Road Review : Delhi-Kanpur-Lucknow

I am basically from Lucknow and live in Noida. Normally I board a night train to visit Lucknow. We were visiting my parents in Lucknow on new year’s weekend and this time decided to drive down because of two reasons. One, we had to pick up some stuff from my parent’s house for which we needed a vehicle. Second and more important was that, having completed the big road drive (Delhi – Jaisalmer- Jodhpur – Delhi in 4 days) on previous weekend, we were high on driving!

The Delhi to Lucknow distance is approximately 500 km by road. The standard route is Delhi – Hapur – Moradabad – Rampur- Bareilly – Shahjahanpur- Sitapur – Lucknow. I had been hearing about the bad road conditions on some stretch on this route. Another new route that is becoming popular is the Delhi – Kanpur – Lucknow route. Some of my friends tried this route few months back and said that it is fast as it’s a 4 lane road but longer than the standard route by about 50 km. We decided to take the longer and the faster one.

“Delhi Kanpur Lucknow” route can be divided into 4 parts:

a. Delhi to Agra ~ 200Km

b. Agra to Etawah ~ 125Km

c. Etawah to Kanpur ~ 150Km

d. Kanpur to Lucknow ~ 80Km

Delhi to Agra: Started early (around 5:45 am) from Noida and reached NH-2 via Kalindi Kunj. Road was clear in the morning so we covered the first 150 km quickly. Delhi-Mathura-Agra road is an important road (because of Agra) so generally one doesn’t experience bad roads here. But this time, I guess maintenance was due and we met some rough stretches. Arrived Mathura (160 km) around 8:30 and stopped at McDonald’s to get fresh, but couldn’t resist the smell of fresh burgers and ended up having burger and french fries for breakfast. You can not miss this McD while driving as its huge in size and is a good place to stop for breakfast if you start early in the morning.


We continued on NH-2 and reached Agra which was around 50 km from our first stop. On this route, I was going beyond Agra for the first time, but knew that there is a flyover from where the road turning towards right leads to Agra city and the flyover continues straight for Kanpur. I did confirm with some pedestrians and continued towards Etawah-Kanpur. This straight road is supposed to be the bypass and one expects a smooth drive. Seems that this one has lost the ‘bypass’ status as people were avoiding the service road and drove across the main bypass. This was the main bottleneck on this stretch and we took some time to cross Agra.

Agra to Etawah – From Agra, we headed towards Etawah and based on our research about this road, we were on the ‘WORK IN PROGRESS’ stretch. From Agra to Tundla (some 20 odd km) the road was quite good and I was smoothly sailing the car but after crossing Tundla, we started feeling traces of new construction. Diversions, unfinished roads, vehicles coming on wrong sides all started together. Once, near Etawah bypass, we got confused and took a newly constructed but unfinished road that was closed in between and then had to come all the way back to take the old road and ended up driving few extra km. One must take care of this specially near Etawah.

We reached Etawah around 12 pm. Bypass was still not functional so we crossed the city and continued on road towards Kanpur. The road directions inside the city are surprisingly clear and simple.

Etawah to Kanpur: After Etawah, the road condition was awesome. We felt as if we were on Delhi-Jaipur Road. The road has 4 lanes with wide divider in between. You should take care of vehicles coming towards you in the wrong direction. Yes, people avoid taking U-turns and use wrong side and it becomes very dangerous when you are driving at 100-120 kmph on a smooth road. But since the road condition is very good, one can drive on a comfortable speed to cover this stretch.

We took a small tea break, had some snacks we were carrying from Delhi and continued towards Kanpur. We reached near Kanpur around 2 pm and then took a cut that lead to Kanpur city. I visited my college HBTI after a long time. The roads inside Kanpur are just as they were 6 years back! They are in such a bad shape that by looking at the road, one can not say whether it was ever built or not!

