, I stopped at a nice restaurant (Glorious) for a breakfast at around 9:15 am. I moved out at 9:45 am and was at Etawah at around 10:30 am. The city is bypassed, so no problems there. After Etawah, the road is awesome (as Aditya mentioned) and I was at Rania (just outside Kanpur) at around 12:00 am.

    Anyways, by around 12:30pm, I was exiting Kanpur (a major bottleneck crossed). I hit NH25 which is of poor quality initially (due to the flyover construction and other Kanpur effects). But soon it started improving and was actually nice around 40 kms after Kanpur. I was flying on the road and I entered Banthara (Lucknow outskirts) at around 1 pm and was at the airport at around 1:20 pm. My home is 10 mins from the airport, so in a sense my journey ended there and I did not have to cross Lucknow city to reach other side parts.
    So, in total, my journey took me 7.5 hours with a 30 mins break in between to cover a tripmeter marked distance of 554 kms at an average speed of 74 kph. Thats as fast as the Lucknow Shatabdi which also takes around the same time.

  • Asit Arora

    Hi All,

    Whats the update on NH2 and NH24.
    Am travelling to Lko this Diwali.

    NH24, cause of the distance, looks like a better option to me but did anyone drove on it all the way to Lko, when please and how was the road?

    Thanks and Cheers!!

  • Randhir

    Dear Asit,

    I recently did a road trip from Ghaziabad to Faizabad (Via Lucknow) in August 2012 with my wife and our pet (a dog). After doing all the research I decided to take the NH-2 route via Yamuna Expressway. And trust me I don’t regret my decision.

    I started from Ghaziabad at 7:00 in the morning. We took Yamuna Expressway and reached Agra by 9:30am with an average speed of about 90-100kms per hours. You wont even feel a bit of tiredness up till Agra. And the good part about this Yamuna expressway is that it bypasses entire Agra City, so need to get inside the city. The moment Yamuna expressway ends NH-2 starts.

    By 9:51 we were at Firozabad. Road condition is very good. But please be very careful of traffic coming from wrong side of the road, specially bike, tractors and cycles.

    By 11:33 we reached Etawah. Again road condition was very good.

    By 12:30 we were at Auraiya and by 13:10 we reached Akbarpur.

    We reached Kanpur 14:00hrs and took the newly built flyover (bypass) to cross the city. Altough its not 100% completed, but still you wont be stuck in traffic for more than 10-15 mins after the flyover ends. We crossed Kanpur by 14:10 and reached Unnao by 14:30 and stopped for lunch.

    We hit Hazratganj Lucknow at 16:20 and eventually Faizabad by 18:30.

    Through out our journey we had to stop and take a break of around 5 to 10 minutes after every one and half hour so that our dog can ease himself.

    Entire route was awesome. Yes a bit long but its “advisable” to take this route. Trust me you wont regret it.

    Do let me know your experience once you are back. All the best, and have a safe driving and Happy Diwali.

  • Samir Sharma

    Hi all,

    Thanks for all the useful comments and descriptions. I have done Agra-Lucknow a couple of times and the road, particularly from Ramadebi (Kanpur) to Agra is nothing short of excellent, with bypasses and overbridges over most small towns. You can just keep going between 100 and 130 KpH on this stretch. I plan to go NIODA next month. Lets see how the experience goes. Just been upto Mathura once, so I know theres an excellent McD. Dont miss the thick shakes there. They dont sell them in most McD joints.

    As for night driving, regardless of the low traffic volumes, I would not recommend due to the incidences of drunk driving by truck drivers. Roadside assistance is nil and there are stretches where if you are marooned in the middle ofthe night, you just might be divested of all your belongings, to say the least. Star early morning as most have advised and enjoy safe driving folks.

    Any comments on Del-Moradabad-Sitapur-Lko route? any updates on road conditions? Any help would be welcome.

    Regards to everyone.

    Samir Sharma

  • @ Samir –

    Net net
    Delhi – Moradabad is super (though not comparable to Agra-Kanpur)
    Moradabad – Rampur is OK
    Rampur – Bareily-Shan..pur-Sitapurr is Bad
    Sitapur – Lucknow is Super

    This highway is still 5 years away to be the main road for going to LKO from DLI. With YamunaExpressway, Delhi-Agra-Kanpur works best.

  • Asit Arora

    Is the Ramadevi (Kanpur) traffic issue sorted?
    This stretch would take 60-90 minutes when I last drove to Lko.

    Cheers and have a safe Diwali.

  • Asit Arora

    Hi All,

    Last saturday drove from Delhi to Lucknow….
    1. Yamuna expressway: an excellent entry point is thru the DND….from DND start to end of Yamuna expressway is 2 hours without breaking the speed limit. Great job by JP and Mayawati.
    2. Firozabad was cogested and we had to slow down considerably.
    3. Etawah to Kanpur was excellent in long stretches but towards Kanpur the road is bad.
    4. Kanpur City: OMG, when will they not fail to dissapoint.
    5. Unnao: Bad.
    6. Towards Lucknow: Ok. Do drop in at the Allen Cooper factory outlet for shoes and bags. Some very good stuff there.
    All in all it took us 10 hours due to Kanpur and Unnao stretches.
    7. Home sweet home and some beer with murgi. Cheers all and a happy diwali.

  • Shalabh

    Has anyone done NH24 recently i’ll be leaving to Lucknow on 29th Nov,12. Just checking hows it now i traveled through this road in 2009 and it was okay sort of but construction material was all over the place with a single road at most of the stretch.
    Hows it now after 3 years any recent traveler till Lucknow.

    I know NH 2 and that is best still. Just checking about NH 24 has it been re-toned?

  • Devendra Pandey

    Thanks for reviews .
    After reading your reviews I started from South Delhi to Lucknow on 11th Nov at 4 am .
    I was driving for first time more than 100 kms.
    I took NH2 from badarpur and reached Lucknow at 3PM .
    I got my Swift car CNG refilled at Faridabad, Agra(Just right side before main chowk) , and Kanpur(Allahabad road).
    Only Kanpur and Unnao city had some slow traffic due to flyover work.
    Whole journey was very smooth and non exhaustive .Speed 80-100 .

    NH2 is really good road.

  • Asit Arora

    Not much has changed on NH 24…heard that the road is bad.

  • Vaibhav


    I’ll be leaving from Gurgaon to Lucknow on 13th. I plan to leave as early as possible. I’ve read through the page and all its posts. Can someone advise me if it would be better to go via

    Taj Expressway
    or via faridabad

    This wud be my first time travellking so far by car. I’ll definitely post my experience.


  • saleem

    Very Good Road all the way Delhi to Lucknow….
    580 kms. did in 7:30 hours with a couple of 20 mins break..
    Avg. speed 80 kmph, hitting 120 kmph on the expressway and streches between etawah and kanpur.
    CNG avbl. an issue as you have to get off the highway to tank up CNG..

    Only strech before Kanpur a bit bad , approx. 20 kms and then the Jajmau/Ramadevi strech before Ganga Pul needs to be cautious..

    Overall an excellent trip..

    Return trip also good.. except the strip after you exit Kanpur.. 8:30 hours on the return..

