Rameshwaram – A bridge between Lord Shiva and Lord Rama

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Then next day it was time to go to our prime destination Rameswaram for which this trip was planned. We had gone to Kashi in last March 2011. It is said that after kashi yatra , it is necessary to perform Rameswaram Yatra. Unless you perform Rameswaram yatra , your Kashi yatra is incomplete. Secondly and most important , Ganges water should be poured on Rameswaram jyotirlinga to attain mukti , said by Tulsidas.

Rama’s bridge Rameswaram on left and Srilanka on right

I will define Rameswaram as a bridge between Lord Shiva and Lord Rama, between Shaivites and Vaishnavites.
It is to state That Lord Shiva and Lord Rama are one and the same and both ( Harihara) are part of same Omkara .
RAMESWARAM :- Rameswaram, is a town in Ramanathapuram district in the Indian state of Tamil Nadu. It is located on Pamban Island separated from mainland India by the Pamban channel and is about 50 kilometres from Mannar Island, Sri Lanka. Pamban Island, also known as Rameswaram Island, is connected to mainland India by the Pamban Bridge. Rameswaram is the terminus of the railway line from Chennai and Madurai. Together with Kashi, it is considered to be one of the holiest places in India to Hindus, and part of the Char Dham pilgrimages. Hence, it is a bustling pilgrim centre.
It is situated in the Gulf of Mannar at the very tip of the Indian peninsula. According to legend, this is the place from where Lord Rama built a bridge Ram Setu (also known as Adam’s Bridge) across the sea to Lanka to rescue his consort Sita from her abductor Ravan
a. Both the Vaishnavites and Shaivites visit this pilgrimage centre which is known as the Varanasi of the south.

Lord Rama and Lord Shiva

Depiction ofLord Shiva in Rameswaram

LEGEND :- According to the Puranas(the historical records of ancient India), upon the advice of Rishis (Highly respected sages), Bhagwan Rama along with Mata Sita and ShriLakshmana, installed and worshipped the Sivalinga(A form of Lord Shiva) here to expiate the sin of Brahmahatya (killing of a Brahmin).Ravana, the son of Vishrava and the great grandson of Lord Brahma). Shri Rama fixed an auspicious time for the installation and sent Shri Hanuman to Mount Kailas (Kailash parvat)to bring a lingam. As Bhagwan Hanuman could not return in time, Sita herself made a linga of sand. When Hanuman returned with a linga from Mount Kailas the rituals had been over. To comfort the disappointed Bhagwan Hanuman, Rama had Hanuman’s lingam (Visvalingam) also installed by the side of Ramalinga, and ordained that rituals be performed first to the Visvalingam.
The above account is however, not supported by the original Ramayana as authored by Maharishi Valmiki, nor in the Tamil version of the Ramayana as authored by Kambar. Support for this account may however be found in some of the later versions of the Ramayana as penned by Tulasidas (15th Century) and others.

In Rameswaram Temple, a spiritual “Mani Darisanam” (Mani Darshan) happens in early morning everyday. This “Mani” is made of “spatikam”[a precious stone] and in form of “Holy shivling”. According to some accounts, this is “Mani” of “sheshnag” (Bhagwaan Vishnu’s bed).

Sethu Karai is a place 22 km before the island of Rameswaram from where Bhagwaan Ram is said to have built a Floating Stone Bridge Rama sethu from Rameswaram that further continued to Dhanushkodi in Rameswaram till Talaimannar in Sri Lanka as mentioned in the great epic Ramayana.

SHRI RAMNATHASWAMY TEMPLE WEBSITE :- http://www.rameswaramtemple.org

Ramanathswamy Temple Gopuram

Ramnathswamy temple was built in the 17th century. Situated close to the sea on the eastern side of the island, this temple is famous for its 1200 gigantic granite columns. The 54 metre tall gopuram (gate-tower), 1220 metres of magnificent corridors and the flamboyant columns embellish and render fame to the temple. The water in each of the 22 sacred wells in the temple tastes different.