Kanpur to Lucknow: It was really nostalgic being in Kanpur and visiting college after so many years. Finally we had evening snacks and tea in Kanpur and headed towards Lucknow. We spent around 3 hr in college and then hit back the road to reach Lucknow by late evening. In college days I used to drive my ‘Hero Puch’ on Kanpur-Lucknow high way and at that time it was 2-lane single road. Now it is 4-lane double road. The road quality is poor near Kanpur but it improved as we approached Lucknow. We covered this stretch of 80 km in around 90 minutes. Entered Lucknow around 6:30 pm and reached home at 7:30 pm.

Some Tips:

I’m sure that like me, a lot of people must be scared of driving in UP specially because of the bad roads that existed until sometime back. The new routes are well maintained and clean and a 500 km drive is very much possible.
* Delhi to Lucknow  route can be done comfortably in 8-10 hr driving at a decent speed with 2 short breaks.
* Places to stop for a break/bite:
o McDonald’s near Mathura
o A1 Plaza in between Mathura and Agra
o A1 Plaza in between Kanpur and Lucknow


  • Vaibhav says:

    average 8-9 hrs..i wud say..can take less time too…depends on weather/traffic/driving
    agra-kanpur wud take 3-4 hours…as mentioned road is pleasure to drive… around 2 hrs from there on.
    Road is pretty much straight, so you wouldn’t have to worry about the route even after crossing agra expressway

  • Vaibhav says:

    I have managed this route in abt 8 hrs..but i left early on a weekday, no fog :)
    as i really depends..bus would take more time…if you’re unsure, and under pressure to reach at a certain time,then train might just be a better option. No pleasure in driving when there are time constraints
    Definitely no need of GPS :D

  • Randhir says:


    I travel quite often on this route and will be traveling this Friday (Jan 25th) as well. Normally I start by 4:00am reach Lucknow by 11:30 to 12:00pm with a average speed of about 90-100kms/hr. I traveled last on Jan 13, 2013. Kanpur – Unnao road is also not bad now. No need of GPS. Road signs are very good. Road condition is very good throughout.


  • Vaibhav says:

    I left around 5:00 am and reached before 1:00 pm

  • Rudra says:


    I have planned to go to Lucknow from New Delhi in the first week of April 2013, I was thinking to go with Delhi Bareilly Lucknow route but after reading so many reviews and blogs now I have decided to take Delhi Kanpur Lucknow route… Please share if you have any other latest update for this route… as this route is new to me.


  • Naina Siingh says:

    Other than increased toll rate there is no major change noted on this route. Work has begun for making it six lane (at some places). Dont forget to carry all your vehicle papers, including pollution certificate. Lot of check posts.

    Be ALERT & BEWARE dogs are on prowl everywhere.

    Ideally travelling by train is much more convenient, both time and cost wise. The route is suggested for travel freaks.

    Jai Hind!

  • Rudra says:

    Alright… thank you so much for update and I will take care of your suggestions. : )

  • shalabh says:

    Any new update on NH2 till lko.. will be traveling this weekend

  • Adil says:

    I have now driven numerous times from Indirapuram – indiranagar lucknow starting early, midday, evening … the best time to drive is always by starting in evening and driving through the night, its safe in night but usually if you have company, once I drove starting at 3 pm and reached at 10:30 pm

    Yamuna expressway has added a lot of comfort and reduced time considerably as Agra to Delhi earlier took 6 hours, now it is reduced to 2.5 hours

    some of the streches from agra to etawah are showing signs of heavy use on road and lot of development has comeup at road side across, earlier it was very rare to see a puncture repair or a chai ki dukaan, but now you can easily find one after every 5 kms(only exception being yamuna expressway)

    the worst part is substantial increase in toll

    next travel is scheduled for 3rd Aug, any suggestions for a nice tasty food break are welcome.

    • Smita Dhall says:

      We plan to be on this road on Aug 9. Your update from a week before will be a great help. Please do post any suggestion / change / time taken. Thanks in advance.

    • Prasoon Pathak says:

      Hi Adil,

      Thanks for your suggestions, I’m planning to go in November, so what would be the best route

      Indirapuram-YamuExpway-Agra-Etwah-Kanpur-Lko ? (I’m worried if I can manage to find right flyovers & route & shouldn’t go in wrong direction ?)
      Indirapuram-Faridabad-Agra-Etwah-Kanpur-Lko ?