    • saleem

      Agree, the trucks/vehicles coming on yiur wrong side is definately an issue and needs to be cautious.
      UP traffic is bad and not very disciplined…

  • Vaibhav

    Delhi-Agra Expressway was really really awesome…only thing to be careful is to stick on his/her own lane…did come across couple of idiots who could not control at high speed ( also the friction is less on such a concrete road)

    Agra-Kanpur was also great, few **** coming from the wrong side as already mentioned but this road is also a pleasure to drive

    there’s a bit of stretch in which construction is going on so it does take some time
    but overall an excellent trip…no need of GPS on this track :D

  • AMIT


    i am leaving 21st mrg fron Noida to Kanpur.. i will take yamuna expressway from Noida to Agra.. Can u please suggest how the road after agra.. How much time it will take from agra to kanpur..


  • Asit Arora

    Agra to Kanpur is 3-4 hours.
    Road is good…mind the villagers and traffic coming on the wrong side. I always keep my headlight on when on highways due to the latter. Atleast they can spot you earlier than they would w/o lights.
    Stop at Dhabas, see the crowd and then come out the car please.

    Enjoy and be safe.
    All the best!!

  • Randhir

    Hi, Just cam back from Lucknow on Jan 15, 2013. The route is very good. Please make sure visibility is good before you start. Avoid driving in FOG.

    Route is very good. Be cautious from traffic coming from the wrong side. Make sure you tank up before hitting Yamuna Expressway.

    Yamuna Expressway to Agra: 2 Hrs 20mins (Drive carefully, do not overspeed, very tempting road to challenge your vehicle limit, dont do that.)

    Agra to kanpur: 3 hrs 30 mins

  • Mukund

    I am planning to attend one marriage in Lucknow from Noida on 7th Feb and same day return.

    Is it possible by my Diesel Car i20, what is the status of Road as of now , I know from Noida to Agra not at all problem .. ( touchwood ) but Don’t know from Agra to Lucknow, never been in that route, secondly the highway of which everyone is talking, is it possible to take highway from Yamuna Express way.

    Please suggest anyone ASAP.

  • Vaibhav

    “is it possible to take highway from Yamuna Express way.”
    Yes mukund, the road is straight and the road till kanpur is awesome… but i would not advise travelling at night….there are people coming on the wrong side after agra so be careful about that

  • Mukund

    Thanks Vaibhav, generally how much time it takes if I start my journey around 4 Am. Because I have to be there in Lucknow around 12 afternoon.

  • Mukund

    Is it advisable to go by Car or I should take Either Bus or Train.
    Please suggest.

  • Asit Arora

    8 hours sound unrealistic as it may be foggy on the highway.
    The road is good but you have to drive keeping in mind the villages and wrong side traffic.
    The best I have done is 10 hours with 2 breaks….Kanpur and Unnao patches are bad.

    • Mukund

      Okay, Thanks Asit, Do I need to take care of GPS, I mean should i carry GPS phone or it’s okay because I am going in Feb 7, so I don’t think so the Foggy factor will be there but still the weather is not predictable.

  • Vaibhav

    average 8-9 hrs..i wud say..can take less time too…depends on weather/traffic/driving
    agra-kanpur wud take 3-4 hours…as mentioned road is pleasure to drive… around 2 hrs from there on.
    Road is pretty much straight, so you wouldn’t have to worry about the route even after crossing agra expressway

  • Vaibhav

    I have managed this route in abt 8 hrs..but i left early on a weekday, no fog :)
    as i really depends..bus would take more time…if you’re unsure, and under pressure to reach at a certain time,then train might just be a better option. No pleasure in driving when there are time constraints
    Definitely no need of GPS :D

    • Mukund

      At what time you left from Noida and what time you reached

  • Randhir


    I travel quite often on this route and will be traveling this Friday (Jan 25th) as well. Normally I start by 4:00am reach Lucknow by 11:30 to 12:00pm with a average speed of about 90-100kms/hr. I traveled last on Jan 13, 2013. Kanpur – Unnao road is also not bad now. No need of GPS. Road signs are very good. Road condition is very good throughout.


  • Vaibhav

    I left around 5:00 am and reached before 1:00 pm

  • Rudra


    I have planned to go to Lucknow from New Delhi in the first week of April 2013, I was thinking to go with Delhi Bareilly Lucknow route but after reading so many reviews and blogs now I have decided to take Delhi Kanpur Lucknow route… Please share if you have any other latest update for this route… as this route is new to me.


  • Naina Siingh

    Other than increased toll rate there is no major change noted on this route. Work has begun for making it six lane (at some places). Dont forget to carry all your vehicle papers, including pollution certificate. Lot of check posts.

    Be ALERT & BEWARE dogs are on prowl everywhere.

    Ideally travelling by train is much more convenient, both time and cost wise. The route is suggested for travel freaks.

    Jai Hind!

  • Rudra

    Alright… thank you so much for update and I will take care of your suggestions. : )

  • shalabh

    Any new update on NH2 till lko.. will be traveling this weekend

  • Adil

    I have now driven numerous times from Indirapuram – indiranagar lucknow starting early, midday, evening … the best time to drive is always by starting in evening and driving through the night, its safe in night but usually if you have company, once I drove starting at 3 pm and reached at 10:30 pm

    Yamuna expressway has added a lot of comfort and reduced time considerably as Agra to Delhi earlier took 6 hours, now it is reduced to 2.5 hours

    some of the streches from agra to etawah are showing signs of heavy use on road and lot of development has comeup at road side across, earlier it was very rare to see a puncture repair or a chai ki dukaan, but now you can easily find one after every 5 kms(only exception being yamuna expressway)

    the worst part is substantial increase in toll

    next travel is scheduled for 3rd Aug, any suggestions for a nice tasty food break are welcome.

    • We plan to be on this road on Aug 9. Your update from a week before will be a great help. Please do post any suggestion / change / time taken. Thanks in advance.

    • Prasoon Pathak

      Hi Adil,

      Thanks for your suggestions, I’m planning to go in November, so what would be the best route

      Indirapuram-YamuExpway-Agra-Etwah-Kanpur-Lko ? (I’m worried if I can manage to find right flyovers & route & shouldn’t go in wrong direction ?)
      Indirapuram-Faridabad-Agra-Etwah-Kanpur-Lko ?

      This would be my first time by road. I used to travel by Train all the time. I’m really excited & looking forward to have a nice time. :)

  • Amit

    Hi Adil, thanks for the update…..v r plang to leave for kanpur on 9th Aug early morning, wud request u to provide ur valueable feedback on ur latest trip on dis route (3rd Aug trip)……also, ny gud break point on the highway….for family. hw much increase in the toll….is yamuna exp also increased toll….?

  • Adil

    Things have changed considerably since I traveled first time on December 25, 2008 numerous times … my recent experience on this road says it is better to travel in night than daytime as lot of establishments have come near road and seems like everybody is using the road including cycles, pedestrians, animals … construction is ongoing at some places, road is also showing signs of heavy usage resulting in overall slow kmph.

    Toll has increased to approximately 700Rs if yamunaexpressway -> nh2 is used from Indirapuram to Lucknow.