Agniteertham Rameswaram

100 metres away from the temple is Agnitheertham, where Rama worshipped Lord Shiva, to absolve himself from the killing Ravana.
TRAVEL :- On 4th Friday November 2011 , we had booking in Chennai Rameswaram Sethu Express No. 16713 directly from Srirangam . Well you can catch this Train rom Trichy also.The train reaches Srirangam at 21.25 and reaches Rameswaram at 4.45 am. From There we took auto to our Hotel Maheswari Bhavan. ( 40 rs. )
As soon as we reached Maheshwari Bhawan the person told us to have mani darshan .Its shivalinga in crystal form of some precious stone. Some people are in opinion that this crystal lingam is directly from vaikuntha.
Timing for Mani darshan :- 5.00 to 6.00 am for ticket of 20 rs. Or 50 rs.
Then we went to sea Agni teertam for bathing and then we bathed with Koditeertham ( holy water from 22 teerthams in temple).

At entrance

Entrance Pillars

Decorative pillars

One of the 22 teertahms in Ramanathswamy temple

Three Kundas in same place but different water and taste

Ramanathaswamy corridor

Ramanathswamy corridor taken from ground

Temple is renowned for magnificent corridors with massive sculptured pillars lining it. The corridor is the longest in India. It is 197 metres long East-West, 133 metres in length South-North.

Inside the Temple

Then we went to sight seeing in Rameswaram . we took a auto who charged us Rs. 250 which is standard in Rameswaram.
First we went to Gandamandana Parvatam . This is the place where there are foot prints of Lord Rama.This is place where Hanuman gave information of Sita Maa to lord Rama. There is also Sakshi Hanumantemple on the way.This is also highest place in Rameswaram . You get breath taking views from here.

Gandamandana parvatam top most point in Rameswaram

Doordarshan Tower from Gandamandana

Then we went to Kothandaramaswamy temple. This is the place where Vibheeshana surrendered to Lord Rama . Lord Rama did his crowning ceremony here .

Kothandaramaswamy Temple

Painting in Kothandaramaswamy Temple

Hoarding Kothandaramaswamy Temple

From Kothandaramaswamy Temple

After that we went to Rama Teerth and Lakshmana teerth where they both bathed.

Rama Teerth

Lakshmana teerth

Lord Rama Temple

Stone Nagraja idol to remove naagdosha

Finally Panchmukhi Hanuman temple. Here you can also see the setu stone floating on water.

Hanuman temple

After that we came to Hotel at around 11.00 oclock in afternoon. I had darshan in Rameswaram in evening and attended aarti also. Next we left for Madurai where early in morning passenger Train from Rameswaram at 5.25am, where I took the following video.

Rameswaram calm sea early morning

Video of the ride

Pamban bdrige rameshwaram

Pamban Bridge :- The Pamban Bridge is a cantilever bridge on the Palk Strait connects Rameswaram on Pamban Island to mainland India. It refers to both the road bridge and the cantilever railway bridge, though primarily it means the latter. It was India’s first sea bridge. It is the second longest sea bridge in India (after Bandra-Worli Sea Link) at a length of about 2.3 km.
The railway bridge is 6,776 ft (2,065 m)[1] and was opened for traffic in 1914. The railroad bridge is a still-functioning double-leaf bascule bridge section that can be raised to let ships pass under the bridge.
Next post I will take you to Meenakshi Sundareshwar Temple and some places in Madurai ………………………

Please click here – http://www.view360.in/virtualtour/rameswaram/ . It is a great watch.

Dear Readers if you want to read my other Yatras with more pictures PLEASE CLICK BELOW











  • AUROJIT says:

    Hi Vishal,

    Rameshwaram account was was quite engrossing – these are the places which we have heard so much about. Info on Visvalingam (v/s Ramalinga) was so very interesting.
    The first pic of the bridge – does it really exist? Between Rameshwaram and Sri Lanka?
    Nice description of Rameshwaram.

    • yes. the bridge still exists between Srilanka and India . This is the satellite picture.

      another thing .It is the bridge was there till 14 – 15 century . after heavy cyclone in 1464 it was drowned. also many researchers have dived inside this sea to find the same……………………

      Also this is one of the DHAMS of Lord Vishnu in South. The other three are Badrikashram ( North ),
      Dwarka ( west) and Puri ( east)

      did you click chttp://www.view360.in/virtualtour/rameswaram/

  • ashok sharma says:

    very good narration,pics especially the corridors are magnificent,keep travelling,keep clicking and keep sharing

  • Mahesh Semwal says:

    Wow !!!!

    What a detail info on Rameshwaram !!!!!!

    Enjoyed your post …………… , last year bridge was in the news, there was a plan to break the bridge so that instead of taking long route ship can pass through from their.