      This would be my first time by road. I used to travel by Train all the time. I’m really excited & looking forward to have a nice time. :)

  • Amit says:

    Hi Adil, thanks for the update…..v r plang to leave for kanpur on 9th Aug early morning, wud request u to provide ur valueable feedback on ur latest trip on dis route (3rd Aug trip)……also, ny gud break point on the highway….for family. hw much increase in the toll….is yamuna exp also increased toll….?

  • Adil says:

    Things have changed considerably since I traveled first time on December 25, 2008 numerous times … my recent experience on this road says it is better to travel in night than daytime as lot of establishments have come near road and seems like everybody is using the road including cycles, pedestrians, animals … construction is ongoing at some places, road is also showing signs of heavy usage resulting in overall slow kmph.

    Toll has increased to approximately 700Rs if yamunaexpressway -> nh2 is used from Indirapuram to Lucknow.

    Still there is no other choice till we get another road … and my next travel is on 2nd nov.

  • Hi,

    I am not sure what everyone is saying about the toll thing. Its still Rs 320 on way. I just landed in Delhi from Lucknow 4 days ago and paid only 320 from Agra Toll to Jewar Toll. Please clarify

    NH2 has become a horror with diversions every 5 kms from Kanpur to Ferozabad. And the innumerable toll booths with impolite staff doesnot help.


  • Ashu says:

    How much total toll we need to pay from Delhi to Lucknow

  • SKM says:

    How is the NH-91 route for going from Noida to Lucknow?

    YEW from Noida to Jewar, then exit on Palwal-Aligarh road.

    Aligarh-Etah-North of Mainpuri-Kannauj-Mohan-Lucknow.

    I am not seeing anyone following this route. Google maps throws this as the shortest route.

  • Shalabh says:

    Dear SKM,

    Why following a route thats not good one :) a straight line is always better to follow than a zig zag.
    NH2 is quite easy well known, better populated( in terms of traffic & Road condition).

    You just need to go straight till Kanpur by pass flyover. Then take a slight left for LKO road.. and then again follow the the dots straight and you will land right in front of Charbagh Railway station.
    From here its your own tailor made route will go ;)

    Good luck buddy and have safe journey….

    Just FYI – I have been on this NH.2 for at least 15-16 times. so telling you follow any route at this point of time for Lucknow.. you will find NH2 100 times better… :)

    Shalabh Saxena

    • vishal says:

      Dear shalabh,
      I am planning to cruise from gurgaon to haryana tomorrow in morning i.e. 29.10.2013. Pls let me know which one is better. Opting NH2 is how much extra kms will be there. How much toll is required to be paid. Pls help urgently as i am moving early in the morning. Thanks in advance.

    • vishal says:

      Dear shalabh,
      Please ignore previous question.
      I am planning to cruise from gurgaon to lucknow tomorrow in morning i.e. 29.10.2013. Pls let me know which one is better NH2 or Nh91? Opting NH2 is how much extra kms. How much toll is required to be paid. Pls help urgently and share ur knowledge as i am moving early in the morning. Thanks in advance.

  • Nandan Jha says:

    @ Vishal – Since you are moving early tomorrow, let me jump in. Use NH2. There is simply no comparison here. Shalabh can add more. I last went to Varanasi from GZB (Aug 2nd week, 2013) via NH2 (YEW + NH2).

    • Rakesh Pandey says:

      Dear Nandan,
      I had a long time plan of driving long distance on a highway . Specially to My Home town Varanasi.
      Pls guide me the route and Road condition from Kanpur to varanasi as i am planing to go with my family ( Via YEW + NH2 ) In June 2 week ,2014 .
      I got clear Picture about Gzb to Kanpur.
      Will wait for you valuable suggestion on the same.
      Rakesh Pandey

      • Nandan Jha says:

        Rakesh – I went on this road in Aug, 2013. Road quality is pretty good. Please watch out for Allahabad-Bypass and take it, do not go inside the city. Once you are close to Varanasi, you need to take a left turn. Best way is to ask around. As you would know Varanasi town is not on NH2 but a few kilometres inside and there are no clear signs. Enjoy.