    Still there is no other choice till we get another road … and my next travel is on 2nd nov.

  • Hi,

    I am not sure what everyone is saying about the toll thing. Its still Rs 320 on way. I just landed in Delhi from Lucknow 4 days ago and paid only 320 from Agra Toll to Jewar Toll. Please clarify

    NH2 has become a horror with diversions every 5 kms from Kanpur to Ferozabad. And the innumerable toll booths with impolite staff doesnot help.


  • Ashu

    How much total toll we need to pay from Delhi to Lucknow

    • I have travelled last week – if you take the NH2 – Yamuna Combo – You will be paying 240 (NH2 combined over 5-6 tolls) and 320 (YEway) = 560 approx one way

  • SKM

    How is the NH-91 route for going from Noida to Lucknow?

    YEW from Noida to Jewar, then exit on Palwal-Aligarh road.

    Aligarh-Etah-North of Mainpuri-Kannauj-Mohan-Lucknow.

    I am not seeing anyone following this route. Google maps throws this as the shortest route.

  • Shalabh

    Dear SKM,

    Why following a route thats not good one :) a straight line is always better to follow than a zig zag.
    NH2 is quite easy well known, better populated( in terms of traffic & Road condition).

    You just need to go straight till Kanpur by pass flyover. Then take a slight left for LKO road.. and then again follow the the dots straight and you will land right in front of Charbagh Railway station.
    From here its your own tailor made route will go ;)

    Good luck buddy and have safe journey….

    Just FYI – I have been on this NH.2 for at least 15-16 times. so telling you follow any route at this point of time for Lucknow.. you will find NH2 100 times better… :)

    Shalabh Saxena

    • vishal

      Dear shalabh,
      I am planning to cruise from gurgaon to haryana tomorrow in morning i.e. 29.10.2013. Pls let me know which one is better. Opting NH2 is how much extra kms will be there. How much toll is required to be paid. Pls help urgently as i am moving early in the morning. Thanks in advance.

    • vishal

      Dear shalabh,
      Please ignore previous question.
      I am planning to cruise from gurgaon to lucknow tomorrow in morning i.e. 29.10.2013. Pls let me know which one is better NH2 or Nh91? Opting NH2 is how much extra kms. How much toll is required to be paid. Pls help urgently and share ur knowledge as i am moving early in the morning. Thanks in advance.

  • @ Vishal – Since you are moving early tomorrow, let me jump in. Use NH2. There is simply no comparison here. Shalabh can add more. I last went to Varanasi from GZB (Aug 2nd week, 2013) via NH2 (YEW + NH2).

    • Rakesh Pandey

      Dear Nandan,
      I had a long time plan of driving long distance on a highway . Specially to My Home town Varanasi.
      Pls guide me the route and Road condition from Kanpur to varanasi as i am planing to go with my family ( Via YEW + NH2 ) In June 2 week ,2014 .
      I got clear Picture about Gzb to Kanpur.
      Will wait for you valuable suggestion on the same.
      Rakesh Pandey

      • Rakesh – I went on this road in Aug, 2013. Road quality is pretty good. Please watch out for Allahabad-Bypass and take it, do not go inside the city. Once you are close to Varanasi, you need to take a left turn. Best way is to ask around. As you would know Varanasi town is not on NH2 but a few kilometres inside and there are no clear signs. Enjoy.

  • vishal

    Thanks Nadan.. lots of appreciation for ur prompt response. How much extra bugs i have to pay to these toll mates..

  • I think it is about INR 320 for YEW part and probably another couple of hundred till Kanpur. About 500 odd.

  • vishal

    Thanks Nandan.. but i opted Gurgaon-Palwal-Mathura-Agra-Etawah-kanpur-lucknow. Pls correct me if I am wrong. Thanks once again for quick reply.

  • Naina Siingh

    Here are the Toll Rates –

    Route I : GGN – Mehrauli – Noida – Yamuna Expressway – NH2 – Kanpur – Lucknow

    1. DND FLYWAY 25/-
    3. Toll Plaza : Tundla Tax 45/-
    4. Semra Atikabad (UP) Section from 250.50 to 321.10 Km of NH2 Distt. Firozabad Tax 60/-
    5. Anantram Toll Plaza at Km 353 NH2 Tax 70/-
    6. Barazore Toll Plaza at Km 438 NH2 Tax 110/-
    7. Nawabganj Toll Tax 50-70/-

    Total Approx: 700/-

    Route II : GGN – Sohna – Palwal – NH2 – Kanpur – Lucknow

    8. NHAI Section: Badarpur Kosi 18.8 Km to 108.90 Km Location: Srinagar Km. 75 on NH2 Tax 85/-
    9. NHAI Toll Fee Ticket-Mahuban (barari) (KM 165) on NH2 Tax 85/-
    10. Toll Plaza : Tundla Tax 45/-
    11. Semra Atikabad (UP) Section from 250.50 to 321.10 Km of NH2 Distt. Firozabad Tax 60/-
    12. Anantram Toll Plaza at Km 353 NH2 Tax 70/-
    13. Barazore Toll Plaza at Km 438 NH2 Tax 110/-
    14. Nawabganj Toll Tax 50-70/-

    Total Approx: 525/-

    Prefer Route I while going to Lucknow. Smooth driving, no traffic, and you will save time.
    Max speed 100-120 Kms/hr.

    Prefer Route II if you wish to avoid traffic at Greater Noida/Noida/Delhi, while coming from Lucknow. Max speed 80-100 Kms/hr.

    Lot of diversion from Auraiyaa till Kanpur bypass. Speed breakers are intentionally made worst, avoid any kind of dialogues on Toll Plaza, beware of trucks, tractors, cattle, locals on wrong side of the road.

    Happy cruising!! :D

  • vishal

    Thanks!!! Naina & Nandan.
    Reachd home safely yesterday at 1800. Opted Gurgaon, palwal, mathura agra kanpur lucknow. Whatever Naina and Nandan told is cent percent correct. One more thing cruise with full papers otherwise greedy police man are there to screw u. I forgot to take PUC and penalty paid 300/-. Each and every wardi wala at kanpur with greedy eyes checks the vehicle no plate and responds accordingly. However its gud journey.
    Drive Safe!!!!!

    • Naina Siingh

      Did they check papers on Haryana – UP Border, soon after the Badarpur-Kosi Toll? If yes, that’s their regular check post, and during festival time it becomes more dominant. They go ahead filling their pockets from Rs. 200-2500 depending on the party. Their soft target is families. I ended up paying Rs. 1000/- after lot of bargaining. Now I prefer Yamuna Expressway, though it cost extra Kms, extra bucks, but its worth driving, no unnecessary chaos :D

  • SKM

    Thanks Shalabh, Nandan, Naina and Vishal for all your helpful feedback.
    Vishal, do we need to carry all papers in original or copies will do? I am planning to take YEW+NH2 as you all suggested.

  • vishal

    Dear SKM
    Please carry all original papers. These greedy one’s can do anything for money. And try to avoid them as maximum as possible. Ignore them as you are not seeing them and move ahead.

  • vishal

    As suggested. Please move ahead with Yew. U will drop the same mileage with knife on butter drive.