  • Thanks Mahesh jee,

    Yes last year this setubandh ( bridge ) was in news . This is still present and should not be destroyed by making projetcs. Infact many say that its a fantastic journey to Sri Lanka via boat since you can reach there in 20 mins and you can also have Coral views while travelling…………………………..

    Also Rameswaram is very cheap if you want to shop. unfortunately at night i didnt go with camera.But sea items and stones are very cheap.Parad Shivalingas are ver cheap. you need to bargain straight away with 70 % . you get it…………………..

  • J. K. ARORA says:

    Dear Vishal U have given details of LORD SHIVA TEERATH RAMESHAWRAM in very useful way. Photos/videos are nice. I have gone through all yr blocks. Hearty thankful to u for giving infomations ,which are very useful for new travellers. With my best wishes to you. j.k.arora

  • D.L.Narayan says:

    Thanks, Vishal for the vivid descriptions and lovely pictures, especially of the thousand pillared corridor. There is a lot of useful information for people like me who are planning to visit that place.

    Regarding the abhishekam of the shivalingam at Rameshwaram with Gangajal from Kashi, I heard that there are some restrictions like one should use only copper vessels and that one should get prior permission from the temple authorities. Could you clarify, please?

  • Definately DL ,

    Rameswaram shivalinga is qutie far when we take darshan ( 15 – 20 feet approx ) and shivalinga itself is very small.And There are two procedures one can follow for pouring gangajal on the shivalinga……

    First go to the counter and take tickets . Any security person can help you to show the counter…,,,,,,,

    There are two types of tickets a) general ticket b) special ticket

    A) General ticket :- The cost of ticket is Rs. 30 for all family members and person will give you copper vessel . you stand in darshan line with your Gangajal bottle (vessel ) along with copper vessel given by the ticket personnel. When your turn for darshan comes the security person near the garbagriha gate will take your gangajal and give it to pandit . he will then pour it on shivalinga……………….

    B) Special Ticket :- The cost of ticket is Rs. 50 / person . Here the individual will have a seat near the door of Garbagriha , and see the pandit pouring the gangajal. This darshan is some 3-5 feet nearer than the previous one. And here you have liberty of sitting and watching peacefully.But cost is per person. If you have 4 family members and all want to sit near the door and watch the cost will be 50 x 4 = Rs. 200…………………

    Whereas above everyone gets darshan in rs. 30………………………

    And dont take copper vessels from home . they anyway would charge Rs. 30 . So it is better to take copper vessels from there at Rs. 30 rather than carrying all the way……………….

    DL , if you have any queries regarding this please mail me on [email protected], i will be obliged to help you……………………………

    Om Namah Shivaya

  • toddler ved says:

    Good piece of information alongwith nice pictures.
    We have also been to Rameshwaram and have done local sight seeing also.. But we could not visit Dhanushkodi, from where it is told that u can see the remains of the Ram Setu, due to scorching heat which we, especially children, were finding hard to bear, as we selected the month of June to visit there. It is also said that the point is too far and aloof and lacks conveyance too. Is it so??? And have u been to the place???

  • Dear Ved

    I also wanted desperately to visit dhanushkodi but could not go, because of transport facilities and time constraint. You have to take auto and go to check post 8 km from Dhanushkodi , From there only matador goes at rs 80 per person that two with fisherman .the whole road is covered by mud.
    final 2-3 km you have go by walking to visit last point ……………………..

    So this is the reason i didnt go and there were family constraints also …………………..

  • Mukesh Bhalse says:

    Interesting narration with breathtaking snaps. Photo of Arya is amazing. Keep travelling and keep writing.


  • Sanskriti Bhalse says:


  • Sanskriti Bhalse says:

    it was very interesting, Specially the first photograph of rama’s bridge awesome. Arya is looking very cute.


  • thank you dear sanskriti……………………

    i hope so the plan i and your dad are making gets materialised anyhow so that bith the families meet. Everuthing depends upon lord………………………………

    thanks once again……………………….

  • Amit Kumar says:

    Hi Vishal Ji. Ramanathaswamy corridor and the second image of Lord Rama and Lord Shiva are awesome. Overall it was a great informative journey and I enjoyed it most because I read all in one go.

  • Thanks once again Amit………………………………

    Madurai is coming in next post…………………………………………………….

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  • SilentSoul says:

    ???? ?????…

    ???? ??? ? ????? ?? ????? ?? ??? ?? ?? ???