  • vishal says:

    Thanks Nadan.. lots of appreciation for ur prompt response. How much extra bugs i have to pay to these toll mates..

  • Nandan Jha says:

    I think it is about INR 320 for YEW part and probably another couple of hundred till Kanpur. About 500 odd.

  • vishal says:

    Thanks Nandan.. but i opted Gurgaon-Palwal-Mathura-Agra-Etawah-kanpur-lucknow. Pls correct me if I am wrong. Thanks once again for quick reply.

  • Naina Siingh says:

    Here are the Toll Rates –

    Route I : GGN – Mehrauli – Noida – Yamuna Expressway – NH2 – Kanpur – Lucknow

    1. DND FLYWAY 25/-
    3. Toll Plaza : Tundla Tax 45/-
    4. Semra Atikabad (UP) Section from 250.50 to 321.10 Km of NH2 Distt. Firozabad Tax 60/-
    5. Anantram Toll Plaza at Km 353 NH2 Tax 70/-
    6. Barazore Toll Plaza at Km 438 NH2 Tax 110/-
    7. Nawabganj Toll Tax 50-70/-

    Total Approx: 700/-

    Route II : GGN – Sohna – Palwal – NH2 – Kanpur – Lucknow

    8. NHAI Section: Badarpur Kosi 18.8 Km to 108.90 Km Location: Srinagar Km. 75 on NH2 Tax 85/-
    9. NHAI Toll Fee Ticket-Mahuban (barari) (KM 165) on NH2 Tax 85/-
    10. Toll Plaza : Tundla Tax 45/-
    11. Semra Atikabad (UP) Section from 250.50 to 321.10 Km of NH2 Distt. Firozabad Tax 60/-
    12. Anantram Toll Plaza at Km 353 NH2 Tax 70/-
    13. Barazore Toll Plaza at Km 438 NH2 Tax 110/-
    14. Nawabganj Toll Tax 50-70/-

    Total Approx: 525/-

    Prefer Route I while going to Lucknow. Smooth driving, no traffic, and you will save time.
    Max speed 100-120 Kms/hr.

    Prefer Route II if you wish to avoid traffic at Greater Noida/Noida/Delhi, while coming from Lucknow. Max speed 80-100 Kms/hr.

    Lot of diversion from Auraiyaa till Kanpur bypass. Speed breakers are intentionally made worst, avoid any kind of dialogues on Toll Plaza, beware of trucks, tractors, cattle, locals on wrong side of the road.

    Happy cruising!! :D

  • vishal says:

    Thanks!!! Naina & Nandan.
    Reachd home safely yesterday at 1800. Opted Gurgaon, palwal, mathura agra kanpur lucknow. Whatever Naina and Nandan told is cent percent correct. One more thing cruise with full papers otherwise greedy police man are there to screw u. I forgot to take PUC and penalty paid 300/-. Each and every wardi wala at kanpur with greedy eyes checks the vehicle no plate and responds accordingly. However its gud journey.
    Drive Safe!!!!!

    • Naina Siingh says:

      Did they check papers on Haryana – UP Border, soon after the Badarpur-Kosi Toll? If yes, that’s their regular check post, and during festival time it becomes more dominant. They go ahead filling their pockets from Rs. 200-2500 depending on the party. Their soft target is families. I ended up paying Rs. 1000/- after lot of bargaining. Now I prefer Yamuna Expressway, though it cost extra Kms, extra bucks, but its worth driving, no unnecessary chaos :D

  • SKM says:

    Thanks Shalabh, Nandan, Naina and Vishal for all your helpful feedback.
    Vishal, do we need to carry all papers in original or copies will do? I am planning to take YEW+NH2 as you all suggested.