  • Ajay

    Just reached Lucknow today from Delhi, started at 5am and reached Gomti Nagar by around 2pm, via NH2. I felt few things did got improved since my last visit back in 2012 Diwali timeframe, like new toll plazas and road conditions between Etawah and Kanpur.

    And, there are few things that never get changed like connection between Kanpur – Rama Devi – Ganga Bridge, Unnao railway crossing bridge. Not sure if it is at all needed now with no trains really using that particular railway line.

  • vishal

    Hahahaha…. bulls eye.. @Ajay

  • Naina Siingh

    Well if you take diversion from Naveen Sabzi Mandi (just before Kanpur bypass) towards Panki Industrial Area, and move on to HBTI road, followed by Azad Nagar, Kanpur Cantonment and take the old Shukla Ganj bridge, take the Unnao By Pass, you will never have to cross Rama Devi, Unnao Railway Crossing. Few extra kms but worth saving some more time. :D

  • SKM

    Naina, it is very confusing if I try to trace these areas onto Google maps. This goes right through the city while if I drive through on NH25 after Rama devi it lands on Lucknow Kanpur road right after Unnao.

  • Vijay Pandey

    Please share the road status of Ghb- Rampur- Bareilly- Sitapur – Lucknow

  • Vijay Pandey

    Please share the road condition of Ghaziabad- Hapur- Muradabad – Bareilly- Sitapur Lucknow

  • Prabhat Singh

    Hi Guys, this forum is interesting. Lots of valuable information is available for Delhi to Lucknow road commuters. I am planning my first road trip from Delhi to Lucknow this month. Seems to me that NH2 is the best bet. Will take that route. Can you please share the food joints wherein we can stop for quick bite enroute.

  • Vishal Chauhan

    if travelling with family. U require to have two stps one would be mc d near mathura refinery and next after crossing etawah. There are good dhabas on the road it self. But if u r starting early in the morning mcd will be closed. Try to cross agra befre 0800 hrs otherwise there will huge traffic rush.

    • Prabhat Singh

      Do we have to face traffic rush even after taking Yamuna Expressway? Is the McD on the Yamuna Expressway?

      • travel

        How was your trip to Lucknow? Please post updates specifically on road condition between Agra and Kanpur. We are planning a road trip on 25th Dec from Delhi to Lucknow. Due to dense fog we will not be able to start from Delhi before 7:30 a.m. and will have to do entire streach during the day….concerned @ traffic conditions.

        • prabhat

          Sorry i have not yet travelled. Am planning this weekend. I think most of your queries hv been resolved by shalabh. All the bests. Happy journey. Do give ur feedback.

  • Shalabh

    I traveled on NH2 last weekend, thought to write a post and update everyone but not getting time to do a write up. Road is in excellent condition its only after Kanpur and till that Toll Point its a mixed stretch rest it fine after Agra…. I started my journey at 4:30PM very late but since we both are working that the most suitable time reached around 3AM in morning :)….. Night driving is not an issue on this stretch as its now quite populated with traffic…and with so many Toll booths in place already…
    Major Traffic blocks are if you are throughout NH2 and starting from Delhi (Ashram)….

    1. Ali Gaon (Just before Bradarpur Flyover)
    2. Faridabad/Ballabhgarh/Palwal (Traffic will be slow you will not get highway speed)
    3. Agra (Major Jams can come here)
    4. Kanpur … Sometime right after you get down from flyover at Kanpur and at Toll Plaza…
    5. LKO –Amausi/Charbagh

    Shalabh Saxena

  • Shalabh

    Hi All,

    Any reviews on NH-24 from GZB to LKO…Few things i need before i plan to travel.

    1. Road condition (info even in patches will help)
    2. Major Blockers.
    3. Good restaurants.
    4. Any other suggestion

    Planing to travel to LKO next week… just for sake of review this time planning for NH-24 else NH-2 is great. Please help and provide info even in bits and pieces.
    Will share my detailed feedback once im back to help all…

    Shalabh Saxena

  • @ Shalabh – I often go to Nainital side so here are details till Rampur. Rest more out of what I hear all the time.

    1. Delhi – Moradabad (Very Very good, 5 toll points, Garh now has a new bridge so all well here)
    2. Moradabad – Rampur (Good, widening work happening, tar quality is good)
    3. Rampur – Bareily – Sh’pur (Heard that this is the worst, mostly because of Bareily bottleneck and a single road)
    4. Sh’Pur- Sitapur (Good)
    5. Sitapur – LKO (excellent)

    hope this helps.

    • Travel

      I traveled from Delhi to LKO on 25th Dec thru Yamuna express way,Kanpur. Delhi -LKO route is smooth expect for a few stretches that are already mentioned in the above posts. LKO-Delhi route has many diversions between Kanpur and Itawah. Also the speed breakers are killing on this particular stretch!! Traffic was not a problem even during the day time, except for Kanpur, but luckily we could cross it smoothy. Now for those traveling with kids: You will get two “so called” resorts on your left after crossing Firozabad. Next place to eat is just after Kanpur (I am forgetting the name but you cannot miss the restaurant). The third is near Nawabgunj bird sanctuary (it is a decent dhaba at a petrol pump).

  • Shalabh

    Thanks Nandan for prompt reply.and how much is the toll is it same as NH2.

  • Nandan

    @Shalabh – INR 15, 30, 50, 15 and 15 till Rampur. Guess it would be 50 odd for Sitapur stretch. So all in all pretty less than NH2. Wishes.

    • shalabh

      Hi Nandan,

      Thanks for these inputs…. I forgot to reply back :) and fortunately did 2 trips on this road one way i.e. Noida to LKO… and return from NH2. Recenct one done last weekend only on 22nd Feb..

      Road till Barely is good will most of the flyovers are completed its pleasure to drive through…
      But after that nightmare starts… specially around Shahjhanpur — upto Sitapur….
      I bet Rims of your car will be beaten to death :) on this stretch.. so anyone travelling please take care
      Toll seems less compared to NH2 this might be the reason but future is bright as stretch(NH24) is getting some renovation and new toll booths are getting ready to expect in next 2 years greater toll and better road….

      For everyone i traveled on this stretch during night started around 7:30PM and reached LKO by 5:30AM in morning…. and recommend this route only for night drivers as during day time Trucks and village traffic will kill you… and a guaranteed Jam that you will find at places where road is not wide, accidents, Dharna Pradarshan etc… which is almost completely eliminated @ night…
      Total toll will be approx 250 INR…

      Also Nandan i see so many junk posts…on this link & may be on the portal itself….can anything be done for this….I hope you are also not planning to be next Whats App :):)…
      Good luck but this portal has all that content and fire power… Great idea boss at the right time….
      and your passion is amazing…one of my friend works at same place you are and keeps telling me about you….Big thumps up to you …

      Shalabh Saxena

      • Thank you. For everything. :-)

        As for SPAM, we keep removing/marking them and I guess they keep getting better. This post for some reason is attracting a lot of these junk comments.

