Nomadic viewpoint….!!

I don’t remember exactly when I decided to change my life and become a nomad. A nomad is someone who does not possess nor is tied to a particular location and are commonly known as itinerants in modern-day contexts. There are nomad communities of people who move from one place to another, rather than settling permanently in one location. There are an estimated 30-40 million nomads in the world. Many cultures have traditionally been nomadic, but traditional nomadic behavior is increasingly rare in industrialized countries. Nomads are sometimes also referred to as perpetual travelers/ tourists.

Keep Moving

Keep Moving

I wished I could do this full time , but unfortunately earning is the other side of story which now takes over in terms of importance when compared to nomadic view. You need to earn to support your nomadic thought process. Whenever I am outside, traveling I forget everything about my profession, my work pressure and the targets and deadlines for project delivery (this can also be a reason for me being more interested in being a nomad). I feel like being part of everything which is happening around myself (this feeling I am not able to achieve till date in my professional life) where no everyone is ready to come to me, listen to me, talk to me and have a simple cup of tea for no visible financial benefit. People who never care about how much I earn, which car I drive, which brand I wear, which watch I have, which mobile phone I use.



All they want to know is if I liked the tea or samosa I had with them or what I feel about them or their place. I can see that everyone is running after money, negotiating for higher salary, planning to purchase one more house from bonus and still not satisfied with what they are possessing.  The couple who is working, but still  hungry for more and more money. There is very thin line between need and greed. Need can be fulfilled but greed is very difficult to satisfy. I wonder why they never see what they have got already and maybe that is  much more that what they are capable of. Just because they got more doesn’t indicates that they are capable of having all that. People fight for the basic needs of life and are still much happier than those who are earning in huge amounts.

How much does anyone needs, what can be considers as fulfilling, which thing can ensure peace of mind or a sound sleep, how much land will be enough are few question which are and will remain unanswered for ever. People go for vacations to various hotels but I keep on wondering what can be different in a hotel room from my own room apart from few cosmetic goodies. In my view if someone really wants to enjoy a vacation, he/she should try to get closer more and more to mother nature. I strongly believe that this vacation will surely change, enhance or boost the inner self of anyone taking that vacation. The basic purpose of vacation should be to re-invent and explore inner self and not to experience more and more artificial world around.

A vacation at a natural habitat will for sure help them evolve better as a human being. A luxurious five star is not the only thing that can make a place entitled to be categorized as travel destination  or any place worth being called as exotic. Its the connectivity to nature which makes you feel it as an exotic or vacation destination.

All the can be treated as completely a nomadic viewpoint on vacations or life and may feel absurd and useless characters to may of the readers, but that’s what differentiates me as a “Nomad” in the crowd of hundreds and thousands of people around me and I am absolutely fine if you do not like it this way.

You have got your life and its completely your wish on how would you like to spend it and how would you like to remember in years to come.


  • Nandan says:

    Good essay I would say. Very apt points around, how much is enough. I am hoping that this story leads to a good discussion.

    • RAHUL SHARMA says:

      It is really good to get close to nature when you are on vacations as it is the only way to get rejuvenated because when we are in our normal routine life we confined ourself in social,professional obligations. Targets are high like mountains in which we tend to forget real mountains. I had been to Kochhi where I enjoyed natural life. I spent 7 days there visited Munnar, Thekkadi backwaters. I enjoyed mud & aromatic oil massage, which has been ultimate experience so far in my life. I was close to nature all the time during my vacation. It has been altogether a different experience. An unforgettable one. I completely agree with your nomadic viewpoint. Abhishek pls try to add more & more pics in your write up.

  • Edward says:

    Beautiful pictures and equally interesting thoughts!!!

  • Shivya says:

    This post echoes so many of my own thoughts! The more people I meet, the more I’m convinced that the lifestyle of a nomad (or a semi nomad) is not for everyone. But that’s ok, whatever makes people happy :)


    very very true!
    we have become blind in the race to get more amd more money.nobody has got any clue what they will do with that!
    there is a story of a farmer who prays to god to give him enough to feed him his family his guest and his animals.He prays to god that god please give me this and not more.

  • good one …………………………

    Keep travelling keep posting…………………………


  • Arnab says:

    Nice and crisp.selection of the words are excellent.Photos are also matching with the post.keep it up.

  • i wanted to simply salute your better half if u r married and still able to to do what u think u will do without any unrest in family life.thats all.

  • only to salute your better half if u r able to do what u think u will do witout any family unrest.nothing else

  • u have perhaps defeated many but will have to prove more to be declared winner (i know u have not asked for it) one to one vs my friend singh vp (one of the authors here). he is a retired general manager in public sector,married for more than forty years,has three wonderful daughters and five grandchildren but still does not have a house. of course bhabhijee is always there giving company. great is not it? NOMADS?
    wish the best for u with more n more articles. very best wishes again on
    your long long journey in life.

    • abhishek.aks says:

      Hi Tapan,

      I am not competing with any of the Stalwarts. To reach ur friend’s lever I still have few more years left as I am a bit younger than him. But yes, salute to him for being a true Nomad :)

  • Nandan says:

    Abhishek – Some more info about Mr. Singh and a link to his stories –

    End of commercial break.

    Back to your conversation with Mr. Mukherjee.

  • Biswajit Ganguly says:

    Dear Abhishek,
    I admire your vision and philosophy of life. Paani mein rehkar bhi sukhey rahna namoomkin sa lagta hey par aap jaise kuch log hein jo isko mumkin karney ke zariyey jarroor muhaiyya karatein hey. great thoughts, easy way to achieve them, every thing that you discussed is close to my heart. You dont have to be physically aloof from all the routine things and possesions of your life but can certainly have eternally renounciation from them. Ours is such a wonderful country it is actually difficult to cover the entire breadth and length in ones lifetime. If situation permits do visit higher reaches of Uttarakhand and Himachal and feel complete isolation from all the physical enchantment, you will certainly realise we have lacs of fellow countryman who lives more like Nomads without having any concern for their self existance. Do write your experiences once you visit these places, I will eagerly waiting ………..till then bon voyage Biswajit

  • abhishek.aks says:

    Hi Biswajit,

    I took your advice and now I am in Baddi (Himanchal Pradesh). Will try to post something about this soon. Thanks a lot for your appreciation. will surly try match up to your expectations.

  • Biswajit Ganguly says:

    Dear Abhishek, thanks for the acknowladgement, eagerly waiting for more of your write ups, have great time in Himachal, the real experienced Dev Bhoomi……

  • abhishek.aks says:

    Hi Biswajit,

    Will surely try my best to give a good feel of this place in my write-up

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