  • vishal says:

    Dear SKM
    Please carry all original papers. These greedy one’s can do anything for money. And try to avoid them as maximum as possible. Ignore them as you are not seeing them and move ahead.

  • vishal says:

    As suggested. Please move ahead with Yew. U will drop the same mileage with knife on butter drive.

  • Ajay says:

    Just reached Lucknow today from Delhi, started at 5am and reached Gomti Nagar by around 2pm, via NH2. I felt few things did got improved since my last visit back in 2012 Diwali timeframe, like new toll plazas and road conditions between Etawah and Kanpur.

    And, there are few things that never get changed like connection between Kanpur – Rama Devi – Ganga Bridge, Unnao railway crossing bridge. Not sure if it is at all needed now with no trains really using that particular railway line.

  • vishal says:

    Hahahaha…. bulls eye.. @Ajay

  • Naina Siingh says:

    Well if you take diversion from Naveen Sabzi Mandi (just before Kanpur bypass) towards Panki Industrial Area, and move on to HBTI road, followed by Azad Nagar, Kanpur Cantonment and take the old Shukla Ganj bridge, take the Unnao By Pass, you will never have to cross Rama Devi, Unnao Railway Crossing. Few extra kms but worth saving some more time. :D

  • SKM says:

    Naina, it is very confusing if I try to trace these areas onto Google maps. This goes right through the city while if I drive through on NH25 after Rama devi it lands on Lucknow Kanpur road right after Unnao.

  • Vijay Pandey says:

    Please share the road status of Ghb- Rampur- Bareilly- Sitapur – Lucknow

  • Vijay Pandey says:

    Please share the road condition of Ghaziabad- Hapur- Muradabad – Bareilly- Sitapur Lucknow

  • Prabhat Singh says:

    Hi Guys, this forum is interesting. Lots of valuable information is available for Delhi to Lucknow road commuters. I am planning my first road trip from Delhi to Lucknow this month. Seems to me that NH2 is the best bet. Will take that route. Can you please share the food joints wherein we can stop for quick bite enroute.

  • Vishal Chauhan says:

    if travelling with family. U require to have two stps one would be mc d near mathura refinery and next after crossing etawah. There are good dhabas on the road it self. But if u r starting early in the morning mcd will be closed. Try to cross agra befre 0800 hrs otherwise there will huge traffic rush.

    • Prabhat Singh says:

      Do we have to face traffic rush even after taking Yamuna Expressway? Is the McD on the Yamuna Expressway?

      • travel says:

        How was your trip to Lucknow? Please post updates specifically on road condition between Agra and Kanpur. We are planning a road trip on 25th Dec from Delhi to Lucknow. Due to dense fog we will not be able to start from Delhi before 7:30 a.m. and will have to do entire streach during the day….concerned @ traffic conditions.

        • prabhat says:

          Sorry i have not yet travelled. Am planning this weekend. I think most of your queries hv been resolved by shalabh. All the bests. Happy journey. Do give ur feedback.

  • Shalabh says:

    I traveled on NH2 last weekend, thought to write a post and update everyone but not getting time to do a write up. Road is in excellent condition its only after Kanpur and till that Toll Point its a mixed stretch rest it fine after Agra…. I started my journey at 4:30PM very late but since we both are working that the most suitable time reached around 3AM in morning :)….. Night driving is not an issue on this stretch as its now quite populated with traffic…and with so many Toll booths in place already…
    Major Traffic blocks are if you are throughout NH2 and starting from Delhi (Ashram)….

    1. Ali Gaon (Just before Bradarpur Flyover)
    2. Faridabad/Ballabhgarh/Palwal (Traffic will be slow you will not get highway speed)
    3. Agra (Major Jams can come here)
    4. Kanpur … Sometime right after you get down from flyover at Kanpur and at Toll Plaza…
    5. LKO –Amausi/Charbagh

    Shalabh Saxena

  • Shalabh says:

    Hi All,

    Any reviews on NH-24 from GZB to LKO…Few things i need before i plan to travel.