  • Shalabh

    I hope road condition do not resemble these rates… :)

    Shalabh Saxena

  • Hi guys
    I am going to delhi from kanpur from tomorrow thats my 8th yrip to dwlhi…..I wish there no change in toll tax…

  • Gaurav Awasthi

    Hi, im planning a Bike ride from Gurgaon to Lucknow on 27th Feb 2014. Does Yamuna Expressway allow bikeers? Please reply, thank you :)

    • Ajay

      I believe they do, as I have seen many bikers travelling to Agra


  • Ravi Mishra

    Hi All

    i am planning to travel down to LKO on 5th march via AGRA- Etawah-Kanpur route. I am planning to travel in night. Please suggest this route is safe for night travel and if I need to take care of any particular thing while travelling.

    Suggestions are higly appriciated.


    • shalabh

      Yes Ravi, Please go ahead its safe and u will find sufficient traffic so that you wont feel lonely :).
      Before Etawah till Kanpur there are numerous diversions. so please take care of your speed as in night you might tempt to fly instead of driving through the road…and also if you feel sleepy anytime do take 10 minutes break, refresh yourself have cold water/cold drink then only take wheels….

      Also don’t try to get into any sort of fight with anyone on road.. this may happen at toll gates where everyone try to bypass and take the 1st shot and also on road when someone asking for a pass and you are reluctant to do so…. you never know who is driving the other car and being UP advice is be aware and cautious…..if you are stopping for rest try to be at bit live place like patrol pumps, dhabas etc….

      Enjoy your journey and drive safe…

      Shalabh Saxena

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    very compelled me to try and do so! Your writing style has been surprised me.
    Thanks, quite nice post.

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  • Ravi Mishra

    Hi Shalabh

    Thanks for the updates.. I will definetly keep the things in mind as suggested by you..

    Ravi Mishra

  • Rajnish

    Hi, I will be travelling from Delhi to Lucknow by road on March14,2014. and back on 16th. I have following inquires regarding the trip, you response on the same would be highly appreciated

    1. Which route is better ?
    a.) Delhi-Agra-Etawah-Kanpur-Lucknow (NH2) done it couple of times and very confident about this one.
    b.) Delhi-Muradabad-Bareilly- Shahjanpur-Sitapur-Lucknow

    2. What would be the approx. toll tax on each route ? (have to consider the same to calculate the actual travelling cost by road)

    I have travelled on this route but however this time plans to go by Santro to attend my son’s Post Graduation ceremony at IIM and then come back with him and his baggage. So need the advice from the friends to make the most out of the trip.

  • Hi Rajnish – Route a is better. Go Via YEW. Toll – 700 (See Naina Singh’s comment above). Toll for ‘b’ would be about 160-200. Though you spend more money but you would get a better mileage on route “a” and greater peace.

  • Prabhat

    I agree with Nandan. NH2 is a better route. I had taken this route in December. My ride was pleasant. The only hurdle is to cross the Kanpur stretch since it is heavily crowded. While coming back take extra care of big potholes in unnao. The flyover is under construction at unnao so at a point when u are below the flyover watch for the potholes I bumped my polo into it. Watch for that stretch while coming back. Rest is ok.

  • Rajnish

    Thanks ….Dear Mr. Jha & Mr. Prabhat……

    We will be taking the advised route of YEW…to Kanpur and then to IIM-L……..Will share the latest road route update on DEL-LKO-DEL once we are back…..Will be leaving Delhi in the morning at 5.00AM on March 14,2014 ……

    Any last minutes advise / Suggestion……Pl share ….. so as to have a great tour……

    Thanks once again……

  • Rajeev

    And here comes the latest on YEW-Etawah-Kanpur-Lucknow from my drive this weekend. Till Etawah it was usual fare. But it was a nightmare after Etawah as on after the other diversion for road underpass construction kept coming every KM or so and some times new diversion started from the point the current one ended. At the toll plaza After Etawah I asked and the fellow smiled
    are sir it is like this till Kanpur.
    ye theek nahi hai
    to ham kab kahi rahe hain ki theek hai

    Diversions are all single lane and with two speed-breakers in each on an average.

    And in Kanpur there is Rama Devi to Ganga Bridge and then there is Unnao.

  • Naina Siingh

    Road after Firozabad until Kanpur is not safe anymore for driving. Avoid driving especially during night. Personally I will recommend going by train or flight. That will be much more convenient.

    • Imran Haider

      Hi Naina,

      Why is it not safe? Can you pls elaborate.

  • abhi

    Anyone, what is the current condition of Road YEW+NH2 specially after Firozabad until Kanpur” and also from Kanpur to Allahabad NH2. I’am planning to drive on 27 sep.

  • abhi

    If anyone have an update, please share.


  • abhi
  • Amit

    Hi, I am planning to travel Noida – Kanpur, can anyone please tell the me the current road condition and as mentioned that after Etawah there are lots of diversions….can sme bdy share his / her latest experience.
    Naina : Why the route is not safe…..I guess everyone wants to know.


    I want to travel from Delhi to Katihar(Bihar) on 22oct.I have some questions in my mind.

    1.Shall i be able to reach Katihar on 23rd Morning by 10AM

    2.How smooth the roads are while travelling.

    3.Is it straight road or difficult to find the route, or sign board will help me.

    4. How safe the highway is while driving.

    5. Are there any crimes in between with car drivers.(like people stop the cars n all )??

    6.does state police creates any problem in between.

  • abhi

    Hi, For the 1st time I decided to drive to Allahabad from Faridabad via Delhi-Agra-Kanpur-Lucknow-Kanpur.

    After reading the above few posts I was really concerned about the route safety but finally I decided to hit the road and in 1 word it was a easy drive.

    Route can be divided in following sections coz of road condition.
    Started @ 5:45 AM
    Faridabad -> Noida (via kalindi kunj) : Very long Q (too many trucks) on IOL & HP Petrol-pumps on K.Kunj Road.
    Noida -> Agra : YEW rocks , toll 320/-
    Agra -> Etawah via shikohabad good road, slow movement in town area
    Etawah -> Kanpur , Too many diversions, 150 kms before kanpur+auraiya but none of the diversion block you , get yourself in 2nd gear on every diversion ow ur sweety will get bumped.
    Kanpur : 18 km on kanpur flyover was fun but don’t get carried away & take the first left cut for lucknow .Remember there is no sign board , we confirmed route to lucknow from a chaiwala on the bridge. oh direction is written on a cement rock with coal which you see only if you have third eye.
    This cut leads you directly to the hell of ramadevi ur lucky if you could drive in 1st gear. 30 min to drive next 5 kms.
    ramadevi -> unnao Drive in 4th gear with lots of pot holes , no no don’t even think to take unnao flyover its not completed, trust me.
    unnao -> lucnow can drive in 4th gear with pot holes
    on return to kanpur , the road is a gem now you can take the flyover aswell, yes its a twist. again ramadevi in 1st gear.
    Kanpur -> Allahabad Bypass cut : Road is awesome now the 5th gear

    Happy Driving!

    • Amit

      Thanks Abhi for your valuable information.

  • Partha

    Hi Abhi,

    As yours is the most recent post, I think you can get me the best advice about travelling to Lucknow from Delhi.