    ??????? ?????-???? ??

  • sitaram ramanuja das says:

    Jai srimannarayan
    I read your journey to Srirangam and saw the photos.All are excellent.
    Do you have more pics of sriranga vimanam and particularly of the angle from which we can make out its shapr as AUM

  • L.SEN says:

    It is incredible to have darshan of Rudravishek of Lord Rameswaram! Whenevr I close my eyes Ican have rudravishek-darshan!Amazing!!!

  • Abhee K says:

    Hi Vishal ji,

    Very informative …Infact , we went there last weekend and information given by you was very much help for me…

    Even I have written my post on Rameswaram, submitted for review. Unfortunately I am unable to link photos to it. Still trying it.

    Lets see.

    Thanks ,

    Keep writing

  • Swarna says:

    Vishal, I plan to visit Rameswaram this weekend. Can you please give me details on the Maheswari Bhavan or how i can book rooms there?

  • tushar says:

    I have only 10 hrs to trevel in rameshwaram . but I want to visit rangnathswamy temple and pamban bridge along with rameshwaram temple . so can u pls give me time wise darshan of all three places . and how much time required to darshan of rameswaram temple.

    • 10 hours are more than enough to visit each and every place in Rameswaram including Pamban bridge . Hire an auto or car.

      And Yaa Ranganathswamy temple is in Srirangam and not Rameswaram. In Rameswaram there is Ramanathswamy Temple

  • Ramsunder says:

    abhishekam on jyothirlinga by priest with gangajal from kashi is done as posted by you. just wanted to know whether it can be done around 8am as our train reaches rameshwaram only at 530am. also whether we should bathe at koti well water before abhishekam of jyothirlinga.

    • Yes it can be done.

      To bath at koti, it depends upon you as it takes one to two hours to go at all the 22 teerthams . There is queue also. You can also buy a bottle inside the temple where water of all 22 teerthams is mixed, and have some water mixed in your bathing water rather than going to all 22 teerthams.

      • Ramsunder says:

        Thanks for the info. One more clarification required: Whether abhishekam is done after 6am as the lingam will be covered and spadigam not available for abishekam. Or otherwise gangajal is poured on covered spadigam.

  • r.k.agrawal says:

    Very impessive views and notes

  • Sharathinath says:

    Dear Mr.Vishal,

    The informations you have written will definitely helpful for the devotees. Thanks for your information.


  • preeti says:

    is dere ne pic of floating stone on water..or dat bridge made by lord rama..????

  • hemant says:

    ???? ?? ????????? ???? ?? ????? ??? ????? ?????? ?? ????? ?? ????? ????? ?????????? ??? ?? ???? ?? ???? ????? ????? ??? ?? ?? ??? ??? ???? ?? ???? ?????? ?? ????? ????? ?? ??? ….

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    ????? ??? ????? ?? ??? ?? ??? ?? ?? ????? ?????????? ??? , ?????? , ????????? , ?????? , ?? ??????????? ??? ????? ?????? ….

  • You can go to Srirangam, Thanjavur, Madurai , Rameshwaram and Kanyakumari. I have written all the posts on these places and how I went . In this website go to authors then click Vishal Rathod . You will find all posts there .

    Happy Journey

  • Suman Singh says:

    Namashkaar Vishal Ji,

    Kindly advice where to stay in rameshwaram



  • Suman jee

    Agrasen Chawan, Gujarat Bhawan or try Maheshwari Bhawan

  • R Nanjappa says:

    Vishalji, You really have a large heart! It is nice to get the description of holy places and photos from pious pilgrims, rather than from commercial outfits. Having been to Rameswaram, I could appreciate your feature all the more. I have used one of your pictures in my blog.
    By the way, Chidambaram is also a very holy place.it is the only shrine in Tamil Nadu which is not under govt. control and it is where Vedic mantras are used for daily worship. In case you are visiting, please let me know in advance.. I can arrange for your stay and darshan- as a fellow devotee.

  • Amit Vashist says:

    Sethu expresses reaches at 4.45am but can one do Mani Darshan Immdtl. ie after reachiung rameswaram staion at 4.45 am is there enough time for MANI darshan

  • j says:

    fantastic , i just visited Tirupati ,kanyakumari , Rameshwaram and Madurai ——-last week , had a divine experience , wanted to just ask you how u all have managed click photos of inside , we were not allowed to take camera / cell inside ……but over all superb experience !!!

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