    1. Road condition (info even in patches will help)
    2. Major Blockers.
    3. Good restaurants.
    4. Any other suggestion

    Planing to travel to LKO next week… just for sake of review this time planning for NH-24 else NH-2 is great. Please help and provide info even in bits and pieces.
    Will share my detailed feedback once im back to help all…

    Shalabh Saxena

  • Nandan Jha says:

    @ Shalabh – I often go to Nainital side so here are details till Rampur. Rest more out of what I hear all the time.

    1. Delhi – Moradabad (Very Very good, 5 toll points, Garh now has a new bridge so all well here)
    2. Moradabad – Rampur (Good, widening work happening, tar quality is good)
    3. Rampur – Bareily – Sh’pur (Heard that this is the worst, mostly because of Bareily bottleneck and a single road)
    4. Sh’Pur- Sitapur (Good)
    5. Sitapur – LKO (excellent)

    hope this helps.

    • Travel says:

      I traveled from Delhi to LKO on 25th Dec thru Yamuna express way,Kanpur. Delhi -LKO route is smooth expect for a few stretches that are already mentioned in the above posts. LKO-Delhi route has many diversions between Kanpur and Itawah. Also the speed breakers are killing on this particular stretch!! Traffic was not a problem even during the day time, except for Kanpur, but luckily we could cross it smoothy. Now for those traveling with kids: You will get two “so called” resorts on your left after crossing Firozabad. Next place to eat is just after Kanpur (I am forgetting the name but you cannot miss the restaurant). The third is near Nawabgunj bird sanctuary (it is a decent dhaba at a petrol pump).

  • Shalabh says:

    Thanks Nandan for prompt reply.and how much is the toll is it same as NH2.

  • Nandan says:

    @Shalabh – INR 15, 30, 50, 15 and 15 till Rampur. Guess it would be 50 odd for Sitapur stretch. So all in all pretty less than NH2. Wishes.

    • shalabh says:

      Hi Nandan,

      Thanks for these inputs…. I forgot to reply back :) and fortunately did 2 trips on this road one way i.e. Noida to LKO… and return from NH2. Recenct one done last weekend only on 22nd Feb..

      Road till Barely is good will most of the flyovers are completed its pleasure to drive through…
      But after that nightmare starts… specially around Shahjhanpur — upto Sitapur….
      I bet Rims of your car will be beaten to death :) on this stretch.. so anyone travelling please take care
      Toll seems less compared to NH2 this might be the reason but future is bright as stretch(NH24) is getting some renovation and new toll booths are getting ready to expect in next 2 years greater toll and better road….

      For everyone i traveled on this stretch during night started around 7:30PM and reached LKO by 5:30AM in morning…. and recommend this route only for night drivers as during day time Trucks and village traffic will kill you… and a guaranteed Jam that you will find at places where road is not wide, accidents, Dharna Pradarshan etc… which is almost completely eliminated @ night…
      Total toll will be approx 250 INR…

      Also Nandan i see so many junk posts…on this link & may be on the portal itself….can anything be done for this….I hope you are also not planning to be next Whats App :):)…
      Good luck but this portal has all that content and fire power… Great idea boss at the right time….
      and your passion is amazing…one of my friend works at same place you are and keeps telling me about you….Big thumps up to you …

      Shalabh Saxena

      • Nandan Jha says:

        Thank you. For everything. :-)

        As for SPAM, we keep removing/marking them and I guess they keep getting better. This post for some reason is attracting a lot of these junk comments.

  • Shalabh says:

    I hope road condition do not resemble these rates… :)

    Shalabh Saxena

  • Hi guys
    I am going to delhi from kanpur from tomorrow thats my 8th yrip to dwlhi…..I wish there no change in toll tax…

  • Gaurav Awasthi says:

    Hi, im planning a Bike ride from Gurgaon to Lucknow on 27th Feb 2014. Does Yamuna Expressway allow bikeers? Please reply, thank you :)

  • Ravi Mishra says:

    Hi All

    i am planning to travel down to LKO on 5th march via AGRA- Etawah-Kanpur route. I am planning to travel in night. Please suggest this route is safe for night travel and if I need to take care of any particular thing while travelling.