    My first question is obviously, “which route to select”? Google map shows 3 options.
    – Option#1 Via NH24 (Moradabad-Bareilly-Sitapur)
    – Option#2 Via NH91 (Aligarh – Etah – Kannauj
    – Option#3 Via Yamuna Expway+NH91 (Exp-way up to Tundla, then Firozabad-Mainpuri-Kannauj)

    Please note, my journey doesn;t end at Lucknow. I have to travel further to Tanda (another 250Km from Lucknow) and reach there by the end of the day.

    I will be traveling in my Scorpio.

    I will travel with my family including daughters and leaving early is not a problem.

    Please suggest me the best route to take (I will travel one day before Diwali) which will be the most comfortable and will take the least time.

    Looking forward to your early response.

    • Asif

      Dear Partha,
      pl take following route:
      Delhi-NOIDA-Greater NOIDA-Yamuna Expressway-Firozabad-Shikohabad-Etawah-Auraiya-Kanpur-Lucknow-Barabanki-Faizabad-Tanda
      Pl take Yamuna Expressway to save time and great driving experience.
      It will take 10-11 hours to Tanda from Delhi if yiou start early in the morning.
      happy journey.

  • abhi

    Hi Parth,

    I would suggest you to begin from Yamuna expressway to Agra and move through NH2 till Kanpur, get down on first left cut after 18 kms on Kanpur Flyover (ramadevi chowk) for Lucknow, take NH25 towards Unnao till Lucknow, move in the direction of Gomti Nagar take faizabad road, I’ve traveled till gorakhpur and this lko-gkp highway is in great shape.

    Entire route is awesome and safe, you can drive easily above 80-90 kms/hr except in between etawah to kanpur due to 10-15 diversions, some 150 kms. Guess you will reach Tanda by the eveving 7 PM if start at 5 AM and drive in limit.

    Total toll around 900-1000/-

  • abhi

    Also I’ll not suggest to move through Mainpuri, traveled a long age and roads were missing those days and its not safe area.

  • abhi

    Also I’ll not suggest to move through Mainpuri, traveled a long ago and roads were missing those days and its not safe area.

  • P P Das

    Hi Abhi,

    Many many thanks for your detailed suggestions.
    Based on your guidance, I have planned the route as you can see in the following link:

    Can you please check and confirm that the route is OK?

    In case you have any modifications to be done, please do the same on the map and kindly revert to me.

  • abhi
    • P P Das

      Thanks Abhi for your time and help.

      Few more relevant queries, if you can help.

      If we leave home at 5:00AM sharp, what time can we reach Lucknow?
      Please consider an 1 hour break for tea, breakfast, toilets etc.
      Can we make it by the lunch time?

      Also suggest a good place to break for breakfast on the route.

      Alsi if you can share your number to speak, it will be of great help in case I need some advice on the way.

  • P P Das

    Thanks Abhi for your time and help.

    Few more relevant queries, if you can help.

    If we leave home at 5:00AM sharp, what time can we reach Lucknow?
    Please consider an 1 hour break for tea, breakfast, toilets etc.
    Can we make it by the lunch time?

    Also suggest a good place to break for breakfast on the route.

    • P P Das

      Hi Abhi,

      I also put up the same questions to you, as I had put up to Ajay below.

      Please check the modified map at

      and suggest whether the Lucknow By-Pass suggested by Ajay is correctly selected by me.

      If some modifications are required, please do on it and send me back the correct map link so that I can save time on account of heavy traffic inside Lucknow city.

      I have also found some bypass road marking on Google Maps around Firozabad. Don’t know whether that by-pass really exists or whether it is of any great help. I have corrected the route considering this bypass, which you may find in the above link. Please study and suggest whether that is needed to be taken at all or not?

      Is there any by-pass for Etawah city? Can you correct the map please?

      As regards to break-fast, I plan to finish it while on the Yamuna Exp_way itself as they are clean.
      Lunch break could be anywhere near to Kanpur or Lucknow, depending on when I hit these city suburbs.
      Hope that will be OK.

      In fact I will have a relative of mine waiting at the NTPC Guest House in Lucknow. I don’t know where it is, may be you can help.

  • Ajay

    Last Diwali, I started at around 5/5.15am and reached Lucknow around 2.30pm, return was much better 5.30am and reached around 1.45pm to Kalkaji. This was when I never drove above 100kph on expressway and 90kph on nh2. On highway, consistency is important not the very high speed, it just makes you tired

    As I read from Abhi’s post above, Etawah -> Kanpur route has some diversions, you can add 1hrs. Also, depends upon how much traffic you may face in between Kanpur and Unnao.

    The construction @ rama-devi is never ending, seeing it built for last 7years since I started driving to lucknow, it already seen third UP govt :)

    One important fact is that turn on lucknow by-pass just after Amausi airport. Do not miss that! Not sure there is any marking over there.

    Lastly, no quality dhabha after Kanpur, so pack yourself with some food for the long journey

    • P P Das

      Thanks Ajay for your response.
      As you have mentioned, you travelled last year Diwali. Presumably, there must be some changes this time.

      Based on your suggestion, I have edited the map, which you can check on the link below:

      Can you please suggest whether this is the By-Pass which you were referring to?
      If some modifications are required, please do on it and send me back the correct map link so that I can save time on account of heavy traffic inside Lucknow city.

      I have also found some bypass road marking on Google Maps around Firozabad. Don’t know whether that by-pass really exists or whether it is of any great help. I have corrected the route considering this bypass, which you may find in the above link. Please study and suggest whether that is needed to be taken at all or not?

      Is there any by-pass for Etawah city? Can you correct the map please?

      As regards to break-fast, I plan to finish it while on the Yamuna Exp_way itself as they are clean.
      Lunch break could be anywhere near to Kanpur or Lucknow, depending on when I hit these city suburbs.
      Hope that will be OK.

      In fact I will have a relative of mine waiting at the NTPC Guest House in Lucknow. I don’t know where it is, may be you can help.

  • Naina Siingh

    If you are travelling with family and kids you must halt for 2 breaks at least of 30-45 minutes each @ every 250-300 km stretch. While coming from Yamuna Expressway you can stop at Gunjan (Sirsaganj area) after Firozabad and at Nawabganj after Unnao.

    Driving is pretty smooth now, diversions are there after Etawah, but you can manage at a speed of 80-110 Kms at this stretch. Most of the flyovers are completed and some are opened to commute. Rania stretch was the most horrible earlier, but that is also in good shape now. Ramadevi, still work is in progress, but that is manageable. Toll rates have been revised and there is increase of 15%.

    Travel time to Lucknow is 10-12 hrs. if you start at 5 am, ideally you should reach by 4pm. Drive safe and live to drive, why taking chances and putting life at risk just to save few hours? Happy Holidays!!

    • P P Das

      Hi Abhi,

      I also put up the same questions to you, as I had put up to Ajay below.

      Please check the modified map at

      and suggest whether the Lucknow By-Pass suggested by Ajay is correctly selected by me.

      If some modifications are required, please do on it and send me back the correct map link so that I can save time on account of heavy traffic inside Lucknow city.

      I have also found some bypass road marking on Google Maps around Firozabad. Don’t know whether that by-pass really exists or whether it is of any great help. I have corrected the route considering this bypass, which you may find in the above link. Please study and suggest whether that is needed to be taken at all or not?

      Is there any by-pass for Etawah city? Can you correct the map please?

      As regards to break-fast, I plan to finish it while on the Yamuna Exp_way itself as they are clean.
      Lunch break could be anywhere near to Kanpur or Lucknow, depending on when I hit these city suburbs.
      Hope that will be OK.

      In fact I will have a relative of mine waiting at the NTPC Guest House in Lucknow. I don’t know where it is, may be you can help.

    • P P Das

      Hi Naina,

      Thanks a lot for your valuable inputs.
      The time suggested by you from travel is 10-12 hours, while you have suggested that roads have improved a lot.
      Hope we can maintain the same track record or do better.

      BTW, which car you travelled? I will be driving a Scorpio this time. Any benefits?

      The food joints suggested by you are welcome. Do they serve only Veg dishes or Non-Veg too?

      • Naina Siingh

        Yes roads have improved. I mostly travel by Innova, and it takes around 10-11 hrs. to reach Lucknow comfortably. I will advise not to drive the entire Delhi-Lucknow stretch alone, it’s always better to have someone who can drive if required. Scorpio is good, not sure of any benefits, but you may develop cramps, try to take rest in between.

        Since you will be starting from CR Park, Expressway will be much closer. Slight traffic up to DND Toll and after that driving will be smooth till Agra. You can cover the maximum distance at lesser time.

        Restaurants mostly are vegetarian. I never checked for Non-Veg. Here are few tried options for breakfast/lunch –

        1. Delhi-Faridabad-Palwal-Mathura-Agra Route (NH2)
        a) Gulshan Dhaba (Palwal)
        b) Murthal Dhaba (Palwal)
        c) McDonalds (Mathura)

        2. Gurgaon-Delhi-Agra-Etawah-Kanpur-Lucknow (via Yamuna Expressway & NH2)
        a) McDonalds (Nehru Place – Satyam complex)
        b) Gunjan (Sirsaganj)
        c) Deepu Chauhan Dhaba (Kanpur – before the bypass flyover, its very famous, should have Non-Veg)
        d) Unnao bypass (no restaurants – local shops for snacks)
        e) Nawabganj

        Carry some light snacks, juice (tetra pack), water bottle, energy bars, wafers, etc. You will find dhabas on way.

        Nothing to worry, enjoy your journey, and make it pleasant with your family.

  • abhi

    u may take 1st break @ Mathura Toll, after that you will hardly find any good restaurant till lko (sorry its not NH1, NH8, or old mathura road, ur in UP where ppl carry home cooked poori-sabzi with pickle) , u may stop at any dhaba for refreshment where 3-4 private vehicles are parked but not trucks and yes arrange snacks/water before u hit the highway

  • P P Das

    Hi Abhi / Ajay,

    I think now I have hit the Lucknow By-Pass correctly.

    Please click on the link below and kindly confirm that this the Lucknow Bye-Pass so that I can avoid the traffic inside the city.

    Looking forward to your kind help at the earliest.

  • Ajay

    Yes Parth, amar shaheed path is the right bypass to reach faizabad road.

  • P P Das


    Can some one share some experience on the FIROZABAD BYPASS?

    Is it ready? Is it worth adding some extra KM driving thru it to avoid City traffic?

    Please respond urgently.

    • Asif

      No, never take bye pass at Ferozabad. Generally trucks take this bye pass and you will not be able to overtake them.

  • P P Das

    Hi All,

    This is my final itinerary based on the inputs received so far.
    Please check and confirm.

    Of-course some more corrections can happen in I get advice from you all regarding the By-Pass roads of Firozabad, Sikohabad & Etawah.

    Please study the enclosed Map and suggest whether I have picked the right routes while passing thru the 3 cities listed above.

    Looking forward to an early response please.

    • Naina Siingh

      Follow NH2, that’s the best route available. You don’t have to look to Google maps. The route is straight and simple. Avoid going to the route less travelled.

      Alternatively, you can choose NH 24 via. Ghaziabad, Hapur, Moradabad, Bareilly, Shahjahanpur and Sitapur running 438 km in length. Except for Moradabad & Bareilly stretch, roads are fine.

      • Asif

        No naina. I dont agree. The Nh-24 route from Bareilly to Sitapur is not advisable. 4 laning work is in progress in this stretch and Bareilly to Sitapur stretch is in very bad shape now a days. Pl avoid this route. NH-2 route is very good upto Kanpur.


    hi, i am planning to visit lucknow this 1st dec. from delhi.

    pls let me know how to proceed from kanpur and is there any bypass from kanpur to unnao to avoid

    kanpur city rush.

    second from kanpur to lucknow where are the bypass to follow.

    • Asif

      No bye pass is there in Kanpur. You have to face the reality at Kanpur.
      From Kanpur, take the straight route to Lucknow. The road from Kanpur to Lucknow is not in very good shape. But you cant help it.However, while coming back from Lucknow to Kanpur , the road is comparatively better.
      Keep on driving.
      Happy journey.

  • aman khatri

    Hi Everyone,

    I wish to travel from Jaipur to Varanasi, I have never travelled to UP(except Agra) before this. Please guide the best route from Agra to Varanasi and how much time will it take considering the road conditions.
    Thanks in advance,

  • Hi Aman – Please take Jaipur – Agra highway (NH11 via Dausa, overall very good road) and then the regular NH2 i.e. Agra – Etawah – Kanpur – Allahabad – Varanasi. Roads overall are good to excellent so no worries.

    I would plan for at least 15 hours. Try to leave very early in the morning, say by 5 AM, and you should be at Varanasi before 8 PM.

    • aman khatri

      Thanks a lot Nandan for this quick response. I was worried about roads between Agra and Varanasi.
      how about leaving Jaipur in evening and taking a night off in Agra and then travel to Varanasi.
      Or may be travel till Kanpur overnight, is night travelling safe when accompanied by female passengers ?

  • @ Aman – I do not recommend night traveling (long distances). Not from the crime angle but from the road-safety angle (sign ages, lighting, drunk-driving etc). Leaving Jaipur by evening and taking a break at Agra looks like a good plan to me.

  • Anant Sharma

    Could you please tell me about the toll tax between Delhi and Agra if I opt for NH2.

    Anant Sharma

  • Sanjeev Kumar Jha

    Hi Everyone,

    I am planning to drive all the way from Delhi to Madbubani once again. But worried about Gopalganj road for my Swift VDI. If anyone has any update on Gopalganj road please do let me know. Waiting desperately for update on this. If there is any alternative good route (does not matter even if it is long) please do let me know. I really want to avoid Gopalganj road. Thanks.

  • abhi

    hye guys,
    festive season is back and I’m planning again to drive through the Allahabad via YEW+NH2, Please share your latest update on road condition and on going construction work?

    Any tips


  • Chandra Shekhar Kumar Gupta

    hye guys,
    festive season is back and Im planning to drive first time Delhi to Gaya via YEW+NH2, Please share your latest update on road condition and on going construction work?
    Any tips



    Will be travelling to Lucknow on 16th October, 2015 night. Need to reach there in teh morning by 8 or 9. At what time shall we start and which route we should take?