    Suggestions are higly appriciated.


    • shalabh says:

      Yes Ravi, Please go ahead its safe and u will find sufficient traffic so that you wont feel lonely :).
      Before Etawah till Kanpur there are numerous diversions. so please take care of your speed as in night you might tempt to fly instead of driving through the road…and also if you feel sleepy anytime do take 10 minutes break, refresh yourself have cold water/cold drink then only take wheels….

      Also don’t try to get into any sort of fight with anyone on road.. this may happen at toll gates where everyone try to bypass and take the 1st shot and also on road when someone asking for a pass and you are reluctant to do so…. you never know who is driving the other car and being UP advice is be aware and cautious…..if you are stopping for rest try to be at bit live place like patrol pumps, dhabas etc….

      Enjoy your journey and drive safe…

      Shalabh Saxena

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    very compelled me to try and do so! Your writing style has been surprised me.
    Thanks, quite nice post.

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  • Ravi Mishra says:

    Hi Shalabh

    Thanks for the updates.. I will definetly keep the things in mind as suggested by you..

    Ravi Mishra

  • Rajnish says:

    Hi, I will be travelling from Delhi to Lucknow by road on March14,2014. and back on 16th. I have following inquires regarding the trip, you response on the same would be highly appreciated

    1. Which route is better ?
    a.) Delhi-Agra-Etawah-Kanpur-Lucknow (NH2) done it couple of times and very confident about this one.
    b.) Delhi-Muradabad-Bareilly- Shahjanpur-Sitapur-Lucknow

    2. What would be the approx. toll tax on each route ? (have to consider the same to calculate the actual travelling cost by road)

    I have travelled on this route but however this time plans to go by Santro to attend my son’s Post Graduation ceremony at IIM and then come back with him and his baggage. So need the advice from the friends to make the most out of the trip.

  • Nandan Jha says:

    Hi Rajnish – Route a is better. Go Via YEW. Toll – 700 (See Naina Singh’s comment above). Toll for ‘b’ would be about 160-200. Though you spend more money but you would get a better mileage on route “a” and greater peace.

  • Prabhat says:

    I agree with Nandan. NH2 is a better route. I had taken this route in December. My ride was pleasant. The only hurdle is to cross the Kanpur stretch since it is heavily crowded. While coming back take extra care of big potholes in unnao. The flyover is under construction at unnao so at a point when u are below the flyover watch for the potholes I bumped my polo into it. Watch for that stretch while coming back. Rest is ok.

  • Rajnish says:

    Thanks ….Dear Mr. Jha & Mr. Prabhat……

    We will be taking the advised route of YEW…to Kanpur and then to IIM-L……..Will share the latest road route update on DEL-LKO-DEL once we are back…..Will be leaving Delhi in the morning at 5.00AM on March 14,2014 ……

    Any last minutes advise / Suggestion……Pl share ….. so as to have a great tour……

    Thanks once again……

  • Rajeev says:

    And here comes the latest on YEW-Etawah-Kanpur-Lucknow from my drive this weekend. Till Etawah it was usual fare. But it was a nightmare after Etawah as on after the other diversion for road underpass construction kept coming every KM or so and some times new diversion started from the point the current one ended. At the toll plaza After Etawah I asked and the fellow smiled
    are sir it is like this till Kanpur.
    ye theek nahi hai
    to ham kab kahi rahe hain ki theek hai

    Diversions are all single lane and with two speed-breakers in each on an average.

    And in Kanpur there is Rama Devi to Ganga Bridge and then there is Unnao.

  • Naina Siingh says:

    Road after Firozabad until Kanpur is not safe anymore for driving. Avoid driving especially during night. Personally I will recommend going by train or flight. That will be much more convenient.

  • abhi says:

    Anyone, what is the current condition of Road YEW+NH2 specially after Firozabad until Kanpur” and also from Kanpur to Allahabad NH2. I’am planning to drive on 27 sep.

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