  • Vishal chauhan

    Hi namrta,
    My uncle is also going to lko on 16 oct morning. I have suggested him for taking nh2. He will start from Gurgaon at 0400 hrs. My experience with nh2 says that starting at 0400 hrs from Gurgaon wud hit lko at 1500 hrs with minimum 03 stoppages. First near mathura second near etah and third crossing kanpur. This is with family. Route taken:- gurgaon, sohna, palwal, mathura, agra, etah, kanpur and lko. Self will be cruising first week of November. Thanks!!
    Have a safe drive!!! Cheers!!!

  • Hi All,

    I am planing to go Kanpur this weekend from Gurgaon so please anybody can tell me which would be the best route and what would be the Total Toll tax from Gurgaon to Kanpur
    Please Help…!!

  • kuldeep

    I am planing to go Etawh from Kanpur by road this weekend anybody can tell that is is safe during late night driving…..

  • The Road Distance Between New Delhi to Agra is 212 Kilometre and expected journey time is 3 hour.
    Route 1 :New Delhi to Noida to Yamuna Expressway to Agra : This route is traffic free and road condition is very excellent.

    Route 2 : New Delhi to Faridabad to Palwal to Koshi to Mathura to Agraa : This is very old route to reach Agra from Delhi. There are many traffic and road condition is not good.

    Source :

  • Debasish Pal

    I have planned to have a round trip by road from Delhi to Guwahati. You may think its a crazy tour plan, still I like to plan it. Although I am 50 years of age and my wife helps me while driving alternatively. I need to know the places of preferable halt and I have heard the rouite about Delhi-Kanpur-Lucknow-Faizabad-Siliguri-Guwahati. Has the Agra – lucknow new 4-lane road completed? I am using Honda City 2013 model.

  • Debasish Pal

    I have planned to have a round trip by road from Delhi to Guwahati. You may think its a crazy tour plan, still I like to plan it. Although I am 50 years of age and my wife helps me while driving alternatively. I need to know the places of preferable halt and I have heard the route about Delhi-Kanpur-Lucknow-Faizabad-Siliguri-Guwahati. Has the Agra – lucknow new 4-lane road completed? I am using Honda City 2013 model.

  • Tarun Saxena

    Awesome post and equally cool comments here. Tomorrow morning I’m planning to go from Noida to Kanpur via YEW, NH-2. I read some of the comments regarding numerous diversions and breakers in Etawah to Kanpur stretch. Please advise if this is a good route to drive with wife and being only driver. I drove long trips in US but in India it will be my first long drive except Noida to Agra couple of weeks back. Only apprehension I have is of tyre puncture situation as I have never changed it myself. Any advise, suggestions, precautions most welcome. Cheers ! P.S. –I will be driving just 3 months old Grand I-10 (sports)

  • akashs

    Traveled from Noida to Lucknow on 20th and back on 27th Mar and have few good updates to share.

    1. Etawa to Kanpur six laning is now complete and this stretch is now a pleasure to drive. All the flyovers are complete and roads are excellent throughout giving a feel of expressway. This saves good time.

    2. Ramadevi to jajmau stretch is now nearing completion after many many years. Though Ramadevi to jajmau stretch was still not open and had jams as usual, while coming back, the flyover is open from jajmau to Ramadevi.

    3. Unnao Flyover is also open now so you don’t need to worry about your car’s underbelly kissing the huge potholes.

    4. I felt toll rates have increased at few toll plazas(I remember paying 45 earlier at couple of them but this time all were 70+ i guess) in between. Can anyone who did this stretch recently confirm this?

    I could also see traces of New Agra Lucknow expressway crossing the main NH-2 somewhere after Shikohabad.

    While coming back it took me 7.5 hrs door to door (approx 535 km, started at 6:30 and reached noida at around 2) without rushing too much (top speed 112 as per GPS). this includes total break time of about 15 mins and the major contributor was Etawah -Kanpur highway

    Hope it helps.

  • @ Akash S – I did this on March 27. I don’t remember the older toll but yes, it did seem higher. Quite high actually. Etawah-Kanpur is indeed now at 100 KM/Hour average road.

    Interestingly, when Aditya first wrote this, there was no YEW. And over next 6-8, months as Agra-LKO comes up, it would entirely be a new route. :-) Time flies indeed.

  • akashs

    Yes Nandan, time flies. Agra- Noida used to be pain while coming back from lucknow earlier (because i used to reach there around noon) which is now the easiest patch using YEW.
    So both of us did this route on same date.
    Once Agra Lucknow EWay is done, we will be able to have breakfast in Noida and lunch at Lucknow :)

  • Driving back tomorrow. route: Vaishali, Bihar> Muzaffarpur> PipraKothi(Motihari)> Gopalganj> Gorakhpur> Lucknow> ?(bypass at Kanpur?) > Kanpur> Agra> Delhi.

    Kind travellers, Any pointers on whether Lucknow-Delhi By pass at Kanpur is operational already? Please help.

  • Dr.Sanjeeb Kumar Behera

    Thanks all for their valuable inputs. Can any one tell me as to how is the road condition between Kanpur to Delhi?

    • Excellent. I last drove on this section in March 2016.

      • Ajay

        I heard Agra-Lucknow expressway is ready. Just waiting for the inauguration. probably will be done on Nov 3rd. Unfortunately, none Diwali enthusiast may not be able to use this year

  • sfaisalabbas121

    Can anyone please tell the condition of Bareilly Sitapur stretch, used to be very bad about one year back. Is there any improvement in road condition, Thanks

    • rupesh

      no its in the same condition……so its the worst portionof this journey

  • sudhirjaipur

    Has anybody done Agra-Lucknow by the new Expressway recently. I understand that the Agra-Lucknow Expressway is a brand new road and is almost ready, it is 308 km and takes just 3.5 hrs. I am planning to drive from Jaipur to Lucknow next week via Agra. Would be grateful for any latest information on this new road. Thanks

  • akashs

    Completed return trip to Lucknow yesterday through Agra Lucknow Expressway. Now Delhi to Lucknow is an all expressway route.
    ALE – Agra Lucknow Expressway – it is mostly complete..very few (3 or 4) diversions but mostly it’s like one carriageway is incomplete and both side traffic is on one carriageway for few hundred meters. there is only one place i remember where i had to get off the expressway some where near lucknow where Toll Plaza in under construction.

    There are no facilities on this 300+ km expressway as of now so make sure you fuel tank is full and you have enough water and eatables with you. though in case of emergency you can take the exists and go to nearby towns for refill but that would mean some time. Closest pump I got was at Bangarmau Exit where an IOC pump is very near to exit (this place is about 70 km before lucknow when you are going from Agra).

    It’s safe and you will find many vehicles on the road. Not too many but certainly it does not feel deserted. Also there are police petrol cars positioned at many places along the eway.

    There is no toll as of now as Toll Plaza’s are still under construction. there are few places where side fencing was in-progress but mostly done.

    Coming to the timings, this is the major game changer…it took me around 5 hrs 30 mins door to door from lucknow to noida and that too without any fatigue. Now noida to lucknow can be covered in around 6 hours without rushing too much and including a break. This is like a dream if I compare when I started driving to lucknow many years back.